Rebuilding Gas Monkey Garage Wrecked 1976 Chevy C10 Part 2

Alex Rebuilds

Alex Rebuilds

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    1. Paul North

      Only be keyboard panelbeater/painters saying crap about the bodywork,don't pay em attention

    2. Sonya C.

      What is the size of the rim and tires?

    3. Live Free Moto

      really frame damage no way!!

    4. Beaux Guidry

      use that tire as a spare, you will have a full set. plus a story to go with it.

    5. Beaux Guidry

      he could have saved that tub.

    6. The Guy

      74auto. I didn't know it was in Mo!

    7. jonjuliecat

      Who has ever worked on a car that clean?

    8. Tanner Wimer

      You’ll have a visit from Richard when you get it done, and he’ll want to buy it back. I guarantee it

    9. Lucia Zapata


    10. Charles M

      I'll admit that the Gas Monkey truck (saw the episode) drew me in. But I don't mind listening to you. You speak well, not a lot of extraneous B.S. and no drama. I watched B is for Build and Goonsquad and a few others. They're fine but after a while, I just want someone to calmly talk me through the build.

    11. Owen ISKing

      Dude I love your build. I’ve a blazer 2001 4x4 I’m trying to get rebuild and restored inside and out. You’ve given me major info on what to look for. Thank you.

    12. D R

      Cuánto le costó la camioneta?

    13. Juan Olivas

      Does anyone know what's the back story on this truck? Like how did it crash? Or how was the accident?

    14. K. qottmi

      I can’t believe this car has a damage frame its all steel kicking train

    15. rhodri how

      I’m sorry but the more he talks the more Ignorant he sounds

    16. rhodri how

      Should have taken the front apart 1st before going for the front wing yes wing not fender lol. How did he not know the wheels were custom? Also dissed the tool supplier! Hope this gets better but so far not much confidence in his ability

    17. Michael Aniszewski

      I've been following you for a while now you're pretty cool man

    18. 300zxdriver

      How much body filler did it have? How was the work quality?

    19. Tittles 3334

      Small damage such as dent or chipped paint can be fixed so plz don’t sell it

    20. jerry henderson

      Modern cars have crumple zones that absorb most of the damage instead of transferring it directly into the frame .

    21. Michael Flores

      Hey Alex I Miss's your video s what's going on

    22. Tony Montana

      723 dislikes. Fucking Morons. Lets see if you can do better..

    23. drift N

      It is 4600

    24. papa tscho

      He Alex, u buy better this for the autos to move, i have the same as you a little hard on the floor

    25. Scott Edick

      another reman/oem aftermarket company is ( classic industries ) see if they have any bits you can use/get from them

    26. Gar fish 1998

      I got a 74 and a 86 my 74 is 4x4 and my 86 is 2wd but what a nice truck until it got wrecked but still a nice 76.

    27. James Crews

      I think it's a custom frame. You may have to rebuilt it. Not sure you can replace it.

    28. Charles Stuart

      and then the first video you said you're going to start ordering parts before you dismantle why

    29. Charles Stuart

      And you're talking like a robot

    30. Charles Stuart

      You just said you're going to take all the stuff off the front end and now you're repeating it just film it and take it off

    31. Charles Stuart

      You're wasting time why wouldn't you cut the bolts on the face of the bumper and just let the bumper fall off the bumpers trashed and bolts are trash why would you take the nuts off and waste all that time

    32. Dafster9999

      Remove 1 part tallk for 5 minutes!!pffffffff

    33. Dafster9999

      Bla bla bla blablabla

    34. Dafster9999

      Jesus!!!!!! Less talk more wrench!!!!

    35. A P

      LMC or I think Bros Trucks has everything you need to completely rebuild the truck. A thin skim of bondo is normal for high end paint jobs. that's how they get the ultra-straight panels. The skim should be very thin.

    36. Dggg bggg

      Music list please

    37. critterfirejunkie 1217

      Bro just so you know thoae frames were only known for cracking by the steering box on the k10 when they were lifted with bigger tires. Yours swung so hard because they notched and boxed the frame to clear the steering rack witch is never a good idea I hope you find a new design so you dont weaken your new frame

    38. John Doe


    39. Bobby Smith

      For a minute I thought the dog was coming over to help push😂

    40. Danny Proulx

      Made for TV trucks, quick work , lots of bondo is the only way to bypass proper metal work. i know as my friend owns a classic car restoration shop and avoid excessive bondo. proper metal work and high build primer is the only way to do it right

    41. David Groom

      lmc is bad ass i use for my 1973 f 250

    42. Marcelo Santos

      Curious to see how it will get more stopped in part 6

    43. Chase Walls

      Hey man what motor is in that truck

      1. Chase Walls

        And if you said it in the video than I’m sorry if I missed it

    44. Richard Cox

      Dude not to be rude but your talking like a robot ......chill yourself man !! You sound nervous as all get out !!!

    45. antonio osorio

      Yo también estoy reparando mi Troka después de un gran golpe y aproveche para desmantelarla 100% y estoy trabajando en cada pieza. saludos desde la Ciudad de México.

    46. alkatraz nomadov

      subscribe from me, good luck mate

    47. Tywan Erby

      Alex you're the man bro. Love the video bro. (918) Tulsa Oklahoma

    48. jpcj8sbc1

      No forklift now??? why push? A for effort i suppose

    49. RC Carnage

      1976 was not 50 plus years ago bad math

    50. dragithedon

      Hey Alex less talk more work

    51. Michael Bryant

      God the way he talks kills me he talks like a robot

    52. Madison Nichols

      They always smooth the,body out with a little bondo ,,to make it clean

    53. Afrikin jew

      That's fucked up he said he was by himself . What about my homeboy little dog. ?

    54. Fred Maxwell

      LNC Truck as people said is they way to go. About the only thing I think they will not have is a frame.

    55. Kenny's Diecast

      You should get a hold of squarebody syndicate.. because this is right up there alley..

    56. immrnoidall

      of course the front frame is bent. 2/3 of the frame is cut out for those tie rods. crazy.

    57. Jose Navarro

      Boy moving that truck into place sure looked painful fast forwarded like that....

    58. Steven Dwinal Clark

      If you think the frame of that 76 is thin then you are on drugs. The new vehicles have half the weight and material... there is no straightening a frame on the 2019's they would crumple on impact like an accordion. That frame needed someone who knew how to straighten that one...

    59. Normanek72

      Love the video but that lame techno crap music has to go.

    60. Hunter Hershberger

      Can I have ur brakes lol

    61. T

      Should of pulled the front end over first before tear down

    62. Jose Ricardo Gutierrez

      Is Richard Rawlings sad for the news

    63. Roy R Patterson

      Hi guys I rebuilt my old truck, and found the Rock auto still has a lot of parts for the old truck if you are operating on some what of a limited budget. Good luck with the build. Pat

    64. 101kitkat1

      Most 76s have Bondo at least the ones with oem parts . Some even did from the factory. Stuff was not produced as perfectly back in the day. When looking for a hood if you go oem watch the seams. They like to fold in the middle

      1. 101kitkat1

        My entire dually is Bondo its all oem parts. Even the straight pannels had Bondo in em like one dude said show cars have a entire skim. If you got factory custom paint. You get factory Bondo usually

    65. Austin L. Wright

      Ron David. Lol.


      The frame is c cut for the air bag set up. And the frame is weak around that

    67. Alfredo Valadez

      Cool truck

    68. Chris Randles

      I had a frame but I junk it tho it was good frame I got body parts for that truck

    69. Boondock A

      So when they priced this truck to auction off, did they price it as a normal c10 or do they take in consideration all of the custom work done to it?

    70. Del Whylie

      Hey Alex, many frames were designed to collapse so the people would not have to absorb all the force in a high speed crash and save lives. Most were built plenty strong enough to do what was use they were designed for. If changed by people who do not understand this it could possibly cost some one their life. When I see some of the stupid things people have done to frames by welding, cutting, and incorrectly attaching shit to truck frames. It makes me very upset, A guy I knew was injured for life and almost killed when the truck he was driving broke in half while driving down the highway. Because; the idiot who extended the frame had know idea what he was doing, Most frames are a type of spring steel and need to be connected to a simular metal by rivets or special bolts and welded in the correct manner. Combined with the knowledge of how dissimilar metals will react from twisting and turning under their own weight. Plus any additional stress and weight we humans can add to its daily life. The more you can learn and understand the safer we can all be. You seem to be doing well so keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing your great video's.