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Nikki Cross will co-host “A Moment of Bliss”: Raw, May 20, 2019



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    Alexa Bliss invites Nikki Cross to join her as she interviews Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch on her talk show.
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    1. Top Girls

      Dash so hot 🔥

    2. Suhel Shaikh

      nikki nice girl

    3. Crazy Chris Cozzens

      WTH thats not the twisted sister thats the Fixed it sister

    4. Mark Us Nier CHS

      WWE killed my intrest in Nikki Cross

    5. محمد احمد

      acting actig

    6. andres urbina

      i feel alexa is either playing a mind game with nikki or using her for something

    7. نوار ال

      Alexa Bliss 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍

    8. Diego Rodriguez

      I think it’d be cool storyline where Alexa uses Nikki much like she uses others before (Mickie, Nia, etc.) But instead of betraying her, she sees how loyal Nikki is to Alexa and in turn, she becomes loyal to Nikki and starts seeing her as a friend. Then when Nikki is getting attacked 2v1 by someone (maybe the tag champs) Alexa will run in to help her, signaling a face turn for Alexa.

    9. Fred Herbert

      Nikki is so much cuter than I realized!

    10. Danny Mtz

      Everyone focusing on Alexa and Nicky but not the true Stars of the show 0:40😂

    11. Michael Myers's Sis

      Nikki Cross is the cutest nutjob chick in WWE. Accent is the same but Nikki's voice is so much nicer than Becky's.

    12. Laasman Guillaume

      100% upcoming betrayal from alexa...............

    13. Gf Gf



      Alexa: Ew! Nikki: *just smiling* 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    15. marsh moore

      This segment is trash

    16. Mr Bigglesworth

      Nikki is thicc

    17. Aaron Velez

      Me & Alexa Bilss Hailey Baldwin Bieber we are married forever boo

    18. Aaron Velez

      Alexa Bilss Alica Silverstone Bat Girl & Hailey Baldwin Bieber & Alison NikkiBella Vanessa Hudgens

    19. Aaron Velez

      I love you Pink Ranger 2 & Kendall Jenner me Aaron Green Ranger White Ranger Justin Bieber

    20. Victor Hernandez

      No one like my beautiful goddes😊😘

    21. Synthetics MSP

      Nikki Cross=Mickie James Alexa Bliss=Trish Stratus

    22. Akiva Graves

      Can't be the only one to think Nikki's a BOMBSHELL 🔥🔥❤️

    23. Scorpion King

      Thanks Wwe because you change nikki cross gimmick as normal from insane

    24. Aeon

      Hopefully this leads to a storyline between these two because 1: what' the point of Nikki not being crazy anymore? 2: can Alexa still wrestle or not?

    25. mankind sone

      anyone knows the theme song scott dawson singing in this video?? i've been looking that song for years..

    26. Im a Boy with Luv

      Hope nicki and alexa will be a team and def. Iconics

    27. Michael L. Rayner

      Nikki has no friends, I see her turning on Alexa for sure. Nikki Cross is Nikki Cross!!! It's not working with Alexa.

    28. Justin Nguyen

      So pretty here😍

    29. Kaleigh Proctor

      0:48 was I the only one who saw that🤔🤔🤔

    30. rexx dana

      Love you nikki.. You so beautiful.. With natural face.. 😘😘

    31. Simran Gerrard

      She still isn’t medically cleared, so they made a coffee drinking segment for her!

    32. RaKun

      The Revival celebrating their win like if they broke Undertaker's streak. Amazing.

    33. Tev Yn

      Some how Alexia and Nikki reminds me of Mickie and trish

    34. Valey

      Nikki is a beautiful woman

    35. LeZoku

      I just want Nikki turns maaaaad!!!! She's I want to hug her.... But raaaah it miss something!!!

    36. jimmy hell

      Nikki is not insane now ?

    37. Peter Tosh Mosengo

      Nikki is actually really pretty 😃😃😃

    38. Silver Oasis

      0:47 poor alexa got spat on lmaooo

    39. Saurabh Bahadur

      Alexa bliss is soo.. cute

    40. FlipperDoigt703


    41. bebe **

      Eeeew 0:46 did you see that ? 😂😂😂

    42. pranav choudhary

      Nikki cross looks very cute in the promo... 👍👍👍

    43. LeBomb James

      0:40 ummmm that was kinda rude 😂

    44. Nathan Bowman

      You too were smashing baby

    45. General Grievous

      When did Nikki change her gimmick?

    46. Rajveer Singha

      I love the smile of Nikki Cross

    47. Kiran Riar

      Alexa look beautiful

    48. Bedir Ascioglu

      I love Nikki this way

    49. Black Hood

      nikki is gorgeous ❤

    50. Shalin MGTOW

      Did he just spit on Alexa accidentally? 😂

    51. Gabriel Tenchev

      I like new Nikki Cross!!!

    52. Ellie the Elecunt

      I’m getting Trish Stratus/ Mickey James vibes from this pairing. And we all know how that turned out. 😏

    53. J Dog

      Why does alexa bliss and nikki cross work? Somebody help me here

    54. TheoKabala89

      The pretty girl befriends the crazy outcast, and then turns on her.

    55. Adrian Hernandez.J

      Nikki cross looks really good without her hair being wet

    56. Javier Jiménez

      Nikki te amo, eres increíblemente hermosa. 😍😍😍

    57. Manoj Malviya

      Hot busty pretty alixa bliss

    58. Gryphox: Tails_155, ShinMajin and Pals

      Always happy to see Nikki.

    59. Pj Nolan

      So she not insane anymore?

    60. Benjimayn Vai

      Nikki not crazy anymore?

    61. Orange Hokage

      I really hope Alexa gets cleared soon and claims the raw women's title or the tag titles with Nikki!

      1. Jim

        She is cleared. They just didn't want her to do a ladder match where it's expected that everyone is taking hellacious bumps. Which is exactly what ended up happening.

    62. Wwe evolution 2019

      Anyone think nikki cross reminds them of Val from will and grace 😂😂

      1. Javier Ramos

        You won

    63. Gilbert Garces

      Nikki is 200% ADORBES! And hysterical!😍😂😍

    64. Zachariah Hughes

      It’s would be cool to see like a niki cross and Alexa story line ..... like they become best friends niki helps Alexa get to the top to win the title and then she stabs her in the back

    65. Nguyễn Anh Dũng

      Nikki Nikki Nikki Nikki Nikki Nikki Nikki Nikki Nikki Nikki Nikki Nikki Nikki Nikki Nikki Nikki Nikki Nikki Nikki Nikki Nikki Nikki Nikki Nikki Nikki Nikki Nikki Nikki Nikki Nikki Nikki Nikki Nikki Nikki Nikki Nikki Nikki Nikki Nikki Nikki Nikki Nikki Nikki Nikki Nikki Nikki

    66. i I

      Nikki is naturally beautiful

    67. D.O.A


    68. HiTmAn ThE TrAsH pAnDa

      Nikki cross is so hot

    69. Rachel's Town

      Omg i love the Revival

    70. Mokshith V

      I wanted to be Alexa Bliss's PA

    71. Mokshith V

      Alexa Bliss is my favourite favourite favourite favourite favourite favourite favourite favourite favourite favourite favourite favourite favourite women on the earth

    72. Mokshith V

      Alexa Bliss is the best wrestler in the world and no one in the world can defeat her

    73. Mokshith V

      Alexa Bliss is my goddess

    74. Mokshith V

      Alexa Bliss is the best woman in the world

    75. E. S.

      It's weird seeing Nikki "normal".

    76. Bizza

      Nikki is kind of adorable. But shouldn't she be completely crazy?

    77. Lexan's Stories

      so another Mickie and Trish storyline? 😕😕😕 It better be good

    78. yanissd93 teamcmpunkofficial

      I love you Alexa bliss and nikki cross no matter if you lost you two are so beautifull and better for ever you two ladies 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    79. Niranjan Konwer

      Nicki Cross is not crazy anymore.

    80. Rhetz Yoshioka

      Actually I'm liking her new persona .. wwe is giving her a spotlight .. let's see what will happen ..

    81. Raimon Ivan

      Alexa's meaness, Nikki's cuteness and the Revival. My heart is complete

    82. rishi tena

      Nikkiiiiiiii issssss ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    83. 7AMoOoD.K AlAwaDhi

      0:47 When You See Alexa Bliss in front of you Face 2 Face .. Can't Blame Dash Wilder ..

    84. Saibal Republic

      There are two Nikki Cross : the one stays backstage cutting sober promos and the other stays outside as the regular Nikki Cross

    85. sergiomorfo

      So Nikki is now a regular person instead of an lovable over violent psycho? That's tuff.

    86. Nekeisha KHY


    87. A-Z MVs

      Alexa Bliss is perfection

    88. Tr Bergstrom

      You guys need to respect Alexa start letting her be the hero she is. She deserves so much better.

    89. Tr Bergstrom

      If those idiots are the next guest. Let me know so I can skip the show.

    90. SK3:16 INSANE

      Does anyone remember alexa as the girlfriend of, I think scott dawson. Wasn't it?

    91. Andrew Flood


    92. Jibin Jose Mathew

      0:01 what's wrong with Alexa 1:04 - Alexa saying First off Eew...😂😂😂

    93. Jack and Jeff Hardy

      Nikki is so cute, adorable and precious when talking backstage as her not insane personality

    94. Michael Challis

      More like The Salival.

    95. Adam's blog

      Alexa bliss seemed like a face

    96. Steven Valencia

      48 sec =slobber mouth

    97. H L

      Alexa is so beautiful 😍

    98. The All Rounder

      I think Nikki Cross's character has change

    99. Bobby Farmer

      Interesting segment,I can see alexa bliss as babyface teaming up with Nikki cross to win the women tag team Championship.


      For a min I thought who is that cutie but then I realized that she's cross..... Glad I remember her without makeup