Pixar Short Films #25 La Luna 2011

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    Pixar Short Films #25 La Luna 2011
    Pixar Short Films #25 La Luna 2011
    La Luna (The Moon) is a short animation of Pixar Animation Studios in cooperation with Walt Disney Pictures. The 7-minute film was made by Italian director Enrico Casarosa, who also wrote the screenplay. The producer is Kevin Reher and the screenplay is handled by Enrico Casarosa.
    The content of La Luna is very cute, telling a boy named Bambino on the first day of inheriting the family's traditional work. He was dragged by his father and grandfather into an old wooden boat - the small boat was named "La Luna". His mission is to help his father and grandfather harvest the stars and clean them up on the moon. However, there was a small dispute between the father and grandfather. Will the boy choose to work in one of two relatives or in another direction that Bambino thinks is right?
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      I found this by accident, and come back to it often. I am 64, and grew up on a farm. The memories this film stirs in me about the lessons of life, the values of family, and the often unsung honor of honest labor moves me to tears.

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