Odell Beckham Jr. Surprises Team with New Nike Air Max

Odell Beckham Jr.

Odell Beckham Jr.

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    Surprised the Chaney High School football team with new Nike Air Max 720’s during practice. It’s a blessing to be a blessing.
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    1. Class Jaz

      Odell Beckham Jr I'm your fan man you have many fan😠👿😡😾

    2. Mohsin Nazir

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    3. Julez Rulez

      Odell is mad funny.

    4. Samoan Suave 45

      Odell just had to 1 up that 7yr old “ how old are you? - 7 .. I was playing football since I was 4yrs old. “ hahaha true competitor mentality.

    5. SGTSayz

      When given the option for specialty cleats- foamposites etc- they chose a Team colorway. That’s what it’s all about.

    6. Biak Thawng

      Odell ur my idol i love watching u

    7. Keondre Bouse

      Can you please send me a pair of football pads my Grandma promised me then but she never bought them for me

    8. Mr. Richardson

      "Who wear a 14 foreal?....GHAD!!!" -Odell 🤣🤣🤣🤣 much respect for the young legend keep doing what you do bro you the GOAT

    9. samuel cox official

      I love you Odell and you inspired me by your one handed catching ability

    10. GooooBrowns!


    11. Joel-Wayne

      Does anybody know what pants Odell is wearing, because they look fire 🔥 🔥🔥

    12. Tucker Bencus

      Thank you OBJ

    13. Demetrion Cross

      You're a true role model

    14. Jacquelyn Petty

      I want to be just like you when I grow up

    15. Xavier Vasquez

      Pls come to the broncos

    16. sam bell

      Odell Beckham JR turn your self in man.

    17. Af Shonubi06

      Who is here because of his arrest warrant

    18. OfficialYoungRoger

      Who here cause of the warrant

    19. odell and landry cool

      Odell Odell odell you're my favorite DE-newsr I can't even say anything and my favorite football player keep up the good work

    20. Kingston the kid1324

      hey man you are my favorite person ever and it would be a amazing to meet you and i have always been my favorite man since herd of you -your #1 fan Kingston Robinson

    21. Marvin Lowe

      My son loves you so much he wants to be like you man u always keep it 💯

    22. Jawsy Jones

      Odells Number 13

    23. Jawsy Jones


    24. Jawsy Jones

      Your my favorite player in football

    25. Charles Groebner

      Odell we love you here in Cleveland. All we ask is that you give us one more chance before you decide if you want out.

    26. alex pilot

      Are you putting out more videos! They are 🔥

    27. Telesa Bryant

      Odell bro your good man yo dream came true and I wish I had like you and you blessing

    28. Maria Marroquin

      Hi obj I'm a big fan

    29. Fortnight Fun time

      Love god and obj

    30. Isael Montalvo

      Odell I wish I can live with you

    31. Simplexityz

      Soooo handsome he is!

    32. Kaleb V

      you are my fav player in the world

    33. Ivan Herenandez

      Your my favorite NFL players I wish one day I could be like you

    34. r1r2 kills

      Do you want to go to the packers

    35. John Burke

      It seems like the only tds odell scores are the pregame warmups where he tries to catch it one handed. So excited to see my ravens frustrate him on the sidelines the next couple of years

    36. Football FAN

      Subscribed to your channel

    37. The Gamer Squad

      When are you gonna upload again

    38. Marvin Lowe

      Odell is always bleesed by god now he's blessing other people 🙏

    39. Marvin Lowe

      Odell is really the best wide receiver in NFL history. Im just keeping it 💯

    40. Kid Perfect

      How do u deal that u lost the game vrs ravens😔😟😕🙁☹️😣😖😫😩🥺😢😭

    41. Wanda Grooms

      Odell my name is lil Jay I am 8yrs old and I am your #1 fan. Hope to see you in person one day. Happy Holidays

    42. Caleb Watson

      Hey let’s go browns come to metzger

    43. Eli Water

      Please go to the steelers!!!😄😄😄

    44. jimmy barrett

      ODELL PLEASE DONT LEAVE CLEVELAND IM BEGGING! I will literally cry if you leave us and I wish you could get the ball

    45. Maddox Logan

      I’m your biggest fan Odell I have subscribed and liked the video

    46. Isael Montalvo

      Odell I wish I can meet you I just feel pain

    47. R. William Comm

      Media is just dying to pick a fight & drum up drama for OBJ. The man has grown up & is a great teammate & a credit to the NFL. Generational talent but media wants a drama story to come between OBJ & his team & he’s not taking the bait.

    48. Nathan Alvarez


    49. Frisco Petrela

      You a good guy

    50. Destroying 2

      Can you make a touchdown for me

    51. robert patton

      Beckham are you cousins with Jarvis Landry

    52. Elias Animation

      Odell is my favorite wide receiver in the nfl.......❤️

    53. For legendly


    54. For legendly

      Love it Odell your my inspiration

    55. Dax Godaire

      You should do where you show us what you wear in game PLEASE 🙏🤟🔥

    56. abe veatch

      your my favorite player ever. if there was anything i could wish is to meet you. if i did ever i would ask you how do you do it. your hands are amazing.

    57. Ez Clan

      Get obj some more subscribers by the end of the year he should have 1,000,000

    58. Oscar Basilio

      Odo back of your the best

      1. Oscar Basilio

        Photo back and my name is Oscar junior You're the best player

    59. Rodolfo Barrón

      I look up to you I wish I could meet you but that will never happen😥

    60. Jairo Roman

      Odell Beckham can you buy me some gloves for football? That's kidding

    61. yoboy Pizza2

      I have Odell Beckham on Madden and he's a really good catcher he caught the ball with

    62. Vincent Rivera

      Odell Beckham jr deestroying wants you in a one hand catch contest

    63. Andrew Barlow

      I'm a fan of the lions but your awesome

    64. Vue Lee

      Odell..... Keep your head up. I believe that you should stay a browns.... Within time I and Landry, it'll be the greatest show on Earth....

    65. BrayBray13YT & More!

      This is why Odell’s a great person god bless you Odell big fan

    66. Jerry Ruiz

      Go back to New York giants

    67. Jerry Ruiz

      Go back to the New York giants