Primitive Technology: Grass thatch, Mud hut

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Primitive Technology

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    Primitive Technology: Grass thatch, Mud hut - Creating a grass thatch, mud hut from scratch.
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    About This Video:
    With the wet season at it's peak, a shelter was needed to keep tools and materials dry as well as providing a dry work-space for future projects. So after some procrastination, I decided on a low roof design. A 2.5 m by 2.5 m hut with a ridge 2 m above the ground and side walls 75 cm high. Upright posts were put in at about 60 cm intervals along the 3 walls. The front was left open as this is more of an open workshop than a dwelling. Grass was collected from high up in the hill as it will not grow in the darker, lowland forest. Carrying the thatch to the hut was the most labor intensive part taking approximately 36 hours over the course of more than a week. The walls were then coated in soft, grey mud from a nearby clearing. The floor was coated in the same material. A large amount of rain fell due to a nearby tropical cyclone passing to the north. Despite this there were only a few leaks (mainly on the ridge line) that were subsequently patched with more grass. A fire was then lit with fire-sticks despite the damp conditions. This was done to help dry the mud walls and floor. The end of the video shows the yam mounds behind the hut doing well from of the torrential rain. The shelter will suffice for the remaining two months of rain that is expected to fall.
    About Primitive Technology:
    Primitive technology is a hobby where you build things in the wild completely from scratch using no modern tools or materials. These are the strict rules: If you want a fire, use a fire stick - An axe, pick up a stone and shape it - A hut, build one from trees, mud, rocks etc. The challenge is seeing how far you can go without utilizing modern technology. I do not live in the wild, but enjoy building shelter, tools, and more, only utilizing natural materials. To find specific videos, visit my playlist tab for building videos focused on pyrotechnology, shelter, weapons, food & agriculture, tools & machines, and weaving & fiber.

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    1. slane riker

      What kind of nasty or dangerous critters do you have to deal with in the wild up north in Australia?

    2. Renee Lim

      I like him better than Bear Grylls

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      Love your vids man, keep it up!

    4. The Everything Core

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    5. James Bond on a Budget

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    8. Rigor Demonic

      Is that mud and clay or just mud? If it is mud does it stink and how does it not get ruined by the rain?

    9. JavaFloof

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    10. ludwigmises

      Somebody buy this guy a Bic lighter and a hatchet. Just kidding, amazing to watch!

    11. Mike Morgan

      So basically this guy hangs out in the woods, builds forts, stay healthy and has 9.5 mil subscribers to pay his way. I'm think he's a genius and the rest of us are morons.

    12. Owen Roth

      if WW3 hits this guy is gonna be set

    13. ZeroLogic

      Primitive minecraft

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      3:35 - 3:55 .......notice the difference in color between the layers of grass. He missed a few days work between the first layer and the second.

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    17. uhavemooface

      I was wondering if you can answer me this if you look at your comments. I know your a busy man. I was wondering how long do those huts last?

    18. Imperium Americanum

      Every original Age of Empires player wants to click on him and hear him go "Homus! Erectus!"

    19. YaBoi Monkey

      Wonder if he washes his shorts in the river Imagine Primitive Technology: Mud Washing/Drying Kiln

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    26. ColaCommando13

      What this guy can do in the scrub is amazing... imagine what he could do if he went to Bunnings!!

    27. Barreethoven

      You built all this... from scratch?!?!

    28. Jade The Cat

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    29. Curious T

      We want More videos

    30. furyberserk

      I wonder if he's ever consider digging a layer under his huts and filling them with 2 layers of hollow bricks to make heated flooring that won't catch fire while sleeping on his hand made bed. I'm not trying to project, but I hope that's how this video series end, with you making an advanced primitive hut with exclusive luxuries.

    31. JDEE

      So much better than watching caveman build dog survival tree hut cool

    32. TeiKh3n xD

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    35. peterkkk2001


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      I hope this does not come across as ignorant, but if you find a big bamboo tree and cut between 2 segments, you form a good blower, which is awesome to start a fire as it concentrates and actually delivers more air to the point you're aiming. My grandma had one to use in her fire pit (in countryside Vietnam, like 10 years ago or something)

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