Pakistan International Airlines #8303 Runway Evidence- Update #3 24 May 2020



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    New video shows evidence of engines hitting the runway with the gear UP.
    The Aviation Herald:
    A320 Landing Gear Systems Review:
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    1. Agent S

      Isn’t the glide scope supposed to help guide you down to the runway? Also I had heard that for some reason the pilots lowered and then raised the landing gear about 5 miles out from the runway.

    2. Mike Roberts

      Juan I haven't heard from you on your PSA test ? Are you good , bad or don't know yet......

      1. blancolirio


    3. Lonely Guy

      Very informative. More clarity on landing gear functionality. Thank you 👍

    4. Pat Farra

      If this is indeed the cause it’s beyond tragic. Another reason I’ll never fly on a non USA carrier

    5. Ronilo Villanueva

      just now on CNN 30% of Pakistani pilot had fake license according to Pakistan Aviation Authority

    6. Sohail Nomani

      Preliminary report have come in National Assembly of Pakistan by Minister Of Aviation Division . What are yours latest views

    7. eastonhfc

      Fast descent into a belly landing. I'm dumbfounded.

    8. Chris Eaton

      Pilot probably took his seatbelt off and thought that’s what the chime was for.

    9. Zeeshan Akhtar

      Sad to see total crashes and how many people lost their lives 😓😓👇👇

    10. Hernan Posnansky

      Juan Reading the landing gear schematic, the safety valve will open in flight when either one of the two IAS signals are below 260 kt and the landing gear lever is down. Once both conditions ( gear lever is down and only one of the two IAS is required to be below 260 kt ) the opening of the safety valve will be trigered and maintained open by the feedback circuit on the OR gate where the other input is the gear down lever. That means in this case where both IAS where above 260 kt valve opening operation is inhibited, but will be trigered when just one ADR reads below 260 kt and the gear lever is down. Recycling of the gear lever is not required. The third input ( main gear on ground) is a safety feature on touch down and other ground operations were you cannot rely on the IAS sensors to give the proper input to maintain the safety valve open. Note that moving the gear lever will not affect the safety valve, once the gear is down. Lack of hydraulic pressure may still require gravity gear lowering after the two ground impacts. Your thourognes in researching and presenting just the relevant technical data is absolutely remarkable!

    11. endwood

      You couldn't dream this stuff up if ya tried!

    12. Ivan Olsen

      surly someone can invent a plane catcher for the end of a runway

    13. Ivan Olsen

      not good in anyone's book ..... just completely tragic

    14. Amer Hamid

      Yes good discussion.crew including piolet commit some serious blunders that lead to crash.

    15. Richard Bradley

      Blanco thank you all your great vids, I have a question maybe you can answer please, why were they so high in the first place for them to need to lose height so quickly? Just another mistake?

    16. Michel Hugonnot

      You need an explanation ? Ramadan. Never travel to muslim countries during ramadan

    17. Voices From The Melting Pot

      The pilot was high, pun unintended...

    18. Andrew Primiano

      DE-news is running out of things to demonetize. Must just be a cost cutting thing now that it just has no reasoning attached to their actions whatsoever.

    19. George Fritze


    20. George Fritze


    21. Preetha Jasmine

      Any job that puts the lives of others at risk - omg I can never be in such a position - like pilots and drivers....

    22. Kushàl Sarthi

      Ye road hoga bhai

    23. mark ashish

      For more easy analysis check out Gaurav taneja ( flying beast ) he also made video on this topic with much information in easy language ..

    24. Bibek Mohanty

      How is it possible that they dont have a CCTV camera at that big airport to capture the runway for landing and take offs.

    25. Ryan Dsouza

      He pronounces Pakistan differently at 0:56, first was American and second was Urdu.

    26. Jerry Foreman

      Obviously they were going more than 260 fpm.

    27. Rodney

      I haven't seen logic gates since high school

    28. David Crandall

      So why was the pilot so stupid that he did not slow down?

    29. Kiran Kumari


    30. Iman A

      I believe the audio clip released by the government was dramatically edited to make it look like it was pilot error. The released audio shows several red flag moments that do not add up in the sequence it was released. I believe the aircraft was experiencing technical difficulties throughout the flight and engine loss happened before the first landing. Hence explaining a dramatic landing by rearranging the conversation of the pilot indicating engine loss and the airport asking if they will attempt a belly landing. It is quite obvious parts of the conversation have been deleted including the response of the pilot, and a clear explanation of why they would attempt to land without the gear down and the gear alarm ringing. Unfortunately after a failed belly landing attempt, they tried again by lifting off. Also, The pilot saying they are comfortable to approach is an indication something was up prior to the first landing, otherwise who talks about comfort on such a routine flight? “Trying to maintain” indicates they were attempting to stabilize the plane for a while...not something you say in over a few seconds as was indicated in the audio clip...and the calm nature of the pilot, mixed with sighs, mixed with calm again...indicates the conversation was pieced together from fragments of a much longer interaction with the control tower. I say this, because this was a very short routine flight performed by experienced pilots. And I was surprised an audio clip was released within a day implying pilot error. PIA has a horrible safety record, and I feel they were trying to put blame the pilots, avoiding speculation of possible plane malfunction. May the truth be told, ameen.

    31. elvis solo

      This can't be the entire recording as we do not hear about the tower saying that the plane is too high. Can we hear the whole conversation. Is this the actual conversation or a reenactment?

    32. elvis solo

      finally some information. why no details elsewhere. How did you get this information? the pilot did not sound in any distress,strange. It seems like the pilot did not realize that the landing gear did not deploy in the first approach.

    33. Niraj Rupani

      I am from INDIA. This is very Tragic Tragedy. May God give Happiness and Peace to ALL Souls & also My deepest Condolences to ALL The bereaved Families. May God give them Strength , Hope and Mercy in their unspeakable & unforgettable grief. Further, Dear Sir, You have VERY NICELY explained about friction of Air Craft Engines with Runway & ALL.... Thank You.

    34. Farai Solomon

      Incompetent and foolishly confident pilots taking away the lives of innocent people

    35. Jy Jym

      It wasnt an accident . It was an act of inept stupidity.

    36. Deepak Yadav

      I guess pilot in the begging forgot to open landing gear, then he tried for 2nd landing nd did not declaired emergncy

    37. i love baking


    38. Zane Cosgrove

      What evidence is there to suggest the landing gears were up and engines scraped the runway.... those marks on the runway appear like any runway and I've seen many. They don't look like damage from engines that's for sure

    39. Vic Multani

      Did the PILOT have his nose mask on regarding COVID---. If so then he might have a loss of OXYGEN as well if the mask was thick. It happened to me about a month ago---I was doing a job with a thick NOSE mask on---a job I have done for over 20 years---and this time I missed a lots of 'critical stuff'---I then realized that for the last few days prior to that I had been missing things that were routine---and while talking to my wife she mentioned---" be careful---you maybe oxygen starved "---.

    40. Madhusudan 7

      Poor Pakistan can't afford an camera in airport

    41. Waqar Khan

      seems to be an inside job! more to come out of soon. We need to know what were the pilot thinking? he seem like it had it all planned out?

    42. ESClad

      Apparently, the landing gear didn't deploy on approach but they attempted to land anyway! Never even hinted to air traffic controller of any problem or emergency. Not even a 'Pan Pan Pan', never mind 'Mayday!'. Once those engines touched the runway, the damage to them was inevitable. The pilots sealed the fate of the aircraft once they called a "go-around" and went airborne again. Very sad for all concerned.

    43. A Dragon

      Pilot : Let's put the gear down *gear doesn't go down Pilot: Nevermind, let's not think about this and try something else.

    44. A Dragon

      "That's the thing with common sense. It's not that common at all." - Winston Churchill

    45. njbhcolio

      I was thinking if the pilot would have landed in sea passengers would hv been saved???

    46. Saqib Sanki

      Kindly give me a heart from pakistan🇵🇰💓🇱🇷

    47. India SURVIVING

      Pre-planed crash...

    48. Shashidhar g

      When they don't have money for maintenance then this happens

    49. Patrick Lamshear

      It is about time that You Tube clamped down on these so called experts making money on other people's bereavement.

    50. atlanticl about a crew with some SERIOUS mental issues! Going so fast in descent that the ADR units will not allow the landing gears to open!

    51. Martin Weaver

      Excellent analysis of a terrible tragedy. Thank you.

    52. R rga

      What is reality , can anybody tell in nutshell ?

    53. Rohit Das

      A good example of a professional belly landing was of an LOT 767(?) ...I think... landing at Warsaw with LG retracted. But they appeared to have been well prepared and the outcome of their manoeuvre was successful. Pity the PIA flight crew attempted a belly landing without informing the control tower and appeared not to have mentally prepared themselves by reviewing their company emergency procedures. Also should not a visual look out be kept from the control tower for any visual abnormalities to a landing aircraft , at least by day?

    54. JAY

      See this is the basic difference between INDIANS AND Pakistanis......pakistan is celebrating the invasion of china in India and we are feeling sad for all the people who were killed....that's humanity.....R.I.P

    55. phillip mulligan

      Not what I text

    56. phillip mulligan

      PIA -Pleaseease inform Allah

    57. Sumbul Aslam

      There are aviation safety protocols in place for a reason. Pilots are supposed to be well rested 8-10 hours of sleep prior to flight. Also they are to conduct unbiased psych exams by a third party and complete a flight proficiency check, either in an actual aircraft, or in a simulator, every 6 to 12 months as a requirement for active pilot license. It is to my understanding that you put the landing gear down at an altitude of 1000-2000 feet, about 2-3 minutes before touchdown. Not only the plane had a high speed, it was flying at high altitude of 3500-3000. You can hear the beeping of alarm in the unofficial recording released by CAA. Frequent flying and sleep deprivation may be a contributing factor in making a bad judgement call. SOPs were violated! Bottom line is that there is blood on PIA and CAA hands.

    58. Muhammad Hassam

      70 tonne heavy aircraft, with exceeded ILS approach including hight Vector speed .. hit the ground on its engines... and still didn't break the small part of runway concrete .. it's really amazed me .. guys those Mark's looks like a spillage or rubben burns... tell me how come it's possible that much huge force hit the runway surface and still didnt able to made concrete scratch even a single inch????

    59. SunnyMoonProductions

      4:09 "Here you can see..." Actually we can't see. We have no idea which lines you are referencing. Minor thing but frustrating anyway for what it's worth.

    60. Al Ameri

      1- The plane was higher level 3500feet before landing, why? ( maybe the pilot was sleeping). 2- there is no any complain by the pilot about gear not opening at 1st landing, that means he forgot. This is not to pinpointing someone but a common sense of this incident, I may be wrong.

    61. Khalid Rashid

      Sir, Thank you very much for your analysis and information.

    62. Jesse Cox

      Have anybody released the Approch and Tower control to "Check gear down. cleared to land command? Just curious>>>>

    63. Anas Noor

      Did the pilot believe that he will lower the speed and get the landing gears in place, while he replied Roger to the ATC? There's only one way you could answer this; and that is to check the aviation record of the previous flights by the same pilot. It's really hard to believe that two professional pilots forgot to engage the gear or both ignored the alarm. Once the ATC asks to return, the pilot insists that he is now comfortable. This is suggestive of some earlier communication between the two, or at least of some problem with the aircraft that had been communicated to the ATC, as the ATC only allowed after pilots insisted they can make it.

    64. Clement Tong - The Everyday Boy

      Maybe the pilot did not notice that the hear wasn't down until the aircraft actually touched down on the belly/engines?

    65. Wayne Leis

      Hello Juan. I am a patreon supporter. I get email notice of posts about the PIA 8303 that I can not access on youtube even after 2 days. Are they blocking you? The #3 on May 24th is the last one.

    66. Wayne Noftz

      Keep up the great work ,love your stuff , trying to find your comments of the rude atc. In

    67. raven montessori

      8303 strongs - a Sidonian name for Mount Herman

    68. M R

      only CVR & FDR can explain what happened in that cockpit .

    69. Robert Flink

      These Pakistani pilots were idiots where did they learn to fly

    70. Shayheda Butt

      Really Interesting horrific but this technical explanation makes sense