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    1. Alisha Katt Jenner

      every new post i lose a brain cell


      The number 0 birthday candle is to be able to create the numbers 10, 20 etc .. You literally face palmed yourself

    3. Chloie Kwirant

      Cardi-B? More like Cardi-F cuz that’s clearly the grade she got in English.

    4. Hichigo Shirosaki

      6:22 bullshit. You can't OD on marijuana. At least not the real stuff. with the synthetic shit I wouldn't be surprised tho.

    5. Noobster375

      Is it just me or does this guy really sound like troydan Don't judge I'm new to this channel

    6. {Lemon Juice}

      8:43 you use it for example the number 10 or 20....

    7. realluca 632


    8. Easton McDonald

      Who the heck is robin

    9. SPOOKY _13

      AYEEE i founddd yo channel i forgot the name n found it

    10. Liam Nienaber

      Zizzy x pony will happen in piggy Chang my mind for a compliment

    11. Universal Union YT Channel

      I saw old news paper articles about people getting wed and i was like why would everybody need to know this

    12. Swap Sans gacha

      You know the emkay background theme is mr king dice Theme

    13. Misty_Haze

      9:38 please explain

    14. Volcano

      The 0 birthday candle is for when people turn 10 20 etc.

    15. Nick Biaz

      Fish can drown

    16. Climax Dragon

      I just lost so many brain cells

      1. H4D4


    17. Shockz

      I’ve been a lost cause since I was 9 😂

    18. onelegend pro

      Hey bro if adam and eve was white that where did black pirsone come

    19. Caley Keast-Jones


    20. DARK Gameing DJ

      8:40 is for use wen you have 10 y/o

    21. Apocalyptic Bone-Daddy

      I dunno man.... i seen LOTS of people with the same PFP as me

    22. Moonlight fox 62

      This is a warning not to do gross crap ppl

    23. ShockingRotom

      “What if zelda was a girl” *picture of female link...... bruh the fact that its on a shirt so uncultured

    24. Caleb m gaming

      They said it was the only surgical procedure with a 300% mortality rate ... I can break that if you want me to

    25. Skarlet the Husky

      6:20 umm was that an add saying you could overdose on pot? Lmfao you cant overdose on pot. You'd have to smoke your entire body weight in order to overdose, and you'd either fall asleep or vomit before then. Literally no one has died from overdosing on pot. They only die by doing dumb shit on pot.

    26. D3m0nL0l1

      I have finally reached the point in which my IQ goes negative.

    27. ?????

      Goofys a dog lol not a cow...

    28. ORO

      Honestly I’m happy for the octopus good job dude

    29. Kaibyr

      wtf they say this is made for kids iq -10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

    30. VPrebz

      About the brazillian story, brazillian portuguese is different than portuguese portuguese.

    31. Cara Tímido

      17:02 call me dumb if you want to but i didnt get it

    32. Underfresh Sans

      2:52 reminds me of when I was in a discord chat and I was about to say “It’s 1:00 AM I’ve got to go to sleep” and right as I sent it it changed to 1:01 AM. This guy was then like, “No, it’s 1:01 AM” and in like, “Well, it is now.” And he’s like, “Well get your time right” and I’m like “Dude, it changed as I sent it” and we started arguing and I just asked someone like “hey, back my up.” And they were like “Hey, the time changed as he sent it” and then the guy who was arguing with me was like “That’s it.” And then sent me the Terease fidlago text(I think that’s how you spell it idk)

    33. Lalogue

      Don't know why, but I could bet that the guy who held the "Sacrifice the weak" sign probably eats bic macs three times a day and uses his car to go to the convenience store half a mile away.

    34. Bendy n' Friends

      UUHHHMMM Fish CAN in fact drown. If their in one layer of the ocean and go to deep OR to shallow the salt and temperature level's can drown them. There's another reason but I can't remember it, I'll google it later. XD

    35. Xan Der

      Me: Sees thumbnail Me: *screams "YOU GET WHAT YOU FUCKING DESERVE!"* im asian so if you think im being racist then im sorry but nana

    36. Hiro Gaming


    37. Joshua Aaron Philip Ballena

      to clarify fishes can drown but not from water both with different liquids like oil

    38. Cental MM

      Every time i hear that intro i sing the king dice song

    39. Bethany C

      Question do you like cuphead

    40. Money

      “What do you get when you try and eat an octopus alive? You get what you fucking deserve!”

    41. Luis Parra

      6:34 I just loved that “me too” 😂

    42. Gart4

      These guys are the reason I understand what "perusing" means

    43. Dragonballfan 3009


    44. Eli Body Butter

      What is the octopus guys what

    45. Haynes LaLonde

      When you realize that saying “I want my first daughter to be a girl” is a perfectly valid statement in 2020

      1. ZeRØ GlITcH

        My parents not knowing I'm non binary: *QuAkInG*

      2. NarcoticFluff


    46. Robert Swifts

      There’s a 0 birthday candle because you know the number 10 there sure as hell isn’t 10 candle so we have to rely on a 1 and 0 candles.

    47. Donny Shields

      4:03 there's a teacher at my school who fell victim to that

    48. nick.galusha

      The 0 candle actually has a purpose. It's for when people turn 20 or 50 so they can make it say that instead of just 2 or 5

    49. Spadaj Szczawiu

      6:15 fun fact, archeologist actually do that to check if it was a bone since bines absorb water

    50. wolvesj

      16:04 its so fucking obvious its a joke omg

    51. ANTique !

      15:37, The blue ringed octopus, deadly.

    52. Reath Greed

      Bruh imagine thinking fish breathe water

    53. Karyi Da SPLAT


    54. Dankermast

      Where did damian go I have not been here for a while please explain

    55. Zeno Sama

      6:59 wait REALLY

    56. Abdulrahman Ademuyiwa

      Where is the normal guy

    57. Abdulrahman Ademuyiwa

      Haven't been in this channel in time and who the fuck is Robin

    58. Haze Swordzz

      Plot twist: it is crystal meth

    59. Aaron Dejesus

      Sometimes, I wanna go to the sun, so I don't have to deal with all the stupid people that live on this ball of misery we call earth.

    60. MyMainGotBanned_Not

      4:58 You see it won’t matter what we say, because they won’t see it

    61. Scar Marks

      14:27 I know how to fix this just call every girl thicc cause then this argument is invalid

    62. that one furry kid

      15:59 not only was it stupid and obviously false, but they did the math wrong 2×2 is 4 not 5

    63. Edder Gutierrez

      The 0 in the birthday candles are just for 10 and etc.

    64. Pink Yoshi

      10:49 more importantly, did they eat paint?

    65. Pink Yoshi

      You sound like you could be a sports announcer

    66. Thapelo Mokoto

      If goofy is a dog them why doesn't he have the same nose as Clarabelle, there is no reason for animators to give two individuals of the same species different noses. I think we can all agree that Peter is a dog (I think that's his name, the big guy), goofy has the same nose as Peter. Or is the r/facepalm for the reply

    67. Omar Mohamed

      6:53 i feel goofy for not knowing that untill now

    68. Feral Cyborg Gaming

      "You don't matter. Worry." Yeah, that sums up my life.

    69. munchy

      Goldfish can't drown he knows they need air right???