Ranking the Best Duos From EVERY NBA Team 2019 20

Austin Sweatt

Austin Sweatt

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    1. Eljun Lazarito

      just found out that that's how PG13 Shoots

    2. tsoubaggelos Aggelos

      What about Bam Adebayo?

    3. carlsong643

      9:55 hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    4. Landon Smith


    5. ItzMoggo2

      Kawhi and og is no where near as good as ad and bron

    6. A1R 6AMEZ

      Raptors are know should be so much higher

    7. joshua Liu

      Raptors supposed to be 12th!

    8. LeeFamilyGaming12 24

      12:38 why did he say “two best players” 2 times

    9. Kai Green

      Pacers duo is Myles Turner and Victor Olidipo. Domantas Sabonis: Am I a joke to u

      1. CreepZz

        This video is 6 months old...

    10. Kage Frost

      Not too bad, but would have had Lebron and AD as #1, and I hate the Lakers. Lebron is in the conversation for GOAT and not showing much if any decline with age. AD and Kawhi both MVP caliber players but Paul George is just not on the same tier as good as he is. Also would have put Steph and Klay over Kyrie and Durant, Kyrie overrated and they've proved nothing.

    11. Tadas Eglynas

      Bro myles turner over domantas sabonis ?? Sabonis is all star

      1. CreepZz

        Tadas Eglynas upload date

    12. Dark_King Kam

      Bruh AD’s number is not 21

    13. Caleb Lee

      U must fill stupid now because you put Blake and Drummond over klo and spicy p

    14. WonShOt_ReX

      Who’s here when Wiggins got traded

    15. Baztie Playz

      This is dumb

    16. Bobby Mc wey

      Austin sweat do you support clippers because I do and I agree with your decision with kawhi leonard and Paul George at the top

    17. sLim SkooZY3

      i watched this video when it first came out and i was like wtf am i watching and now that the seasons started and hes like super wrong im very satisfied

    18. no cringing

      This is by far one of his worst videos

    19. Jimmby12 Jommoz

      Ben Simmons shooting threes during the summer then when the season comes you wish

    20. Bailey Boyle

      If cj could pick it back up it would be Damian and cj as number 3 because Damian is over hear getting 50 points a game but we just need cj to pick it up or Carmelo

    21. Jill Kosmal

      Westbrook and Harden should be 3 and LeBron and Davis should be 1

    22. Rhey Morgan Quitioan

      Grizzlies are winning wtf.. Why rank lower than pelicans

    23. Exzotik_MX

      I better stop seeing kawhi and Paul above lebron and Anthony, Lebro. In my opining is better than both combined and has more ring=more experience. Now don’t get me wrong Kawhi is great and I like him but he slinky has 2 champs and Paul has failed multiple times and bringing his team to the finals due to LEBRON.anthony Davis on the other hand has not made very good effort to lead his to a playoffs spot by he’s an excellent player combined with LeBron how is debatably one of the most experienced veterans when it comes to the game.

    24. Dp Mcmanus

      The NBA now 😳

    25. 1000subscriberswithnovideos Please

      This is what player you are 1.kd 2.lebron 3.curry 4.tacko fall 5.lonzo ball 6.drummond 7.zach LaVine 8.anthony Davis 9.Jimmy butler 0.all players together

      1. Elite_Inferno 06

        1000subscriberswithnovideos Please Kd lol

    26. Dave David

      this guy is actually so much better in ranking than lnu

    27. Coop A Troop


    28. TheFatMan

      imagine harden and giannis on a team

    29. Isaiah Wright

      What about jaren Jackson jr and ja morant

    30. Noel

      BRO GRIZzly is fckin killin it

    31. Gachaman XD

      4:39 but I put but I put

    32. Noob Noob

      James Harden and the NBA refs are officially the best duos of all time.

    33. good boy

      how is james and russ 8 they should be 2nd or 3rd

    34. PM Beast

      How could u put kawhi and pg over ad and lebron

    35. Master Buten

      Is this guy just chose terry rozier over devonte gram? Lol

    36. Craig Dalinsky

      How do you have Kemba and Jayson Tatum two spots behind an old is LaMarcus Aldridge and DeMar DeRozan

    37. Peter Huang

      lebron and anthony should be 1st

    38. abdul alobaid

      Harden should be higher ranked

    39. יונתן עוזרי

      My top 5 1:the brodie and the beard 2:king James and AD 3:PG and the🖐️ 4:KD and Kyrie 5:Curry and Thompson

    40. Andrei Lumague

      For charllote its cody and graham

    41. Fortnite rankings

      He says Dallas are not gonna be a playoff team

    42. Uriah Hazelwood

      Do the best duos of all time

    43. Clinton Corley

      Donavin Mitchell over rated

      1. יונתן עוזרי


    44. Dill Pickle

      Hornets would have a higher spot if Kemba didn’t want to trade

    45. William Fanslau

      Who's here when DeVonte Graham is averaging 19.3 - 3.7 - 7.5

    46. Dr Wet

      1 is bullshit

    47. Roller HunkJunk

      A little ways into the season this kawhi super fan was pretty wrong

    48. Miranda Rapp

      Pascal is a mvp candidate

    49. Kieron Yap

      Look at kahwi and Pg now lol

    50. YouTube Michael Gold fish pizza

      James and Russ should be 3

    51. Raul Jabbari

      my favourite is Davis and James

    52. Joey Clipperton

      Both of the splash bro’s are hurt. Great

    53. de nba 35 paketa

      oh chulo

    54. markjerahmeel alejandro

      Leonard can't make it this year believe me.

    55. Ace 218

      bam adebayo

    56. Ace 218

      what about ingram

    57. 7FigureGibber

      For pelicans jaxson has been and is op

    58. ヅItsTotallyJMP

      I think Harden and Westbrook should be above the Splash Brothers.

    59. Leilani Mercado

      cp3 and aquaman as steven adams on okc

    60. Leilani Mercado

      tristan thompson should be on cavaliers with kevin love

    61. Mini Trickshotter

      Lakers should of been ALEX CARUSO AND KCP

    62. Olz33

      Gallo and Shai i feel is a better DUO than Gallo and CP but Adams and Schröder are also pr good

    63. All star Champion gamer

      Do NBA best backcourts

    64. WoodyTheWise

      Bro Siakam and Vanvleet

    65. LitDorito

      I think raptors should be higher with siakam and vanvleet

    66. Kristopher Funches


      1. ilias Neeley aka jacket kid

        He's on the Portland trailblazers

    67. Sportz gaming!

      Ur ranking suck so far, like to agree 👇🏻

    68. Nahom Amanuel

      Low key I think Nuggets should be top 5 and I want y’all to remember that we will win the championship I’m calling it right here rn

    69. FBR D3adSh0t

      Who's here where Curry is hurt and blazers arent playing to well

    70. WRECKER26FTW -Gaming

      The lakers should be Kobe and wilt