pulling an insane 1300 IQ impostor self report...

Disguised Toast

Disguised Toast

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    Watch Disguised Toast pull off an insanely bold self report play as impostor in this Among Us gameplay video.
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    1. x. cindaaay

      ' Robin to toasts batman ' 😂😂

    2. okh0oyd hshng

    3. Rizwan Mustafa

      The water pouring animation had me laughing where Sykkuno poured water in almost tens of glasses.

    4. Jeramie Baker

      I can always tell when toast is the imposter because he gets super quite and talks very little when he’s the one doing the killing

    5. Matt Haynes

      Myth was legit pissed off at 24:00

    6. Ice falls, Snow storms

      Toast: “once Lily died I’m using 100% of my brain power!” Aww that’s so cute! I love their friendship!

    7. Birdly The Bird Kid

      9:37 is such a mood ow

    8. Julia Coggins

      Toast: Come, my simp! Sykkuno: *actually follows him*

    9. Timothy Jarvis

      Brodin straight garbage.

    10. CatRekt

      Dis gui s toast

    11. Clenjia Bataller

      I really love Toast’s voice 🔥😍

    12. Delta Dan

      3:20 one Mundo pass 😂 9:39 “I don’t play with any of you guys but- well cause you guys don’t invite me... BUT we can work on that! That’s all I wanted to say” 😂

    13. Taylor

      Myth was so salty that last game. They all sussed him on odd behaviour compared to normal and he just constantly was going "Pssh that's false, that's wrong, literally been 2 games, yeah sure Toast", and it was him. Instead of being salty about being found, he needs to think about how he was found so he can be more believable next time. If I'm told I'm being sussed because I'm not being detective like normal, then I need to remember to be more detective as impostor, not bitch and whine at the crew for literally playing the game well.

    14. weak for bangtan


    15. acidiqvi

      Brodie when toast snitches- omfg. I don’t like ppl who snitch but when your partner does nothing AT ALL but just tried to prove their innocent and not back you up...then it’s fine.

    16. Jody Mejia

      this guys toast disguised toast

    17. Jasmine Diaz

      Myth sounds like if XQC spoke clearly and with no heavy accent or stutter, and knew pronunciation

    18. Courtney Laing

      He is legit smart no cap

    19. Casper Felius

      Toast feels like one of those anime smart guy protagonists with how he figures things out sometimes

    20. TheBlackCrafter


    21. allie Lu

      Now I know how to beat TOAST



    23. Liam Woodford

      straight up toast keeps getting a bigger fatter iq everytime he plays

    24. jdmfsdjs

      everybody can clearly see toast is fucking around when theres an emergency, yet they say they trust him. well okay, your fault then

    25. Cole Stockbridge

      nobody: sykkuno: I WAS POURING A CUP OF WATER

    26. abel abraham

      The animation where sykkuno pouring the water was so funny,

    27. Gacha B.Y.

      I wonder how many water pouring sykkuno did

    28. Dominic 5150

      He is such a good detective

    29. Trevor Fultz

      “Sykkuno, are you the Robin to Toast’s Batman?” 😂

    30. Cmplx-SwaZy 12

      U are so smart

    31. BIG M

      can we sign a petition to make them stop playing with lily she is so damn annoying

      1. shut up

        @I’mASamuraiWhale O___O me too!

      2. I’mASamuraiWhale O___O

        Lily is one of my favorites!

      3. shut up


    32. o0FantasyWorlds0o

      i cant to stop waticing your videos guys , i enjoy it so much , i start with pooki then toast but i didnt like it at first then corps and he is amazing , then sykuno and i like it espacially about him being shy person then rae but i dont remmember much then i back to toast and i finnaly enjoy it !!!!!

    33. EaZz Art

      Lily voice makes me wanna delete DE-news

      1. shut up

        Respect how it sounds

    34. Zygote

      Thank god poki died early so we don’t have to hear her

      1. shut up

        Ur a 🧢

    35. Zygote

      Give the editor a raise

    36. Andres Gutierrez

      0:06 this is emergecy button sound, not dead body hahaha

    37. PinkKnight 42

      They’re all pawns in toasts eyes, including his teammates

    38. A C

      I feel sorry for that Toast had to coop with the other guy

    39. Tamar A

      Brodin worst imposter?? Lmao

    40. Chandler JuJu

      love the animation of him pouring water everytime then it stacked up

    41. Soubhagyalaxmi Sahoo

      toast is too quiet when he's imposter, if he isn't putting the pieces together, he's the one breaking them apart lol

    42. Eel Betrayer

      i was pouring a cup of water

    43. Mantrr Uprit

      sykkunoin always sus

    44. Team SMSD

      Toast’s attitude is great.

    45. joe boxer

      What does 1300 IQ mean? Help me.

    46. Justin Klinekole

      Lily sounds annoying

      1. Justin Klinekole

        @shut up okay sorry

      2. shut up


    47. The GlobalWarming

      The animation was very funny. Nice job

    48. great googly moogly

      brodin is a horrible impostor

    49. Why Am I Still Alive After Watching Kpop

      "Come Sykunno" "Come my simp" HAHADHJAJS WTH

    50. EpicQuaks



      I was at spawn because

    52. burr

      BIGzAuvrwHw BIGGG

    53. Diacos Bargash

      I’m different

    54. UITI MOE

      Whenever I watch yall vid I will always hear "content" lol

    55. Stijn Bertens

      11:55 me clutching my schoolwork the night before it's due

    56. Yiğit Mirza

      *game ends* Voice Chat: *ÆEEAEAAAÆÆE*

    57. Daniel Viciana

      when toast said "I need to make a play" that was like sitting up in your chair when the game gets close

    58. Isaiah Graham

      “i need to make a play”

    59. RoastingWithRust

      Damn bruh he had no choice but to sell out brodin

    60. DmitryN


    61. christhekat79 add me


    62. piCtrues

      *Toast arguing that Myth is imposter* *Everyone's interupting Toast* Myth: Ye, let Toast speak!

    63. Thomas Clarke

      You all entertain me so much apparently im just rewatching vids lol. 3 times in 3 days XD Rae is such a character

    64. GamerLife

      This guys toast? More like Dis guiesed toast

    65. Bobby Mckeel

      Toast: “I’m gonna vote this person” Everyone else: “that’s good enough for me”

    66. Timothy Swindell

      I’ve heard of you before but I’d never seen any of your content. You seem like a cool dude so I had to subscribe

    67. Triple Monk Strap

      Hands down this has to be the best vid on Toast’s channel

    68. Platypus Worlds

      8:05 Toast acting like he knows and gets what south east and north west means.

    69. Platypus Worlds

      6:49. your welcome

    70. Jack Cissell

      Sykkuno talks like hes telling a story