Punishing Jake Paul...

Logan Paul

Logan Paul

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    Sorry bro
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    I’m a 24 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.

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    1. Nihal Vloyz

      its not a pravte sqaure its a no no square

    2. Kelly Bardsley

      This was the day Jake paul turned into the Grinch

    3. นักดนตรีตัวจิ๋ว น้องตงตง

      Logan why do you drink that water I saw someone behind you being in that water

    4. PredatedRug

      F**k yoy

    5. PredatedRug

      Fuck fuck

    6. PredatedRug


    7. MS Vlogs

      Wait, Logan studied to be an engineer

    8. Macie Withers

      I thought Logan was colour blind


      No no square

    10. Just Bart

      Can I have the link to that guy saying "whoop whoop" whenever you feel sad. I need it ASAP

    11. Alan Romero

      Piss water

    12. Alan Romero

      He drank puss water

    13. Estong Mallet

      whi is that fucking man can somebody tell me??? 0:14

    14. aleeza omg

      im talking about jake paul hes mine nogt yours

    15. aleeza omg

      logan man do you dare to kid nap him

    16. Pineapple FaCE DUdE

      Hi I’m Jake Paul and Your watching a porn star getting punished

    17. Gabriel Lagos

      Did you see someone peed in the stream

    18. Tiger Fam

      If I get sad I watch Logan Paul and I feel better

    19. Jacob Fiddy

      I mean he pretty much missed jake

    20. O TGSN

      No no square

    21. The Drewster

      It’s weird Jake and Logan are actually like able after they grew a beard

    22. Itzmeh_ AlexWolfie{roblox and more}

      00:20 someone was peeing in the stream

    23. Saahil JJ

      Punish him harder. Like : Throwing him off a clip.

    24. YaBoiLuis 321

      0:21 Jake was pissing😂😂😂😂

    25. Yeah Boi

      Is no body talking about the dude peeing in the stream while Logan got that bottle and I don’t care if it fake but just putting it out there

    26. WildRommers


    27. Jennifer Volokitin

      My name is also Julia but I am only 11 years old so ya.😉

    28. Elena Garcia

      The only Bullshit I am looking is Jake Paul's channel

    29. Ryder Delaney-Klinac

      he peed in the water logan was drinking

    30. Ryder Delaney-Klinac

      he peed in the water logan was drinking

    31. mohammad jowkari

      The gay was passing in water and Logan drink it

    32. A.

      0:13 Who is that black man in the clouds?

    33. Dalesandro Cox

      1:41 now wonder there was drama on his b-day between mike and logan

    34. Jaylin Arias

      petition to get Logan to change his youtube picture

    35. Samuel Larkin

      Bro it’s like the song no no square

    36. Chloe Konopinski

      I did the whoop whoop thing and I’ve been laughing for 20 mins now 😅 (Time: 2:02)

    37. Paty Noceda

      2:31 No No, dont touch me there. This is my no no square. Like if you get the juicy reference

    38. Wolf Time

      Logan:this is my private square Me:no no don’t touch me there this my no no square

    39. Ruiz Munoz Jr

      Your dad is an f f of crap

    40. FIN Gin

      Logan’s boat look like a pocket pussy

    41. Evangeline Petoia

      logang4ever 😄👍❤

    42. Dare Wit Da Hoodie

      Did you miss that guy peeing? 0:23

    43. renz quasco239

      Is this supposed to be a reference to jackass

    44. Judith Garza

      I was doing the whoop whoop thingy and my sister asked y I was doing it and I told her and she said “because u look like a dumbass doing it”. So JAKE U LOOK LIKE A DUMBASS

    45. Autumn Racksss

      I look real good today ayy

    46. Luiz Phellipe


    47. Luiz Phellipe


    48. Nincotic

      thats fuckin guuurl

      1. Nincotic

        or was it gueral

    49. Landyn13poole

      When the guys in the back ground peeing in the stream lol

    50. mason munro

      anyone else look at the start of the video when Logan was collecting the water and Jake was pissing in the background

    51. Fable Games

      he said the sky is so blue but isnt he colorblind

    52. MCilja

      Shrek Paul

    53. juli0 .flores_yt

      No one is goin to talk bout how Logan drunk pee when he was getting the water from the river you can see the person peeing

    54. DOOR _KNOB


    55. Deniz Mehmed

      No no don't touch my there that's my nono square,this is so crazy 😁😄.

    56. Arijit Chowdhury

      Did nobody clock the F*** you Jack Reese at 2:55? xP

    57. freaksgamer 21105

      bro all that green paint got sucked into jakes fat

    58. Benas Rackauskas

      Jake Paul is way better in Logan’s vlogs than his vlogs

      1. Fluffy Plays

        Benas Rackauskas yep

    59. A Rod

      Woooop woooop!!! Lol

    60. Kevin Vermeulen

      $100 😬, that's sad jake's paul brother

    61. Aamir Nuru

      imagine peeing in the stream and then drinkjng it

    62. Amar Hulle


    63. Tomek M

      Logan you can go to Warsaw. Warsaw is my the best city i the world

    64. Spryte

      Stop don't touch me their, that is my private square is the same as no no don't touch me their, this is my no no square

    65. Unknown Person

      Can you please send me the pic of the nude

    66. Brooklyn Nets

      Logan got the water and someone was peeing in the water

    67. prabhjot singh

      That was pee

    68. Abdul Hafizi

      Does anyone know which vlog jake paul record at logan ranch

    69. Isaac Alt

      Who is the black guy in the clouds