Response to Alex's MT09 purchase next year, plus other topics.



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    I give my thoughts on Alex's aka Blahdeblah52's wish to purchase a Yamaha MT 09 next year. So I talk about finance options, plus, as a tenuously linked topic, my experiences of a couple of bikes I'd bought in the past that weren't as good as they should have been, eg. Fireblade and VFR800. Also, a mention about the whole Google Plus fiasco and part switch to Vimeo, at least for the 1080 quality videos.
    HD Version here!

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    1. don crimz

      Where would you recommend getting a decent second hand bike from preferably Honda cbr 125

      1. elkfazer1

        I'm gonna state the obvious here lol and say, try a Honda dealer. The condition of the 125s is more important than the mileage IMO just because they are built down to a price.

    2. Chris

      Im doing my cbt this saturday, just got a 2010 yamaha aerox r 50cc moped for my 16th. Just to ask for a few tips for new riders, i see you filtering and pulling alongside cars at junctions like its nothing, dont think ill have the confidence to so that straight away haha. Anything to look out for on the roads? It would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

    3. TestedModz

      Hey Elkfazer1, Just wondering did you ever have any trouble with your cbf125 in the rain because the wheels look small, I just need a bike for work that can get me there in one piece / sun or rain, Thanks for any help.

    4. The Naked Biker

      I actually bought my MT-09 using the scheme you mention. It's called PCP - Personal Contract Purchase ( and I personally think it's not too bad if you want something now and you want it cheap. My previous bike was a Honda CBF125, which I bought in August. I could have probably sold it for about £1700-1800 if I was to do it myself but seeing how the dealer offered me £1500 for part exchange I decided to save myself time and trade it in. On top of that, I added £500 from my card just to have a smaller remaining amount. I didn't have to do it, as the minimum deposit is £1500, but I had the funds so why not. With all this, I now have to pay £88 per month for the next 3 years, which I think is more than affordable. Also, I can pay back more or even all of it without any penalties. Dealer said one can start doing it after the first 3 months but I don't see anything in the contract saying you can't do it right away. If I was to follow the contract though, and just pay the monthly instalments, the bike would have a guaranteed value of £2750 after the 36 months (not sure about the specific number but should be close). If at the end of the contract you decide you don't want the bike any more, like Elk said, you can then use it as the deposit for your next bike. It will be worth whatever the trade-in value of the bike is at the moment. So, if the value after 3 years is £5000, you would have £5000 - £2750 to put down as your deposit and you wouldn't have to pay the outstanding amount. Alternatively, if you love the bike just as much as you did on your first day and want to keep it, you have the option of paying out the remaining value, which is those £2750. That has to be done at once though. No finance on that so put some money aside during the 3 years. My plan is to pay out the full price of the bike during the next few months and be done with it. I understand that it's not an option for everyone but even with the £88/£99 per month I think it's a bargain. For those who have more expensive bikes to trade in it should be a no brainer at all :) Last but not least, my finance is with Black Horse, which is apparently Santander. I'm pretty sure it's not just the dealer I dealt with (Lamba) but rather everyone as it's essentially Yamaha's finance. Hope this helps someone. A few of the things Elk already mentioned in the video but I thought that a real life example might be interesting to some!

    5. HaveBikeWillVlog

      VTEC is really weird mate. The engine is always DOHC IE it isn't SOHC at low rev range, its aways 4 valves per cylinder. What it does though is it has a bar which shifts across to a separate larger cam lobe at a given RPM. That cam lobe is larger and sits on a plate which pushes both valves open. However due to the larger profile of the cam the valves open more and let more fuel air mix in (and likewise waste has more chance to be exhausted) which results in a more powerful combustion stroke.

      1. elkfazer1

        @HaveBikeWillVlog Yes, I have heard that the version in their cars is a lot more refined and more usuable. Whisper it, but I read in MCN recently that Suzuki is developing a Turbo model for use in one of their upcoming bike ranges, they were rubbish in the 80's though, I mean, I saw a few but never got to ride one as I was too young lol

      2. HaveBikeWillVlog

        VTEC is a very good engine system for cars (especially more modern versions) but I don't understand putting it on a bike to be honest.

      3. elkfazer1

        Thanks for the technical stuff mate, I always get things like this wrong, but you knew what I meant lol. The funny thing with that engine though was it was sooo thirsty even running around town. I reckon I only ever had a best of 40-ish to the gallon and probably about 33 mpg when opening her up. Quite disappointing really, considering all the green advertising for that particular engine at the time.

    6. barrkel

      I have a VFR800 VTEC. To be frank, the VTEC doesn't really bother me, because the only time I'm below 7k is when I'm on the motorway. I don't ride around London on it, it's not a good city bike - I prefer my scooter for that. It's a much better touring bike than my old ER6f, and for sporty riding the suspension is better too. But it's damn heavy. Hard work to flick around, not nearly as nimble as the ER6.

      1. barrkel

        @elkfazer1 It would be nice, sure. When I do end up in the city on it, I'm generally in first gear the whole time, there isn't really a lack of torque at that ratio, and with a recentish oil change, it's smooth enough for it. Primary reasons I don't go in the city with it is that I end up accelerating too much, that and the turning circle is atrocious, and being far too heavy to risk more ambitious moves that might need braking while leaned over. To keep up in sporty riding, you need to stay a fair bit above 7k and be playing the gearbox quite a bit. I guess I don't miss what I never had. If the same bike had more grunt at low revs, and nothing lost on top end, sure, that would be better. As it is, I don't get more than 130 miles or so on a tank, so I'm certainly not reaping any efficiency savings.

      2. elkfazer1

        Don't you ever feel like the engine would be better if the VTEC system would cut in a lot earlier though? I wish it was somehow programmable or maybe had presets a bit like the MT09's different modes.

    7. Jay Raby

      For loans check (peer lending) better rates than banks. For example a £5000 loan over 3 years would be £150 pcm at the moment. Be careful of the HP route you'll usually have to find a lot more than £1500 at the end of the term and you're tied to fixed mileage.

    8. Blah

      Hey Elk, no offense, I typed out a shed load in reply and basically, Maggies Lappy shit a brick and deleted the whole thing!! Yes, d a deathMy PC has died a death, no vids until I get that sorted...I hate this lappy!! Suffice to say, if I had £7k I'd be in like Flint :-) Mate, money is So tight, I am sorry to say... Gotta stop, this is the 3rd attempt....Like VFR's but DO NOT want one, I hope that makes sense. BTW, you know they brought out the *'Street'* version of the MT-09, (I know you do) the biggest change is the seat and an Akro :-) Thanks mate, great discussion :-)

      1. elkfazer1

        No probs Alex! I can feel your pain with the lappy's demise :/ not good what with christmas coming up soon, but hope you get it sorted soon matey. The old pre-vtec VFR's were actually good bikes, they sounded awesome with the gear-driven cams and decent aftermarket exhaust and I really kick myself now for choosing the latter Vtec nonsense one :-( But I found a good sound clip here of one here vfr800 sound and defy anyone not to have a stiffy after listening to it, lol Yeah, the Street Rally MT09 is probably the one you mention Al, I liked it at first but after seeing it in MCN I think it's looks a bit tacky now with the added on parts, looks like they got the parts made by the same company that makes Kinder Surprise Eggs! pmsl Thanks for your comment and good luck lappy wise :-) Cheers Elk

    9. martins05

      If MT09 power is too much for you (like you don't need so much) search for MT07. It's a new 700cc, double cyl., 74hp Yamaha bike for 2014. It's a naked bike! Maybe softer in taxes and gas ;) And cheaper!

      1. Blah

        Oh GOD no!!! Seriously, ride an MT-09, it's just mad :-) So much fun. Sure, it may get ya in trouble. BUT, it's SO worth it !!!!

      2. elkfazer1

        Yes, I saw the MT07 on one of the Yamaha websites a few days ago, but it's too similar in engine size and design to my TDM 900 to warrant me getting one. If the fuel injection is ok on it though then it might be good for people who might have gone for a TDM before.

    10. Firecul42

      How is Vimeo for you? I thought you have to pay to get your videos displayed in better than 720p?

      1. Firecul42

        Yeah Vimeo's codec doesn't tend to butcher videos quite as much as DE-news's that is why I was checking it out. I don't think I'll be paying that for 1080p but I don't make any money off my videos so it'd be my own money, if that ever changes then it'll be worth it.

      2. elkfazer1

        Yes, I paid for the 1080 option on there, about £45 a year, but then google ads are paying for that ;-) I think the quality is certainly better, perhaps another 30% better than on youtube 1080.

    11. IGCNightmare

      Haven't been through Tatsfield in over a year. Lol was good to see the place once again.

      1. elkfazer1

        @IGCNightmare thanks for the info there! Yes, I wasn't sure if you could transfer the balance across to another bike once the 3 years were up.

      2. IGCNightmare

        Oh and you mentioned about the finance thing. Triumph offered me a very similar deal. Where after 3 years you either pay off the bike or replace it. What actually happens is, if you decide to replace the bike, they take whatever the bike is worth as a part ex, and then deduct the rest of the finance off of the bikes value. And then whatever is left, can be used as a deposit or to put some downpayments on the new finance term with another bike. Hope that clears it up a bit :)

      3. elkfazer1

        No problem! I try and find some different places near me to ride through, and I hadn't been through there myself for some time :-)

    12. Gray Viper

      Hi Mate, What are you calling yourself on Vimeo? Nice to hear you again

      1. Gray Viper

        The quality is great and from the few minutes I've had to play around it seems easy to use and more like the old you tube. Lets hope some of the other come over.

      2. elkfazer1

        Lol, you found me before I could reply! The quality is better on there though yes?