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    Nacho cheese exists in two states: the melted cheese state and the powdered cheese state*. When it comes to the powdered cheese state, all pale in comparison to Nacho Cheese Doritos, continually perfected by science and consistently beloved by the masses since 1972. Join pastry chef Claire Saffitz in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she attempts to take Nacho Cheese Doritos to the next level and make them gourmet!

    *The third state of nacho cheese, cheese sauce, is controversial in the nacho community and for our purposes we are disregarding it. For more reading, see the studies ‘Nachos in Nature’ (1983), ‘Dormant Doritos’ (1992), ‘The Quest for Queso’ (1999), ‘This Powdered Chip’ (2001) and ‘The Health Benefits of Nachos and the Search for Immortality’ (2007).

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    Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Doritos | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

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    1. uglie b

      i saw this video while i was eating doritos (nacho cheese)

    2. Waterlemon

      Can u make Gourmet McDonalds

    3. Yuyuka

      I feel like funyuns would be absolutely hell to recreate

    4. Evelyn Dill

      aaaaaa babe u know that in the factory theyre not gonna be patting the excess oil off the chips! oil/fat is a huge key in holding flavor and the reason dorito dust sticks to ur fingers!!! ur end product is too dry but i know u did ur best and im still proud

    5. Taide Daniela Peña Flores

      so for the dough to get thinner: you should put the peel's of green tomatos you can even go to the market and just grab the peels you don't need to get the tomato and also put anise in the water you have to get hot, let it boil, then remove and reserve and just use that water it really helps the dough to get thinner with out breaking

    6. Fireguy97

      Gaby is concerned about parsley in her teeth, and gets them checked, while on camera viewed by 104.4 thousand people in just three weeks.

    7. Eyden Storm

      Claire is the only reason I watch this channel tbh

    8. ConxcoreMN

      I had to go get a bowl of doritos after this..they are perfection

    9. Fallstar

      Gabby needs her own show.

    10. The Keto Chief

      you are such a pretty girl you should consider dying your hair to get out the grey.

    11. glowGLITCH

      Came back to see Chris frying donuts.

    12. Sillyshuz

      I think I watched this 100 times. 15:37

    13. daisy hayz

      gourmet butterfingers! It would be interesting to see how you make the inside pb filling.

    14. chris solheim

      Cut any corners haha

    15. ccl Wchtr

      gourmet kinder bueno!!!

    16. Sprite Bonn

      Don't use table salt use kosher salt that's an industry Secret.

    17. Sprite Bonn

      Do you need to use a more course corn tortilla mix. Have you ever noticed the difference between salsa dipping chips chips and corn tortillas. the chips are obviously more crunchy because the doe was more course the tortillas are made differently they were meant to hold together

    18. Gink Tingle

      for the chips: add like half a tsp of baking powder or like whip lard.

    19. Henk X

      I think if you use carbonated water in your dough, then bake them, then put salt on the chips, then fry them to fry the salt into the dough causing it to get really course. then after frying throw the rest of the seasoning over it and then put 'em in the oven. that'd be my guess :)

    20. Laura Fox

      3D Doritos were a thing, in the late 90s early 00’s! I miss those things. Great video!

    21. HolySpartan06 LoL

      Where the flamas at

    22. Trinka B

      @ 36:45... MASA PRODUCTION! Don't pat the chips dry. Let the powder soak in.

    23. Trinka B

      Want Doritos ... NOW! And I haven't bought Doritos in a long time. Maybe a Doritos Locos taco....

    24. SuperDooperKooper

      Nobody: Molly: I'M GIVING AWAY 43 DOLLARS!!!!!

    25. Ava 123

      gaby dancing in the back is the highlight of the video

    26. Tommyshelby

      Claire is basically the symbol of resilience.

    27. Umamah Wajid

      At 24:26 "what if I nailed it?" Me: (looks at the duration of the video) oh honey...

    28. SunnyCloud33

      i'd eat toasty doritos tbh

    29. Moinudeen Mohamed

      Who's back to see Chris and his doughnuts?

      1. MelodicWolf

        Moinudeen Mohamed is it here?

      2. Ana Rodriguez

        Im trying to find where there is a fire in the background... maybe it wasn’t this video. But it sounded so meaningful when he said they would burn

      3. Buzzing In Your Ears

        Moinudeen Mohamed time stamp?

      4. Darcy McSwain

        Moinudeen Mohamed lulll me

    30. Brandon Klopp

      20:23 I relate to this on a deeply personal level

    31. kourtlynsmith97

      Make Flamin hot cheetos, I'm dying to know how to make the seasoning

    32. Bryan Alexander

      Didn't realize that Doritos had MSG in them...that explains part of the deliciousness.

    33. Jacob Toweson

      13:00 left one. AMERICA

    34. Ben Enter

      cool ranch

    35. AmorMio42

      @22:58 My brain read “Pulverize PEEPERS into powder.”

    36. Shmaples

      But all three sides are clearly the same... right? So it's not an isosceles... Right?? Am I crazy? This is bugging me through the entire episode.

    37. Tahlia Valdez

      "👃" ⭕

    38. Gigi M

      Gabbi is a gem!!! :D

    39. FatLingon

      I would try to divide the spices in two batches. First part is the spices without natural sugers, which is mixed into the chip-dough. The second spice part (sugary spices) is coated after baking, alternative between deep fry and owen.

    40. aidan minervini

      omg did you guys hear? Claire was recently hospitalized because of back pain. Doctors say it’s from the weight of carrying this channel on her back! Pray she has a speedy recovery.

    41. Jeremy Snead

      Your cornflour need to be more course.

    42. Matthew Bailey

      At the 39:00 mark. They are so supportive it’s amazing.

    43. Brianna Diaz

      They should do gourmet pizza rolls or pizza pockets!

    44. Jonathan Chevinsky

      5 stages of grief: Denial Anger Bargaining Dehydrator Acceptance

      1. Tommyshelby


    45. Shan E

      Gabby dancing away in the background 😂❤️

    46. Vincent

      What does she say at 3:11 ? "I would get courage" ?

    47. ShadowVipers

      I don't care about the dough, I'll just take a no-name brand tortilla chips that I get Costco, and add the flavor powder to it.

    48. Joshua Jackson

      She has grey hair but who cares she’s beautiful

    49. India Blunt

      Why was this important to do...why was this worth wasting 4 days time and all that food? It’s funny how everyone there took that so seriously and it was really just a complete waste of time. And it was gross to see her keep playing in her hair in the kitchen/over food. So gross

    50. Lauren Blackley

      Sour patch kids

    51. Lauren Blackley

      Please make takis

    52. Lolo Rosales

      "Test 29 Please don't screw this one up" I felt that

    53. DecM 3


    54. Laura S.

      We don't have Cool Ranch in Europe, so that flavor is called "Cool American Flavor" here lol

    55. MrSvinepelz

      Reupload with better audio and quality D:

    56. MrJever180

      What, a product without palmoil 😮😮

    57. Lady Cat

      OKAY I NEED HELP HERE!!! So, I may or may not have just eaten like 2 servings of expired Doritos from February, 2018. I kind of feel nauseous and I don’t want to die sooooo, what do I do? Do I just take some medicine? Help. Please.

    58. Bekah truby

      Clair: this is going to be easy Video: 46 minutes long Me: oh I know this isn’t going to be easy at all

    59. Tuva Emilie

      gabby is so cute awh

    60. Karen Becerra

      How bout gourmet hot cheetos

    61. Derek Hartley

      Who asked for these to get longer!?

    62. sarahott

      27:48 GABY!!!!!!!!! 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

    63. mrjohnswim

      In the final recap she didn't say bake them. I think exhaustion had set in.

    64. wtfftw149

      Claire i just want to say. You is smart you is beautiful you is important

    65. Joise Avila

      I think it would be interesting to see Claire make a softdrink!

    66. mark sabourin

      excellent video, I spent the first 15 minutes shaking my head and wondering why Claire did not raise the oil temp. Also Bon Appetit should buy a T-Fal fryer, maybe $100 on amazon- much better consistency than stovetop frying and safer for home cooks.

    67. Kirstin Lankston

      Make heath bars!

    68. Spaghetti

      i love amiel he's always so quirky and cute and AHHH :(

    69. lolTaaa

      You did it! Yaaassssss!!!

    70. noura alfalasi

      You should do takis!

    71. Cynthia Valencia

      I don't even like doritos (unpopular opinion, I know lol) but this video makes me want to buy a [small] bag and taste the very descriptive words everyone used to describe these chips! Lol

    72. Noran sallam

      27:49 laughing really hard😂

    73. Amiel Williams

      watching this made me get up and get taco bell

      1. Amiel Williams

        also its scary that my name is amiel and i love taco bell and his name is amiel and he loves taco bell. also his go to is the crunchwrap and so is mine.

    74. Awesome Person


    75. If We Won

      You forgot to temper the chocolate

    76. Laurynn Lindley

      My absolute most favorite is salsa verde, soooo good!!!


      You should do air heads!

    78. Norea Holm

      I also smell the food before i eat it, i think it helps to figure out the flavor?

    79. MarshaEndeavor

      I love how scientific and dedicated they are to the process. Also you need a bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos to watch this video.

    80. meep

      Claire whines a lot about her job.

    81. Graciela Plaza

      when chris said "👃" I felt that

    82. Nightshade Kelly

      WOW I did not think the peppers would shrink that much lol

    83. Cory Minton


    84. Nightshade Kelly

      You should try making Coca-Cola next. Lol you mentioned it so its destiny XD

    85. Nightshade Kelly

      Did y'all get a new Mic or something? The volume doesn't sound right in this video compared to the others

    86. Magpie's Nest

      I like this lady....just saying

    87. Bailey Henderson

      You should just let Frito do their job Pepsi stock is impacted by populism not more than papa murphy's with 6 other popular company stocks we got bought out so the investors of Amazon and mirosoft and costco could get the best rise of price for the believers of the companies

    88. Turbanator

      A bottle to Appleton in the back. Chirs what you up to bud ;)

    89. Morgan!

      Can you make ringolos? I feel the flavour is very unique and would be hard to replicate (idk tho i aint no chef)

    90. Josh Carter

      Make strawberry frosted donut from Dunkin

    91. aki Yoshima

      I actually don't like doritos, I prefer original Lay's or Original Pringles

    92. Nuttygirl

      By far my favorite Claire video yet! You did a great job, Claire! Chris- I'm a super taster too... How can I make that work for me?

    93. Evan Berwick

      Have any of the editors ever looked at their scopes? Every one of these videos is overexposed at some point or another. This one get so bad that Claire's face loses detail at points. For the love of God please either fix it in post or tell your camera operators to crank the iris back a little.

    94. Caitlin Capacete


    95. Caitlin Capacete


    96. Jimena Garcia

      Achiote would have made them the right color and maybe better taste

    97. michelle andreah sanchez lechuga

      Clair can you make lucky charms pleaseeee

    98. letshavetuesdayeveryday

      The thing I've learned most from this video? In the US nacho cheese Doritos are in a red bag whereas in the UK the red bags are flaming hot and cheese is orange.

    99. AdaamKyle

      Are they ALL homosexuals there?

    100. Singing Diaries

      You're so talented Claire, I love your videos.