REGINA Works for Hacker PZ3 Undercover? Spy Ninjas Search Hidden Project Zorgo Invention Lab!

Regina - Spy Ninjas

Regina - Spy Ninjas

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    After Chad Wild Clay made the video "I Found the Hacker that has a Crush on My Wife, Vy Qwaint! Spending 24 Hours Exploring Secret Room.", Vy Qwaint created "TRAPPED IN PRISON for 24 HOUR CHALLENGE with HACKER (He Has No Idea I Took Keys in Hide and Seek)", Regina filmed "REGINA vs CHAD WILD CLAY BATTLE ROYALE! Escape Project Zorgo Trap in 24 hours with Funny DIY Hacks", Melvin tricked Chad in "I CHALLENGE Chad Wild Clay to a Fortnite Battle Royale, Tik Tok Dance, & Water Bottle Flip Kick", and Daniel uploaded "This SOUND Makes You POOP! I Craft a Funny Prank Gadget for DIY Tricks & Hacks to Find Hacker Crush" to the Exposing Project Zorgo DE-news channel, Daniel created a new invention called the transducer using the blueprints Perlita recovered from Project Zorgo. However, PZ715 stole the transducer and he ran into tunnels. Vy took one tunnel and Chad followed the other which led him to a mysterious old office which we think is the hideout of this hacker that has a crush! Chad got trapped in a strange museum room! Vy went down the other tunnel and ended up getting trapped in a jail cell being guarded by an old detention supervisor from GKC school. Daniel met up with Melvin who had the missing piece of the blueprint. Before Melvin could give it to Daniel, PZ2 stole it! Regina ran into PZ2 later and took it from him. She returned to the safehouse and showed Daniel. They put the pieces together and found a logo for a laboratory called Cybortek with Project Zorgo connections. Daniel figured out it's located in Las Vegas, so he and Regina went undercover in disguise to find out what other hacker devices and experiments Project Zorgo might be making. During their spy mission, disguised Regina has a job interview and finds PZ3, who hasn't been seen for more than a year! Will Project Zorgo hire Regina? Can Daniel and Regina uncover hidden plans? Will Chad and Vy be able to escape before it's too late? Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy vlog videos in 2020!
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