OneRepublic - Somebody To Love (Lyric Video)



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    Never could imagine
    The way the story happened
    You with someone new
    I used to be your focus
    New you don’t even notice
    When I leave the room
    You weren’t even trying to make me jealous
    But you can't help it
    You can't help it
    And it kills me to know that you found
    Somebody to love
    Somebody to love
    Tell me how can I go on without
    Somebody to love
    Somebody to love
    Somebody to love
    Somebody to love
    Somebody to love
    They say that loves come easy
    Whenever it comes easy
    I see it on your face
    I don’t want you to be lonely
    But right now I’m the only
    One who feels this way
    I ain’t even trying to make you miss me
    Make you miss me
    I know we’re history
    But it kills me to know that you found
    Somebody to love
    Somebody to love
    Tell me how can I go on without
    Somebody to love
    Somebody to love
    Somebody to love
    Somebody to love
    Somebody to love
    You weren’t even trying to make me jealous
    But you can't help it
    You can't help it
    And it kills me to know that you found
    Somebody to love
    Somebody to love
    Tell me how I can go on without
    Somebody to love
    Somebody to love
    Somebody to love
    Somebody to love
    I used to be your focus
    Now you don’t even notice
    When I leave the room

    Music video by OneRepublic performing Somebody To Love (Lyric Video). © 2019 Mosley Music/Interscope Records

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    1. Dóri Takács


    2. Mary

      Pure Master Class!

    3. Jori Kennedy

      When a woman is done shes done. She just wanted to be wanted. 😏 very clever of me huh😂🤣

    4. Doni Mirella


    5. Última Generación

      Queen is forever

    6. Lap Thai

      fanstastic song

    7. RaviRajjr

      Beautiful song ❤️

    8. Sweet pie

      They say the saddest goodbyes are the ones that were never said, but so are the forced goodbyes.

    9. hmibillboards

      I just discover this song, I already listened to it 10 times, I don't know if I will end up listening to it all day. But I can tell this song is perfect Perfect harmony, Beautiful voice, melody and the video matches the lyrics perfectly

    10. Debra Wintle

      I absolutely love the bloody song!!! Can't get it out of my head and playing it whenever I have the opportunity.......this mans voice is so amazing and could listen to him 24/7 💖🥰❤💖🥰❤

    11. walker #3328

      Eu acho linda essa música mas faz me lembra do meu ex e isso me dá uma ódio muito forte 😡 mas acho linda essa música do mesmo jeito kansbsks 💜💜💜

    12. Ferra FQ

      Nice song lyric.

    13. laugh wild

      The song is too good to die this way✌✌

    14. QuirkOffs

      Production is too swagged out and processed for such an earnest and beautiful song

    15. gopi t

      This song gives me goosebumps. Excellent song. Keep up the good work.

    16. Manya Vardanyan

      my love for this is eternal

    17. Grace A. Siahaan


    18. Martha Jones


    19. Ronald Raphel

      0% sex 0% nudity 0% violence 100% flowers

    20. Sarah Brown

      This is no Romeo and Juliet - you must go on. Suicide is against Gods will.

    21. Ines Ettel

      It's a beautiful Song!😢😢❤

    22. Bobby Dunkin

      "I know we're history" Damn...

    23. Death Nova

      Am I not da only one drinking my ass off while listening to this?

    24. blazing benjy

      the only song from Songland not spoiled by the coach

    25. butterfly girl

      Love this song, watched Songland. Glad that he picked this song. Definitely his style.

    26. Ian Sokolowski

      you know its a good song when it has 16.2 mil views

    27. Vito Hener

      O thing this song is good (jt roach)

    28. Master fingering Chang

      Does this hit me hard or am I just feeling heavy in my heart.

    29. Tomi Soedarmanto

      Great song..we love

    30. Adalsa Samuel

      Hearing this for months before knew it was from Songland😍

    31. SuE JC

      OMG....This song made me cry like a river....Ryan should be a judge in The Voice !!!!!!!!

    32. Finin Fareena

      Who's here because of songland , songland is the best ever !

    33. Just someone with an anime profile picture

      Came here after watching Songland 😍and *OMG* I really love this song

    34. Lulun Lamgoulun


    35. Rian Busby

      I've listened to this song so many times in the last 2 hours, it's just so good

    36. Roy Benedict Buhay

      Todd Michael Hall

    37. Richard Maengko

      OMG...Great song.

    38. Alexandra NICHOLSON

      I was watching songland and then a boss singer came to sing this song and i just fell in love with this song.

    39. Ciarra Nay

      i dont listen to this song for sadness simply just for a upbeat song to beat my homework >:3

    40. Joe Lujan

      Who's here after Todd's performance on the voice🙋‍♂️

      1. Brianna Gordon

        I miss Todd Michael Hall being on the voice

      2. Vivian Kim

        @Ikonik Legend someone on the Voice sang the same song

      3. Ikonik Legend

        It was songland you idiot.

      4. Joe Lujan

        @Vivian Kim same😂😂

      5. Vivian Kim

        I legit came here after Todd on the Voice sang this song😂

    41. Daria 9520

      This is something what I need! ❤️

    42. ZHNNI RZL

      All the way from the voice. Thanks Todd! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    43. Xandra Puyat

      Found out about this song after Todd sang this on the voice and all I could say is it’s beautiful

    44. Jesse Herrera

      My nephew loves this song

    45. CJ Tukmol

      Really captured my heart.... I've watched it on Songland and I didn't know this song won.....Thank You OneRepublic for choosing it..... God bless us all... Very Wonderful Song

    46. Jane Yue

      Todd Michael Hall brought me here!

      1. Jose Fernandes


    47. MrDJViciousDelicious

      Vote to save Todd Michael hall even tho this song didn’t quite fit him

      1. Jose Fernandes


      2. MrDJViciousDelicious

        Freedom YT I still voted for him 10 times

      3. MrDJViciousDelicious

        Freedom YT he’s extremely talented but no he didn’t in my opinion

      4. Freedom YT

        What you mean lol he completely nailed it

    48. Kim Jong Un

      I can't fuckin believe TMH will be singing this on the knockouts

    49. Vinay Kumar

      Wanna see SIA's Remake!!!

    50. jimmytakeswalls

      who’s here from songland

      1. •JUPI TER•


      2. Syah Abel


      3. Moshe Winter

        jimmytakeswalls no I am just here for one republican

    51. Mr TEN

      but hey....i will always love you

    52. Marleen Vandevelde

      Damb that high note, this is sooo goood 👌❤️

    53. D Easy

      Big Shout out to JT Roach!!! Thank you so much onerepublic for choosing this song...Think my team would have one a championship from my reaction when you chose this song..

    54. Sviatlana Harnouskaya

      Sometimes you are just in the mood to shout out like Ryan "Somebody to looooove"... Like during these days.

    55. Erika Nicole Pacheco Fuentes

      youre song is great guys keep on like that I will still waching it!!

    56. Сергей Корал


    57. Quirks Off

      great song but this production sounds half-baked and rushed to meet a television deadline

    58. Adarsh Vishwakarma

      1:11 was very heart touching.

    59. Kathea Maclang

      To L. I know you won't ever find this comment ever, and I'm too much of a coward to tell you how I still feel about you, us. -K, well C now really haha

    60. BS

      Wait I thought he was gonna belt the chorus? He did that on Songland and in all the live shows!

    61. Queen Bevers


    62. Tristan May

      What I wanna know is how they made those flowers blow up and hit each other

    63. Scandy Liemam

      I’m i the only one feel this way ?? I really need somebody to love me 😞,a person will be honest and faithful ,not a liars and cheater one 😞,when I’m gonna find a honest person ,becouse i know it’s really hurt to not have somebody to love 😔

    64. Peter Kirk

      Sounds like the beat from Awolnation "Sail"

    65. B A S


    66. Sydney Frericks

      Bruh, this song gave me feelings I didn't know I had...

    67. Karen Blunt

      Beautiful Music

    68. きなこ


    69. Cheese Please

      I don't want to sound pessimistic but love is more about suffer than happiness. I prefer being by myself and just around my parents, siblings and friends. The love of your family and friends are different than the love of a partner. When you truly love someone, you just go through these weird emotions where you're happy then sad then jealous then crying then laughing. Maybe i don't know how to love and i just cause for the other person problems so i guess i'm better off alone. I prefer being single and i truly feel happy and comfortable yet guilty for ruining someone's life. Maybe i'm selfish and only care about myself or maybe i just don't know or understand what true love is. Sorry for being pessimistic. Stay safe and stay at home. These days are tough. ❤️

    70. Tamara Williams

      That's sad they're shooting flowers