Rebuilt Subaru WRX NEW LOOK!



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    We love to keep our builds looking great! We upgraded the front end of this beast to make it look a lot more aggressive! Then we gave it a few final touches and made this thing absolutely sparkle. Stay tuned and follow along to see what happens next!
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    Am Vor 2 years


    1. Melania Palomaria

      From this Subaru WRX until the Dodge Ram build. Great builds, great videos, and great people. Goonzquad all the way.

    2. Michael Motors


    3. A K

      Y’all got names?

    4. Matti Virta

      funny,you use grease removal but not have cloves and anywere who you tough stay hand grease lot, what this grese removal have work, nothing hahahaa


      It looks like an EVO


      So still waiting on a GTO build

    7. AR-.556 .45Tim-1911

      Someone got hurt when they wrecked that car the window says bio/blood so that it interior had something bloody in it

    8. Michael Bowen

      Why is the music always so loud it's in every video I like the channel just wondering

    9. Zac Holding

      whats wrong with the mustangs bumper

    10. cheezcruncher

      Kinda new to this scene on youtube, so far ive been watching samcracs and Bisforbuilds pretty lazy attempts of restoring/modding cars. It looks like you guys are a bit more thorough than them considering you didnt fuck up the painting. Looking forward to checking out more of your videos.

    11. Max Gray

      A good name for a bulldog would be ace

    12. Max Gray

      Stick yhi

    13. Max Gray


    14. Max Gray

      🐷🐖I named the pig looloo

    15. james wiles

      JACK STANDS always my nephew got killed not using them be smart!!!!!!!!!!!

    16. Agustin Lim

      Did you guys ever finnish the Goglin street racer kit car?

    17. Ben Jones

      I am not 100% sure those additional lights that surround the headlights would be legal in Indiana since they glow red and blue. Indiana has a law that only law enforcement vehicles can have lights that "displays a red, red and white, or red and blue light visible from directly in front of the center of the vehicle or equipment."

    18. Tonysiete70

      Got to use a paint adhesive called bulldog it'll make the paint it here to the plastic it'll Bond

    19. MsLeelee94

      you guys do great work got my t shirt today thanks!

    20. Rooney Tunes

      Do you still have this car? If so You should lower it a bit and get turn signal side mirrors 😃

    21. Harold Almeida

      When did you change your headlights?

    22. 무면허 아세토 드라이버

      I love impraza wrx sti

    23. István Dobozi

      Hi Guys! Greetings from London. You are awesome. I recommend to use the 3M Graffiti remover for the sticky things. Almost OEM. 😁

    24. Darryl Jenkins

      That Subaru looks absolutely boss.

    25. rafalpanwojny

      nice lip did you get it on ebay or somewhere else?

    26. Erik Rodriguez

      Y’all boys are amazing

    27. Jeremy Mac

      Can’t even lie .. you guys are my favourite tubies right now

    28. Jon j

      why filter the air going out? I understand the incoming air, but why restrict the out going air??

    29. Klodi DG

      Mafia car 😍😍😍

    30. Arkan Hambazaza

      daaam son supe looking gooood !!!!!

    31. E v a n 2 0 0 7

      U guys should start selling and make a tv show

    32. E v a n 2 0 0 7

      U guys remind me of desail brothers

    33. Tommy Alan Raines

      That song you guys use makes me think of a Motown Christmas song - all good though

    34. Mikey Lavin’s World

      Try painting the brake calipers 😎

    35. James Laird

      hey man yell did great much love from colorado

    36. binksta23

      Where did you guys get that lip?? ive been looking around forever and still cant find it

    37. james swain

      On the go fund me page I noticed you reached your goal. When does the shop build begin. Make sure to record!!👍

    38. Okaniz

      I love your content, so you will get very far.

    39. Grimrpr6942

      A tip for painting flexible surfaces, theres a product called flex agent that you mix with the paint which makes the paint somewhat "flexible" for moving surfaces. Heres the amazon link

    40. going to another level

      you can use the gasoline 98 or 95 as a wax or glue remooval. try it and write me back after the result. cause i try it

    41. SK TUNERS

      What headlights are those ?

    42. Sentiløng Jamir


    43. Rose Ann Galang

      hey men try to rebuild a lambo see if you can?

    44. Boss

      You should buy tyre polish

    45. IZB PH

      Subieeee gangggg

    46. Avishka prabath

      This gys your awesome project, i love it

    47. Dayne Rampersad

      need to put flex agent in the paint fir the lip to prevent the paint front cracking if it should hit something

    48. TU BS

      where did i buy the Headlights?

    49. Hakasauars

      what are yall filiming with

    50. tareff brown

      It nice

    51. Erjon Fida

      Wwooww good job guys.your the best.peace

    52. TRUtt Channels

      So gorgeous, I miss my Subaru

    53. 何鑫淼

      full of panel gaps

    54. Hendraone82

      use red color in front lip will be nice

    55. Manny Gonzales

      Those are nice headlights bro, where did u get it? Got a video on install?

    56. banubash

      11:24 Car looks dope. Nice work guys. Love it!

    57. Jhon Michael Bayas

      Next is the mugs and spoiler :))

    58. erick stiner

      Have you thought of doing a build on a vintage pick up truck? Maybe a 70’s C-10 or F100 ??

    59. binksta23

      Where did you get that front lip it looks sick and i want one now too lol

    60. chad cook

      I see little brother has finally stepped up and started putting a little more effort in making videos..great channel. keep up the work

    61. Jeffrey Goss

      All i have to say is WOW!!! Incredible!!

    62. Meron Tekie

      Are you guys selling that car?

    63. shawn nottage

      This subie is looking like a piece of art just like the Rubicon. Love those headlights. What adhesive did you use to re-seal the headlights, need to do mine and don't want to go new or aftermarket. Great vids as always guys. Cheers from canada

    64. JD Cairncross

      Are y'all going to sell the WRX my wife LOVES what y'all have done with it!

    65. Gold Coast Rob

      You guys need a paint product sponsor for sure the quality of work is just amazing

    66. Jeremie Alin

      Need some red hella horns on that thing :)

    67. Ryan L

      That lip looks perfect! I want to do the same to mine at some point... Quality job, to say the least. Subscribed!

    68. FuturaForce

      Bulldog Adhesion Promoter is a great product for things just like this. Great job! Great looking ride too!

    69. Edwyn Valenzuela

      Goons squad ur next build should be a Toyota Tacoma