POV Drive Prime 1992 Mk2 Toyota MR2 SW20 Gen 2 Turbo Swap Daily Tuner



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    Justin from Prime Driven lets me drive the shop-drawing SW20 MR2 Turbo
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    1. CW41

      This car is beautiful, man. That engine is classic and tight. I wish they made cars like this nowadays. No one wants to shift for themselves anymore. It's sad.

    2. Bumble Boii

      1:31 orgasm 😍

    3. Kacpa2

      Pretty much like some of the side roads in Poland and some communist era remants in towns and cities that didnt get a makeover yet - pothole galore -_-

    4. NightMares

      I have a bad feel the giveaway cars are fake

    5. Jeffrey Osborn

      I miss my old MR2 Turbo :(

    6. Riley Blank

      You passed my road !

    7. Turboxide

      If I'm 6ft 3 do I have any chance of fitting in this?

      1. Clint Mc

        Hey mate, late response. My son is 6'4 and fits in my SW20 ok. Though I did remove the glove box to give his legs more room. On the driver side he fits in fine

      2. Pete A

        Turboxide yea you do, I'm 6ft 1 with spikey hair and I have tones of headroom. I have a 1990 turbo Jap import with factory seats

    8. Jay Simpson

      RCR meets LGR?

    9. Brian Linville

      I Feel like I am Consiousness living vicariously thru you! nice!!~

    10. Coletrain

      "Taxes are the price we pay for civilized society" -Someone who has never driven on PA roads.

    11. Brony Inspector

      flutter like what...

    12. Deb Know

      Do a 1964 Chevy Suburban video

    13. 04dram04

      This car should have come with a three spoke steering wheel. The original is god awful

    14. WhiteBoyWithAnIpod

      Nice car

    15. EvilCerealBoX

      Forester? Get the XT. 2.5L turbo 5-speed.

    16. Curious Betsy vlogs

      Congrats on 500k!

    17. nubb1337

      That Toyota Supra wheel...is the same one as in my moms 2004 Corolla

      1. Pete A

        Also used in the GT4

      2. Trapt

        They're good wheels, though.

    18. Andrew

      (dont get a forester xt)

    19. Andrew

      i wish he'd said more + educated you further on the topic of that flutter LOOOOT of people worry about BOV delete and they shouldn't

    20. METALLIC4T

      review a Smart Roadster already

    21. mengx94

      Matt farah should be driving 😴

      1. thebigcheese3000

        mengx94 Then go to matt farahs channel, dafuq?

    22. Eric x

      "But how faster would it be with a LS?"

    23. FukU2222

      Weird, I have an S5 T2 RX7, and my boost gauge (stock in dash as well) also pegs (randomly) and there is no FCD or wiring hackery...

      1. FukU2222

        Also, on-throttle flutter is sometimes wastegate cycling depending on setup.

    24. MultiRokusho

      Why did he sell his mr2 anyways?

      1. MultiRokusho

        Keith Anderson eh I would just be careful while driving. Sure something could happen but if I not driving it it is just a painting in effect

      2. Keith Anderson

        He wanted something he could drive without feeling bad for putting miles and wear on a uniquely pristine car. It's like theres an SW20 I'm looking at but it only has around 30,000 miles on the clock and is fully stock and in perfect condition so I wouldnt want to purchase it and do an overhaul like the car in this video, or even drive it very much.

    25. d34thby1337

      S54 or E153 transmission?

    26. Jacob Hurtado

      I'm running a gen4 in my SW20 and I've never had turbo flutter unless the BOV was pulled off, wondering where he is getting that "flutters with or without" info from

    27. 470K

      Jesus Christ hombre, your roads are almost as bad as ours _:'(_ Makes me feel confused about wanting to win that giveaway

    28. Christian Boyd

      Wow, shitty roads

    29. John Sullivan

      this guy knows so fucking much about the 3sgte. very useful info he is talking about

    30. TDS seventy-five

      Why does your voices sounds like it is in a cheap s movie

    31. TDS seventy-five

      Switch is 10 times better than DE-news I meant to say sewage twitch

    32. TDS seventy-five

      Why there is no Speedy black man

    33. TDS seventy-five

      Why is there no speaking at Westmont

    34. Jason Young

      I have an AFR gauge in my car; I don't watch it in real time, I hook it up to a laptop, log and analyze the data; I think that's what most people do with an AFR gauge.

    35. John Maccoy

      Pa roads suck, especially after winter.

      1. Kacpa2

        Pretty much like some of the side roads in Poland and some communist era remants in towns and cities that didnt get a makeover yet - pothole galore -_-

      2. C Holio

        Lol try driving in vancouver BC canada, fuckin brutal

      3. Patrick McNeilly

        John Maccoy I live by those roads and it’s in Jersey. Those roads aren’t exactly traveled on very often.

    36. Gokatgo

      That guy seems super chill, much respect for doing a 'clean' swap as in not overdoing it

    37. Mike Cady

      Mr.Two is quite informative,I only wish he spoke English.

    38. Bryan Martin

      Do the saab 9-7x with the 5.3i

    39. Ronnie Ellis

      guy in the passenger seat is annoying as hell

      1. AUCSL

        Ronnie Ellis nah he’s not

      2. ilovemanunited

        He's sharing his knowledge of his car. I think most of us here want to learn more about the MR2.

    40. baundiesel

      This should have been called, "hug the left".

    41. Rover Sterling 827

      I love u mr regular

    42. Mike Bunero

      its weird watching you guys drive around the area i grew up

    43. Bob Saget

      lets see an evo!!

      1. ilovemanunited

        Bob Saget he's done an Evo before.

    44. Peter R.

      Pennsylvania roads give Michigan roads a run for their money. Holy pothole!

      1. The Tech Librarian

        Cory Falcone and when they do work on them it's terribly inefficient and poor work.

      2. Bee Sixxty

        I thought Oregon/Washington were bad(some places look like PA) but PA takes it. Our democratic governments hard at work for there people as always!! What is frustrating here in Oregon/Washington is we have billions of dollars of tax money coming in via cannabis and alcohol taxes on tops of are already high taxes and the roads never see a dime.

      3. The Tech Librarian

        Come to Ohio

      4. John Stevens

        after the start of the video i was thinking this was michigan lol

    45. quadcam24v

      Ceramic turbine wheel is interesting, RB motors spit out their ceramic turbine wheels after 12psi of boost. Do MR2's do the same?

      1. Trapt

        1JZs are basically the same thing. Everyone say to trash the stock turbos.

      2. itsallac0nspiracy

        quadcam24v You are on borrowed time with them, yeah. This guy makes out that they are a good thing!

    46. 595cristi

      Hey RCR. Please do an Opel Manta B. I've always wanted to see that car showcased.

      1. E90_Boris

        @Godwind Racing rcr deutschland? Fuck yeah I'm in

      2. wanderinggentile

        595cristi A Manta A is not impossible to find in North America, and is a very nice driver.

      3. Godwind Racing

        Mr. Regular will need to either do a RCR UK Vol. 2 or a RCR Deutschland to do a Manta B as they are extremely rare in the States

      4. 595cristi

        You got a point. But a Manta A wouldn't be bad either. Those were more common, sold at Buick dealerships at first.

      5. Marc Fransen

        Good luck finding one in the US, don't count on it

    47. williwonti

      Justin does it THE CORRECT WAY

    48. Bikes & Drones

      Nothing wrong with blowing your own trumpet, if you can play a tune.

    49. boot skatt

      this guy is a little bit like seth rogen but without the laugh

      1. Bee Sixxty

        haha that is funny, i couldn't figure out why he seemed so familiar. The voice is totally Seth Rogan.

      2. thebigcheese3000

        boot skatt Seth Rogen wishes he was as cool as this guy.

    50. Mark McMarkface

      Thanks for wearing long trousers, makes it more watchable.

      1. tancow

        Mark McMarkface 😂

    51. chbrules

      Put an LS in it

      1. Sam Javid

        no. just no.

      2. Gelo Reyes

        Now that’s a killer

      3. Jiro Weiler

        Almost a deadwish, i mean the car is dangerous Stock, yes snapoversteer only happens at high speeds, but then again this is a car that makes you love steping on it

      4. Ronald Tartaglia

        David F shit, you beat me to it.

      5. 90beastmaster

        MC8-R is the closest thing you will find and mr2 with a V8. Ultra unicorn status.

    52. SirSquash

      I can't decide wether to import a 4efte for my 92 tercel or snatch up one of these 3sgte cars, the cars are getting rare now tho...

      1. Pierre Bugeja

        SirSquash get a 4efte !

    53. Bayden Young

      ooooOOOOOooo maaannnn

    54. Jovan Subrath

      I'm in florida trying to find pne of these cars. Not easy.

    55. seashellfingernails

      your hairline is receding. i masturbate occasionally. i want you monitor my penis.

    56. Keith Anderson

      Too bad turbo sw20s are so hard to find nowadays, even importing them from Japan it’s now hard to find “the one”. They’ve become my dream car to own and tune (get it to a place just like this one). Hopefully within the next 5 years! Cheers from NZ.

      1. Keith Anderson

        Jack Charles nice. I did end up buying the auto G-Ltd. Once I get some money I plan to cannibalise a manual transmission from a turbo and do a Gen4 GTE swap. Or I may end up selling it and upgrading to a factory turbo.

      2. Jack Charles

        I spent 6 months waiting for a JDM tin top rev 3 turbo to pop up for sale near me. bought the first one that came up, 99% stock 130k miles. worth every penny

      3. Keith Anderson

        Update: I think I'm going to get the NA Automatic 1991 Red MR2 from Turner's for $6k. Price is mainly because it has a respray and is otherwise stock with only 70,000 kms. I plan to use it for a while, learn how mid-engines handle then either sell it and buy a turbo or slowly get it to the point of the car in this video.

      4. Bee Sixxty

        There is a mint condition white one in my neighborhood. Aesthetically stock, the paint and wheels are in amazing condition. They are so cool bro, its a beautiful car in my opinion, has a perfect blend of size, style and purpose. If that is your dream car, its a good dream car to have. Specially if you want to do one up right!

      5. John Sullivan

        yep... cheap affordable fast car with mid engine spells one thing. lots of inexperienced drivers learning about snap oversteer by wrapping their beauty around a tree. a real shame these cars are so hard to find in good condition.

    57. Johnny Annan

      Still plenty of JDM MR2s on the road in New Zealand

      1. Keith Anderson

        Maxx Venter nah I’ve been looking for about 2-3 months and I haven’t found any turbos on trademe for less than 7.5k, again none in good nick as you say. A decent condition NA pushes 7k for the last few months.

      2. Max

        a month or so back there were 4 or so turbo ones around 5k i think. None looked in great nick tho

      3. Keith Anderson

        Johnny Annan really? My friend swears so as well but I’ve never seen one in the flesh. It’s pretty much my dream car at this point. There are only 2 turbos on trade me and they’re both insanely overpriced (good condition one for 18k) and a pretty average condition one with a lot of cosmetic damage and well over 210,000 kms for 8.7k. It’s kinda insane IMO. Still gonna end up getting one within the next 5 years but first party insurance is out of the question because all the companies I’ve spoken to don’t value any MR2s at over 7.5k.

    58. jadefalcon001

      I don't generally like tuner cars. But this? This looks FUN.

      1. UrAPlebTV

        Alex Strömberg I’m sure he likes fast cars, (supercars, American muscle etc.) Just not the “tuner” variety

      2. Alex Strömberg

        jadefalcon001 you don't like fast cars?

    59. Mothman


    60. Darrian T

      Cardi b, Like if u agree to disagree

    61. Kj Harris


    62. Kalen Sanchez


    63. StateOfMind

      Squad, because I can't think fast enough to put a good comment

    64. Kalen Sanchez