Ranking The Best DUOS From All 30 NBA Teams (2018-19)

Austin Sweatt

Austin Sweatt

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    1. Austin Sweatt

      Ok ok I will admit that I put Utah way too low, my bad. 🤦🏼‍♂️🤷‍♂️

      1. Abudu Saaka

        Austin Sweatt no you put the heat to low

      2. RDJ Plays


      3. jawlineofprosperity

        I'm glad I saw this cause I was actually high key triggered af by that ranking lmao

      4. Lanre Akerele

        As a Heat fan, I may see why Josh Richardson is a great player for the team, including his shooting, but it should go to Justice Winslow as he tries to improve himself and be new the captain for Miami after Wade. Winslow should be included, not Dragic as duo. 👥🏀

      5. pHaNaTiC

        Dylan Edwards wrong Jordan had to play against Olajuwon, Bird, Magic, Kareem, Ewing, Stockton, the Mailman, and others. The current NBA is not as stacked as that. And Jordan still got those accolades.

    2. Wewewewew Ewewewewew

      DisAgree. LMAO Dame CJ dou #12 really


      The blazers should be at least 10th

    4. TheXbox BlackBelt

      Paul Millsap over Jamal Murray

    5. derozanfan10

      I think you should put Kawhi and Pascal Siakam

    6. Ethan Wrenn

      how u gon put orlando so low

    7. Jake Mekdeci

      Maybe the splash brothers curry and klay

    8. Logan Clark

      this is supposed to be the best duos not the best two players fro each nba team. For example: Steven adams and russell westbrook, boban marjonovic and tobias harris.

    9. DaeVon Smith

      You are dumb thunder are wayyyyyyyy bettr than the rockets

    10. Cavin Bob


    11. jackal 257

      Steph with KD??????? why not klay thomson

    12. Klāvs Eglītis


    13. Money Man Marr


    14. Nolan Smith

      For the Celtics it should really be kyrie and jaylen

    15. Evan Guirguis

      9:56 dude Jrue Holiday’s not THAT good. I suggest mirotic and Davis

    16. 2intens3gameing Adventures

      In the ad the guy is wearing fake supreme

    17. Pillsburyy Doughboii

      OKC needs to be way higher they need to be like 2 because giannis and kris Middleton are not as good as George and Westbrook

    18. Brave Knight 84

      I’m a Celtics fan and I’m not being biased they should have been #7 Kyrie Irving Is one of if not the best point guards in the NBA Jayson Tatum is not having the year he did last year but he is still one of the most under-rated players in the league!!!!!

      1. Jake Mekdeci

        Brave Knight 84: I agree with Jayson Tatum a 2nd year rookie I would expect a better ranking in the future

    19. Guilherme Medeiros

      Did you really puted ben “no jump shot” simmons and embiid over Kawhi and lowry, man this is awful wrong, the raptors won 3 of the 4 games against de 76SUCKERS, ans still the fact that ben simmons has no junp shot and just shoot bricks at the rim.

    20. Malcolm Bunyoli

      Wdym your stupid Damian lillard and Russell Westbrook are better then kyrie irving

    21. Jacoby Hammitt

      when AD goes to the Celtics they will be top 3

    22. Helvijs Kalnins

      dame dolla and mccollum #12?!?!?!

    23. Oh Yea Yea

      He called the sixers the Phillies😂

    24. Sean Brust

      He really put bogdanovic over Myles turner

    25. Helen Montijo

      Pistons should be higher

    26. baseball man ingram

      I am not w warriors fan but it should be of and klay

    27. The memester XD

      You say Phillies stupid

    28. Donte abdul Jabar


    29. Walker Endres

      why is oladipo with bogdonavic instead of myles turner

    30. Isaac Castro

      Wrong with on lakers Kyle kuzma

    31. Carter Weeden Vlogs

      No love for Hassan Whiteside? It’s all good...

    32. dylan cockerill

      last season was my birthday

    33. Naruto uzumaki

      Watch Durant sign with warrior again

    34. Sulo Daniel

      Pascal Siakam is better than Kyle Lowry

    35. slugger36477

      Thopson Curry.

    36. tp_captain

      disagree about curry and Durant how about Klay

    37. Jill Nye

      Nope. Lakers got Kuzma over BI

    38. Jill Nye

      Kris Dunn for the Bulls - you said "healthy"

    39. Jill Nye

      3:08 Bruh

    40. Miller Ferguson

      What about Al Horford?

    41. Miller Ferguson

      Blake and Drummond should be top ten!

    42. Bobbie Redondo

      do you watch basketball?

    43. Jeanelle ni

      It should be Curry and Klay

    44. Jaxsen Miller

      Giannis has teammates? That you think are top 5? Lmaoooo k

    45. Zyad x


    46. Gary Winthorp

      I’m a jazz fan and I love every player on the team. But it is not Donavan’s best year stat wise or anything wise really.

    47. Jens Jakob Bjerg

      I Think that gobert and Mitchell Should at least in top 15

    48. Lanre Akerele

      I would say that Andrew Wiggins, for the Timberwolves, needs to be traded to the Raptors and become duos with Jeremy Lin.

    49. Yankienoodle Seal

      The rockets are not number 2

    50. Yankienoodle Seal

      What about Wiggins he's averaging 17.6 ppg

    51. Secure Killer


      1. Lanre Akerele

        But LeBron James showed bad leadership on his team and got some terrible hates from fans.

    52. Brandon Kinser

      Ummmm luka and kristoph

    53. IcyHot_TheRapper

      Did this man actually just call Kyrie the 2nd best pg. Did he forget about curry, Westbrook, and Lillard. Kyrie is averages basically the same numbers as kemba.

    54. Mrderpderp

      1 Luka and rookie of the year award

    55. Zeno Savelli

      Ciao Italiano che è fiero di Gallinari

    56. Kraze Blitz

      #1 should be the splash brothers why our curry with snake

    57. James collins 69

      Kuzma over Ingram

    58. Julie Wille

      Where’s Marc Gasol

    59. Game Reaper

      hasn't watched... westbrook and pg should be #1

    60. Rhys Craver


    61. Rhys Craver

      Utah is to low But the lakers are so high its dIsGuStInG

    62. Dylan Measom

      lol as soon as I saw the jazz at 19 I immediately came down but saw my job was already was done

    63. Tigerclaw888 Gaming

      Bucks over Thunder?

    64. Hornfred

      Curry and klay Thomson

    65. Cole Steven

      Westbrook and PG shouldn't be any lower than #2

    66. Beau Salanitri

      Kyle kuzma

    67. PCJC

      it’s Vic & Myles fyi

    68. The Lebanese Hooper

      I would rank OKC first

    69. Nicolas_Tirado

      Dlo should be with Jarret Allen

    70. Flaming Chicken44

      The pacers should have been myles turner and oladipo

    71. pinny rossman

      when are you makeing the all time shooting gourd

    72. Dak Reynolds

      rockets should be 30 because harden is a 1 man show

    73. Golden Gaming

      Rumors: AD for Dray dray to the Warriors lol never

    74. Dam daniel aviation

      number 1 should be curry and clay not Durant

    75. Bryce Ricks

      Are you kidding me!? Utah at 19 that is a complete joke not only that but it is an insult! They should at least be top 10 in these rankings if not higher! The wizards dou in my opinion is overrated! Why cause there record together is absolutely trash! John wall is clearly overrated. The wizards dou belongs in the 20s not in the top 10.

    76. adan F

      Where is boban and Tobias?

    77. Potato Time00

      2. westbrook and george 3. harden and paul. chris paul is way over rated

    78. Brayden Vlogs

      0:47 should be Hassan Whiteside & Dwyane Wade.

    79. Romeo Nurse

      What about Marc Gasol

    80. Carl Vidal

      its Wiggins and towns

    81. Carl Vidal

      Where is Harrison barnes

    82. Carl Vidal

      it should be luka and kristaps

    83. Carl Vidal

      What about Hassan whiteside

    84. Just Killed A Man

      Best duo Rick and Morty

    85. Too Bless

      Pg13 and Russ #1 on god

    86. Milan Josimov

      i think its better kyrie and horford

    87. D Mitch45

      Your underrating Mitchell and Gobert

    88. HYL {TM手殘的手機TM}

      Lbj did a wrong thing,left Caves.

    89. Robert Herrera

      Trae young is better than Luka

    90. Nathan Burghardt

      Why are the jazz so low?

    91. alex palmer

      Turner over BB, Horford over Tatum and Winslow over Dragic and DET, POR, UTA should be higher while

    92. SMpro 1

      Curry still best on gsw

    93. Ernie Yelton

      If Oladipo wasn't injured the Pacers would be top 2 in East.

    94. Niels

      You disrespected the magic so hard

    95. Ultimatetube HD khlil streams

      The thumbnail makes no sense how can Ingram and lebron be a duo they are the same position

    96. Briccx

      harden & capela!!

    97. H0 14


    98. M Zazzy

      Dame and cj at 12. What are u smoking

    99. M Zazzy

      They aren’t dwos just bc they are the two best player on the team

    100. Reed Krueger

      #18 for pistons. ARE YOH OUT OF YOUR MIND 😂 Andre Drummond and Blake Griffin are insane.