REBUILT FROM SALVAGE - Inspection, insurance registration & exhaust tips!



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    I take the Salvage titled daily driver 08 Saab 9-3 Aero wagon to the State Patrol office to get the Certified Vin inspection to dream the car "rebuilt from salvage", I then go to get insurance, registration and talk about getting full coverage insurance on a '"salvage vehicle" as well as welding on some sweet Vibrant exhaust tips to make this thing look like a beast!
    Jaymie also finishes some of the hardware for the RV

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    1. Joe Davidson

      Advice on how to get hooked up with a Broker?

      1. MotionAutoTv

        Watch my Recent WRX video

    2. Freddy Mihigo

      Your other videos are good but just a bit too long. This is a good length. 8-15min is perfect. I personally think 15min or over is too long. It's like watching a 20min movie scene. Lol

    3. John Eric Sanchez

      what happens if u buy a car with salvage title and don't have any receipt of what they did to fix it and i cant get in touch with seller help thanks.....

    4. MUGGAS

      Where is all the supras

    5. Alex M

      I am curious where you sell your rebuilt vehicles. I've had a few rebuilt title vehicles, and they were a pain in the @as to sell. Took forever.

    6. Eric Ebelherr

      ******** You should Sell the Orange Ford Crown Victoria. ;) And What Happen to the Black BMW with the Brown Window?? Is Getting Rain into the Car for Mold?? OR did you fix the window? :| Maybe snow too. :| :( :( ********

    7. Love Diecast Details

      wonder how much that sport combi cost you at the end

    8. Robert Westfall

      You really are the best daily blogs around and regular videos also best content best overall it's really good exclamation we all love you guys

    9. Eric Harding

      Loving the video length as of late. Great content!!

    10. G Seitl

      next video : Saab get's 93 AWD swap

    11. speed punx Club

      Alot of work for those exhaust tips...kinda surprised you did not just do a cat back setup, Little more grunt and HP?

    12. Rhys Loader

      Prefer the longer vids

    13. KARR

      No more Saab videos

    14. Yalen Alvarado

      Man one more saab video n im unsubscribeing

    15. teamEP789

      love the slo-mo shots!

    16. Anton Taylor

      Short daily uploads on Supra then you gg! You’ll be rolling in $$$$ just don’t buy anymore projects haha

    17. MUDMAD83

      Sorry but I hate the dam saabs your Datsun is a he'll of a better looking car then this dam saabs

    18. Blake Vella

      Hope you video giving your dad you old Saab

    19. Jerald Espinoza

      1 project done. 22 left to go. Letsss gooo

    20. Ya Know Who

      Let jaymie finish the supra it's will be in no time haha😂😂😂😂😂

    21. leahsdreams

      You gotta start doing at least an hours work on that Supra each day before we get lost in another project.

    22. Jeremy Clement

      Love all the info about salvage auctions/rebuilding titles so awesome that you share that stuff with the viewers 👌👌👌

    23. Fiachra Gallagher Jaath

      Did you buy it for $350??? That's crazy, so cheap

    24. jay_ls1_ss

      I love the 15/20 min videos 👌

    25. Dan The man

      What broker do you use?

    26. Mr gyro Johanson

      The countertops are actually made from DuPont, it’s called corian and basically molded plastic

    27. Robert Mercer

      I begging you, no more gay saabs

    28. InsecureJoint

      suggestion for counter tops that are laminate use epoxy they sell counter top kits at big box hardware stores.

    29. HollixKhalifa

      Your fixing everything so let’s gets the RV started and running

    30. tyler manson

      Love the daily vids you show plenty of work and explain enough without rambling to long most people can stay interested in a 15-20 minute vid start to finish

    31. Sweet Tee

      Cabinets look good. U could take the counter top off and take it in and have a piece of granite cut to match. Just a idea

    32. Double Clutch

      You could look into having Collins build you a adapter plate to make the Mustang a manual

    33. James Cook Jr.

      Trevor is it possible you can switch the ECU from your old one and put it in your new one since you’re giving your dad your old one 🤔👍😊

    34. Kenny Man

      They sell a kit to make your counter top look newer. From home Depot.

    35. Chris B

      I was expecting the intro to be different. Tricked me again!

    36. Ben dover

      What happend to " we make the streets....?"

    37. Jordan woods

      Buy a chip wood counter

    38. Jordan woods

      Bet dave gets chicks with them jokes

    39. Jackelin Pedro Villegas Miranda

      Modern cabinet on point.... guys... 👌👌👍👍👍

    40. slim pickens

      Channel is on fire ! Great daily content , much enjoyed and appreciated , cheers

    41. slim pickens

      Jaymie is legend

    42. Kyle Whiteley

      Yay for daily videos

    43. Wes Green

      Trevor you sold something I'm so proud of you!

    44. Richard Culbertson

      Coat the countertop in a different epoxy resin on it you could even get a funky pattern in it

    45. Grumpy OldMan

      Rustoleum makes a really neat counter top marbling paint you roll it on ... check it out and you can tint it different colors

    46. RavenWP

      So bored on how quickly you get distracted... whats happening with the Supra.. your draggin your feet bro

    47. Davi Molenberg

      Good job Jaymie

    48. Bradley W

      I like that you're incorporating the ol' lady and Motorhome progress into these. Not going to lie, 10-15min is ideal unless you have a bigger project worthy of a longer video. Regardless, keep it up!

    49. SpecRB

      Dat Supra tho!

    50. Charles Stow

      So far I've been enjoying the daily dose of @motionautotv. Keep at it Trevor 👍

    51. Tomislav Kordek

      Baby the shop monster

    52. luckyaf 85

      How much did the bike sell for

      1. Raj23

        luckyaf 85 55

    53. King Whispa

      Kinda like the no rumble!!Looks classy af 😘👌!!Man you put the saab bug to me lmao!!

    54. khkenni

      Loving the daily videos! Jaymie working on the RV is awesome to see! Just been some great videos lately, keep it up!

    55. Banana Goo Pie

      If anything need to be longer mane, but damn I was looking forward to seeing the wheels on it

    56. F1NNSP1N

      I enjoy these daily style videos, I think these combined with occasional "bigger" build videos would be great!

    57. Ibrahim saim

      keep it up loving the vids !!!

    58. Michel Temmink

      really nice work Trevor and Jaymie please keep on doing the daily vids

    59. Jacob Wain

      Do like a copper counter top with an epoxy clear with little flakes to liven it up

    60. Steven Johnston

      Show some more bus updates man!

    61. Centralhunter2010

      As for counter tops just get some mdf plywood and buy sheets of Formica and contact cement not to hard to do

    62. Victoria Gale

      All the nice cars you have and all we get is rv and grandad 👴 sabb🤬 videos 👎🏻

    63. Big Keg

      Daily vids are great ....less rambling is good....huge improvement 👍👍👍

    64. Centralhunter2010

      You should do a tool check like Taylor did I have bought several tools that you have recommended.

    65. Jordan Flores

      Love the vids man all the content I’m more than satisfied with of course we love the Supra and want to see it get going but it’s all good I like the day to day vids to just show what’s up and how you go about it!

    66. JDM LIFE

      What happend to the automatic supra

      1. Anthony Biggs

        JDM LIFE he still has the three supras.

    67. A-Ball BEAT'Z

      I found a savage lancer es with 26k miles on it should I get it and be able to put a 4G36T engine in it

    68. BigJbish

      To be completely honest im stoked that after a year+ the Bus/RV is finally getting work done even if it's just painting the cabinets.

    69. Murf7

      Should of painted the cabinet handles like a silver.