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    Trick shots should be an everyday thing!
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    We’re pumped it’s officially BBQ season! Try these trick shots while you’re hanging out & grilling this weekend. Thanks Kingsford!
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    1. Yada Pro

      Perfect friends

    2. Paul Abel


    3. Ivonio Araujo

      Trick shoot name 4:19??

    4. Technical boy

      Very nice trick

    5. Sadness :c :c

      03:03 spoon hits nuts

    6. Basketball Trickshots

      3:22 looks like he trow I pillow and wid resting he turn the sound off

    7. The Worlds only Clashes

      Normal Logic: Ok time to put the grill fork on the handle DP Logic: Wow I can make a trick shot out of this!

    8. Kaiden Green

      Dude perfect omost has the same subscribers as WWE

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      Could you imagine if he missed the grill

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    15. Filipina Enriquez

      pandas probbaly tyler in a suit

    16. vilmantas Misius

      Arrow shot

    17. Dean Castiel Mogan

      3:49 is he hacking

    18. Ganesh Mutyalwar

      Liike if youu are watching this in 2020🤓😎

    19. Mr Talbot

      Like me actually if 2019

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      i like the trick shot key me

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      Cody lost the last trick shot and that was the easiest because it was just the light

    24. My Gameplays

      my favourite was the last one 👌👌👍

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      They don’t edit they do it for real but they do it over and over again and they show the bloopers


      Last one

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      Я один тут Русский??

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    30. Tommy Le


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      That grocery cart trick shot is actually harder than it really looks

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      1:05 he wasted half of his coffee ☕️

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        Is dat yo girl in da pic homie?? she look sexy

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      dude this was amazing

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    36. Nick Di Guistini

      can I have 500 dolers

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      1:40 like if you saw the camera in the bookshelf


      R.I.P tys balls at 3:02

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      1:43 the other way

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      This is downright awesome

    45. Dave Beckelman

      Why do so many people think they edit there trick shots? They are REALLY doing it

      1. Wenhao huang

        Dave Beckelman So many people don’t understand that they didn’t complete it on the first try(maybe some are), but most aren’t and they spend a lot of time to make these trick shots work/succeed. Maybe these people are just so pessimistic about this world.

    46. Gugun Gunawan


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      Where did you guys learn these tricks from

    53. Shaun Sharkey


      1. QY QY

        Adults vs kids. Is this what you are asking for?

    54. Shaun Sharkey

      I liked pandas book thiro

    55. Suhayb Hatahet

      i love the panda also my favorite trick shot was clean up with cody and the one when he flicked the spoons into the cups

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      They know that they have to clean up after the shot right... right.

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