Our Unbelievable Night at Haunted Langham Hotel

Sam and Colby

Sam and Colby

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    Sam and Colby explore the United Kingdom's most haunted hotel and stay overnight in London's scariest room... we interview paranormal experts about the Langham hotel.
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    1. Sam and Colby

      Hope you enjoy the new series! Turn on notifications, next episode is Tuesday 1:14pm PST Be sure to download our XPLR app here: apps.apple.com/us/app/xplr/id1474820819 and grab some new merch:)

      1. Tracy Brown

        Hi I'm in background and I didn't notice yours I was saying to my cousin that's colbey omg xxx

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      3. Syonder Wildflower

        BBC is U.K News

      4. Luna Morales Cortes

        Dude I’m a fan can you guys go to a happy place no more bad (not being rude just wanna see you in a happy place)

    2. Łønëły Wøłf

      I love this I am from France and My name is London. People think it’s London England! Nope! It’s London France! That’s what I was named after. 😁❤️ like if u are laughing.

    3. Madison Hoop

      When a spirit behaves as if its on a loop that means that it is a death echo. A death echo is when a spirit repeats either its death or what they were doing before they died over and over again.

    4. jessica laughlin

      We gotta be frefreshanal -sam

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      3.19 turnt jake is awesome..... 3.23 can't tell me it doesnt look like drag queen colby....

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      11:16 well damn!🤯🤯😍😍 Rosie is a fucking cougar! Ooohhhwweee💯🎯🖕🏼💙😜

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      The first like 4 minutes are so chaotic and all i can think of "we out here. DRINKING TEA BRUVA LIKE THE ENGLISH MAN,

    8. Madeline Kuske

      Just Jake with that polar bear smiling.

    9. Demi Grayson

      My school has portals and dimetions

    10. Jade Rodriguez

      is anyone else worried that the woman didn’t answer sam’s question is she felt anything when they met them?💀

    11. -victoria -

      at 4:35 it bothers me so much how close the cars are parked to each other

    12. Steve Greenwood

      I live in England 😥😥😥😥

    13. Dreaming of Music

      I-I don't wanna live here anymore XD Nah I think the paranormal is cool

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      Make another vid

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      We are back

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      Play sandman

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      If you guys need help with feelings and sencing spirits And energy I could help with that and identifying it

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      9:33 bīG BrôWñ CüÑt

    20. Yaditastic Vlogs


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      Okay, so nobody is going to talk about how they did the beginning of the video in Kian, Jc, Bobby and Corey's front yard? lol

    22. Sophie Mailer

      I have to walk past there to go to school

    23. Jill Rintoul

      I didn't know that And I live in England

    24. Lynford Lopez

      Them:3 a.m. is the devils hour Me watching a sam and colby video of the most haunted hotel at 3 a.m.:uh huh.....


      14:32 you can still hear the taps on because ghost can get in your mind they can also make you see thing like your dolls move or a shadow they can also possess the tap and make it turn on like that Edit: Is it bad if I can see ghost? Because with me i always have a poltergeist that stays in my house never leaves at all touches me all the time especially at night. It’s because in 7290 there was a tribe of aboriginals and the chief hated daughter so he smacked her to death with a rock the brother was not happy so the chief decided to hang him but in the end he was killed by other tribe members that’s how I know he is the poltergeist.

    26. Devil in Disguise

      When they said that 333 was the most haunted room all of a sudden it got superrrr windy out side and my house started howling bc of the wind oof

    27. Tyler James Martin

      Damn I look like Sam

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      I can see ghost ,and they can talk to me

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      I live in England

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      You should have brought Mike because he's always wanted to go to the UK

    31. A&E Entertainment

      Your my favorite DE-newsr!

    32. A&E Entertainment

      I'm a big fan! I subb for you Sam and colby! I love you!and your friends and video's pls tell me about your time!

    33. Alexa De santiago


    34. Little Unicorn C

      I live in the UK and you guys are driving on the right side of the road your pros

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      I deff liked that British Check-In guy👀 He also reminds me of a skinnier version of Liam Hemsworth

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      oml, its been sucha long time since i watched you guys' videos and im so glad I did! I'm doing a catch up since I haven't been up to date and have the next few days of school because of my ankle. I can't wait to see what you guys are up to!

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      I feel like the gulf specially Oman is haunted and ghosts are real I don’t know how some people don’t know that for sure get ????!!!! 😅

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      Hey Sam and Colby, I swear I felt a sharp pain on my left side of my head and I don’t tell anyone, I’m scared and I love ur vids🖤🖤🖤🖤😬

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      Do a video at the world most hunted hotel and try to spend the night.

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      No one : Not a single soul: Not even Corey: The comments: No one : not a single soul: Not even Satan:

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      when you were in the interview i heard water running

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      21:59 *Quite possibly my favorite Corey quote now lmao*

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      Right after you guys were talking about the shadow man my nose started bleeding and i haven’t gotten a random nose bleed in years.

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