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    Trick shots should be an everyday thing!
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    We’re pumped it’s officially BBQ season! Try these trick shots while you’re hanging out & grilling this weekend. Thanks Kingsford!
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    1. Руслан Биктимиров


    2. Äshar Sàeed

      Fake hoax scam

    3. Yuds Sduy

      andai aja gw bisa seperti itu pasti kamar gw ga berantakan

    4. LaDonna Thompson

      You can scare a kid with the belt shot

    5. Toman Ionut


    6. John Wayne Chua


    7. Negi Ar

      I like trick shots 😃

    8. Labib Kaisan

      Who is the panda???

    9. Teguh Mulyono


    10. 리헌반

      Wow..fantastic! And cool!!

    11. CallMeA FurryIdareYou

      Me: Trying to do them *10 years later* Also Me: Alright I finished the first one!

    12. Madeleine Searle

      I love you guys!!! I watch from Australia!!! My favourite trick shot is definitely the first one I try it all the time!!!

    13. Srinivasala yennapusa


    14. Marisollorena Corralessantibañez

      Wtf is doing 3:47

    15. Boldkhaich Gombosuren

      Tyler s shots are amazing

    16. Dome

      I hate cody

    17. 遼弥


    18. Tom

      I was so triggered at 2:24 when that bottle touched the table. How many times dude

    19. Kylie Crimmins

      I want there office

    20. Mindminer271 Mark

      Which person in the gang is the panda or do you think it’s another person if you get it right I will like you’re Chanel or like the comment I think it’s cody

    21. Beth goffredo

      Bruh then pen shot is easy your a noob

    22. Bitter bread

      2:27 *WeLcOmE tO cLoSeT cLeAn Up WiTh CoDy*

    23. Antonio Castro

      Todos estos vídeos son más falso que Colombiana sin operaciones

    24. Kuges Thavarani

      Nice shots sin me in

    25. lg Logan

      So if they call it real life trick shots does that mean all the other trick shot vids are fake

    26. Khalid Harami


    27. Lesnan Faris Vlogs

      3:04 it hit his nuts

    28. Lotypoty_04 lotypoty_04

      Кто русски

    29. John Ronald Anda

      This is so amazing


      E Ş E K

    31. samiya A

      🦍 🥋 ⛩️ Ty

    32. KittenMgn

      Hey 2019 who still watching this?

      1. The Be4st7 B0ys

        KittenMgn am watching again

    33. Kasey Carroll

      That panda throwing a book was the most baller thing I’ve ever seen

    34. David Vasquez

      Jajaja tipico, vas a los comentarios y vez todo en ingles jajaj pero no te preocupes aqui esta el comentario en español que andabas buscando

    35. Small - Might

      C O A S T E R

    36. song jihyo

      I like the last

    37. ༒꧁ፑȫӿî L·öL·꧂༒

      R.I.P eggs 3:02

    38. Anahy Alvarado

      4:32 my favourite

    39. Jaromiah Taylor

      At 3:37 both waffles went in the same slot

    40. Jaromiah Taylor

      Cody: makes every shot Misses light switch

      1. Ts Bymbaa


    41. Pedro Br free fire

      The bow

    42. Mohammed Alabri


    43. Vero Zapata

      Saludos desde Argentina

      1. Vero Zapata


    44. Jailyn Russell

      How do you do all of that ?

    45. AUFive

      Bringing back the beard

    46. BNDR9898 YT

      Guys what name the music plz guys

      1. BloxyPlayz

        Get On Up - Tyrone Briggs

    47. remy wine

      I'm pretty sure to Waffle aren't supposed to go into one toaster

    48. Kuribo a

      sub all to me

    49. mr. explosion

      3:48 is he hacking?

    50. lollol lol

      any 2019?

    51. Praveen naveen

      I'm whith you

    52. Agata Skowrońska

      The toilet paper shot

    53. Jafeth Vazques

      Like for the panda

    54. zach Turan


    55. Katie Kim

      I love the panda

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      Я один руский?)

      1. That's Awesome!

        NO I AM ALSO HERE !

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      all of them

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      please help me to get 4000 subscribers

    61. Alicia Hyde


    62. jimenez luci

      i tried to play that but i cant!

    63. jimenez luci

      thats amazing trick's

    64. Michael Mora

      I love this show but it's like u guys r braggin

    65. YSSBM -BA


    66. Alexis Montañez

      Que!! Usan hacks

      1. That's Awesome!

        Ellos usan intentos

    67. Shifter Games


    68. Mya Godak

      That shopping cart is rigged

    69. i never really was on your side

      its literally 1:53 AM and i cant sleep

      1. Small - Might

        2:13 AM

    70. فهد الشليخي

      تتعاملون مع جن انتو☠️😂😂😂😂😂

      1. That's Awesome!

        Jean Antoine THAT'S RIGHT