Old Dominion - Midnight Mess Around (Lyric Video)



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    Listen to “Midnight Mess Around” by Old Dominion from their self-titled album, out now: smarturl.it/OD3?IQid=youtube

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    1. Jeanie Harris

      Hell yeah

    2. Teresa McClanahan

      Shew, Mercy 🎶😍🥰 🔥”Midnight Mess Around!”🔥

    3. Dora Smith

      kizuna ai

    4. IIESPD00DII

      Might be the best song on the album

    5. Trisha crazy one

      He has a beautiful voice

    6. Katie Kottke

      One of my favorites. I don’t understand how this isn’t a mega hit. I hear Milsap. :)

    7. Tiffany Mercer

      Picking up some Conway Twitty vibes here...

    8. t b

      Just listened to this song...thank's "💖"....

    9. Susan Block

      You guys are awesome 👏 thank you 🙏

    10. Elizabeth Robinson

      One of favorites! Love all old dominion ❤️❤️❤️

    11. Angel Ebey

      Fire 🔥

    12. Betsy Swanson

      I like it ! Sexy & hot 🔥

    13. Ronald Bullock

      Get with it!

    14. Rachel Dickson

      Hi Old Dominion, just wanted to say a Huge Congratulations on this song passing 2 million views in 7 months 🥂🎉 I absolutely love this song and play it very loud everyday 💖 I'm so proud of you guys and to be a fan and I love seeing Shane McAnally in the video 💖🤗 Sending lots of love to you all from Melbourne, Australia

    15. Paul Allen

      I know what road to take ya down I will never let ya fall to the ground

    16. me4tj

      Anybody else replace “mess” with “fu@k” when you sing this??

    17. mwestervelt

      just really discovered them ……...wow ….ive been missing out

    18. steelcityfoofan

      AH i'd love an official tab/chords for this

    19. Salena Clark

      These guys are awesome love their music!!

    20. piper monte

      Love love it 😍 great song

    21. Katie Workman

      You guys never let me down with your songs!!

    22. Roy Reyes

      Great summer night song. Man I hope this lockdown gets lifted, and other chips fall in the right place so I can see my baby soon

    23. Judy Greene


    24. Tracy Davy

      Awesome song guys..... As usual ! Love it ! Bring on more 💕

    25. Kandice Koscinski

      Lots of dusty roads on the outskirts of Vegas...come on darlin, take me for that midnight mess around drive! 😘🤪

    26. Rick Jones

      this shit super dope!!!

    27. Debbie Parson

      Love this song sooo much!!!😁😁😁

    28. Rona Vadneau

      Ahhmazing Song😁🌌💃🕺 I love the beat🎼🎶

    29. Grace

      So love this song ! ♥️💋🤘

    30. Heather Bergstad

      As soon as I can I want to see them in concert again. Love this song love all of their songs though.

    31. josie c


    32. Kate Wells

      This song 😍😍😍

    33. John Andrew Dean

      I am moving. Wilco is kind of in the middle.

    34. Trisha M.

      Not going to lie... you guys sound sooo much better singing this live.

    35. Kimberly Ward

      There isn't a song i don't LOVE!!!!

    36. Tio Septiady

      Sumpah lagu segini enaknya viewersnya cuma sedikit, wagelasehhh I really really like this band. so much more and hopefully always success. From INDONESIA :)

    37. mhcarla

      "You seem to like it when i loose control ", ...sure i do !

    38. Billie Glasscock


    39. Trisha M.

      Any way I can send you guys my concert tee shirt and get it signed???

    40. Trisha M.

      Matthew... who ever your singing this to... I'm jealous... and the way you hit your "you seem to like it when I lose control" omg... just... omg... you guys.. I saw you for the 3rd time in kitchener and that show was amazing. Cant wait for #4.

    41. judy gentry


    42. Nikki C

      His voice is like a Angel to my ears!!

    43. Natalie V

      This song just gave me all the feelz.... 🔥 💋 🎵

    44. piper monte

      Love it

    45. C C

      This song gives me them happy feels😊

    46. Guitar Man

      Takes me back to 1975-77 in Sumter County, South Carolina, getting stuck in a cornfield with my gf. This tune might give a lot of youngsters the wrong impression. LOL! Careful out there boys!

    47. Suzette m

      will see Old Dominion again @ Seattle Wa. With Kenny Chesney.

    48. Lois Kidd

      Can’t stop watching this video- Midnight Mess Around. LOVE this band.

    49. Kapilena77

      Hot country hit!!! Great song.

    50. FORD4LIFE73

      This song song makes me wanna dance with my beautiful wife reminds of us when we first started dating nothing is better then strong relationship and the connection

    51. Barbara Johnson

      Awesome as always.. Love this song and all the other ones. They are beautiful

    52. Lynnemargaret Phillips



      I love love love this song and the tune. So reminds me of something Conway Twitty would sing. Best thing I've heard on country radio in a while. Great job Old Dominion...........

    54. Preacher T

      Hollylynn I love you so much. I never meant to hurt you. Please forgive me.

    55. Rachel Dickson

      Hi Old Dominion, just wanted to say Congratulations on passing 1 million views for this video! The song is my absolute favourite along with a heap of others, but it's such a fun and sexy song! Love the groove and the guitar riffs are awesome! I play it everyday so im proud to not only be a fan but to be a part of the views you get 💖 Sending lots of love from Melbourne, Australia

    56. Joseph Wake

      next big song, like this if u agree

    57. Leslie Parsley

      Such a good song; Old Dominion literally kills it, every time! 🔥🔥👏🏼

      1. Lisa Bland

        They just keep getting better

    58. Tammy Preston

      Love it! Sounds like another hit!

    59. Rosemary Emily Hernandez

      This is song wants you to get up and dance dance and the beat is great!!!! Rosemary , Denver

    60. Shelby B

      one of my fav songs... see ya friday guys

    61. judy gentry


    62. Jane Brewster

      LOVE this band. His voice.....

    63. Ruby Mahilum

      you guys are so amazing💖😍❤💖👍👊 can you come here in phillippines

    64. judy gentry


    65. Maryann Coleman

      Sweet sound

    66. salty vanilla

      C'mon Michael Fergerson, let's make this happen asap 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    67. Samuel Fitzhugh

      I love this song but I cant figure it out. I need someone to do a cover of it

    68. judy gentry


    69. Lovely Labayo

      why can't I stop listening and seeking their music? ughhh

    70. Anjy Broon

      Absolutely love this band haven't heard a song yet I dont love 💕💕💕