Piper - Disney Pixar - Oscar winning Short Movie

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    1. Guladi Phartenadze

      its so nice

    2. Guladi Phartenadze

      cute and lovely movie

    3. Guladi Phartenadze

      aaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwww cute

    4. Duckdodobread Ajpw


    5. Axeman

      For the first 20 seconds I was debating weather or not this was IRL or not

    6. COBRA II


    7. COBRA II

      really nice video! Really!

    8. Renzoh’s Club

      Honestly thought it was a live action/documentary when it was first released

    9. Jorge herry


    10. lizuca456

      I was gonna show it to my mum but she was sleeping🙁

    11. Ava Johnson

      These people deserve more fame for this animation. Bitch I can’t even draw a line

    12. DiviN3 Qazy

      Go f yourself

    13. love your life life

      At last Charlie Puth's we don't talk anymore!

    14. Sophie Gsell

      I like it how she runs to her mum

    15. Ad

      The most cutest thing in existence😍👌

    16. 1989anngel

      I love it this very much

    17. Tonni Aktar


    18. Anushka Ghosh

      Amazing animation... To its finest details. Disney is always disney

      1. Ava Johnson

        Anushka Ghosh too realistic omg 🙃

    19. ExposedChaos 099

      Anyone else watch this in English?

    20. unicorn ninja tv

      This is random but I remember being in fifth grade at an all catholic Italian school and this one teacher put this video on and friekin said it connected to religious beliefs. Why? I have no idea, everyone hated her, I learned nothing from her 🤣


      I learned a lesson from this movie. Thank you!

    22. Harley

      so cute!

    23. ranu soni

      WOW!!!!!.....the lil baby bird is just so much cute😘🥰😍🤩😚

    24. Hi엄마

      Omg I'm literary crying bc it's so cute and funny at the same time!!

    25. Usama Sarwar

      Argentina v Pakistan | 2018 Men’s Hockey Champions Trophy | HIGHLIGHTS

    26. Kommal D Seth

      Baby birdie feeding mommy bird love the idea --tweet tweet

    27. Remya Menon

      Indeed a great work. Delivering the feel in any animated works r difficult. That too, in a very short time. Kids as well as adults can learn two things from this film. 1. Piper did not follow what others do. It learnt from a different perception by taking risk. Reminds me of jonathan livingston seagull, where the other seagulls flew for food, jonathan flew for perfection. 2. Piper did not have the food alone. It served for others. Its a learning for all of us. Sharing is caring!

    28. H.J. Bakker

      Aa, schattig

    29. Winter Plover

      I think this is one of Pixar's best shorts. 🐥

      1. Rashed Ali

        Then u should see kitbull

    30. GTS creations


    31. smriti sonel

      That chick is the cutest

    32. Monika Trotula

      Cut version - what's the point?

    33. Dulce Martinez

      "look at all those chickens!

      1. Rashed Ali

        LAMO SO TRUE 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    34. crystal9766 gamin

      I had to analyze this video in my language arts class

      1. hey heyi

        Me toooooo

      2. Karim Jawhar

        me too buddy

    35. Giu VegLifeStyle

      Hello! Nice Channel! :) Here is my Short Animation movie : de-news.net/online/video-VWbfVBjQUCU.html

    36. Samantha Swedo

      Cho ceut 🐦

    37. Polly & Terence

      So cute

    38. Bob The Sock Puppet CANCLED

      My teacher showed me this

    39. Amber Tinker

      that was adorbes

    40. Mia Arcement


      1. MRcreafty

        that's what i'd like to call a beach chicken

    41. Tara Burton

      awwwww that was the the cutest thing i have ever seen piper is soooooooo cute

    42. Maya playzfnaf

      So cute

    43. RM is a philosphere trust me

      This is sooo beautiful i was feeling kinda off i dont knw why..it jst made me feel good 💜

    44. Rusha Tjg

      SO CUTE🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐥🐥🐥🐥🐥

    45. Rusha Tjg


    46. Simply Gaming

      Simply CUte

    47. Sangram Acharya

      Awww that bird was soooo cute😍

    48. Fnaf Tapes1987

      Oh wait this is animated?

    49. Disney Fan 2005

      This Had To Fit Into The Pixar Theory During The Events Of Monsters, Inc.

    50. Filmer Kay

      How can anyone dislike this :o This is pure love. Great one!

      1. Brian Stephens


    51. ashutosh pandey

      I love you

    52. Tyler Herbert

      this. is. awesome!!! but a lot of scenes are clearly cut make it whole please!

    53. MONSTER 99


    54. Spicy Hedghog

      AH SO CUTE! Pixar does good with their animation

    55. bob ebinger

      VERY GOOD.

    56. PollAll

      Cute penguin

    57. PopStarLolbit YT

      I love this one

    58. Itachi Uchiha

      Im just here to appreciate the animation

      1. Username

        Hey itachi

    59. YC Adventures


    60. janardha n


    61. Blobfish Cheese

      Sooooooooo cute 😍

    62. jasmine tea

      it's glitching and screwing up the sound and the film as a whole. don't cut stuff please

    63. Bipasha M

      Excellent video..

    64. Clare Rybicki


    65. Lazy Flae

      Piper from BRAWL STARS XD

    66. Sidra Hayat

      7,000th like

    67. Ritupriya Bhowmick

      So many scenes r cut

    68. Esad Akçakuş

      I love Adrian belew perfect musician

    69. Hiroki Yagami

      Everything you want is in the side of your fear