Nikki Glaser: “I Miss Comfortable Sex”

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Comedy Central Stand-Up

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    Nikki Glaser remembers getting turned on by a tree branch and bemoans the lack of “comfortable sex” in her life as a single woman.
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      1. john ivan padrigon

        hello crush!

      2. Frank Lincoln

        Sumanth Kharvi r

      3. anthony sanders

        You made me as a black man laugh which white female comedians never do. I will look out for the content 😁

      4. gary rue

        Your legs are magnificent as well as your comedy ! Kudos

      5. Bobby

        You Up with Nikki Glaser 2020(G) “Respect and dignity.” Furthermore:

    2. Kevin Jones

      “My number can drive...” 16? 18? “A rental car...” Oh,. 25..... LOL

    3. kingpest13

      She needs to try "goat on a cliff"... I'm pretty sure she'd enjoy it.

    4. Dave Lim

      She is sexy

    5. Elliot Elderson

      Sex joke aren't funny anymore. Everyone is doing sex jokes nowadays

    6. mattajas

      I like your big teeth! Fucking charming and cute.

    7. Chris Man

      Would smash. Repeatedly.

    8. Kora D. Jess

      She sounds and low-key looks like Caroline from the vampire diaries

    9. Juan Rangel

      I wish I had a quarter every time I jack it to her ..she is so fucking hot

    10. John Galt

      I want have dinner with her

    11. DM_MU

      I love her

    12. Marika Gazzella

      Sooo funny, love her! 😂

    13. Francisc Vasile

      She's got nice legs. Worth a sex or two

    14. Spd ccc

      Count the guys who are just looking at her legs or up that skirt

    15. Kratoscallofduty

      A "good Philling" sounds like something a woman would want, am I right?

    16. TheHeathenBurrito

      skinny, funny amy schumer

    17. Shane Dpain

      As soon as a woman gets on top, the ol' Oil Change light comes on pahahahahaha

    18. geothon

      Strong legs.

    19. Ronald Eichler

      WOW what a sexy hostess

    20. Eric Callahan

      She looks like terri garr

    21. Calvin Cooley

      Nice legs. Nice shoes.....but sort of funny.

    22. Serge Vandenplas

      Bleeping? In a standup jig ? God, American media are really weird puritan sick puppies.

    23. Jeff Cornblatt

      Ha ha ha! Oh, man! This is great!!

    24. Michael Rowlands

      This comment section is thirsty AF

    25. C P

      Nikki beautiful and funny af 😂

    26. Love From Above

      This is a great example of why I don’t like most female comics.

    27. David Stemmler

      If this girl has problems getting a man for sex, I was born at the wrong time.

    28. Smart Fart


    29. Vasn Ir

      Its just make up guys, this bitch has already hit THE WALL, ending up being a cat lady !

    30. Edd Grs

      Don't girls get the HPV vaccine in the US ?

    31. Bob Slate

      She is very funny! I think this is the hottest comedian I've ever seen! OH MY GOD SO SEXY!

    32. jonathan gianguzzo

      Stand up pornstar. Nikki is so hot!

    33. Kathlyn Sparks

    34. Ram Mohan

      I am attracted to this woman's legs.

    35. King noble savage warrihah

      She's pretty hot though

    36. Wolfgang Baber

      She's ferocious.. Very sexy woman

    37. Steve Christensen

      Nikki Glazier is not funny what is ever!! I dont know how people can listen to her lame monologue... Cant stand her material.

    38. honeychilerider

      Ha! The bit about being on top! Finally a woman gets it! Hilarious.

    39. Christof L

      Women comedians have no act if they don't talk about sex.

    40. Peter Bamboo Central America

      Hate bleeps

    41. Do not cum for me


    42. Muhammad Faris

      She reminds me of Gina Linetti

    43. Ryan Jonas

      2 for 20 always makes em wiggle!

    44. Derrick McAdoo

      Sooooooooooooo glad CC ditched Amy

    45. Matt Bachman


    46. nickgavis0305

      God damn she’s so one dimensional

    47. clifton gaither


    48. Dung Beetle

      Nice. She has that young Teri Garr look.

    49. Mike Mike

      My girlfriend's vagina is expired or out of date, we have no sex for quite a while.

    50. Plotergeist King

      02:07 is there a baby in the audience?

    51. jayesh kandpal

      Lmao she get away with such jokes just because she's hot

    52. Hugh Kinnear

      Got to love the front row sitting there not cracking a bit, so she turns away to the side. How many dudes got dragged to this show?

    53. victor martone

      Is she allowed to joke about anything else?

    54. Clout Elfin

      “I lock up at night, so I’m never gonna find the one.”

    55. Mehul Shanwal

      I thought 10s weren’t supposed to be funny😂

    56. MrSidney9

      I eyegasm twice looking at those legs

    57. schem1ng

      when she said "I don't want to go to school" I LOST IT LMAO

    58. Amira White

      My number can drive a rental car... relatable

    59. janet gilmore

      Like the little old man said in the darkness ;.if you can find the keys we can drive out of here!

    60. Crystal Pistey-Lyhne


    61. Mayowa Osibodu

      Interesting legs

    62. Roni S. S. Palermo

      Really? "Came" is being bleeped?

    63. The Gaffer Child

      I'm 90% sure she in bigmouth. Soooo, yea...

    64. Steve

      I still cant believe she let Joe DeRosa inside her

    65. Michael Schwartz

      Didn't even chuckle.

    66. Jaws 285

      Cant remember when I have laughed so hard. By hard, I mean damn Nikki!

    67. Aesthetic Storm

      I like her dress

    68. NOVA RACER

      My last girl friend said I reminded her of a Foreighner,I have Russian Hands and Roman fingers......hahahahahahahahahh

    69. NOVA RACER

      Yes...I would '' Love'' to take you for a ride , You will really like the way I handle...hahahahahahaha

    70. NOVA RACER

      SHe is very ''doable'' Hell yeah boys , Come and get it....Yummy in the Tummy....