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    See Disney and Pixar's Onward cometh to theaters March 2020.
    Set in a suburban fantasy world, Disney and Pixar’s “Onward” introduces two teenage elf brothers who embark on an extraordinary quest to discover if there is still a little magic left out there. Pixar Animation Studios’ all-new original feature film is directed by Dan Scanlon and produced by Kori Rae-the team behind “Monsters University.” “Onward” releases in theaters on March 6, 2020.
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    1. Kurt Fronda

      this is my new favorite pixar movie

    2. Naylene Rodriguez

      I love to Onward ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤩

    3. Erdal Akyol

      Is it 3D?


      clickbait its not the real movie playlist

    5. lauriiebirdiie

      I can’t believe it’s almost been a year since this video released...

    6. nattiemagic

      toll bridge. lol

    7. PhuzzyBond

      Using the Windlass font for the Trailer felt a bit cheap, otherwise looks ok.

    8. Despotic Waffle

      Their mom is fine

    9. Albano Was

      Top cartoon I wise onward have a next movie

    10. Snowberg International Media

      Link to the music?

      1. [UglyBarn58]


    11. Pablio weidjan

      eu numca vi esse filme

    12. Benji - Brawl Stars

      I’m gonna direct a Pixar movie when I turn 19 called The Earthgods reply to me who’s in the cast

    13. Keoh 8

      Tom Holland is cute even as a blue elf 😪

    14. Vigor The Character

      it was lazy casting

      1. Vigor The Character

        @Byleth is SSS TIER and no one told you to reply

      2. Byleth is SSS TIER

        no one asked you

    15. sandwich

      it's the 2012 Brave movie's parody

    16. Mupyeong

      Please dont die I honestly want to see this movie

    17. Sketchalater

      The teaser made me excited for it, but when I actually saw it on Disney plus, it was honestly not that good at all, especially by Pixar standards. It was very rushed. There was some enjoyable moments and jokes, but it just fell flat overall. This is coming from somebody who loved Monsters University and Cars. The movie started to gain momentum near the end, but by the time it got good it was already over. It really has the potential to be great, instead it feels unfinished. I was just baffled at how Pixar created great movies like The Incredibles, Walle-E, Finding Nemo, etc, then this?



    19. Elizabeth Roberts

      Just finished watching this movie. Thanks Pixar for making me bawl my eyes out. My dad passed away 3 years ago and I would do absolutely anything to talk to him, see him and hug him 😭 such a good movie though.

    20. Kaitlyn Brown

      Like hardly any of this is in the movie and it seems like a lot was changed from the time this was put out to when it was released. The movie was fantastic though.

    21. DootDoodle

      I can’t believe this was released 10 months ago

    22. Tello 64

      The Good Dinosaur: I'm lowest grossing Pixar movie ever! Onward: Hold my furries!

      1. Marcus Cheng

        @Byleth is SSS TIER Covid19 was God's instrument in humbling the world so that all will worship and serve Him.

      2. Byleth is SSS TIER

        But that's not this movie's fault. Covid-19 ruined other films, too.

    23. Antoinette G

      N W :csmnJen wmw,!IMI Just’

    24. Sebastian Jiron

      The movie was beautiful

    25. Cody Honaker

      90% of that trailer wasnt even apart of the movie because i just watched it on Disney+ kinda stinks cuz those would have been funny to see. Movie was pretty good though

    26. Lilgvbjr 46

      I love going back and looking on how things changed

    27. Pisleag George

      I watch this film today but i observed that more scene in this trailer cut in film and not apear. Why?

      1. Byleth is SSS TIER

        They still have to edit the film prior to its release.

    28. Flori David

      its on Disney plus

    29. Borislav Sashov

      I have nothing against antropomorphism,but it is just too americanized.MOVIE INDUSTRY,do you know there are other countries?

    30. The Random Videos Guy

      Disney+ babeee

    31. Enayoung Muni

      This movie is so genius, I watched it before going to sleep, and kept tears when I closed my eyes, remembering my two children..thank you for making this movie 😢

    32. Hamed Sedaghatmanesh

      دمت گرم باحال بود منکه خوشم اومد 😁👍

    33. BTS angel

      o i have watched this movie if someone wants to ask for the link i am here and those who have watched pls hit a like amd those who want the link tell me in the comment section below i will be happy to tell you

      1. Smith Gamer oTG

        Yes sir i have it too

    34. Don't Mind The Lamp

      Me: Watches movie Also me: O cool Me again: Watches this Me: ``Where were these parts in the movie :C``

    35. Huginn Hjartarson

      How about a sequel? UPWARD

    36. GNARF IV

      kinda sad that everything on this trailer is not in the real movie...BUT! gotta say it was AMAZING!

    37. D Krishan

      *I'm gonna watch this*

    38. Kurwin Carnow

      Lol, they literally used like 2% of these scenes in the actual film...

    39. My Opinion Doesn't Matter

      1:15 So unicorns have wings now? Ok.

    40. Princess pink518

      Is it me, or does Ian’s voice sound a little deeper when he said “hey mom”? It might just be me

    41. αnnα σu

      I lowkey thought that Ian was hot for some reason-

      1. Screw Zelink

        Probably because he looks like tom holland who's also kind of handsome.

    42. Nguyen Tran Hue Vi

      Phim Truy Tìm Phép Thuật bị hoãn ở Ý,Nhật Bản,Hàn Quốc

    43. NAING TUN

      I am sad…I couldn't watch Onward in cinema becuz of virus -_-

    44. Theboss47

      They Copy Pasted From Ratatouille on the main character

    45. Graycie Milano

      Nope it’s garbage for trash can and you left the lid off shoo get out here shoo get ugh gross

    46. jstefnik


    47. SuperHamSniper

      Oh tom holland, so the movies already out.

    48. Super Mario Logan Fan

      So, SpiderMan and Owen Grady I see

    49. aeonjoey

      Whoever directed/edited THIS trailer should be fired and blackballed. This made a wonderful movie look like some Madagascar shark tale trash. Can't believe I almost missed this great movie because of how bad this trailer was.

      1. Aiden's House

        Chill out dude

    50. Adam Kalb

      I hope Onward is much more creative than Shark Tale and doesn't just tell a generic story that would work outside of its fantastical setting. That is what Shark Tale did only because it wanted to be Finding Nemo with just the shark who doesn't want to eat other fish and no other part of the main Nemo story getting ripped off...from what I remember. March 10, 2020, 2:22am

      1. revin hatol

        _"Well, I didn't ask to get made! I didn't ask to be torn apart, and put back together, over and over and turned into some... Some little monster!"_ _- Bradley Cooper_

    51. Adam Kalb

      0:04 I hope Columbia Tristar doesn't sue Pixar for this. March 10, 2020, 1:52am

    52. Adam Kalb

      I knew Star Butterfly couldn't delete magic for long. March 10, 2020, 1:51am

    53. Julie Ann Alamillo

      Very nice movie 🎦 i watched it and you will learned and realise things.

    54. Mithiriëthî Underhill

      Witchcraft and necromancy for children of the 21st century.

    55. Lucas Totti

      Full Metal Alchemists

    56. Juan M. Urbina

      What´s the name of the first track please, the EPIC FANTASY score music that plays before Danny Elfman´s track?

    57. Irish Boy


    58. Ericka Zavala


    59. Definitely Not Tommy Wiseau

      only a few shots from this teaser appeared in the finished movie. AS IN FEW.

    60. Darla

      I must say Barley stole my heart. This movie will be added to my daily happiness dosis. :)

      1. Adven4U1

        Y T Pratt stole my heart in the LEGO Movie 2.

    61. Darla

      9 meses de espera valieron realmente la pena :")

    62. SovA PtiCa

      Что за музыка у мамани на звонке играет ? )

    63. Julyssa Figueroa

      Love this movie!! ❤️❤️❤️

    64. Mary-Jane


    65. Jono Langford

      Great great movie

    66. LUCAN WOLF

      This is nightmare material. Another CGI slop fest with no plot or script and no meaning at all. No thank you. We'll wait for the great underappreciated classic CATS on DVD and Blu-Ray in April.

    67. Vidal Aguilar Alba

      Me gusta el tráiler

    68. Mary-Jane


    69. Yamna Ali

      Y r the unicorns like that??

    70. Talmadge Mcgooligher

      This movie is like Zootopia but with mythical beings and creatures.