Pixar Short Films #25 La Luna 2011

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    Pixar Short Films #25 La Luna 2011
    Pixar Short Films #25 La Luna 2011
    La Luna (The Moon) is a short animation of Pixar Animation Studios in cooperation with Walt Disney Pictures. The 7-minute film was made by Italian director Enrico Casarosa, who also wrote the screenplay. The producer is Kevin Reher and the screenplay is handled by Enrico Casarosa.
    The content of La Luna is very cute, telling a boy named Bambino on the first day of inheriting the family's traditional work. He was dragged by his father and father into an old wooden boat - the small boat was named "La Luna". His mission is to help his father and grandfather harvest the stars and clean them up on the moon. However, there was a small dispute between the father and grandfather. Will the boy choose to work in one of two relatives or in another direction that Bambino thinks is right?
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    1. Tung Anh Vu

      Anyone, please give me the music used in the animation. It's so imagination-stimulating!

    2. Alana Mcleod

      So heart warming 😁

    3. Rafael Ayala


    4. Ivan

      omg finally fabio se felice’s story

    5. nhung


    6. nhung

      the stars look delicious idk why

    7. Clio Duczyk


    8. Professor Breadstick

      Who else is watching this for English homework

    9. Anders Hage

      4:08 grandpa says N word

    10. Rich McClellan

      its a cute film

    11. Daltin Harrison

      I have to write a them about this in English.

    12. 홍연

      진짜 마음에 드는 애니메이션. 너무 좋다 이런 생각을 어떻게 했을까

    13. Marlon Reina

      I still remember when I saw this film by first time

    14. Victoria Heitmann

      i seen it before is cute

    15. Lila Owens

      For some reason this was my exact same dream I had a month ago

    16. Portia Seromo


    17. Graham Kirby

      honestly idk

    18. Chely Rolon

      It was a good movie

    19. jeshua leon


    20. Trinity Myers

      what the heck are these comments

    21. Disney Fan 2005

      Pixar Theory Date: 1895 ---------------------- Following: One Man Band ---------------------- Followed By: The Incredibles

    22. Da Goon

      La Luna more la sucks am I right

    23. Brian Cooper

      A wonderful film about the lessons of life. Any man who grew up on a farm (like I did) or in a family business can relate to this. You have many moments like this, learning from your father, grandfather, and great-grandfather, until you eventually find your own way of doing things, and your own way of living.

    24. Flagra Nightwalker

      When you realize Matthias named his daughter after this video....

    25. Tyler Gil

      boomer, doomer and zoomer jump in the action as new smash bros characters!

    26. Jango Yifftail

      * Wonders if these guys are Spanish or Italian. * * Sees the grandpa and Dad arguing while moving their hands around a lot. * "Oh yeah, these guys are DEFINITELY Italian. LOL XD

    27. Alphagod197

      School assignment anyone?

      1. Steve Fowler


    28. Rσαrιτγ_PΔRΔDΘX

      4:33 Mais oui ! Wallah !

    29. Gamer 4life

      5:20 that is really satisfying 🌟🌟✨✨🌙🌙🌘🌘

    30. Helcurt Is the one

      I watched this cartoon in Disney channels but cut the show

    31. Mcxvoo n


    32. Amanda Zamora

      It reminds me of that quote "shoot for the moon even if you miss you will land upon the stars" or "shoot for the stars even if you miss you will land on the moon."

    33. Random Person

      I was forced to watch this in English class

      1. 레드사자

        wow, we too

      2. Ombre Phoenix

        Me tooooo

      3. Thomas Buelens

        This sounds like the opposite of a problem...

      4. Avi Keshari_24

        Same Here man

    34. Hatem Salloum

      Kids got an anchor on his back. Is this how he dies?

    35. Salem ALDeiban

      I was forced to watch this during 9th grade English class, now I’m in a new school 10th grade and I am forced to watch this for English class!!

      1. Danny McCree

        😔 me too

    36. ANGELHD1


    37. Marcos Tedesco


    38. Konaa

      This has so many beautiful meanings

    39. A N S

      Very love it! ✨

    40. Alexis Rosales

      la vaca lolaa la vaca lolaa tiene cabeza y tiene col4 y hace muuuuuu

    41. Alexis Rosales

      aguante la vaca lola

    42. Jade Hart

      Why does the kid's dad low key look like the dad from "Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs?"

    43. C.T. Warren

      How beautiful is the moon? These guys know! And from full to crescent, it's just a phase they're going through.

    44. Barkha Alisha

      oh my childhood fantasies that no one understood but u ... this so specail to meeeeee

    45. Kelam-ı Tâlib


    46. Lisa Villarreal

      Why the grandpa's been is kind of like a broomstick

    47. Lisa Villarreal

      Here reminds me on my friend name Nicholas from church

    48. Renagade a

      1:50 hold on honey let me get my ladder

    49. Brando Plays

      Better than the film that played after it

    50. Ember


    51. Bijen Atom

      Greatest unexpected plot twist ever!!

    52. Teddy bear GAMERS

      At that moment... When he broke the big star... He was the star...

    53. D wonder

      This is the short that made think what would it feel like too touch a star

    54. Annie Abraham

      Soo pleasant😍

    55. tubby toucan boi

      like and i wont spill your blood

    56. tubby toucan boi

      nut ha got em

    57. Buttery Chopsticks And Pie

      I want to eat the stars for some reason...

      1. Yvenna Liu

        wow that's cool me either

    58. Game Breakers

      Excellent story. Awesome thought.Always except the change.

    59. Gabe Worthington

      If the tool they use to sweep the stars resembles their facial hair, does that mean the boy is going to grow up to be Thanos?

      1. Sieglinde Sullivan uwu

        Magda Sovinska r/ihadastroke

      2. Stir Fry

        wow ok i like it

      3. Magda Sovinska

        Why he must be that from film a Thanos hes just a little boy

      4. Philip Daniels


    60. Janise DC

      I really love this video😍😍thank you

    61. Co-Ramp 6

      Flint Lockwood before an experiment gone wrong severely enlarged his nose. He may have also killed his grandfather in another or the same experiment.

    62. Co-Ramp 6

      Flint Lockwood before an experiment gone wrong severely enlarged his nose. He may have also killed his grandfather in another or the same experiment.

    63. Maria 123

      The ending is actually so satisfying

    64. Eva Karpiak

      God says this is how many babies Axis and I will have. Better get busy!!

    65. Ben Meyers International Movie Critics

      See Short Film review at: www.benmeyersinternational.com/2019/05/la-luna-theatrical-release-canada-2012.html

    66. Squidleepop

      i Would've kept one for myself (A Star)

      1. Squidleepop


      2. Squidleepop

        Lol Replying To My Own Comment

    67. DiplexVolcano


    68. WhittyWhitts

      Kids this is not how the moon phases work #science

      1. Craft and Gaming


      2. Steffy

        oh really wow you must feel so good about yourself

    69. AntDoesYoutube

      Anybody here cuz of mortal Kombat 11??

    70. Sadie Shapiro

      Who else can really see the deeper meaning behind this adorable film?