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    1. Luke McCabe

      This stressed me out

    2. Dsm Alaska

      How were you not crippling in anxiety 🤣 i was anxious for you haha

    3. Cesniper

      I would never let my car to someone who asks me where is the clutch...

    4. ThatGuyDillon

      Lmao Sabrina goes from 100% confidence to 0% so fast hahahah

    5. Your Friend Xaik

      Lol to funny lol next time have her try this. I taught my wife, n sister how to drive stick n I know high power cars can be harder. Have her release the clutch slowly till it starts to grab than start to give it gas slowly n go. Hope this helps lol good luck brother.

      1. Your Friend Xaik

        I could feel your pain the whole time though lol

    6. Eric Luu

      You got a mk4 and mk5, just wrap them both in the Fast and Furious livery

    7. A wholesome place

      Dude guys give directions way better

    8. アムンク


    9. Jonathan Poland

      So painful watching T.J. lose them years off his life as she drives!

    10. Brit Gockley

      Smack your mouth more please

    11. Fairshake Media

      Both buster it’s accurate lmao

    12. Chazza ZR

      Teej the luxury you guys have in America of not having to hold the fuel nozzle while you fill up! In the UK you have no choice but to hold it for the entire time 😂

    13. Nico Valerio

      This video gave me so much excitement just from Tj’s fear

    14. David Slingerland

      Hahahaha Sabrina and you in the supra is hilarious!!

    15. Lucas Hamilton

      “I’m working on longer vlogs”, literally says that once a year

    16. Josh Allen

      Why girls shouldnt fkn drive

    17. starsckyy

      Everyone tries learn stick in a shitty Car or low power car but not Sabrina tho 😂

    18. Genesis Medellin

      TJ you are now a living MEME

    19. Paul Padilla

      The thumbnail. Old and new huh? Thanks for clarifying. Considering you probably were just a twinkle in your daddys eye when the 1st one came out. Fucking Jit.

    20. oONoChanc3Oo

      TJ gets so flustered lmfao

    21. Randomness

      tj ik you was scared 😭😭 wen someone drive my car shit feel faster than usual

    22. Mikko Mäkelä

      *she is so bad. she hasn't learned anything past years*

    23. Angel MJ

      Tjhunt MK4 VS EvanShanks MK4 🤔

    24. Tyler Condora

      Watching sabrina drive the car while you struggle to put her seatbelt on had me STRESSING

    25. Oblivion2013

      i just love sabrina she is all the time so cute, you two are sutch a amazing couple!

      1. Oblivion2013

        btw kevin on air is best!

    26. BLK Barron392

      Lololol teeeeej you were mad scared with her driving 😂

    27. datkidkev

      Sabrina sending it was amazing 😭

    28. SinGin007

      Ouch! Cringe!

    29. Pimped Mobility Project

      Sabrina is definitely a keeper

    30. Roller Koaster

      i feel ya teeg 😭

    31. Dee Duncker

      Someone needs to separate the audio of tj chewing the starburst so he can turn it into an outtro.

    32. chucko83

      Can the supra creep by just letting off the clutch a bit? That's the best way I've been able to teach people manual. You can literally just let off the clutch super easy until it creeps and then gas it.

    33. MarquisEllis91

      @14:00 when TJ Hunt says "I'll shift for you". lol

    34. Michael Shannon

      Bro she was straight BOOLING lmao

    35. Russ Chamberlain

      The face you pull when you let your mrs loose with about £50.000 😂 you must either be really crazy bro or really in love with her 😂😂😂

    36. michael campos

      Lmfao this is great lmao bra too funny

    37. Soarer Dave

      Good lord that was stressful haha

    38. Soarer Dave

      Good lord that was stressful haha

    39. MiltIV84

      Sabrina driving was the best thing I've seen all week 😂💀😂💀😂💀

    40. Saif Abu-Shaqra

      You really need to do fade ins/outs on your audio clips in whatever media composer you use.

    41. KagMaster

      All I can see is the fear in tjs eyes 😂

    42. Mario Orsini

      Longer videos is good keep it up. Thanks

    43. JDM Fanboy

      I like how u can tell tj is just fed up 😂😂😂

    44. Dizzy Foxx

      LOL do you actually chew that ridiculously?

    45. Bryan Zecena

      I’m tucking dead

      1. Bryan Zecena

        *f 😂

    46. supper blade 1889

      Your poor car bro

    47. Christopher Nickerson

      Keep it

    48. Jev Lord

      Everytime Sabrina accelerated TJ face is priceless

    49. iD4V1D7

      Sabrina full send!!

    50. Luke Stuart

      The boy is STRESSED!!!!

    51. Max El Giant

      The face of concern lol

    52. Wasp Art

      Sabrina needs more driving videos! Sabrina track video 😏

    53. Christopher Suarez

      Tj your face when she stalls is friggin epic

    54. Christopher Suarez

      Her driving was literally the best let’s friggin go

    55. Gregory Woody

      This was so hilarious to watch. I cringed a little too

    56. Taylor Wilson

      sabrina just pisses me off, everything about her is just off

    57. JOKER 19

      Paul walker would be proud of you TJ RIP Paul Walker in Skyline heaven

    58. Steven suca

      Did sabrina tell you to pose like that for the thumb nail 😂😂

    59. Alexander Walker


    60. Andrew Kean

      Sabrina: *stalls it twice* Also Sabrina: She's a natural!

    61. Grant Young

      You can stop eating starburst right into the mic...

    62. Chromedawg48

      Does she not know how to drive a manual or is the clutch THAT sensitive?

    63. Diego Armando García Amor

      Sabrina is a crack 😅🥰

    64. Shane

      was that starburt good tj?😂😂

    65. RB 33

      The amount of anxiety this video gave me when Sabrina started driving 😂, damn well good job though, drove that thing like a champ!!!

    66. Bruce Wayne

      i hope paul see yhis

    67. Ryan Rush

      Sabrina ate those pulls like nothing

    68. Nick Morrison

      You way too ugly hell nah

    69. FABIAN militar

      learn how to chew with your mouth closed