Ranking The Best DUOS From All 30 NBA Teams (2018-19)

Austin Sweatt

Austin Sweatt

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    1. Austin Sweatt

      Ok ok I will admit that I put Utah way too low, my bad. 🤦🏼‍♂️🤷‍♂️

      1. lindz3ds


      2. Zach B


      3. Bradley Cheese Pepperoni X

        And the magic

      4. Forward-Ex0tic _

        Dr. MuRDeR ur actually a drama queen

      5. Forward-Ex0tic _

        Josh 3Arch 1

    2. Footballer 54

      Bucks above rockets because Giannis is Better than Harden and Middleton is better than Chris Paul

      1. Footballer 54

        Harden and Paul also have bad chemistry due to them both being ball dominated players. This is what led to cp3 getting the boot

    3. Tropang Adam


    4. Tropang Adam

      What about porzingis

    5. Regan Chase

      Best duo ever. Lil pump and drugs

    6. gamer1

      In 2020 it’s gonna be hard for the knicks duo

    7. J.J.Alvarez 2005

      Look how much it's changed

    8. Maxizillion

      How is the Magic the 26th ranking

    9. LyTe_QuannQuann M

      How did you rank them before the playoffs, but you knew their seeding ? Playoffs didn’t start till April , and you uploaded this in March.

    10. Mehmet Ali Metİn

      With all due respect fox and hield ARE better than Mitchell and DPOY? Come on man

    11. Infinite 11

      Why didn’t you said giannis’ full name huh

    12. SBG YT

      My duos for 2019-20! Note KD, Klay and Rookies will be included. Duos in same order as vid so I don’t miss any. Also these are my opinions but most of these are without a doubt correct like Lakers, Clippers, Nets, etc. NEW YORK KNICKS - RJ Barrett & Kevin Knox MIAMI HEAT - Jimmy Butler & Justice Winslow CLEVELAND CAVALIERS - Collin Sexton & Darius Garland MEMPHIS GRIZZLIES - Ja Morant & Jaren Jackson Jr ORLANDO MAGIC - Nikola Vucevic & Aaron Gordon LOS ANGELES CLIPPERS - Kawhi Leonard & Paul George DALLAS MAVERICKS - Kristaps Porzingis & Luka Doncic ATLANTA HAWKS - Trae Young & John Collins CHARLOTTE HORNETS - Terry Rozier & Miles Bridges PHOENIX SUNS - Devin Booker & DeAndre Ayton CHICAGO BULLS - Zach LaVine & Lauri Markkanen UTAH JAZZ - Mike Conley & Rudy Gobert DETROIT PISTONS - Blake Griffin & Derrick Rose BROOKLYN NETS - Kevin Durant & Kyrie Irving SACRAMENTO KINGS - Buddy Hield & De’Aaron Fox SAN ANTONIO SPURS - DeMar DeRozan & LaMarcus Aldridge MINNESOTA TIMBERWOLVES - Karl Anthony Towns & Andrew Wiggins INDIANA PACERS - Victor Oladipo & Myles Turner PORTLAND TRAILBLAZERS - Damian Lillard & CJ McCollum BOSTON CELTICS - Kemba Walker & Jayson Tatum LOS ANGELES LAKERS - LeBron James & Anthony Davis WASHINGTON WIZARDS - Bradley Beal & Rui Hachimura DENVER NUGGETS - Nikola Jokic & Jamal Murray NEW ORLEANS PELICANS - Jrue Holiday & Zion Williamson TORONTO RAPTORS - Kyle Lowry & Pascal Siakam PHILADELPHIA 76ERS - Ben Simmons & Joel Embiid MILWAUKEE BUCKS - Giannis Antetokounmpo & Khris Middleton OKC THUNDER - Chris Paul & Steven Adams GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS - Stephen Curry & Klay Thompson HOUSTON ROCKETS - James Harden & Russell Westbrook

      1. Shafay Qaiser

        SBG YT bro you prob spent so much time on this and have no likes, I gotchu though

    13. Bro The Boss

      Hey but know you have lebron and AD. Westbrook and harden. George and Leonard. And Kyrie and Durant. The league is changing

    14. vF

      Run it back

    15. Jacob Rudy

      Lillard and McCollum should be way higher

    16. Bhino_ 4k

      Embid and Butler

    17. Jay gibson

      Collin and love should be higher

    18. Kermit The juicy

      Cp3 is doing worse cuz of how ball dominant harden is

    19. Rimaz Al-Kutob

      Do best free throw shooter from every team

    20. Anikait Kundu

      i like it

    21. Dj so cool Chillin

      Best duo Curry and threes

    22. nanokid 67

      I dunno about AD and drue over Jokic and Murry.🤔🤔

    23. Cooper Lefty

      Conley and triple j should be higher

      1. Cooper Lefty

        And jazz should be higher 😂 but this was a good video

    24. Zachary Ralph

      d'lo is sooo much better than fox

    25. crazycavsfan road

      I have come to notice booker is overated

    26. younglock24

      Best duo is michal Jordan and Lebron James if my still played

    27. Bradley Cheese Pepperoni X

      The best duo is Batman and Robin

    28. Gavin Kruger

      raptors should be above the thunder although jamal murray is a good player i think lowry is a big part of there winning the playoffs

    29. Dr. Respect

      I think indiana pacers best duo is domantas sabonis and victor oladipo

    30. Brian Digangi

      Its literally the best two from each team

    31. jay gainer

      This years will be 🔥

    32. BigBadBul Y

      Curry and Klay are more lethal than Curry and Durant

    33. afi hassan

      austin always throwing shade on cp3 he is doing allot

    34. Nx3

      Stop disrespecting Dame and CJ.

    35. Jelly _Fish

      Curry and Thomson ?

    36. Crusty gameplay

      How is here after kawia and chris paul are on the clippers and kd and kyrie are one the nets

    37. Reid Martin

      The clippers went from 0-100 real quick

    38. TanMan

      CP3 sucks because James Harden scores too much.

    39. TanMan

      All your logos are too outdated.

    40. Ben K

      the best duo is harden and refs🤣🤣🤣

    41. Random Kid

      My freind said put skiam instead of lowery

    42. D Family

      absolutely no doubt on your top of the list.,

    43. Salma Bashir Ali

      Oh my gosh Kawhi Leonard and Kyle Lowry should be at least 4th I mean come on seriously

      1. Gregory Clemons

        Salma Bashir Ali Lowry can’t make a layup half the time

    44. Isaac Jackson KEFU

      no butler???? mmmm okayy

    45. Lowkey Isaac

      2019-2020 AD and lebron #1

    46. Dr.choas

      celtics and rapters should be higher

    47. Curran Buescher

      nets bouta be kd and kyrie

    48. Bayden Leka

      what about dwane wade

    49. Sebastian Vargas

      R.I.P duo No. #27 and #30

    50. ROBOTshark06

      It's should of been LeBron and Lonzo Ball

    51. Young Astro

      Kyrie isn’t the 2nd best PG in the league it’s Dame

    52. Jackson Otto

      Tatum doesn’t get enough touches of the ball

    53. BasketballTutorials &Reviews

      I feel like it’s funny that the bulls duo was both Kobe’s numbers 🤔

    54. Ibraheem K

      Kawhi and Siakam?

    55. Traci Hoffbrg

      Trial blazers should be 10

    56. Prahlad Saravanapriyan

      KD might not leave.

    57. SiN__-EnVy-

      Curry and Durant...

    58. Blackshadow Awesome

      raptors should be 1st because they won the NBA finals 4-2

    59. Kai Sommers

      Switch Denver with GS and that's your list

    60. Kai Sommers

      If you say that they don't have a good jump shot don't show a highlight from them making a jump shot😂

    61. Julian Sassanpour

      Klay Thompson for Kevin Durant like the comment if you agree

    62. Johnbrixx baldugo

      Best DUO LAKERS:Davis and Lebron

    63. Weird Messi

      Klay and curry

    64. Henry Ingersoll

      LeBron and AD

    65. Henry Ingersoll

      Who’s watching after mike Conley trade

    66. Eddie Han

      Put raptors higher

    67. xxXRovie_ Xxx

      You Know Who Is The Best Person? Read the first one

      1. Shafay Qaiser

        xxXRovie_ Xxx you re one of those people 😂

    68. Margie Dizon

      The best duo is chicken and waffles

    69. Marie P.

      Washington wizards is my team

    70. Yo Ro

      curry and klay????