Our server room ACTUALLY Caught Fire Explained

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    It's FINALLY time to get our new UPS up and running!! Let's explore what we learned from our first experience...
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    1. Ben Carrington

      We no longer trust Eaton after a smaller 1U unit caught fire :(

    2. NitrousX Productions

      I have just purchased a UPS from Cyberpower a 1500VA UPS. It's a consumer version should we get these serviced still?

    3. ToeCutter73

      huh.. the beard makes you look less canadian... pretty good

    4. MacBook Pro

      Damn. That April fools joke really paid off

    5. NorfolknGood

      That's why you RTFM. If it's listed in the installers instructions & wasn't followed then it's on you if it's not then it's on them. Seriously tho how can you buy kit this professional & not read the manual? I assume it comes with one I'd be amazed if not.

    6. ThatPersonYouKnow

      As im going thru HVAC school currently that would be a nice video to see from you

      1. bouytt guyt

        Why do Linus Tech Tips Have a server room, i really don't understand!!!

    7. MISC BITS

      THIS is why you don't put the UPS in the same room as _anything_ else.

      1. bouytt guyt

        Impact flex adapters are awesome, also really common in the automotive world.

    8. Plus Play

      That was not a 2/4 more of a 4/4

    9. Ethan

      Brian's getting paid, right..?

    10. tactileslut

      These straps, available from U-Haul and Home Depot, make heavy blocky things much easier on the back. www.uhaul.com/MovingSupplies/Moving-Lifting-Tools/Forearm-Forklift-Moving-Straps/?id=2744

    11. Vinicius Guedes

      hahahaha first time here what a great dude you seem, man! Cheers and What a server!

    12. Klaas J

      I only buy at ruggable if i get 10% off, 15 is too much for me.

    13. Eric Wood

      The Adventures Of Linus The Labourer!

    14. Carl Chandler

      "Short explanation" Good one Linus, you made a funny!

    15. Vendicar Kahn

      Caught fire? Again?

    16. idn

      Kind of ridiculous that in the year 2020, you need to have a UPS serviced every 6 months . But, yeah, its 2020 so....

    17. IraQNid

      Is this a post Linus screws up review of a "bad design" by Eaton?

    18. mjktrash

      @8:55 ROFLMAO

    19. WaifuMe

      Brian looks like that yandere Dev guy from the front.

      1. bouytt guyt

        maybe how to get free energy from the bird resting ropes hanging from the wood poles in the street.

    20. Chris Thomas

      Just wondering, why does this channel need such a MASSIVE server setup?

      1. bouytt guyt

        be related to the source of foot sweat" As a practical joke, it was epic, but its getting old. It not fun anymore. Stop feeding the trolls is about more than the food and does not m

    21. 123SAMMAY321

      is youtube all these people do? just wondering because why do they need so many people

    22. Kuro_Okami

      Impact flex adapters are awesome, also really common in the automotive world.

    23. David Mc Cormick Mateus

      Why do Linus Tech Tips Have a server room, i really don't understand!!!

    24. ZG Media

      gues you dont need the front secuity door anymore since you have a easy way to get in the room lol

    25. Ryan Shipman

      "I need a 2x4" Grabs 4x4

    26. Logan Gibbons


    27. John Aldridge

      That looks more like a 4x4.

    28. Jakub Pierzchała

      And i thought it was just an advertisemrnt..... Ì cried when i saw how many displays it had..

    29. fellpower

      This is a bad and stupid design. So EATON have to replace it fully. It is, as it is. Not your failure....

    30. Vindetus

      pause at 10:49 never have i ever seen someones chin line up perfectly like that lmfao

    31. sonachtek

      Why the hell is the server room in a cave?

    32. PassiveDissimulation

      2:38 he went from dropping things to just throwing it down really quick.

    33. A'Murica

      Looks like the damn rioters hit Lunus too.

    34. Centurion Wizofid

      Every couple of years, we had the techs into thermal scan all of the breakers, Elec panels, sub-station. We saved ourself from a fire - within 6 months. This is how sketchy it was for us.

    35. PerryPing

      Wait what is server room?

    36. Forman313

      Where is the video of the fun stuff? I was expecting a huge UPS with lots of Li-Ion batteries doing their 4th of July bit. Also, and this is not a joking matter; Using a certified electrician to fix your computers sets a horrible example. If everyone just called a professional instead of trying to fix the problem them selves, natural selection goes out the window. No more evolution. Electrons acting upon each other is natures way of kil.. erm.. preventing that certain genes reach the biological state where bad eye sight or too much alcohol results in fusion. The kind of fusion that starts with haploid cells and through mitosis ends up creating more "problems" rather than fixing them. We have enough "Im cold, we need global warming" , "If the earth wasnt flat, I would know it" ... If we keep undermining the natural selection, its likely that human extinction is a result of a new world war. One thats about wether or not WWE is real, lizards are ruling the earth or maybe it´ll be the metric system united vs. "an unnamed unit of measure that may or may not be related to the source of foot sweat" As a practical joke, it was epic, but its getting old. It not fun anymore. Stop feeding the trolls is about more than the food and does not mean actual trolls. Unlike lizard overlords who wants to date Iva...erm their offspring, trolls does not exist. But I digress .. when are you showing us how everyone can fix a PSU? Or maybe how to get free energy from the bird resting ropes hanging from the wood poles in the street.

    37. DaBosst Limited


    38. Simon P

      Linus with a beard. Okay he actually looks good with it.

    39. jzero4813

      4:59 - "All the electrician has to do is enter the cable and tie it in. Anything else is generally pre-done." - *NO! No, no, no, no, no, no NO!* Wrong. Error. Stupid! This isn't consumer equipment. The rules are very different. Seriously. This is the kind of bullshit thinking that got you into this situation in the first place. Read the installation manual for this unit. There are pages and pages and pages of details in there that your sleepwalker electrician just completely ignored. Eaton is 100% correct - this is user error.

    40. kuku bird


    41. Naito reeves [Gacha life]

      You know what else can burn down unexpectedly? Msi Afterburner is a handy overclocking utility for the low low price of FREE

    42. soiung toiue

      Me: switches to 1080p My internet: no you ain’t

    43. Abandoned Maine

      What do you use your server for?

    44. Kurnma377

      First the loss of all data then a fire?

      1. soiung toiue

        Linux 2017: The server is NOT FLAMMABLE! Karma???

    45. Senjai138

      Why do you need a UPS like this in the first place?

    46. seeni gzty

      "Only an hour" My UPS only lasts an hour without a load.

      1. nurgster2000

        To be fair, the use case for a UPS is for short power outages (of a few minutes) to give you time to cleanly shut down your servers. If you need to keep running during an outage, you need a proper generator instead.

    47. J Shepin

      I wonder what ltt's power bill looks like

    48. keeday

      Socks and sandals :o

    49. freezEware

      nice retirement beard, Linus. When he quits next year we can actually imagine he got old with us, just, aged quite a bit faster than rest of the population

    50. Jonathan Harris

      man you cheese me off with how much stuff you get to play with - seriously !!!!!!!!

    51. Jonathan Harris

      Now you know why big companies put server kits within AIR CONTROLLED and FIRE PROOF and EARTHQUAKE proof buildings. Maybe you should have a secure off site fire storage system ?

    52. Double Check It

      The electrician is always supposed to disassemble everything and make sure the factory secured all the connections... Duh.

    53. Wilbert Birdner

      Thanks for reminding me why I unsubscribed from this channel 3 years ago.

    54. Wilbert Birdner

      Company that claims to be an authority on IT equipment has a big ass warehouse and can't manage to allocate a sufficient amount of space for a "server room".

    55. Code Wolf

      Brian is so hot

    56. Abhishek Singh

      What does he need a server room for?

    57. Creationeer Gaming

      Urgh I remember my supplier messed up my UPS order. I wanted 1 unit for 6 batteries...nope, they sent 4 units for 6 batteries each. Each battery weighed about 18KG and to top it off, the delivery driver was like "I'm not moving it in to your building because the elevator won't handle it all, you need to move it yourself" so it was left on a sidewalk in a major city and my team had to manually take it all apart and drag it in off the pallets (driver had a pallet truck to make it easy for him, what an asshole). Thankfully we got the order sorted and didn't get charged for their screw up.

    58. Zee-Shaan Cassim

      Can you do a test to see which of your severs are fire proof😀

    59. HulkinBrent

      Do u run a dehumidifier/ac unit in ur server room to keep it under temp as well keeps those batteries cooler as well as server

    60. 齋藤謙介

      Linux 2017: The server is NOT FLAMMABLE! Karma???

    61. Peter Haan

      I'm thinking the air in the UPS closet needs to be exchanged also. Wonder what the Eaton tech had to say about the installation? I would also bet that somewhere in the installation instruction there is a note about tightening down those nuts with maybe even a torque spec.

    62. Thomas S

      T$at is not a server room. It is a half baked ticking time bomb. You are lucky there was no loss of life.

    63. A Dead Giraffe

      if Brian is a Electrician he has to be drinking a beer at all times all Electrician are alcoholics that's a fact

    64. TheEnchilada Kid

      As tech smarts as you are you are not very smart with the shifting and the open toe shoes

    65. DJ Ro-Dog

      Why did the Brian the electrician song make him sound like Micheal Scott

    66. Anddddayyyy

      Imagine how much time and money would have been saved if you used AWS

    67. Cowterminator

      in my experience bus bars with wires coming out short because the nuts not completely tightened so arcing occurs. , could be as simple as loose hardware

    68. Totally Not Anon

      Linus Tech Tips Anime.

    69. Chris Fowler

      Linus's grand unveiling of the new UPS at 6:00 and all I saw was his sandals!!!

    70. Kryptic

      Month later, still agree with bearded Linus. Keep it!