Pokémon Presents | #Pokemon25

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    February 26
    7:00 a.m. PDT
    Set your alarms now, Trainers. We’ve got some exciting news to share that you won’t want to miss!

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    1. KittyJinx

      Wow seeing all the games pass by in the beginning made me rethink my childhood I grew up with all the Gameboy advance and Ds games 😭😭😊

    2. Wawasjohn

      I like the new games but why is the art style completely different again.

    3. CloutMuzik Beats


    4. Yanis Agodor

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    5. King Red Bat

      That swimming venazaur was adorable

    6. Thomas Strong

      I was hoping for something on unite

    7. Baraka Keya

      pokemon is basically my childhood i thank it so much for entertaining me all these years

    8. Michael Mitchell

      DP Remakes look super disappointing but Legends actually looks really cool

    9. Taz

      Please take your time with Pokemon Arceus take as long as it takes to make it the best it can be PLEASE.

    10. Marthisuy

      Love this intro but, what about the manga? Pokemon Special/Adventures is an integral part of the franchise!!

    11. emii ratt

      ok i’m sorry but why do i feel like i’m studying for an ap world test while watching this video. like there could be an ap class in pokémon and i’d take it

    12. Aditya Rajan

      I'm looking forward to seeing how this legends stuff carries out. Will game freak finally be able to sorta redeem themselves?

    13. sx wx

      Omg im so here for these remakes. I gave a ds but missed out cuz i got a ds at the end of its life lol circa 2013.

    14. IRatchetI

      For anyone worried about ILCA handling the development of the remakes, don't be to concerned. They've worked on other games like; Ace Combat 7, Code Vein, Dragon Quest XI and Nier Automata so it sounds like they know what their doing.

    15. Jevil The Jester

      where unova

    16. Spooky

      did this make anyone else tear up?

    17. Arthur Lamora

      make the sound and music more annyoing please

    18. Reppuken

      The COO shouldn't be allowed to be that handsome

    19. Antimatter30

      Pokemon Arceus looks cool but I'm staying optimistic, Gen 4 remakes look like a mobile game.

    20. NotVeryNice

      Years of waiting for a remake and THAT'S what it looks like? Yikes. At least the battles still look alright.

    21. Lee

      I'm not sure what to feel when it comes to the diamond and pearl remakes it looks so weird

    22. SuperDonavanbros Gaming

      Thank you You got an old fan back

    23. OakRange

      So....coool...ugh....i think im having a heart attack


      so hyped for Pokemon legends!!!!

    25. Kasen Daniel

      Pokémon breath of the wild

    26. Robin XD

      Pokemon truly is the biggest merchandise of the world

    27. Harry LIu

      Holy shit, what the fuck happens to diamond and pearl?

    28. Kyashi Tsuki

      Okay when I saw clips put of context on Twitter I was indifferent..... But NOW I AM SO HYPED FOR A NOSTALGIA TRIP LETS GOOOO

    29. Gabriel

      It feels like they wanted to make Pokémon Legends instead of regular remakes of gen 4, but somebody higher up insisted on Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl because of fan demand. So we ended up with these cheap remakes as a compromise.

    30. Dragonslayer155

      What?! I’m not crying, you are.

    31. Boiwitdarocket xx

      Pokémon snap wth

    32. The Entity

      Arceus has really left me speechless. Seriously that was astounding

    33. Wawasjohn

      I wish the kids u play as weren’t so infant. I mean I’m 29 why are the kids getting smaller.

    34. Poesnacks

      Anyone else thinking that 1) It's weird the DP remakes aren't copying the aesthetic/engine of Sword and Shield 2) The look would have worked way better in Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee LEGENDS LOOKS REALLY COOL THO, APRICORN BALL LYFE

    35. JD

      Our prayers have been awnsered


      d/p remakes have me anxious, seems like they ONLY made it 3D, i so hope im wrong

    37. Brussel Gaming

      Oh wow they actually remember magikarp jump

    38. Sara Morgan

      So my favorite starter of thouse regions are they starters that is awesome

    39. Jake Vernon

      I'm not really sure about the graphics and art style or the names for the diamond and pearl remakes

    40. PhNx Sage

      Let’s go

    41. LucienEnhanced22

      I’m begging you, please put your heart and soul into DP remakes like you did into the original games, if you do them dirty I won’t forgive you

    42. Riley Newman

      Seeing the entire history of the franchise reminds me of how bad sword and shield are

    43. Michael Campbell

      Gonna save my money for legends. Sinnoh remake is kinda meh and not what I would have had in mind after the playing Sword. Feels like a Wii game and not a Switch game.

    44. Myphical Dinosaur Creator

      People that are existed for diamond and peril remix: We hope that the characters is going to be similar to sword and shield What the character you play as look like: 11:29

    45. ItsDixit

      I kinda hope they redo the animation for the remakes a bit, I can see what they were going for but it seems a little clunky

    46. Spooky

      #1 trending

    47. Peter vernon

      started tiering up when they showed that the sinnoh remake was coming out, then they show actual footage I just burst out laughing

    48. Richard Gardner

      Some of these Pokémon games and accessories I didn’t even know about

    49. Permafrozen

      I like that they finally made an open-world game that's not just "oh go to this area, and butt your head against anything until you win"

    50. X&Y Gaming

      LMAO they actually made BotW w/ Pokemon. Holy crap.

    51. Axis1247

      Everyone is saying Pokemon BoTW meanwhile I'm like "Pokemon Monster Hunter?"

    52. Ernie Fisher

      I’m love Pokémon so much,I’m was a little boy and May The Force be with you Pokémon Company.

    53. Valin Summers

      Black and White Remake one day...

    54. Jesus is Lord

      (John 3:16,17) "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but should have eternal life. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world might be saved through Him." (Romans 10:9,10) "That if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your that God has raised Him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart, man believeth unto righteousness and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation."

    55. Kelly Cooper

      Pokemon Arcoos is a awesome step in right direction

    56. Alex Karl

      I told myself I was done with pokemon until they came out with a good game that wasn’t rushed out and poorly put together... well that’s probably going straight out the window after seeing Diamond and Pearl and legends

    57. Sean Scarborough

      So happy the remake of DP wasn’t looking like sword and shield. The 2.5d works really well for me. Really looking forward to it.

    58. StrayOcto

      make pokemon up and down next

    59. jerry b

      LETS GO I'm pumped for this

    60. Throwwway


    61. Kate L

      I've been playing franchise for almost 20 years, and I can't wait to introduce my kids to it someday.

    62. Gamingboi4326


    63. Ahmed Alkabasi

      So Excited!!

    64. Elijah-Aaron Rowan

      I am super hyped! :D

    65. MrCoffee MrRadar

      Everything looks amazing, keep up the great work.

    66. SkyKing 100

      Please don't let it be easy.....plz no exp share

      1. SkyKing 100

        And I hope Cynthia gardchomp is still op

    67. M. Nourishad

      Please don't remove battle frontier! Please let me use all of my pokemon!

    68. Miles Shaw

      OH MY ARCEUS!!!! Gen 4 Remake!!!

    69. AnarickTheDevil

      So instead of making D/P a proper remake you shoveled it off on some other developer and started making a side game that will be like how the D/P should have been? Gee thanks! And whoever's idea it was to use chibi graphics should be fired.

    70. Olivia Gass

      I am so happy like woah!