Picking up a brand new Taycan Turbo S! | Salomondrin



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    Happy Friday my G's!
    I finally got to see the boys and what could be my next car!!
    What are your guys thoughts on the Taycan?
    Thank you to Ivan and Porsche Santa Clarita!

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    1. G Sav

      The only man who can say "I would suck your dick" and it doesn't sound gay.

    2. aaronrobles98

      bro porch downey nice af

    3. fisher h

      Solamandrin couldn't help himself by taking the backdoor.

    4. David Drinkwine

      Old style channel was better. This new stuff sucks... go back a year or more that was better. I unsubscribed and took my subscription off the website. So bad

    5. ibrahim hadjiali


    6. Benny B.

      I work at a Exotic Automotive Styling shop and we've have some Tycan's coming in for Clear Bra and K-40 Radars and some of them have the craziest specs. I had a white turbo that was crazy and a silver turbo s that had the nicest interior.

    7. P. r.s

      "My neighbour is winning at life and I didn't even know"... Dude who lives in a very posh area. If somebody is YOUR neighbour...they are...

    8. Unnamed Brand

      Way back in the 2 car garage day you said your ordering a older Porsche 911 what happened to that?

    9. Manco Heroico


    10. Antonio Kozak

      Bro your video have "23443873" levels of volume! IT´S A HELL TO WATCH! Every 5s you must up or down the volume!

    11. John Omondi

      Yeah my cash app is $djevery42

    12. germ

      dude came up to shake hands and cut the video, sly bastard

    13. SAMMY Sam

      i thought you stoped making videos. get back on your grind man. dont let shit bring you down bro

    14. Patrick Watson

      Couldn’t stand the video after 5 seconds

    15. Kahless 01

      i really really dont like their digital IP. it looks flat and terrible. im not a fan of screens there in general but most of them dont look like a cheap screen stacked on top of the old dials. older expensive nice cars had beautiful speedometers and tachs.

    16. Richard Hyman

      When America gets its s together, I’m coming over, buying a house in California, and a car from that dealer.

    17. Evil Beaver

      Thank you

    18. HenkeEdge

      Cant be legal to call the Taycan "Turbo"! ..or do you get the turbos in a box on the side?

    19. Vipstarizm

      Fukn epic video. Stunning dealership and thanks for the class v-roll. Im not a huge Porsche fan but the latest GT4 and now the Taycan, I would say is the first electric car without been in hypercar territory that i actually would love to own and daily drive. Porsche are killing it atm!!

    20. MrDrakedrake

      NOOOOW your back on track Salomondrin, I will start to look at your channel agin..PORSCHE YEEEEEES

    21. GLR



      U said u work for galpin dude that's right down the street from where I live like 20 min away or aston my bad but damn still that's 20min away

    23. Khalid Coleman

      Miss these kind of videos

    24. Chris V

      Wait till Salomon sees the new Tesla Roadster in person. He will flip flop like a fish out of water. Ah que si wey! jajajaja

    25. Jimmie E

      That car is not that fast.so stop Trying to hype it up it got beat by a regular Porsche 911 s .not even a GT 2 or GT3 but a regular Porsche

    26. Oliver Valdes

      I like how ivan was all PORSCHE stiff at the beginning and then let loose lol.

    27. Nicolas Gonzalez Barrera

      Yo estuve pensando como fue grabar dos videos iguales, uno en inglés y uno en español 🤣 Both are the same videos!

    28. Terrance Gaines

      3:00 I subbed just off the strength of "It looks like the future took a shit in this place"

    29. NextAutomotive

      Love the Howard 101 selection #IKnewIt

    30. It’s red Yoo

      Porsche 👌

    31. abdul wadood

      Ivan, wow, u go dude, amazing work

    32. jason huntley

      i was looking forward to some Porsche content. sadly you ruined it with to much swearing and vulgarity this time...

    33. Asphalt8 Tank KFC

      I commented so you would get money

    34. Asphalt8 Tank KFC


    35. Flipper

      Did you check up how easy it is to scratch the grey Rear Bumper ? Thats so cheap. otherwise a awesome car

    36. Flipper

      Insane Shop like in Stuttgart !!

    37. Dale Charles

      Congrats to Ivan , wish him further success.I missed these vlogs.

    38. PureSwank

      Damn, thats a FUGLY ASS CAR

    39. Joey

      How is it a turbo when it’s electric?

    40. Raynor9899

      Now get carbon fiber body on it and a big wings on the back of the car.

    41. Adam B

      I grew up in Santa Clarita. Also tell Ivan to put an American flag on his other lapel. 🇺🇸 Nothing wrong with being a proud Mexican but show some patriotism for the US of A.

    42. L Castillo

      Pinche batillo Falso

    43. Collin G

      discount Manny Koshbin

    44. Jacob

      This car looks amazing.

    45. White Buffalo

      "touch the colors"

    46. White Buffalo

      drives me nuts how the sales guy wasn't covering his nose lol pull that shit up bro

    47. 707madman

      16:44 damn i would have to wipe that screen down every time i got in the car.... Screens are an OCD nightmare

    48. Brandon Mx

      16:12 "I'll suck ur dick" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    49. Andrei Spiridon

      Gotta love that real turbo sound

    50. Israel Enix

      Fuck Tesla

    51. Raymond Kim

      That dark grey gt2rs is fkin nice

    52. Brian

      As always thank you Alejandro for making amazing video !!!!

    53. DoesntPayFullPrice

      Love the warning about Ivan's nose, it was already starting to drive me crazy!

    54. Car Addict

      Im pretty sure that cost around 30 milion$ to make (This porsche dealership)

    55. Car Addict

      I fucking Love Porsche !

    56. SuperN0va

      Where are people buying these facemasks that have straps long enough to accomodate a donkey face? Jeez.

    57. 73henny

      Not brand new. Nice though :)

    58. x2surfer

      95% of the people are going on that crazy complicated and time consuming spec black/black 🤦🏼‍♂️ no f@&€@ clue!

    59. Pure Life

      Supporting Santa Clarita Porsche, Hell yea!

    60. Jose R

      He passed Jeffrey Star and the Stradman and didn’t even notice

    61. Sean Wilkes

      I have to pay to watch your content now? Whack af...unsub

      1. Sean Wilkes

        Salomondrin wowww super mature dude. The video had a notification that read “this post is restricted to paid subscribers only”.

      2. Salomondrin

        what in the fuck are you on? I would love to try those drugs! :P

    62. PowersportsGuido

      New header: Porsche dealer let me test drive a car. More to the video: I brought it home to talk about it, then returned it that evening before they closed.

    63. BitByBit

      Salomondrin: Can't kiss you Sergio: Hopefully soon!

    64. Augie Inciong

      No profanity, please.

    65. Briii

      That guy Ivan has more money than my entire family yet still wears a trash mask, for real lmao

    66. I-am Konstantin

      Loved this video!! Thanks

    67. Auto Simulation & RC

      It's hard to believe that The Gaz Turbo is still faster than the electric ! Love the new Porsche

    68. Apo Eryilmaz

      The color is so fugly

    69. Chotchskey

      Bro California is lost.... Mexican Flag on his collar goddamn shame, love to see Porsche attempt to build something like this in Mexico oh wait they wouldn’t and can’t. USA 🇺🇸

      1. Chotchskey

        Salomondrin So I guess that justifies you stealing it from the rest of us? It wasn’t even stolen in the first place maybe educate yourself and realize the truth that we won they lost and you wouldn’t even be on the land your on had it not have been for us in the first place. Enjoy your Porsche try your hardest not to throw rims on it and rican it up 🇺🇸

      2. Salomondrin

        you know "your people" stole this land from Indians (native americans), so... please educate yourself and lets be better together.