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    Whole lotta drama. First 2K Drama Alert since NBA 2K20's launch. A LOT to cover.
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    1. cable123sims

      Agent I hope you never wear that hat again

    2. bryson gilmeister

      14:15 it’s still virgin gaming

    3. Luigi Mindset

      I saw a guy get thrown on the floor off a brick wall screen

    4. WaterVapor

      please do another documentary it my favorite vid of yours

    5. Dalmas Robinson

      12:00 sign the contract 😂

    6. FADE_Deathcaller360

      I did a badge glitch when the game was out for a couple of months and still hasn’t been banned

    7. ooWalt

      the iso v big man debate is shit. at the end of the day y’all are both laying the same game just the way you like to play

    8. ooWalt

      i can hope on a guard and be decent i’m a 94 pure play in 19 and a 92 glass-lock on 20 both of them take skills

    9. joseph desimone

      Bro get yo broke ass a iPhone

    10. Dovah DIMEZ

      Ever since NBA2K3 my dad left my park and hasen’t been able to rejoin

    11. WaterVapor

      new documentary would be nice

    12. chalique bush

      what would make these videos way better is having gameplay in the back while your talking

    13. Kid Corey

      Face in the thumbnail is what nightmares are made of 😭😭

    14. amckoy205

      That dunk and animation was in 2k19. I saw it a 1,000 times while doing the posterizor drill. Stepping over the guy and then the guy chases you. Nothing happens.

    15. Apbus

      Also on you can compete daily for money on there with the play now mode on 2k.

    16. Connorrr.m

      If you guys think you cant dribble in 2k20 watch Jdubyt

    17. Erick

      *NIGGAS* ISO CLEARLY takes more skill, how is this even a debate

    18. David Phillips

      Uppercuts come standard in NHL 20

    19. Blackface Mishima

      He said he was addicted to meats

    20. Jesus Castaneda


    21. Slevin

      Community: We want to be able to give our feedback DE-newsrs: NO Seriously Agent? You used to rep the 2K community, you've been suckered into 2K team giving you all them goodies and inviting you into the events. 2K20 is garbage and DE-newsrs are just making it worse by blowing them. Shooting is garbage, online is garbage, gameplay is slow as hell, they lied about features and they make the VC grind worse every year. You wouldn't know since you probably get free VC. Sounds like the only meat you and Cash like is 2K's meat. And y'all love it raw. Sorry my man but you needed to hear it.

    22. z_XRozayX_z

      Ima fan bro. You're the 2k streaming goat. You should replace ronnie


      Who do I subscribe to for when the vc glitch come out

    24. Angelica Redwine

      They should most definitely let the My players box frfr that would be hella lit 🔥

    25. WRXTH

      Why is he sweating so much? 😓

    26. Aditya Raman

      I listen to your videos like they're podcasts lol.

    27. MikeD

      Bruh looks like he drinks bacon grease and slams faygo all day.

    28. Adam G

      I don’t go on 2k reddit but most other games I play that is where the strongest community is... Twitter has never even seemed like a community to me just a bunch of different people having one way conversations

    29. Jonathan

      10:45 will give more drama

    30. Pooty Tang

      Agent cut a promo straight from his heart 🙏🏾

    31. ZippyJ07

      What was the title of the iso verses stretch documentary I want to go back and watch it

    32. king ___ rio

      yo someone get agent some AC in his house

    33. Jason Morris

      i like all your vids but you are wrong with them changing shit.Reason people pay to play then bam nerf player need new build more money 2k is largest cash grab (world)

    34. Destron 09

      Don't mind me, I'm patiently waiting for the patch for the Nintendo switch version.

    35. Ted Grant

      Yooo can i get my invite now ? U said we can play together 3 years ago ..... Lml but yea just hit me bavk

    36. Weechaaala

      The black Amish Keemstar we didn’t know we needed

    37. ChuckSkinnyGaming

      No love for the slashers since 16.


      I like lookin at raw meat🤣🤣🤣

    39. b Towerz

      How do your homies allow you to wear those ugly ass hats in your videos lol ugly ass clout chaser thinking he’s cute with his pic on the cover 😂


      STOP SELLING AT THE PARK AND COME GET RIGHT ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️🔺☑️ badgegrinder_08 ON INSTA HIT MY DM

    41. Michael Sandoval

      I was permanently banned for uploading a picture of Mia khalifas face. Anybody got any ideas what I could do?

    42. Brandon Randall

      Can I ban 2k for taking over 8000 rep from me for completing 3 star drills Good thing I'm not keeping that build anyway

    43. Mr09hoodz

      This game is absolutely trash, they sell the same game every year and it still operates like it’s not finished.. keep getting error codes, some courts don’t work when you que up to play, and the extortion for vc smh

    44. Showtime2k

      Bro 2k20 is boring as SHIT

    45. Patrick Wilczynski

      Hay at least you can play the game for PC the game won't even play it crashes when ever you start a game thanks 2k for ripping me off with another broken game

    46. Huncho

      Agent looks like a diabetic juice wrld and Chris smoove’s love child

    47. Makih

      What was the glitch out of curiosity

    48. Timothy Rogers

      Keemstar < Beemstar

    49. StealingYaLight

      I’m a Centre and I be carrying my team cuz the guards trash so idk what’s easier

      1. StealingYaLight

        I’ve also played both positions

    50. kkeys16

      Can someone say something about new hairstyles and getting tips or parts of hair colored?

    51. Jaron Ashton

      Cash likes to look at raw meat and gets high from it wow

    52. PittStraightEdgeSxE

      I don't know if you know this but you got some Cheetos falling out your cap lol

    53. Tom The Fresh

      I love play now

    54. Luca Fontani

      5:34 why did he drop dead in the air

    55. Water Bear

      Take that stupid fucking hat off

    56. Tyler Hill

      Bruh if u hop off a spot u a pussy.

    57. Tyler Hill

      Im a center cuz im ass and i want my friends to play with me

    58. Kelvin

      Brodie got biggg

    59. William Colton

      I just want my players Nam to show up on his jersey and in the game smh.

    60. tommytlm

      Word on the street (reliable source) that the contract is a sort of 360 deal , which if you are business savvy you’d never sign if you are already successful on DE-news. Agent like this comment and pin if you agree. 🤷🏾‍♂️

    61. Mohamed Kanu

      Mike Wang should charged 2k instead of ronnie

    62. VimDaRockSteady KingSlasher

      That contact dunk animation was on 2k last year i got it in the gym

    63. TerryBollea1

      They had the Sucker Punch in Magic Johnsons basketball game remember??? And then Arch Rivals.

    64. Rob rain

      Only 1 camera view 3v3 proam

    65. jalin addison

      2 be honest any decent guard can be a great big man but not nice versa

    66. NBK Fetti

      Centers & Guard Debate On My Channel🤷🏾‍♂️💯

    67. Kevin P

      @agent any fix for error has occurred the game will not be counted positive it isnt my internet tons of people having same issue

    68. Bowen yeet

      Why you copying drama alert get your own idea you lazy fuck

    69. jae jean-simon

      When agent starts sweating just by sitting down

    70. TomRiddle III

      I’m on Reddit and nobody that I know is saying brick wall needs a buff. I only got that shit on bronze and I already think it’s OP