Predator: Hunting Grounds Angry Review



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    AngryJoe Takes on The Predator on his own Hunting Grounds in this licensed video game, our VERY Angry Review including the Arnold "Dutch" DLC!
    Special Thanks🙏 to GAMINGCOSPLAYER for his Cameo!
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    Predator, Predator 2 owned by FOX
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    1. Jesus Rodriguez

      "Get away from me Predator!" Now I get why OJ googled "why aliens like my bootyhole so much?"

      1. Máté Hilmer

        Nice Survarium logo!

      2. TrueGamerOpinion OS TCORR

        LMFAO WTF

      3. NeverLookBack

        Best comment ever.

      4. Another random guy

        Now imagine saying that to someone Without context

      5. IKnowGunFu


    2. hansdegebruiker

      Netflix doesn't work anymore on vpn

    3. Soviet George

      Is it me, or have your reviews become louder and less and less articulate over time?

    4. Robodragon lord

      Joe: "Press F" Me: "Press F to pay respects" lol.

    5. Card Sharks

      What's the point of desert camo when all the maps are jungle lmao

    6. Cloars D

      HA HA HA excellent review!

    7. Blooded Hunter

      It's not a triple a game. It's not the greatest joe but it is what we got. How long till we get another avp or stand alone game. 4-10 years? It's not a full game but it's a foundation of a good one. Like 2013 warframe, this isn't just a series we can toss because avp games are so fucking rare now. If we let this game die avp will be in a fuckin limbo for how many years again.. I dont support illfonic being lazy but if we can just help them stay with the game, maybe they can make it great. I really dont want this game to die..what I am saying is whether we stay with or abandon the game the avp universe will not have another game for years. We are stuck with this one for rn. That being said we can stick with and support illfonic to make the game better, not for their cost but for the avp universe.

    8. mikesready 5p5

      Where do I get a khorne berserker khorne flakes shirt?

    9. Dragnarok

      My favorite bit of this video is the part where he says "want some candy?"

    10. KillBash

      We need a predator game that's similiar to Alien Isolation. I think a good horror predator game would be amazing. It just sucks that every predator game has been consistently trash.

    11. Falcon Fear

      they just needed the aliens and id pay the standard price

    12. Dragonbro91

      L4D is better.

    13. Dane Walther

      1.2 million views. Think you’re doing OK big dog

    14. TheSharkshaw

      Joe you didn't know the guerrilla fighters are apart of the xfiles? They want that corpse.

    15. Angel ofIron

      I'm glad I didn't buy another F13th game...

    16. Larry Barnhill

      Bummer to hear what a pile this game is. Was hoping for something closer to Alien:Isolation in terms of gameplay.

    17. Lord Timothy

      2002 AVP2 was the BEST Predator game.

    18. Rahkah johnson

      19:48 Watching Joe take that shot MADE MY NIGHT 😂😭

    19. Vesperitis

      I like how Joe puts on his Rambo/Ahnuld suit and still has smaller muscles than Other Joe.

    20. noxnoctisrota

      Predator concrete jungle was the only Predator game that matters.

    21. jhOsue_24

      Is it me or the predator was about to fall off the tree right at the end

    22. legendarywarthog

      Dude I didn't know they were making a Robocop game. Trailer looks sick.

    23. Jose

      Least viewed Review...? 1.2 Million views.

    24. RewindThatGaming

      My friend ripped me off for giving me this game for free. What a ripe off lol

    25. MadStyle

      Plain and Simple anything with ILLFONIC logo stamped onto it, just ignore it for your own sanity.

    26. ARCWolf7

      As soon as I saw that it was a PvP only game, I immediately tuned out.

    27. The Casual Subculturist

      WLF? you mean Washington Liberation Front? So one of the mercenary is ABBY?

    28. Son of Judah

      I thought it was gonna be a 5/10.. well, it is what it is. They screwed it up big time. I was so hopeful for this

    29. Son of Judah

      I bought the game day one... Played it a few times.. hadn't picked it up since.. I love the predator, but I'm sorry, this just didn't work.

    30. Destiny Waters

      The relief I feel when I discover that me and OJ nearly have the same browser history. :D

    31. |ろlue5kies 青い空

      This amounts to the quality of a roblox game made in 2 weeks... but with slightly better graphics

    32. Destiny Waters

      Joe died so much in this XD Some how The Angry Joe crew always makes even games I don't like entertaining!

    33. Galih Pranawa

      lol more like, Tin Foil Cop

    34. Plague Doktor

      they should've just did like everyone else and licensed to dead by daylight

    35. Yumeno

      Why can't they just remake AVP Gold. That game was dope

    36. Dominic Greenwood

      That predator costume legit

    37. Kissker Venwrath

      you can really tell how badly balanced a game like this is - when you can't interrupt the "kill sequence" - Predator literally standing over your buddy, you blasting with shotgun near point blank- and it just keeps on doing it's motions to kill. Combine that with the rediculous HP pool it has (why does it take HUNDREDS of bullets to do any serious injury?) and you just get bullet sponge simulator.

    38. Asma Hasmalaria

      Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Skull Throne! Milk for the Khorne Flakes!

    39. Shreddhead

      So your saying its not a good game.. ok i wont buy it 👍🏼 thanks for the head up

    40. krazyy

      funny thing is, these devs had to stop developing friday 13. because of copyrights. so they thought "yo guys, lets ruin another trademarked IP" lol. i saw 2 min gameplay of predator and already knew this is bs. and i still miss evolve.... best killer vs survivor game, but devs had to ruin it... ffs -.-


      9:20 LMAO :D im done bro. fucking hilarious 20:35 LMAO :D FUCKING BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAT LOOK GOOD! DAT LOOK GOOD! LOL :D



    43. MightyShrew

      My favourite line of all - "Is there really a sexsquatch and where can i find one", literally spat my food out and was crying with laughter

    44. J-DubGaming

      Ok so I failed defusing the bomb once. the only times after that one of my friends wanted to try. so if you cant do that you are actually an idiot. Im sorry Ive played this game quite a bit and can agree with most of the criticism, but saying its that hard to defuse the bomb makes you seem like a complete moron.

    45. Golden Whiskey

      Joe why u put hunter in when your talking about the berserker

    46. Moe Nasri

      prove it sir ....hahahahhahaha

    47. Moe Nasri

      prove it sir ....hahahahhahaha

    48. RetroPlays!

      Glad you guys are getting sponsors, but Joe you must know NordVPN got there servers hacked and they tried to hide it from everyone till a reporter asked them about it then they released a statement.

    49. Louis Greenland

      I'm gonna say this now, Evolve deserved more love.

    50. Coolpool 785

      9:44 Famous last words: "The fishnets are kinda hot."

    51. Corazon Jedi

      10:52 is a few seconds before one of the Joes dressed at the Predator falls off the tree but the camera cuts off. Im assuming he fell for real with all that candy.

    52. Ethan Hadeka

      AngryJoe would you rather: Play tlou2 or hunting grounds AngryJoe: 💀 🏌️‍♂️

    53. J Kili


    54. Andrew Mason

      >Nobody bought this game >Shakes head at a certain trio of let’s players

    55. Nate Bush

      I busted a gut when Angry Joe in a predator costume was dropping down candy down on Other Joe from a tree. XD

    56. leostarkiller

      Wow...i've seen better AI in Half Life 1 from 1998...

    57. 420 Monster

      That's why i didn't buy this trash fire.

    58. Vulpix

      First off this game is amazing . Y’all are fucking terrible 🤣

    59. Cisco Perez

      I hate you joe for such a late review I did buy this game why 😭😢🤬

    60. CABLE 715

      On tonight's episode of to catch a Predator....

    61. ozzy

      they gotta do another alien vs predator game that game was fun

    62. Rémi Thivierge

      But you had fun tho

    63. Peen_Team


    64. Enclave Yeah

      >sells out to epic shit store >turns out to be shit It’s like one can’t work without the other

    65. Empty Melodies

      19:18 😂😂😂


      I think I found a game far worse than fallout 76, at least fallout 76 has got a huge area to look for but this one... bruh 😒😒😒

    67. Jorae Reegers

      This is a return to form type of video, Joe. Well done.

    68. Jean Walljean

      cant watch it, you were right. Too long, 5 min of you yellin is too much.

    69. Steej

      oh wow. Thanks Joe, i was literally just about to go buy this thing. I'll just wait for it to be free on Epic ;) Thank you.

    70. Jacob Davis

      honestly (as unpopular as it is to say) AVP (the one from the early 2010's) is the only game ive heard of and played that seems like it has decent predator gameplay. sure the multiplayer was ass, but at least the linear singleplayer was decently enjoyable against the colonial marines. even when you had to deal with the xenomorphs, it wasn't "annoying" to deal with them, it was actually (on the hardest difficulty) a pretty good challenge and a great fight. It felt great being able to dance in the shadows cleaving marines, but of course when you get a game that solely about the predator, even when based off of the original predator film, and this just looks like a joke. At least AVP had decent immersion as the predator.