Old Dominion - Midnight Mess Around (Lyric Video)



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    Listen to “Midnight Mess Around” by Old Dominion from their self-titled album, out October 25: smarturl.it/OD3?IQid=youtube

    Apple Music: smarturl.it/OD3/applemusic?IQid=youtube
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    Get To Know Old Dominion:
    Instagram: instagram.com/olddominionmusic/
    Facebook: facebook.com/olddominionband/
    Twitter: twitter.com/olddominion
    Subscribe: smarturl.it/ODYTsub?IQid=youtube
    Website: weareolddominion.com

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    1. Tonya Bomia

      Damn! I love this band. Every song a hit.

    2. Su Phakhen


    3. Laura Dimunno


    4. Donna Mae

      Can't wait to see you guys in November!!!! 😁

    5. Kevin Lien

      Love this song ! 👍🤟🔥

    6. Sunny K

      Another addition to my private "I binge listen to this" list *sighs*

    7. Stephanie Cheli

      I’m a huge fan of country and I can’t help but realize how this song sounds rapey. Ahhh I hate saying that. I just can’t back this one. Not a fan of the lyrics. I get it when I listen to it, but you shouldn’t have to claim in a song people sing along to “You're riding right beside me in my car Looking like you wouldn't tell me no I'm thinking about taking it too far I don't think that we can make it home A hotel room or a parking lot 'Cause I got it bad and I can't stop” The feeling that I gotta have you right now“ and then look out for the cops. Yikes. Being a victim makes me see this differently I’m sorry.

    8. kirsten rissling

      Smooooooth 😘

    9. Jaime Marchese

      Good lord...Old Dominion cranking out AMAZING music as per usual!

    10. Destiny Is already written

      October 2019

    11. Barbara Johnson

      Beautiful Music

    12. Donna Marie Pszoniak

      Love Old Dominion Beautiful Song's Always """ 💘💘🎶🎶🎶

    13. Angel 5SOS


    14. TwirkingBanana 2002

      The most underrated country band of all time. Old Dominion is a *blessing*

    15. Shelly Lavigne

      Yeah. How 'bout it.

    16. Suzette m

      seattle july 2020. ticket in hand.

    17. stephie

      ❤❤❤❤ great song!

    18. Richard Glazebrook

      Love it 2019

    19. Donna Marie Pszoniak

      Loving this Song""" Midnight Mess Around Yeah""" steamy window's only with my special someone"""it's red 🔥 see you guy's on June 6TH in Phila 💘🎶🎶🎶🎶

    20. Ann Marie Neill

      Midnight mess around . Have to be right guy or it wouldnt work 😍. Cant wait see you in belfast next week x

    21. Jennifer Cooper

      They gonna be headlining sold out venues

    22. Tina Russell

      Oh man. Completely down for a midnight mess around with Matthew lol ❤(I know he's married but a girl can dream 😊)

    23. m hawkins

      Brad, don't shave your beard, people might mistake you for Hunter Biden. Especially when you're smiling, you look a lot like him.

    24. Christian Hansen

      What a wonderful song. See you live in Berlin, Germany this sunday (October 6th).

    25. Sarah Livingston

      Love Love Love!!!

    26. Duricas

      I like the bluesy southern rock feel to the song.

    27. ro powell

      I really like the beat. It kinda sound like a old time blues beat and I like that👍👍

    28. Nicole Lynne

      Man you guys are unbelievable #There’sNoStoppingYouNow💯

    29. Melissa Fisher

      Great song! Love it!

    30. Hana Freedenburg

      I don't know if this will actually go to you guys, but I was wondering if you have any tips on writing a song?

    31. Connie McBride

      I love my. Country music star and very me and. Google got listen to hear. Our. Favorite people sing..thanks. We. Love. All of this great songs

    32. Austin Eubanks

      Anyone watching this before it blows up?💯

    33. Laura Dimunno

      Stupendo vedere la creazione di una canzone in studio discografico molto bella complimenti 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶😘😘😘😘😘😘

    34. Nicole Renee

      🔥 HOT 🔥

    35. Lisa VanEh

      wow, killin it!

    36. James George

      They're not from this planet, it's just that simple. No band makes this much badass music. I'm just saying.

    37. Shelby DeLorenzo

      Come to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia😍🙏❤❤❤❤

    38. Stephanie N

      Just got my tickets to your Dec show in Youngstown!!!😁😁😁😁

    39. Cole Happel

      Old Dominion is on 🔥 right now! Come to Ashley For The Arts Arcadia, WI Aug 2020

    40. Melanie Dangerfield

      Love this tune!!

    41. opblack

      What's up with them and hotel rooms?

      1. KB Ashbrook

        Lol, yeah? But- they're all sooo adorable, especially lead singer and rockin' the toboggan too!🤪!I'm happily married though!!💘🎶

    42. Rosario Tello Medina

      I love watching these guys live and I love how they are so silly and close!!! These behind the scenes videos are my FAVORITE!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    43. Eric Shinabarker

      This is the only main stream country band that doesn't use the plain old clap/snap track. Love it

    44. Manny Gonzalez

      This dudes voice is gold

    45. Uriah Pasley

      Pedo Anthem Jk relax

    46. Taizo U

      Old dominion is getting better and better. Huge love from Japan!!!!

      1. nho ogi

        Taizo U 日本人いて嬉しい

    47. Rachel Dickson

      Hi Old Dominion, was recommended this song and absolutely love it! I shouldn't be surprised that I love it, "Hotel Key" is such a great song! Will be subscribing right now! Sending lots of love from Melbourne, Australia

    48. Elliebabi

      It was a blessing to see them live

    49. TheGoogleNinja

      I knew from the first riff, I love you guys!

    50. Shelly Lavigne

      You betcha.........

    51. Kathy Hardee

      Dang Super Vibes And sounds great to me if only... dang I am not a one night stand!!!!! Love this group. Mess around you think? Oh heck no

      1. Dan 1

        Have you listened to, "my heart is a bar"? that is a good one

    52. sean martin

      They sure ain't no Tyler Childers

    53. Melissa Mccauley

      It's unbelievably

    54. Maryellen Spillane

      This is my favorite band. Listen to them every day. Love this new Midnight Mess Around. Cant wait to see them in New York.

    55. Kourtney E

      Well done!! This is fire! 🔥🔥

    56. Pablo Dario Benitez Desvars

      Buenísimo! Me encanta

    57. J. Hall

      These guys make you want to run out and get a country girl. 😎

    58. Daun King


    59. R D

      These guys give me all the feels with every song! Huge fan!!!

    60. KB Ashbrook

      Sooo much better when you do make it home!!💘🎶

    61. Drew Olson

      This song is super rapey

      1. 57HarleyDavidson

        Drew Olson ?? how is this song super rapey?

    62. Tiffin Simango

      l tell you all Old Dominion music is the best!

    63. Jon

      Shane Mcanally needs some credit here too. The guys is all over country music. Well done!

    64. Abby savage 21

      Im in love with this song!!❤❤

    65. Suzette m


    66. jordan marie

      old domion just is so amazing

    67. Ashley Martinez

      15 seconds into the song and I'm already dancing. Seriously love these guys.

    68. Mary Ann Scott

      🔥 ♥️

      1. Andy Cooke

        Seen these live, they where very good, they are touring the UK again so will try and catch them again .👍

    69. Eliza

      sounding GOOD