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    Make sure to Subscribe! bit.ly/2XAGKix This is vid 9 of 13 from our trip!
    TFIL gets word that there is an abandoned trampoline park in the middle of the desert & given a tip as to how to get in...
    This is video NINE of THIRTEEN from our TFIL Utah trip with Elton Castee, Andrea Russett, Corey Scherer, Sam Golbach & Colby Brock. We have some CRAZY videos in store so make sure to subscribe!
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    1. TFIL

      thanks for watching! Make sure to Subscribe! bit.ly/2XAGKix This is vid 9 of 13 from our trip! 100,000 LIKES = NEW OVERNIGHT CHALLENGE! Comment where you want us to stay next!


        i loved this overnight video it made me laugh so hard thank you for making my day love you uncle elton

      2. XxZaimahxX

        so close

      3. sara unicorn

        Over night in a movie theater?

      4. Jaden Bond

        @Joseph Bisesi bjbffcfdffcdr

      5. Sirius Raycraft

        TFIL you guys should just buy some orange safety vests no one will think anything of it

    2. Eric Villeneuve

      lol i just want to play runescape

    3. Jazmin Ruiz

      nobody : not a single soul : me in my room at 12:37 pm laughing at this video and my mom walking in wondering wtf im doing.

    4. Invader Luzary

      This video fucking kills me dude XD

    5. Kyle Miller

      You guys should try staying overnight in a museum 👏

    6. Savanah B

      who else laughed so hard!!! XD XD

    7. Lil'wolf pup 16

      24:44 look at corey in the background XD

    8. Tiffany Mone

      I didn’t see this when it came out but I’m literally crying rn😭😭 this video is honestly so funny 27:29 HOWD HE FUCKING THROW IT AT HIMSELF😭😭😭 IM CACKLING

    9. The last best place

      Elton's camera sounds like a frog

    10. Victoria Lykins

      My house

    11. leland McRae


    12. Th0t Patr0l

      28:35 there’s a guy upstairs walking by if you look closely..

    13. Olivia Lefevre

      Corey in the wheelchair 🤣🤣🤣

    14. Brennen Lomski


    15. FunnyDizzysnowflake

      25:31 Why is nobody talking about Colby at this part? It’s amazing! (Everything with Colby is amazing but this is extra amazing)

    16. Bailee Laurin

      do overnight in a abandoned factory (any kind) :)

    17. Mairim Chirino

      Hi Elton uhm I just wanted to say that u are awesome and I love your vids u and the others make me laugh so hard that I shit my pants and I'm 12 so uhm whyndid I right that idk but remember that dont care what anybody says so bye have a good time and I will like the vids 🥰☺

    18. smartcokkiewolf lama

      Stay at. An abound place like c.f. pizza

    19. sheldona inc

      try saying colby and corey 5 times faster

    20. Some one xd

      There was probably black mold in there I would suggest checking and making sure there’s no black mold because I don’t want you guys to get hurt or in the hospital{again} 🤗

    21. Boshra Ahmed

      andrea: “this is a horror movie.” also andrea: **starts laughing** whaaaat

    22. D 1

      You guys should Stay in a McDonald’s overnight

    23. Lacee Lode

      I'm pretty sure this video is the reason I say, "what a shot" all the time

    24. Suicidal Furry

      Sam! I have that exact same shirt!

    25. Hamish Parsons

      19:50 putting my friend in a wheel chair not click bait

    26. Planet Gazer

      imagine there's a cop watching this video and the cop they hear them say "break in"

    27. inthewind36

      at 17:29 someone was standing right infront of the camra

    28. inthewind36

      at 14:48 someone walks by the table be hind you guys

    29. Josslyn Lee Lippens

      “I’m not scared I’m just... scared”. -Corey Sheerer

    30. LonelyDance 5146

      Sam:what just fell on my face Corey:my balls

    31. Kid Winchester554

      Me:*after I drink a lot of Coffee 25:31

    32. alina Celeste

      My house

    33. Jaime Torres

      I triple dog dare you say all the night in the Paris catacombs.

    34. Nova Olympian

      27:24 to 27:31 was the funniest part to me. Even though all of the video was funny!

    35. Ramarrion Davis

      U guys should send the night at a park

    36. Megan Abrams

      come to carroll couty and stay over night at walmart

    37. MailysGallery

      Someone is watching you

    38. Dimond Buddies

      In a fans house (:

    39. Emo Bubble

      3:07 who the fuck said "probably my balls"

    40. Lauren Lauren’s daily vlogs

      Andrea: i never knew you were such a baby Corey. Elton: Corey? Sam: Corey? Andrea: they have2 inch similar names Elton: it’s colby and Corey Andrea: yea but-- Elton: ok OndRea

    41. Little Fatty

      Last to leave Abandoned toliet plzz

    42. Ariel Burnett

      This looks like the same trampoline park you snuck into before 😂

    43. connor Mann

      17:57 it looks like someone died on that wall lol

    44. Abigail Beck

      Hey TFIL

    45. OfficerPaulWalk

      Please stay overnight at abandoned WildWater Kingdom in Aurora, Ohio

    46. Israel Cervantes


    47. emo pup

      2:20 killed me just look at Sam's face XD

    48. Killerdragon Doyle

      I mean.. it's technically not clickbait

    49. Davin Lyons

      vine for LIFE

    50. Anna Pavan

      you guys and girl are insane

    51. LoL_ItSjAdAn

      Stay the night at my house my dudes🤪🤪🤪like not even kidding tho...you guys are amazing🥰🥰🥰please read this comment

    52. Amanda Spadaccino

      21:22 he call a dunk but he throws it at the wall

    53. Everly Brooke

      No is watching in 2020?

    54. Ihatemyselfmorethenyouhateme Heh

      This video is hilarious but why is noone talking about the 1 SECOND away from an exactly 30 minute video

    55. Colby_Koala_Colbear416

      2:42 aww so kute how they helped Andrea

    56. Yaya Martinez

      0:24 I slowed down the play back speed and I saw colbys butty crack

    57. shockwavve388 9

      There is a guy upstairs walking by at 28:35 lmao

    58. Maddie Hubley

      During this video I had started crying I was laughing so hard 🤣

    59. Chris Drake

      You should go back down there again and do a Nerf war.

    60. Wolfylover Leyla

      I have a hoodie that had the same thing on it as Sams shirt

    61. Robbie Armstrong

      Imagine a wheelchair just goes down the hall

      1. Robbie Armstrong

        Edit please like

    62. silvia avilez

      oh my

    63. Amy Vines

      I got some water between my legs

    64. Dustin Barwick

      colby: sees dead rat* sam: F%$# colby: laughs like a dying cat* corey: wai- jumps in foam pit gets bit* DA F^%$ IS THAT?!* me:lolololololol

    65. Addyson Palmer

      u guys make me so happy y'all dont wanna make me kill my self

    66. Ruby Grace

      I mean well I’m not trying to be rude but seriously how many is there of y’all 4 5 I mean seriously if there was somebody there I’m pretty sure y’all can fight them off I mean it only sounds like there’s one person there so this is not a hate comment but #Pussy

      1. Eva Gilliland

        Ruby Grace yeah but why would they fight someone who did nothing to them? Or if it's police or security, fighting them would just bring more punishment.

    67. Leopard Dragon

      how is youtube ok with breaking into places

    68. Crazy Dog

      I was laughing through the video, but the end killed me 🤣🤣🤣

    69. Channel Settings

      They have all been caught except the girl