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    1. Warded Thorn

      That fanart at the end makes me want to see jojo versions of a bunch of different youtubers

      1. Zed Uriel Gesta

        Fake Jake, Tlooly, The members of Emkay, Just Destiny and Javis Johnson, they are teaming up against Keemstar

      2. Something Creepy


      3. DRIFT__KANG101


      4. Nathan josh Ante

        Za worldo

      5. Boba tea

        Vibe check

    2. Francisco Medina

      Not a vibe

    3. Snatcher

      4:08 bruh did you just call giorno dio

    4. Broken Taco

      Dont hate me but the thumbnail didn't bother me ... That's how I eat them (no hate please)

    5. RedstonePotato

      Vibe check

    6. Crimzey

      Vibe check

    7. Zac RBLX Roblox

      V I B E C H E C K

    8. Alto YT

      Vibe check !!!


      Vibe check

    10. Caleb gamer

      2:28 did you mean whats DISK

    11. Rylee Porter


    12. Adhi Kartika

      vibe check

    13. Jesse Acosta

      at 8:03 that thing looked like the things from the first live action scooby doo movie

    14. AndroidTheEnd

      Vibe check

    15. Death The Horseman

      Vibe Check

    16. nicholas roessler

      Vibe check

    17. GamerBoy NYC


    18. Aden Patton

      Vibe check

    19. Holly Sullivan

      ohhhh...maria no disturb... -maria watch.-

    20. Kirby lover

      Vibe check...

    21. XL1Z Venom

      Damien is mah fave because of the way you make yourself laugh

    22. Thicc And Emotionally Unstable

      *vibe check* haha! you expected a vibe check! but it was me! dio!

    23. Ethan the Squirtle

      *vibe check*

    24. Logan Benjamin

      5:21 is the xray in another r/makemesuffer

    25. v g

      Wait...how does he know what deer pussy taste like?? 6:44 🤣

    26. Bailey Gurnoe

      V I B E C H E C K

    27. Kadija Esther


    28. ROSEZ_ RR

      Vibe Check ✔️

    29. Bailey Hardinger

      Vibe check

    30. Keri Arellano

      That's giorno, not dio.

    31. SolidSpider


    32. Plant Thing

      v i b e c h e c k

    33. Easton Pro Vlogs 88

      Vibe check

    34. Дамир Птицын

      6:24 it's a mouse, not rat

    35. kill all humons

      Vibe check

    36. Breadstick stick

      Mmmm i love me some *BLEACH*

    37. breado_

      Damien just called Giorno Dio

    38. Wyatt Frey

      I want Obama vibe check noww

    39. Tom Aveyard

      6.9k comments. Noice

    40. Dalton Grieve

      vibe check

    41. unigurl 272

      Vibe check

    42. the Hollow soul

      10:21 that's "Drafted I have been" Idiots if you're gonna make something with yoda make yoda talk right

    43. Brody

      A balloon with a forbidden face

    44. Animal

      Vibe check

    45. Brody

      Vibe cheack

    46. Music cat :D

      4:10 **KONO DIO DA**

    47. No debate here, move along.

      *VIBE CHECK*

    48. Fake Banana

      Vibe check

    49. GamingMelon

      Me stopping the video because I don't want to have sleep paralysis.

    50. Bobby’s Shop

      Vibe check

    51. peanut sans

      Vibe check

    52. TheClassyFox

      vibe check

    53. pat4mat

      Vibe check *B O N K*

    54. Asa Cunningham

      Vibe cheak

    55. Thomas Linkous

      Boston Bean donuts

    56. 《viilenyxi》

      imagine your over at your bffs house and they ask.. "hey, you want some b r e a d j u i c e "

    57. BreeStake Bobba

      The Squeezing worms in a dog one fucking made me wanna kill myself Im trypophobic hdhdbsjajffyvyvunfzghiffogox

    58. Squirtle

      vibe check

    59. thomas williams

      5:22 made me cringe badly. I have nightmares bout that shit. I run track wich is even worse cause that can happen.

    60. Jesus Isidoro

      Vibe check

    61. The second Word

      Vibe check

    62. Alexandre Laparra

      vibe check

    63. Garden Loner

      vibe check

    64. Crimsoncloak

      VIBE CHECK *ominous music intensifies*

    65. Julien Danis


    66. Sticky spammable spider garbage

      4:08 Wrong guy, buddy. His name's Giorno.

    67. Leslie Griffith

      Vibe check

    68. Kara Z

      10:35 seriously though, is he still there? Or dead? If he made it out, how?

    69. dank meme boi

      Vibe check

    70. R.I.P Rick May The Mann Himself

      Vibe check