Oddly Satisfying Video for Your Calm

Oddly Satisfying

Oddly Satisfying

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    Hello friends! Welcome to our new visual satisfier where you will be enjoying watching: aluminium melting; banana shaped breads; satisfying tool that cuts nuts and different ways of making noodles. This video triggers some kind of odd feeling of satisfaction and will help you to relax and get some rest.
    Reading comments to our recent community post, we decided to use more calm music that will make you feel more relaxed :).
    Slow Grind by Ron Gelinas Chillout Lounge | soundcloud.com/atmospheric-music-portal
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    Equinox by Ron Gelinas Chillout Lounge | soundcloud.com/atmospheric-music-portal
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    Daylight by Jay Someday | soundcloud.com/jaysomeday
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    Cat Nap by Pyrosion | soundcloud.com/pyrosion
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    1. kirk Dan

      Where do I get that attachment for the pipe

    2. babatunde ggaaraac

      Oh yes, this is so good for my calm

    3. F Mohammed Ibrahim


    4. Aubrey Odom

      But banana

    5. [ Crxqstal Joeqerx]

      *sees title* MY CALM WHAT?! DOG

    6. minu minu

      Which tune is this one?

    7. Su Xịn Xịn

      4:14 ???

    8. Kameko Joseph

      3:10 are they making yolks for eggs?

    9. Bahtiar Tiar

      Wkwkwkwk huhujuhuhu

    10. Khatri Lokesh

      1:28 please don't waste water

    11. Amani Rahman

      Who else was like , where did that milk come from 😂

    12. Jacqueline Robertson

      My calm thanks u for ur content *except for the music it’s disturbing*

    13. marble and lemon

      0:15 how much hair comes off my dog (hes a pug so he sheds a lot)

      1. marble and lemon

        @{Hop per} but i love him tho

      2. {Hop per}

        marble and lemon I know right my pug sheds ALOT

    14. Bassil Mohammed Mohammed

      ي محب النبي صل عليه(١٠)

    15. ellie ༄

      1:11 oh my goshh love it🥴


      Subscribe balikk 🙏🙏

    17. islakhiah prt5

      this video is amazing

    18. Mcboi7865

      4:11 when I find a huge vein of diamonds in Minecraft:

      1. Larry Rippin

        Thank you satan you gave me the thumb nail my only reason here

    19. Amanda Renee

      IMO, in order for this type of content to be TRULY SATISFYING you'd need to tell us what a lot of the "wacky" stuff we are seeing is. I imagine that most viewers are like myself and continuously curious about what it is they are watching, and would love to search it ourselves even if only we knew where to start. It just comes off as really lazy for you to not include anything about the information of the source. There is a huge area of opportunity here for you to improve our viewing experience if you were to include even tiny bits of info with each clip. This could even be as little as having little hashtag/search terms pop up in the corner so that viewers can do something with their curiosity. I am sure something like that would draw in viewers who tend to be curious and like to rabbit-hole on DE-news.

    20. Hoa Lê Thị

      Á dù

    21. みるくてぃ벚꽃〝さくら〟


    22. khan ali

      Soo nice


      Bro i'm Sleepy as heck

    24. Sebastian Allen


    25. Shoaib aryan Khan

      I like 4:13 wow crystal clear gems i like it

    26. 원츄슬라임[Wonchu slime]

      Very satisfying 🥰🥰🥰

    27. Justin La

      Thumbnail: 4:11

    28. Funny Vine

      love your videos. feel relax

    29. onii

      My calm says thank you

    30. Strangely Delightful

      5:43 😍🍯 that honey flow!

    31. Oddly Satisfying Videos

      I enjoyed watching satisfying video and I found you 😘😘😘. Thank you! Does anyone like me ??? 😝😝😝

    32. agasttya dixit

      1:27 wow but why

    33. *Alex* V-i-P


    34. Aleysa Officialアレイサ

      Salfok ada patung dewa

    35. Esther trengrove

      Ok, we all know that the most satisfying thing is when you like a comment and like no. turns to an even number.

      1. melanie fucking martinez

        Nah it's when you like something and it turns to 666

      2. JimzAck A380


    36. Noah Tabraham

      this helped me through a dull engish lesson. Thanks!

    37. TheNeonRabbit

      You took a satisfying video and put a frustrating watermark in the middle of it, all the way through

      1. Oddly Satisfying

        We are sorry that we have to do that. We ask the creators’ for their permission to use their videos and sometimes license the videos for exclusive rights. Yet many, reaction and satisfying channels are downright copying and reuploading our videos without getting our approval or the countless number of original creators who had agreed their videos to be used only by our channel. They are neither crediting us nor the original creators. Sorry it is distracting you. We’ll try to make it less apparent.

    38. Cherry Blossoms

      4:11 thumbnail is here

    39. amz art

      Kerja sama yuk

    40. John Alford

      I love this it is amazing

    41. Khan Hamza

      This is nice

    42. salt

      Everyone in this fucking comment section has an iq of negative 30 wtf am I reading

    43. babyira

      me: watches something scary me later: searches oddly satisfying videos

    44. Kat The wolf

      My brother was just sent to the hospital and I was so stressed but this is helping me

    45. Dawson Stalker

      My calm feels amazing rn

    46. black flame

      Does anyone finds the music weird? For me yes😕😕

    47. Persija Jakarta


    48. Kippered BipBop

      Is it just me, or are a lot of these “satisfying things” really aggravating?

      1. Kippered BipBop

        remi nii bruh

      2. remi nii

        Kippered BipBop Then why do you watch them? I am confused.

      3. Your average Bag of shit

        @Kippered BipBop yea like they're not satisfying

      4. Kippered BipBop

        No I meant like as in I don’t like them

      5. J F

        Its because you can't do them yourself

    49. Jay Knox

      The title of this video gave me cancer

      1. Wildfrog

        Oh shit ! XD Don't die dude !

    50. Iqmal Maulidi

      This video makes me sleepy

    51. Trinitykpopfan DIY

      0:24 I guess this how riped Jeans are made

      1. Trinitykpopfan DIY

        Chocolate Boy yeah

      2. Chocolate Boy

        Bro r u fan of bts Kim namjoon

      3. Trinitykpopfan DIY

        Blake Cummings ik

      4. Blake Cummings

        You used an O instead of a 0

    52. Toy Chica

      8:22 - 8:35 : The Fruit Is Already Sweating From Fear : Person: JUUUUUUUUUUUUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

      1. 《Ash & Shuger》


      2. Toy Chica

        I MEAN 8:27

    53. Gerard Jackson

      I didn't find any of these satisfying

      1. Gerard Jackson

        @Angel Garcia That's what I did but the comment section is a thing for a reason

      2. Angel Garcia

        If you dont find any of this satisfying go find another videos

      3. Wolf • Chan


    54. Nika Pisareva

      4:50 бананы из Китая

    55. Peacock Feathers

      4:55 destroying a perfectly good banana without paying too, is very unsatisfying!

      1. *Alex* V-i-P

        @Rosalie please tell me what it is my only comment on this video trying to find out what is going on with them bananas

      2. F4ker Gaming

        @Peacock Feathers Noob

      3. Peacock Feathers

        @Rosalie why do you say that?

      4. Rosalie

        Haha that's not a real banana

    56. Arif Aliyev

      4:11 i think that's slime😂😂😂

      1. Riley Rawlings

        “I think it’s a jem” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 💀

      2. Joseph Bonus

        I believe its a glass gem

      3. Maariya Hussain

        Either glass or very transparent Plastic 😂

      4. Amelia Hodnett

        I think that it’s a Jem

      5. Wolf • Chan

        I don't think so cuz he was holding it very tightly


      Ooh!!!!! So satisfyingi cant stop watching love your videos

    58. Evil Omens

      3:11 are those fake eggs???

    59. Wisly TV

      Check my first video satisfying kinetic sand 😁

    60. 10k subs with no videos

      1:11 why they put a camo on a hammer? Lol

      1. 10k subs with no videos

        @code tora I think its called hydro dipping

      2. code tora

        10k subs with no videos do you know what that procces is called if so pls let me know

    61. 10k subs with no videos

      Anyone watching before bed

    62. Shane Black

      What is that "banana"?

      1. Jacqueline Robertson

        I KNOW it looks really weird 😳

    63. McKinley Dawson

      The reason I watch all of the satisfying videos is because it helps me sleep

    64. Lillian Maldonado

      5:12 that looks like poop

      1. Kit Kat yum Ford

        Doo doo

    65. Relaxing Sounds ASMR


    66. Shepherd 921

      Very few of these were actually satisfying

    67. Marie Startin

      Yes my calm is satisfied

    68. ZChannel zipfun

      Not satisfying you lied

    69. Tik Tok Global HD / Best Oddly Satisfying 2020

      Is anyone watching late like me ???

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        J F I also made a relaxing video, if you have time please visit me, thank you so much 🥰🥰

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      6:14 What's that?