No Way Jose wants your vote: Raw Exclusive, July 15, 2019



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    Find out why you should “Vote for Jose” in this moment you did not see on Monday Night Raw.
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    Am Vor Monat


    1. Metallic Twister

      ay he making something out of all this Vote for josé

    2. Elias Adriano Scholz

      Vote For Jose

    3. stuart falcon

      No way no me vote for you lol

    4. Phyrexian Juggernaut

      His hair is different.

    5. Joel Diaz

      Damn if the WWE wants to go back to TV 14 you have got to make the superstars more edgy if it is going back to TV 14 because the superstars have to have good mic skills and great gimmicks in order for it going back to TV 14

    6. deadleyspike 3165

      No Way Jose "Vote for Jose" Me No WAY JOSE

    7. Johnmccool


    8. Alberto Rivera

      Muy bien Jose,Yo voto por ti..

    9. Leeroy Cruz

      I want José to be IC champ

    10. Marlan Benning

      Conga line?

    11. Jett Hoover

      I haven't seen this guy in some time.

    12. John Edward

      What a suckass

    13. Born in 1996

      Wtf is this idiot

    14. Senpai Txng

      Vote for Jose😁

    15. whatthefoxhappening

      Only one thing can save HIM. C'mon Big E, Xavier & Kofi make it happen NEW DAY JOSE

    16. some8291

      I’ll vote for Jose

    17. THE W Legacy

      vote for jose he go to aew

    18. luap gayros

      no wAY JOSE

    19. Fitness Lyam

      What happened Jose's hair?

    20. dirty socks

      Give this man a new gimmick🤦🏾‍♂️

    21. Jesus Gutierrez

      Ezekiel Elliot 😂😂😂

    22. 3610eagles

      Didn't know he still worked there

    23. LOCURALANDIA 1990

      Debería llamarse no gay jose

    24. Something Else

      They gave him a chance for a commercial break promo, and I think he knocked it out of the park lol

    25. Judith Durnin

      Jose is voting for brexit

    26. El Mata Aburrimientos

      tienen al dominicano como jobber maldita vaina :/

    27. DavidJordan3165

      can you imagine Jose beating brock lesner and winning the title? i know it wont happen but it would be amazing

      1. DavidJordan3165

        @luap gayros why not tho?

      2. luap gayros

        no way jose

    28. Eleazar Gonzalez

      Vote for Pedro

      1. Joel Diaz

        That's what I was thinking lol 😂😂😂

    29. sour power26

      I was there

    30. Ethan Horan

      the raw women's title vote for jose

    31. Angra Mainyu

      I vote for Jose to be destroyed every single day

    32. Buzz Me Mulatto

      He wants you to vote for him to be president of BSJA(Braun’s Strowman Jobber Association)

    33. Elias Noyola

      They king of jobbers

    34. Jordan Lovett

      No way Jose in my opinion could be a great Midgard champion I wouldn’t mind.

    35. Sumanth Sumanth

      How to vote I think no way jose

    36. Gage Taylor

      Personally I think he needs a character change. I don't really take him seriously even when he does win. I took a kind of weird joy when cesaro destroyed him that one match cause I was worried cesaro may lose to jose.

    37. RIccardo Ciccone

      vote for Jose to get a push

    38. Michael L. Rayner

      Jose needs his hair braided or shave it off, No Way/Adam Rose party type gimmick is getting tired. Dude need a refresh asap.

    39. ICEGOD2

      I like to be aware of the issues at hand in a wrestling storyline before I cast my vote.

    40. corey walker

      Vote, Vote Jose. Vote, Vote Jose.

    41. Rob3ist

      That moment when people are sitting way on top raising their hands up for the shirt

    42. Tulley Novielli

      Vote 🗳

    43. Tulley Novielli

      Awesome 😎 video lest go no way Jose

    44. Stevenall

      I feel so bad for him he's great I hope he gets pushed and not get pushed off a cliff

    45. Baron Corbin

      Push Cesaro

    46. Andrew Raynes


    47. Glenn McKnight

      This got more views than I thought it would tbh

    48. Dan The Man

      I wonder who came up with this mess of an idea?

    49. jordan mccluskey

      i got a few things to say about this the first thing is this is my first time hearing No Way Jose speak the next thing i want 2 mention is he said that Ember Moon is looking 4 a Tag Team Partner and he said vote for No Way Jose hmm so is WWE bring back Intergender matches where Men wrestler the women and the women wrestle the Men if so then i like it make it feel like the Attitude Era

    50. Brown Pants

      Yall be voting for trump 2020 yeep yeep. Do yall got some dat dip as i need pack a lip

    51. Joseph Simon

      Taboo Tuesday/ Cyber Sunday confirmed!! We have to vote for No Way Jose to get a WWE title match opportunity

    52. Rice King

      Idc what anyone says Jose has HELLA Charisma and he is fun. He had hella momentum in Nxt as well. I hope he gets some wins hes great and has amazing size

    53. BJK 13

      Push Jose

    54. BrOOklyn LOOking

      Dude has potential. Paul Heyman creative needs to dabble in this thats all

    55. Krish Chawla

      Vote for what?

    56. Uncle Jessie

      Paul heyman couldn't have been behind this

    57. Harikrishnan Ramachandran

      What in the hell did I just watch??😂😂😂

    58. Jason Lucifer

      No way Jose: vote for Jose WWE universe: alright, let's go for pedro instead of Jose *Vince McMahon laughing at the distance*

    59. Vo Devil

      He’s really good on the mic. New gimmick and good matches would do him wonders.

    60. tazno2

      The views just show nobody cares

    61. Conceptre

      NO WAY jose.

    62. Zhazh

      WWE could turn this into a gimmick!

    63. Juwan Hammock

      No way Jose deserves a big push all WWE needs to do is give him a chance and big opportunity

    64. Hawk_490

      None of us cared I was at the show

    65. ahmed badr

      I thought was Xzavier wood

    66. 0401412740

      Main roster is stacked with talent

    67. jebel hunter

      José 2020

    68. so hi

      Stop stealing First Naomi's hair And now Carmella and R truth dance break theme background

    69. nickshugah

      Beer break.

    70. Ivan Marban

      Ezikiel Elliot of the Cowboys wrestles during the off-season?

      1. 3610eagles

        Bruh!!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      2. Sports Entertaining

        Ivan Marban 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂