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    Am Vor 50 years


    1. M A L I K

      1 like equals 1 prayer 🙏🏽for Eugene!!! 2 MILL ON THE WAY 😈 Get 20% OFF + Free Shipping @Manscaped with code [MALIK20] at →mnscpd.com/2SfVaRF

      1. yunx.h

        Kevin Apupalo “different by Devin Tyler”

      2. Javel Mattocks

        M A L I K use Rell Briscoe blame for your intro that’s my brother plzzzzzz it’s actually good

      3. Kevin Apupalo

        M A L I K what’s the name of that song in the intro ?

      4. Sweat SznX

        Bet let's go

      5. yunx.h

        Song ? At the beginning

    2. Jameer Williams

      What’s the song call

    3. Sherita Alston

      Smell the fucking seat bro LMAO

    4. Strizzygang Miah

      What is that song called it's fire asf💯🔥

    5. Joshua Johnson

      Prettyboy EX HAHAHA

    6. Sports Boy

      Plzzzzzzzz make sure you are subscribe to sports boy ps I am gifting my subscribers

    7. Gladys Makuchete

      This isnt real, the guy in the green is doing too much. The girl in the purple was being recorded before he came. The girl in the neon is obviously his friend, or mutual friend.

    8. K White

      Malik is a real one for not talking to her

    9. SHS_unpredicted

      Eugene sound like Kevin Gates

    10. walat gulli

      @M A L I K u are good guy cuse u lughing the poor guy i appreciate to u .

    11. Children Zone

      Did you say Feaky thousand likes

    12. Faina Issa

      Why was everyone touching his car....hhhh

    13. Jerry_ king64

      This music nice 🔥🔥

    14. MoneyGang AK

      my g herockin👀🤔

    15. Raul Ramos

      At 4:15 you can see her panties

    16. cliff nunnally

      I keep on restarting this intro cuz the music

    17. Daly Lazare


    18. Darius Otchere

      No cap I thought you were gonna give Eugene the car

    19. Sky_Crew0

      9:43 what’s that song called?

    20. Izaya Harpe

      being back gold digger vids

    21. Dg Phantom

      The girl with wired headphones is gold digger and one with man

    22. StankyDookie

      Malik:for today’s sponsor Me: *Raid shadow legends*



    24. CQV squad

      6:57 “fredo use to put music on when we was ridin” malik: do I look like fredo?

    25. Mobilez-

      Its a huracan

    26. Le'Mour Georgia

      She say this not boyfriend 😂😂

    27. Phakamani Maseko

      What's the name of the intro song?

    28. Time_iz_everything

      GOOD WORK!

    29. joy monterola

      Godbless you sir ♥️😭😇 From : Philippines 🇵🇭

    30. Tupu Notoa

      "Do I look like fredo?"

    31. natan jmc

      Bruh u look like a black version of smeagle😂

    32. Talaja Helm

      Liz look like a 🐸

    33. pro killer

      4:15 look at legs did y'all prevs a favor

    34. GRIDET ER

      What’s the song in the intro

    35. slumpedy_ on IG

      Wats the intro song 🔥

    36. Antonio Rush

      What’s Liz instergram

    37. Adrie

      1:42 you said I wrong

    38. Uri 3

      Dam I woulda gave that guy sum money

    39. Omar Johnson

      None peep liz?

    40. WaterMelon

      Fuck is a HER-RA-KAN 🤣🤣

    41. Cola

      Shit is fake af and nobody realizes it smh 🤦‍♂️

    42. redInk

      How’s this a prank

    43. Lolivert ___

      Malik ain’t a S I M P

    44. Ismail Tatraret


    45. Alec Bongiovanni

      Malik a real one for his segment with Liz

    46. Tman

      nigga ur a clown ass nigga these arent uber riders these are all your friends

    47. Brandon Fermin

      Nigga said Hoo-Ra-Kin

    48. Verified Bluuires

      Liz got me dying

    49. Kenneth Gaming

      U should date her

    50. Riley Langley


    51. Ron3 Yt

      Get in touch with Eugene again !!

    52. Mario Ruiz

      Respect ✊🏽

    53. David Hoard

      Me to im pray 🙏 for him for good luck...love

    54. Pringles

      7:27 bruh this man be hugging the radio though 😂😂😂

    55. Lul Sauce

      I remember i saw u on silverstar in dis car😂

    56. adrian almeida

      dis nigga advertised a pube shaver

    57. Ihyisha Thomas

      That laugh tho!!!!!😁😁😁

    58. Ameen Shukryia

      bra this shit fake asf

    59. SAME FLAME_1

      Name of the song at the starting of the video?

    60. Ethan Gardner

      Break in prank

    61. Ben Jarvis

      Intro song?

    62. Jake Willson

      Folks in a rental

    63. MoeCamera

      How much did you pay those girls to act in this video? Did you pay them $30 like fouseytube?

      1. Cola

        MoeCamera exactly bro nobody else realizes that this shit is fake

    64. iamhere

      Why yall make fake vids ? For what ?

    65. Wavy Matthew

      Please drop that song

    66. Delon Williams

      What song is this

    67. fresh cxnt


    68. Alexandra Valdez

      Yoo do a gold digger prank 🙏🙏

    69. da great Kody MVP

      Dam Malik did u just out do/did fredo at rapping, too much heat my son💯💯

    70. Your Mom

      Malik took Lil Mosey’s beat to Boof Pack and the intro has a lyric that mosey put in a song. Where the intro edit says “I poured up a four now I’m stuck in a dream. That’s moseys song with gunna “Stuck In A Dream”