Oliver Tree - Bury Me Alive (Official Unofficial Music Video)

Oliver Tree

Oliver Tree

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    Directed by Oliver Tree (with a $6 budget)
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    I watch out
    I’m shut down
    It always falls apart
    I watch out
    I’m shut down
    It always falls apart
    Carry me away in a coffin
    That’s the day that I’m stopping
    One thing is enough and I’m dropping it all if I ever tell
    One day when I sneak in the gates of hell
    Crushing up, I seen 'em rushing up
    Still went around and I’m fucking up
    Life support, is it decisive fool?
    I’m decisive, let me get my style and devices
    My vices, kick it on a back and too
    Rolling dices
    Let me get a six and six and another six
    That’s where the devil lives
    Calling up Lucy just to get a fix
    I watch out
    I’m shut down
    It always falls apart
    It’s not the first time
    I watch out
    I’m shut down
    It always falls apart
    Bury me alive
    Some days I’m dead inside
    It’s fine, everything will end in time
    I tried, speaking every thought on my mind
    Till the day that I die, I don’t swallow my pride
    I don’t like this, laying lifeless
    One last final breath of air, before I bite it
    I used to have it all, filling up my vault
    But it won’t mean shit on the day of my funeral
    I said it won’t mean shit on the day of my funeral
    Eight lives, I only got one left
    Looks like I got a reason then
    At last, I finally made it past
    A hundred white lies, now I wanna hear facts
    I’m literal, miss me by a four second interval
    Catch me by surprise screaming situation critical
    Situation critical
    Death ray
    Golden age
    We all want
    Better days
    Death ray
    Golden age
    We all want
    Better days
    I watch out
    I’m shut down
    It always falls apart
    It’s not the first time
    I watch out
    I’m shut down
    It always falls apart
    It’s not the first time

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      Is it weird that his music has helped me, especially this song. I know you won't see this but thank you Oliver



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