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Otis has trouble focusing on the 24/7 Championship: WWE Exclusive, May 21, 2019



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    Tucker of Heavy Machinery attempts to map out a plan to win the 24/7 Championship from R-Truth, but Otis has many questions.
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    Am Vor 27 Tage



      Dicknya pake headset yakan oke

    2. Patrick Peralta

      I've enjoyed the 24/7 title and useing the old Hardcore title rule was a great idea.

    3. Taufik Rahman

      Here's the thing about 24/7 Championship. If you have a partner, don't trust your partner so much. Because your partner will be 24/7 Champion and not you. 😁

    4. manish Dangol

      Love the otis character,no matter how much i hate wwe , i tune into raw and smackdown, gut feeling aew will be tna 2.0

    5. puppetmaster 274

      Its a championship for the midcarders and jobbers mainly like lets be honest there are guys in this buissness who have been around for years but havnt been given a title or new guys who just get buryed and its not really fair vince always wants too push the same 5 or 6 guys like whenever its a title match its always roman, rollins, balor, brock, bryan and styles and ngl there all getting boring now guys like titus o'neil, mojo rawley, ec3 and apollo crews all deserve some championships because there all good wrestlers and entertainers

    6. epin anik

      At least they got some screen time

    7. Edgar Dominguez

      They should be focused of the tag titles

    8. WuTang 4 The Children

      Why have a great looking title, have a great design, when it’s only gonna be hot potatoed around the lower card talent?

    9. GamerPunkSoal

      Otis has trouble focusing? More like Otis asking the real questions that the plan doesn’t detail.

    10. Doob

      My boys need to be after those tag titles

    11. Kaden FM

      i love this new title haha

    12. New York Superbowl Football Giants

      I love Otis. So much charisma in a big man.

    13. Aryal Arjun

      This title 24/7 make R-truth to Legend

    14. Carrie BONNER

      Needs defending on a plane, helicopter, water park on mout fuji in a cave in a strangers house in a shop in restraunt, and at indie wrestling promotions and do videos keeping everyone thinking what's happening now show stories through out the weeks

    15. john paul porrelli

      WWE could you please make a separate chanel for the 24/7 belt so i can sub to that please?

    16. KaiDWV

      Otis Ehrenmann!

    17. watch every Cartoons Watch every cartoons you want

      everyone wants that title 24/7 Championship AKA Hooyo

    18. Jalon Glover

      This can be good for mid cards. Hopefully creative doesn't keep talent at the 24/7 division and actually USE it as a loop hole to get them back to their wrestling ways.

    19. Loïc F.

      Should have been named "WWE jobber championship"

    20. Kristoforus Ranandia Sulisetyo

      Just make sure they don't fight each other like b team.

    21. The Donald Funk

      Keep these guys on smack down

    22. Jaime Galeana

      Otis lol

    23. Declan Okeefe

      Otis reminds me of Eugene

    24. MayerBasic

      Did the 'DD' mean Charlotte?

    25. Apacaveli Tha Don

      I bet R-truth comes running through nxt tonight then gets chased again by wrestlers trying to take the belt from him lol 😂

    26. renots 365

      I like how Otis wants to find out what car and what road r truth is on so they can be prepared and Tucker just wanted to get the title. . . So who really is the smart one in that tag team?

    27. corey walker

      All the mid carder's strategizing on how to capture the 24/7 title. Wow.

    28. Tomson

      Add a storyline like r truth end up meeting Braun straw man or Brock lesnar and everyone behind r truth goes away

    29. Jose Miguel

      Brock should have the title and walk around with it and see who comes up and challenge him

    30. madaraoluv2

      This is my new favorite belt

    31. Tyler Mcknights Gaming Channel

      Love these guys!!!

    32. CRAZYD4VE87

      Who are these guys?

    33. Eric Thornhill

      Could this be the way they FINALLY get david arquette in wwe lol jk

    34. zolo120mil

      Cool promo but where is the Daniel Bryant vs Otis feud at??? WWE Universe and fans need to see it: wrestling match, election debate, eating contest, dance off, promo battle and much more Greatness!!

    35. Gabriel Tenchev

      Ohhh this championship....

    36. Gaming Hackx

      Heavy Machinery Vs Viking Raiders

    37. Yeo Edwin

      Heavy Machinery should have focus on Tag Team Champions.

    38. jayson ramos

      Haha. I like this.

    39. Julianizer

      Nice concept just change the looks of the title

    40. Joulupukkiman

      They should be challenging the tag champions, not be looking for a worthless belt.

    41. AM Real

      I wish Otis acted like he did when he was first introduced

    42. your father

      He looks like otis from the walking dead

    43. jeric De Vera

      The good thing about 24/7 championship is it made funny backstage segments again. But still it's a parody of the Hardcore title.

    44. Andrei Robu

      Otis: *YYEE HE-HEE*

    45. ZENTORO HD

      Weird i no but picture ortis, truth and drake maverick as a team personally i think that could hilarious

    46. Reggaefusionlives

      The irony of it is Otis was actually asking him good questions lol

    47. Wallayebilaye


    48. Justin Santiago

      Does that board say.......DIO!?!?

    49. Desert Loner

      We want more otis we want more otis

    50. Vidya Devi

      When nxt superstars come to wwe First appearance : omg! Wwe will make em top stars.they will main event shows and all! After that: huh? They still work in the wwe? I didn't knew that

    51. Kiran Riar

      It’s entertaining

    52. ArtyZiFF

      I hop this title stays giving us good content. Vince usually hatches a new idea then sweeps it under the rug after a few weeks

    53. Libe Jenkins

      Super brawl sssaturdaaaay?!?! 0:29

    54. One and Only

      You know what's funny. All these plans and none of them won...

    55. by kyuby

      It is the best plan!

    56. Steven Martinez

      Did anybody else notice the two D&D's? D&D as Game of Thrones D&D??

    57. Odysseus

      I hope this title is temporary. It looks entertaining now but it will get boring after some time. That's just my opinion though.

    58. Blazing Night Stars

      I wish if 24/7 concept be remodified And specially change the name Damn 24/7 attention is paid as if it's the best title to watch WWE for?

    59. Saibal Republic

      Wtf are you serious ? This is damn hilarious I just love Otis.

    60. Alexis Willow59

      So, Heavy Machinery vs Bryan/Rowan are cancelled??

    61. louisity

      Otis is supah cute!

    62. Unique_007

      24/7 title is paid more attention then rest titles. Do u mean it's better than WWE and Universal title? R u making joke of rest Champions who hold title 24/7


      This is sooo amazing... You grab him i get the title and you put it on me😂😂

    64. ScoppyClassic

      WWE should create a 3-man triple tag team championship. Dudley boyz with Spike Dudley can become the first title winner and feud with the New Day, the Undisputed Era, and Wyatt Family.

    65. MegaGamez52

      Otis: does he have bags. Lmao

    66. Judy Chen

      You didn’t realize that any one of you could get the title

    67. Oscar Ramos

      alright big guy otis find r truth 24/7 championship you ready go finding now

    68. TheLOTTJ

      Dammit Otis!

    69. Raju Gollavilli

      Super intersting title

    70. ShadeofMagenta

      Glad to see both members of heavy machinery got their names cut to just one

    71. Knowledge Thirst

      The only thing that sucks is the belt design the concept and the opportunities for lower superstars is great....

    72. SnakeEyes25

      Imagine if Vince McMahon becomes the WWE 24/7 Champion

      1. Jonathan 6 X

        SnakeEyes25 anyone can become a champion my dog my toilet even the tree in my backyard can too.

    73. dylan zwering

      Otis is reminding me of jack black

    74. Kytron

      If the design was good I wouldn’t mind it at all

    75. The Rattelsnake

      I miss the trash cans

    76. Bergr B


    77. Pret Vodlen

      WWE made a very impressive idea with 24/7 title rush. It began to remind about good times in Attitude Era, where these types of segments/matches look extremely interesting and a little bit funny)) Also low-card superstars start to using their talent there by many ways. Pretty cool.

    78. tigerbiterhater

      This 24/7 belt is gold


      i like the concept of 24/7 title the only problem is the DESIGN!!!!

    80. Gabriel Dourado

      0:30 must to be on Botchamania intro.

    81. CamTheDestroyer

      It would have been funny if Truth was seen walking in the background

    82. CamTheDestroyer

      Otis would be a good 24/7 champion

    83. DEV STUDIOS#

      Roman Is Here BELIEVE THAT

    84. Pain Ville gaming

      I want austin win it at mania 36 from hogan and rock screw them both


      Teams are going to break because of this title so get ready guys

    86. Joseph Cruickshank


    87. Pain Ville gaming

      I Imagine who ever is the champion in a month would lose the title To foley


      R truth is in so much danger. Everybody wants that hardcore championship

    89. Adil Raza

      World greatest meme championship on its way fckyeah👿

    90. pedrotorreslp 999

      I thought this wasn't going to get my attention, but I have to say: well Vince, you did it, you got my attention. YOU'RE A GENIOUS. :v

    91. DarK GalaxyT1

      wwe: were doing what u want us: heavy machinery sd tag team champions wwe: what they go for 24/7 title

    92. Qassim Altalbey Altalbey

      That my number for any one want learn Arabic language ☺️❤️ +96407708504840

    93. Kingsley Rams

      This dumbest thing on earth on today

    94. Tha Dude


    95. Jonnathan Hames

      me too

    96. Jonnathan Hames

      hopefully Epico and Primo show up tonight on SmackDown Live

    97. GAME BRO

      24/7 lol titel 😂

    98. Jonnathan Hames

      Best WWE championship rules ever in WWE

    99. Kakashi Sharingan Hokage

      R Truth is a target now lol