Rebuilding Gas Monkey Garage Wrecked 1976 Chevy C10 Part 2

Alex Rebuilds

Alex Rebuilds

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    1. Mike Taylor

      Yes. Call LMC

    2. Kylinaris Кулінаріс


    3. Jeancharles Rabaux

      Ci tu l avait mis en 4roue motrice tu tiendrais mieux la route en plus avec autant de puissance tu y gagne grave au depars arrêté je suis en trein de passer mon el camino en 4 roue motrice mais pas comme un monters truk mais a plas avec des big jantes larges je suis en trein de lui faire des ailes large comme sur la chevelles 72 et avec les 4 roue motrice elle sera unique apres tout la el camino c est une chevelle pik up non ou utilitaire plutôt

    4. Top City

      Nice music in this video. Who is it if you don't mind me asking?

    5. That orange K10

      You need parts from a 1973-1980 they were all close to the same body style

    6. Mike Miller

      2019 - 1976 = 43. Age doesnt determine how much bondo you use.

    7. Juan Rojas

      New subscriber here!!!!

    8. ShartingFish

      The wheel isn't too bad, you can definitely bring it to a specialist and have it fixed. There's an 83 for sale less than a mile from me, but i live in the rust belt so, yeah the frame is solid, but the body has some rust.. that said it is 800.00 and runs..

    9. GGW

      When I seen this truck wrecked originally I thought of you. Good job snagging it Alex

    10. KoJo2017

      Cant stand that stupid repetitive filler music. If you're going for annoying it's great.

    11. skulljer

      Ron Davis radiator/ fan setups are the best on the market. Give them a call ,youd at minimum have to buy a whole fan but they may want to sell you the complete shroud assembly

    12. Red neck Tv

      Hay man I have a full 1976 c 10 it is the same and if you need parts you can have it

    13. Brian Beard

      76 is 43 years old. Math much?

    14. Andrew Kessinger

      hey bud taje the truck to a frame shop and have it straighened should be do able and that wheel can be fixed also

    15. Alfredo González

      You talk too much just finish the fucking truck

    16. A’Real Trucker

      Want some ads...have some ads

    17. David Fink

      What's wrong with you? You sound like a robot

    18. Lifes a Wild Ride

      fuck ur add placement. No sub and unlike

    19. spaceranger 12r

      When money is no option

    20. Roberto Meza

      Save her

    21. Brian Reese

      Your videos on this great repair is slowing down waiting for the next video

    22. Boo Boo

      EVERY show car has a "skim coat" of bondo over 100% of EVERY painted sheetmetal surface. Its normal

    23. Kayo Neely

      i have a frame, did ya find one?

    24. its sonnyd

      Dang looks like buddy is strugling to push da truck it weighs a ton

    25. Sherlock Holmes

      Good video but you should put a couple more ads in it. Nothing like 14 ads in a 20 minute video.

    26. Ralph Bravo

      How much did YOU GET the truck for... and how, where,... some info would be nice of how this fell in your lap

    27. Alyssa Beauchamp

      Song at 7:30?

    28. Melissa Fox

      I boo


      LMC TRUCKS is all OEM parts.

      1. Carl Sharp

        I don't think so. Do you even know what OEM means? Original Equipment Manufacturer. So in this case OEM would mean parts actually manufactured by General Motors.

    30. skabands

      Yo that truck is so cursed......good luck Bro

    31. Da Chosen One

      Must be editing part three for this truck can’t wait to see what the truck is going to look like when it’s all done

    32. Russell Woodward

      73 thru 87

    33. Russell Woodward

      on count of it broke at the crush points

    34. Russell Woodward

      factory hood I have one ended up swapping the whole front clip to a 85 model

    35. dm1123751

      50 + years old. Lol. Not quite yet. Great project. Keep up the good work. Can't wait to see this completed.

    36. Joshua Green

      Arron stressed that KC fix that hood and he did. I been watching this show since day one.

    37. William Casby

      Do you have to play the most irritating music while you're working on that

    38. Gorilla Cookies

      Yeah that frame, front suspension and sheetmetal are pretty much a done deal. But I promise you there are more problems then the obvious after a collision like that truck experienced. Could have internal engine and transmission problems, cab mount damage etc. due to the force of the accident and the momentum meeting up and the truck having so much energy and force to absorb. Accidents do some strange things to vehicles. Lots more than the obvious. The frame of that era GMC/Chevrolet pickups wasnt exactly durable to begin with. Regulation minimum is a good description of that frames strength . That wheel is repairable and you should be able to find a frame and sheetmetal easily

    39. Claro CG

      All show vehicles have bondo. Brand new parts arent perfect.

    40. Michael Farmer

      I don't know why he mentions, the truck was sold at Copart. Why not just say Copart?

    41. Dark Todd

      all by your self.... I saw that beautiful 4 legged friend around :)

    42. Nightstalker 1

      1976 truck isn’t 50 years old yet bro. Haha.

    43. k t

      in my last post I meant to say a few questions. not ( if you). for some reason DE-news is not letting me edit

    44. MikedagVapes

      all the work in this truck and they didnt bother building a chassis for it that was boxed in SMH

    45. ghostfire319

      You can look up Slosh Tubz for the wheel tubs

    46. ghostfire319

      Scott's Hotrods makes a chassis/frame for it

    47. Brenton Burbank

      Is that ls1 engine

    48. rcandminilover

      Yeah,you can damn near.Build,a whole Trk from LMC Truck.You,don't know much.Of,the Custom Aftermarket World it seem's.A,lot of work ahead of ya'.!!!

    49. Hydra HH

      The hood is so heavy because it has about 100lbs of Bondo smeared onto it

      1. Jason Powell

        Real story!!!

      2. rcandminilover

        Yeah,pretty much.

    50. Ride4Dime

      "If you want some tools, that will last you a few times.." lmao

    51. christhopher lasher

      Love Harbor Freight for anything solid anyting . But controlled with electronics is way off anything with a measuring device on it like their saws way off but their hand tools Krause and Becker sprayer air compressors chipping hammers had them for over 10 years and still going

    52. Joe L.

      Hey Alex, just discovered your channel today, yes the picture of the GMG C10 caught my eye. It will be interesting to see how it goes plus watching the other vids. I saw a derogatory comment but pay no intention, it just means they are jealous, do not have a YT channel, or just plain ignorant Peace, Joe

    53. Zackary Gordon

      Hey bro check out LKQ...its a parts company....they have all OEM parts new and used.

    54. Isaac Carranza

      Its and oem hood I remember watching the build

    55. Eithen Price

      But you're not by yourself.... Lucy's there😊

    56. sleepyhollow783

      Simply because of its year, and if Alex is able to resurrect the truck, this will likely be his most popular video to date. All the best, Alex.

    57. Reaper Trucker

      That truck is only 43 years old not 50+

    58. Brandon Junge

      I HAVE 2 OEM front fenders new in the box been in the shop for years

    59. Ross Nelson

      Talk to the guys over at roadster shop. They can set you up with a custom frame very similar to that frame with all the work that has been done to it. A stock frame is going to make a lot of work for you.

    60. Nathan Millar

      They are doreman wheel nuts they are terrible

    61. Nathan Millar

      16 mm socket hit it over the wheel nuts then undo them

    62. Jacoby Young

      You would be better off looking for nos or rust free factory parts.

    63. LJU

      Arthur Tussik has repaired worse pos than this

    64. bulldogrip

    65. You

      Is this guy paying attention to his view count? People want this build, give us this build! We need it! Do not deny us what we want😀 great video I am excited to see how this turns out👍

    66. Regular Guy Fixes

      Good production

    67. Work Hard

      The fan wires melted because the wire harness was smashed and pinched.... Can’t wait to watch you get this thing back on the road...

    68. Lalofelix73

      Good job love that truck

    69. juan reyez

      What's up with the truck piece of shit

    70. Aidan Morris

      Did you say that 1976 is 50+ years old? My mom was born in '74 and she's 45.

      1. BrikMT

        I was born in '76 and although I do feel and look over fifty I'm fairly sure I'm only 43.

      2. rcandminilover

        Ok,so he didn't pay attention in Math Class haha.