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    Am Vor 50 years


    1. KINGofkings49er

      Do I buy a ps4 for black Friday or I wait and save my money and buy a ps5??

    2. Vtsshark

      If God of War 5 comes out as a launch game I’m gonna loose it

    3. Enigmatic Aquarius

      Will ps3 games work too?

    4. Mary Ann Escorrido

      I hate how i see my ps4 gettong old i don't want to replace him.😧

    5. ImJust Kev

      Metal gear solid remake using the fox engine would be god like

    6. Exile05

      They need to remake Legend of Dragoon, the bastards.

    7. wazadandan

      Le disign....!! Rien a foutre sérieux!! Déjà pour une console qui ce différenciais de par son jeu de voiture "gran Turismo" et y a eue qu'un prologue avec le sport sur ps4!!! Gameplay et contenu Pitoyable!! Le VR avec des jeux bidons pour les gosses!! A 500e le kit!! 900e console plus vr, plus volant 1250!! Et aucuns bon jeux officiel!! On en est à jouer à des vieux jeux pc sur console!! Et ils veulent vendre une ps5 lol!! Quelles pigeons vont acheter ca??

    8. FLyRdevil

      I’m broke though 🙃😭

    9. Ryan Dillon

      can we a controller for people with big hands

    10. Sanborn Olsen

      I'm excited for GTA 6

    11. Lewis Collins

      Please get rid of the touch pad. Most useless hardware ever

    12. BrentWoodSean38

      Someone stole my PS4 and it can’t even be tracked payed over $600 for the console and at least $300 for the games no thanks on purchasing another Sony product

    13. King Kable

      i expect a twisted metal game

    14. Christopher Hudson

      As long as the games designed for the ps5 are superior in graphics, physic engine than what is capable on the ps4 it wont be a loss. I want to feel blown away by the experience. also PLEASE STOP MICRO TRANSACTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    15. jr 2607

      Bloodborne 2 would be a great exclusive

    16. CrazyDeOne

      Minecraft *PS5* Edition


      Please any advice on where to get many cheap PS4 nowww🤔🤔🤔 I want to start a gaming lounge in Nairobi, Kenya. Every feedback will be appreciated🙏.

    18. AXZ LevelJango

      Me : hyped for ps5 even though I’ve only just switch back to PS after the Xbox one that only have halo for an exclusive, Also me : starts getting called a gaystation player and starts to think about switching to pc, “What a world we live in”

    19. Kamaria LunaDevi

      Thanks for Harlem Nights!! 🎈😎

    20. Nuclear_Muffin


    21. Kikz snorkel

      Is the holiday of 2020 happening this year or next year?

    22. Itz Savage

      is holiday 2020 next year or this year

    23. Shaun Ruthes

      With this part install of the game by sony. do you think the SSD will be small like only be a 256GB... then later release of the slim 500, then the 1TB.... think these needs finding out so we don't get mugged off... it's not like none of them has done it before... cough cough! Don't mind paying extra for A high-end console. But if we get mugged off with this I won't be happy paying so much, then a year later being tempted by the bigger SSD. see some early mods pushing through... as we are all going to have to upgrade the memory ourselves?

    24. Nicemissyoust

      cant believe its gonna come out like that

    25. Daucz S

      I'm just asking for 1 thing , stable 60 fps for high reaction games ...

    26. emelen73

      i hope the sticks have progressive resistance..

    27. Roberto Angel Guzman

      Numbers is better than weird ass names

    28. jonny5777

      Backwards compatibility that's all I wanted to hear Sony, thanks 👍 Now just make modding better for things like fallout and I'll be all set

    29. Nathaniel Skinner Jr.

      Would love to see Last of us 2 on PS5

    30. J Style

      What is the point in a ps5 the games are not going to look better then a ps4 or pc

    31. Q Vin

      Just looking forward for saga Dreamcast 2. Heard Netflix gonna invest in the project to get into the gaming industry

    32. Rose Rxss

      I’m trying to get a job to get the new ps5 but no ones fking hiring me reeeee I need MONEY

    33. K T

      Can’t wait till the ps6 comes out so I can get the ps5

    34. Purplehayz11

      A remastered version of freedom fighters would be awesome🤞🏽

    35. Chase Borba

      Gaystation 5

    36. VorticalSafe 07

      Me: wants to get the ps5 The pc I just bought: No

      1. MrAladdinSir

        VorticalSafe 07 what pc did you get?

    37. Celtics Ballin

      I'm excited for the PS5, but not anxious for it's release. Sony and game companies have done great with releasing some of the console's best experiences; just this year alone. And I still haven't played God of War and some other gauranteed bangers. What a great time to play.

    38. Celtics Ballin

      Honestly, I'd rather hear 12 years olds excited they are getting the PS5 at release than hear y'all talk about how poor you are. Every other comment, damn lol.

    39. Barrett Wolf

      I hope they remake crash bash!! With some added content! A man’s got to dream

    40. Joel Soriano

      1:43 Haaa yes sex toys 😏


      Does it play ps2 , ps3, ps4 games.?

      1. Chris Smith

        Ps4 games only

    42. Riley Cianfaglione

      Y is this on the Xbox topic xD


      Others things are shit when gta 6 come???

    44. Richard Hallam

      The internet talks up new products to test the market before actually producing it. Fact!

    45. srikanth neerudu

      Now I can search whole life how to run PS5 games in android..thanx pl stn

    46. Yahir Alexis

      Plz cod black ops 2 remastered😁😁

    47. kyle palmer

      And Sony just copies other companies products like they had to rely on Xbox alliance and copied the xbx elite controller and the list goes on SONY aka PS is 🧠☠️

    48. kyle palmer

      And the XBX Scarlett release date or is it getting delayed

    49. HauntedDeanDolls UK

      ps5 needs a controller that's lasts more then. five hours

    50. Dallas Stevens

      Im waiting on the PlayStation 10 so it will match my note 10 im still dreaming about. 😆. Good show. 👍🏽

    51. jthmastermind

      Will it be designed operate with 5G technology?

    52. Wailky Lego animation

      Well, PS4 say hello to PS1, PS2, and PS3 because you are the next to be forgotten, and will not be getting cared too much.

    53. mal'ak emeth

      frankly, all tese "updated" so-called "next Gen" are nothing more than money pots for Sony. Take away EVERYTHING that the PS4 has in common with the Ps5. And I mean EVERYTHING (like, dude, why are you talking about USB charger for the controller when that ALREADY exists!?) and then show me that things that are UNIQUE to the PS5 … and then descide id THAT bucket of diffrences is worth it. Cause the end result is what I see on my SCREEN! And if it looks the same on my TV … then … I'm sorry, but its a money pot for them, not an advancement for US. It's time to call this spade for what it is - a spade.

    54. TropicalFistPunch

      I want the ps5 to not need a disc drive replacement

    55. floyd mullins II

      Soooo...GTA6 On PS5? Heres to hoping!

      1. mizanul alam

        That's already been confirmed I believe but don't quote me

    56. tarjan don

      is that valve man!!!!!!DOTA 2 ????? 0:10 min

    57. Victor Chavez

      Madden and call of duty

    58. Super Pirlo21

      How much is PS5 ?

    59. Zaccai P


    60. Just Death

      To be honest I’d like to see the kingdom hearts series (except KH3) remastered into a whole new engine. That would be cool 😎

    61. Karl

      It's *_HIDEOUS!_* ...It won't look like that, even if it does a tea cosy will sort it out. Interesting specs tho, welcome news about the controllers, the Xbox One's vibrating triggers are spectacularly superior for driving games, I always hated my PS4 Triggers, whoever designd them was probably clinically depressed at the time and just couldn't be arsed. This will likely be the gen I move full time from PC gaming to console after 25 years of PC gaming (but only when my 980ti struggles to get god frames @ 1440) I don't use it enough to justify the investment cost. Love, kisses and a small amount of inappropriate touching that's not worth complaining about xx

    62. Comic Muffin

      I hope elden ring is on ps5 and Just looks god damn nuts

    63. Justin Kruger

      As soon as it comes out and sells a million they will make another slim version again with less features but oh its slim so it must be better they say. Pretty soon game consoles will be as thin as a smartphone and they will have to make a Slim Halved version and btw isn't Navi the Name of the Fairy that follows Link around saying Hey Listin? I remember when new consoles cost $200 and my parents said that's expensive so they waited for it to cost $150 but now they always cost $500 when the fact is the consols only cost about $50 to make because it's made in china shit.

    64. 2217251

      I'm an xbox guy but if the ps5 has ps2 backwards compatibility , I'm switching back.

      1. Chris Smith

        It doesn't

    65. Troll Academy

      Console monkeys always wanting "next gen hardware", there is never next gen hardware, pc is always current gen and every console that gets released always has been and always will be last gen in comparison due to lack of upgradability

      1. Chris Smith

        Insulting others over videogames Pathetic

    66. britt vanegas

      I'm getting old I thought I had the ps5 this whole time.

    67. 1Lifeonearth

      great i just bought a ps4 last week

    68. Zebio Pedro

      Guys is this True Or False 👇🏼 👇🏼

    69. Willie King

      Give us twisted metal

    70. Hunnic Barbarian

      I wish EA would re up on time splitters future perfect for ps4 or 5 and WE NEED UNREAL TOURNAMENT!