Ranking the Best Duos From EVERY NBA Team 2019 20

Austin Sweatt

Austin Sweatt

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    1. Mary Duru

      The kincks one was good

    2. Tatum Skeelz


    3. HotHead jit

      Yo you need to change your theme song or whatever threw out the video. It sounds creepy

    4. OGxKlaybone36

      Khris Middleton not a star? Yet made the all-star team hahahaha alright then 9:30

    5. HonuStyleImports

      0: klay 1: curry 2:LeBron 3: giannis 4: taco fall 5: kristaps porzingis 6: mo bamba 7 kevin Durant 8 kyrie Irving 9 Michael Jordan

    6. Daniel Cavalier

      I'm going to laugh my ass off when the Lakers beat the Clippers, and when the Clippers won't make it out of the playoffs semifinals...

    7. b0b the El CHAp0

      Imma take a guess #1 is Lebron and ad

    8. Jonah Scarlett

      Tripping you clearly don't know what your talking about

    9. Kendrell Ewell

      Gonna be a interesting season

    10. Son Of Nam

      KD & Kyrie should be #1 on this list. Leonard & PG should be at #3, after the Queen & Unibrow. That's how you rank them.

    11. ollie da way

      For the Thunder shouldn’t it be Chris Paul and Steven Adams

    12. Tsaster Williams

      Only problem I have with the list is that you're ranking the duos based on how much success they'll have, which is a whole roster problem, rather than how good the duo is, which is based on their personal talent.

    13. Dan The Man

      ???? Harden and Westbrook need to improve in the playoffs???? yet you think Dame and CJ are better? Who got swept by the warriors in the last playoffs? NOT the rockets! Who added a better player? The rockets!

    14. DF Messorem

      Dude Jrue and Zion and a good duo Lonzo and Zion are cuz Zo be throwin them lobs to Zion cuh

    15. tymd130

      the suns could've used ja or even westbrook or even simmons or even cp3. they're doomed.

    16. tymd130

      fox and hield higher!

    17. ssandroAle gesBor

      Yo Simmons and Embiid as duo looks scary. A 6'10 nearly 6'11 PG and a nearly 7'2 Center, wtf

    18. oyeleye joba

      trash bruh.. too much trash

    19. Sebastian

      The clippers as a team haven’t interested me until they got a Kawhi and George now I’m looking forward to see what they can do

    20. Melissa Prasatik


    21. 3d Clan

      Bulls is Coby white and lauri

    22. George Gavas

      The video is good but the best team is the nets kd, Kyrie, caris Levert, joe Harris, de Andre Jordan

    23. Dragan Markovic

      No Bogdanovic on the Sacramento team? hhahahaha

    24. Kevin Abreu

      Kawhi and pg should not be number one cause pg be choking in the playoffs

    25. GalaxZ OpalZ

      No one: Absolutely not a single soul: Austin Sweatt: KYLE LOWRY HAS GREAT CONSISTENCY!

    26. Davidjoel Sostre

      Curry, Cp3, Westbrook, Lillard or Irving? Who You picking?

    27. Domas XgamerX

      3:39 he pause

    28. UNP4R4LL3L3D SK1LLL

      How do you rank Indiana and San Antonio ahead of Boston like are dumb are you stupid

    29. GhostNappa01

      You must not have watched many hornets games last year (not that I blame you) but batum had another pretty bad season and was never our second best player. I would replace him with miles bridges or Cody Zeller, but 30th is still fair so I guess it doesn’t matter

    30. Rhys Sifa

      It's hard to think of warriors as a duo when they've always been a trio. Dray should get his 3rd spot of that 3 headed monster team IMO

    31. Rueezy Gaming

      *The Best Duo Ever* Cookies And Milk

    32. william blake

      curry+dray is the duo, not curry+klay

    33. Metal Knight

      Harden + Westbrook> Dame+ Co imo

    34. black goku god

      What about Stephen curry and D'angelo

    35. Derrean S

      Klay is a top 10 maybe top 5 shooter not top 2

    36. Braeden Woolson

      And Davis was

    37. Braeden Woolson

      Lebron and Davis are better Paul and kawhi were never an MVP candidate Lebron was

    38. Alhagie Sallah

      Westbrook and harden should be top 3

    39. Elliot Blouin

      This is how many times he stuttered ⬇️

    40. David Karanja

      How is Damian Lilard better than Kyrie Irving?

    41. etcicool

      Doncic and Porzingis over Kemba and JT is outrageous. Porzingis is coming off an injury and kemba is proven. Cmon man

    42. NintendoPlushProductions

      How do you rank dame and CJ. above russ and harden? You’re crazy

    43. Płûś



      Kyrie + Kd

    45. Boiling Dust

      Nice video I agree with quite a lot of your opinions. Just saying the quality of the clips are terrible though, they seem like 15 fps and at some points at 144p. I know there's a ton of clips, why choose bad quality ones? Im a fan of your channel though.

    46. Frosty Clamps

      Donovan and Rudy as duos= okay Donovan's balanced game and Rudy's defensive game Donovan and Mike as duos= deadly They both can create shots, play defense, have good handles, put up consistent 20-30 points almost every night, and can shoot 3s Both of their percentages last season from 3 was 36.3%. Spida's 3pt% was 36.2%, and Mike shot 36.4%

    47. Frosty Clamps

      Why is Jayson Tatum on when ur talking about Bradley Beal and John Wall

    48. Hayden Beckham

      Pacers should be Malcom brogdan and victor olidipo

    49. John Handsome pua

      Beal is going to the la lakers

    50. AussieFishHunters

      Fucking Steven Adams and CP3 smh

    51. Bryner Liao

      Kawhi can't guard Steph

    52. Spicy

      1. Kawhi + PG13 2. LeBron + AD 3. Harden + Russ 4. Curry + Draymond 5. Kyrie + KD 6. Giannis + Middleton 7. Embiid + Simmons 8. Dame + CJ 9. Rudy + Conley 10. Siakam + Lowry Pretending they recover but at a reasonable level. Klay and KD will be worse when they return.

    53. trollface kotidis

      Wtf kawhi and George first? George playes out of position

    54. Rabbit

      bro klay is not the second best shooter ever. what have you been smoking

    55. Rabbit

      you said dame is the second best point guard in the league as if it was a fact

    56. RGC TJA

      On your top player in the league you put lebron and AD over Paul George and I lebron is better than kawhi because the only reason why they did not the playoffs because he got hurt

    57. New Adventures

      I get kawhi but pg aint shit bruh, do your research

    58. Drippy Ticckle

      Warriors for the win

    59. Chalky Wizzy

      Bruh Steph and Klay 🙏🙏

    60. Dylz Catiil

      WHY NUMBER 4 but go DUBS!!!!!

    61. KP The2kbeast

      What the heck why did he say Damian lillard is top 2 what about steph curry and kyrie Irving. I mean I know he beat Russ but I think he’s still better

    62. The Liger

      I'd rank Houston at 20

      1. The Liger

        Mostly because of the past usage ratings of westbroke and hardened penis

    63. Troy Gardenhire

      2 lakers are you mad that AD came to the lakers

    64. Troy Gardenhire

      Are you 👌

    65. Zackery Martin

      I wouldve said randle and knox

    66. Theoddity winsonius

      nice video

    67. Jordan_ Alex_

      The Double Dirks should be top 10!

    68. Bailor Bangura

      My top 10 players are Steph Curry,Kyrie Irving,Kawhi Leonard, Damion Lillard, Lebron James, Klay Thompson, Victor Olidipo, Damion Lee's hair style, Jaylen Brown, and last but not least Dwayne Wade.

    69. Kyrie #11

      Kyrie is better than dame

    70. Aaron Vlogs

      My Top 10 (no hate Guys)😁 1. Lebron and Davis 2. Kawhi and Paul George 3. Kd and Kyrie 4. Curry and Klay 5. Giannis and Khris 6. Joel and Ben 7. Harden and Russ 8. Damian and CJ 9.Jokic and Murray 10. Rudy and Donovan