Nikki Glaser: “I Miss Comfortable Sex”

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    Nikki Glaser remembers getting turned on by a tree branch and bemoans the lack of “comfortable sex” in her life as a single woman.
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    Am Vor Monat


    1. Crystal Kadletc

      I went on a couple dates with a guy who had a twin bed. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 it was really weird

    2. alpha omega

      I would love to lay her

    3. Qui3t Storm

      Nikki Glaser sounds like a porn name.

    4. Matt Plyley

      Who wouldn't want to have a 3 some with her and Whitney Cummings?

    5. Joshua Whiteshirt

      I'll be your knight beautiful

    6. Willow Dreams

      oh wow so nice to c another lude crude and disgusting female talk about nasty crap, not.

    7. Jia Liu

      No real jokes.

      1. Tim McCaffery

        Well she is hot so I still watched it lol

    8. Jahborn DarkLight

      Nikki and Amy two Geminis born on June 1 team Gemini lol


      3:20 the audience missed that joke, its a solid one for sure

    10. Patrick Chole

      Saw her on Rogan, so glad to have another killer comic to BATH in. ...bathe? Whatever. She’s awesome.

    11. Stealthy Mongoose

      "I don't want to go to school" 😂😂😂

    12. TruckerMurph

      Yep still not funny

    13. Brian Maduku

      I keep rewinding the "good rodgering" line. Her accent was spot on

    14. Jamie Lancaster

      Nice legs Nikki😃

    15. Tony B

      Most of this is the same funny-to-be-slutty, sex-based material as Schumer’s and she’s only accepted because she’s more attractive

    16. ezrabrooks12


    17. TITANX sands

      WOW a female comic talking about sex and her vag so original.

      1. Count

        So strong. So brave.

    18. Pdiddy2000

      She’s funny! Have to watch this on Netflix.

    19. dabusinessman4

      I had to watch this twice because I didnt hear shit the first time because of her fucking legs shit

    20. HpA

      You don't appeal the audience with your humour , but with with your sex appeal and your dirty ' jokes ' . Just my mind , if you don't agree , go ahead , state your opinion so i can carefully ignore you

    21. MsFiep

      Such a shame a rape joke had to be made

    22. Kusal KC

      Her "I haven't had sex in a really long time.." at 2:39 reminds me of Ross' weird moment with his cousin in Friends!

      1. Crystal Kadletc


    23. nonchalantstu54

      I can't stop staring at her legs...

    24. Mrcookie T

      Complains about being single while being a gorgeous girl. That’s like complaining about being starving hungry while being filthy rich. Like stfu you probably get hit on all the time and reject every guy cause you don’t think they’re good enough for you. Maybe if you actually had some realistic standards for men you wouldn’t have this problem.

    25. Agent J

      Misses being a slut without consequences...despite a destroyed pussy, looking like a TSA gangbang?

    26. clear21light

      as a stand up comic you can get paid well for being crap in bed.

    27. LonghornsLegend

      That 2 for 20 that'll get cha🤣🤣💀

    28. Deborah Carroll

      oh the two dead cows on the side of the road ? freaking hilarious!!!

    29. slop101

      She's got some great legs!

    30. Cpt. Ahab_it

      See her netflix, this girl is nasty, lol.

      1. Jacob Dawson

        She’s blown like 7 guys at the same time

    31. Erick Mendoza

      Imagine a female comedian not having to talk about sex.

    32. Joshua Morriston

      Okay, so maybe side-sex is lazy. But if we're going to have "comfortable" sex... I mean - I want to acknowledge it as one of my favorite positions. Am I lazy? Or maybe I just know what I like.

    33. A20 Fitness

      Fine piece of Ass right there

    34. Johnny Punish

      She's funny! I like her!

    35. A Man

      Jesus another Amy Schumer. End female comics

    36. Kyrian Onwe

      Wow. Sounds like she banged ME. And I am sorry.

    37. Laurae Steele

      Those legs

    38. Ben Vasilinda

      A short dress and high heels on a cute blonde works for me. I could just let her tell jokes and talk on and on while I act interested until she asks should we head back to one of our places. She would be great around the guys as well, she just makes them laugh and they have to ask me a hundred times where did I find this chick and does she have any friends.

    39. Elijah McElroy

      Her legs are amazing

    40. doggaki

      You are sweet and funny!!

    41. benjamin101

      Nice legs for this floozy.

    42. Happytime Harry

      So hot! And funny!

    43. Ron Ruddick

      Eye contact and the occasional statements enough... wheelbarrow works too. Just not personally fond of doggy style or reverse cowgirl...

    44. Tae Bon

      this feels lik a confession

    45. Dennis Harry

      No one commits because she's the town bicycle. She's discussed it pretty openly on the Howard Stern Show that she's dated basically every comedian you can think of.

    46. Shaun Spare


    47. Devendra Singh

      She needs a dildo NOT a man. Women do nothing for a man while wanting a man to be their slave.

      1. Tae Bon

        Devendra Singh boi

    48. Mad Mark Wolfman

      Hotter, funnier Amy Schumer.

    49. theredbaron057

      My number can drive... a rental car Lol

    50. Anuskasv0

      I just stared at her legs.

      1. Jacob Dawson

        She’s hot af. I have no idea how people don’t talk to her after sex. She seems interesting/wifey material.

      2. chas1600

        Hell yeah

    51. I Do What I Want

      Wow, one of the only female comedians I actually laughed at, she's great!

    52. Miguel Parra

      I wanna roger her

    53. Joe Piervincenti

      Very funny!

    54. Ruxtiztzi Yxoxyxoyx

      My number can drive .. a rental car. Lmao

    55. Rayniel Vital

      How is she still single?

    56. TRU Dat

      Fuck censorship! No more bleeps!

    57. Best Of

      Shes basically saying she's "had her fun" and looking for a "nice guy" to settle down with. lmao don't be that guy.

      1. hollywood 899

        Best Of a psychologist told me “do not date a girl over 25 “

    58. MrSisterfister100

      I'd get those legs back with my shoulders and proceed to destroy her lol

    59. Promatheos

      A funny and attractive female comic? Whoa

    60. Ryan Fox

      I normally leave made racist and hateful comments on here but honestly shes pretty funny

    61. Thatonegai

      Oh my god she's a cruelly funny. Amy schemer really pulled down all of these great female comics' reputation. It isn't fair to them.

    62. Marc Raglin

      She wouldn’t be single if shed focus on finding a good male instead of just finding another douche she picks up at the club. That’s called being a hoe

    63. Nathaniel Jamison

      She is hilarious, i can barely remember a truly funny female comic. ya know like amy schumer, not funny at all.

    64. Aaron Levario

      Why do female comedians only talk about sex stuff?? Is it because we men dont want to hear them talk about politics or religion or the worlds issues? Or is it because if they delve off into other subjects than maybe they’ll lose the audience? Idk been wondering about this for a while now. But literally all they talk about are relationships and sex🤷‍♂️

    65. Delbane Ren

      Damn you are hilarious!

    66. Unoduetre M

      Is every joke that she has about sex?

    67. Erik Lehnsherr

      Your missing sex!? Nikki i wish my fugly ass could get a women a tenth as pretty as you.

    68. Jerry Berglund

      Nikkis sexual comedy kinda works. Its darn funny.... And sometimes I blush hahaha Many female comedians just take cheap shots at their old boyfriends or men they had really vad sex with.... Nikki really isnt doing that... at least not always. haha Amy Schumer should really learn from Nikki I think....

    69. john herring

      The legs on this woman

    70. Israel-Did-9/11

      Nikki representing women in comedy!!! :D keep it up!