Rest in Peace.



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    1. Elise A

      for the short moments we got to see him on your channel i think we all fell in love with his spirit and immediately understood he was one of the special ones with unlimited kindness, his immense energy, and his clear desire to lift those around him up. i am so sorry for your loss, lauren. take the time you need to regain your strength and to organize your thoughts and feelings. please remember you are surrounded by love and support on all fronts. i hope moose and jeremy can give you all the hugs we wish we could right now. 🤍

      1. grace rousseau

        who died

      2. Sour Samaniya

        Sonny Doctor he wanted to swim? Are you an idiot? This dude literally DIED and you are staying he is a goddamn loser? Shame on you.

      3. Sophie Leigh

        Take your opinion and go can’t you see this girl is severely upset! Lauren does everything and always has for her fans so don’t treat her like like with your opinion many thanks! 😜

      4. Alina Curnew


      5. Elanajford16

        Sending our thoughts to you 💔🕊We Love you and want you to know that it’s ok if you need to take a break for a little while.

    2. Abigail Bustamante

      Wait who died and I’m sorry

    3. Lonelylass _Daymee

      This is my first time watching Lauren diy in 2020 and I just realized she swears 0-0

    4. The Night Howler

      I'm sorry for ur loss

    5. xXsweetberrybobaXx

      I can’t believe how many dislikes their r like go away if u wanna put a dislike I’m so sorry For ur lost we will all be here to support u 😔😔

    6. sxnset flamingo

      im so sorry.

    7. gamingwithjessie !!


    8. Tessa R Lombardo26

      I'm sorry for your loss, Lauren :( I promise everything will get better :)

    9. Janessa playz


    10. Pickle man

      R.I.P god will be with him

    11. Nashwa Alshaikh

      I’m new and I don’t know what’s going on but rip 🥺❤️

    12. Kezia Welsh

      I'm so sorry he's in a better place

    13. gacha midnight

      Rip I'm sorry for your lost

    14. Lovely Gacha Moon

      I'm so sorry. I know God has amazing plans for him. I hope everything gets better.

    15. xX Euphoria Xx


    16. Rafa Cake

      My condelence laurdiy

    17. Larissa Funkhouser

      I'm seeing this late but I'm so sorry he's really was a great and fun person I'm so sorry I haven't watched you in while but I remember him in your videos I'm literally crying so much😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    18. Gabii Playz

      We are so sorry for ur lose and will stand by you! 🥺💘

    19. gina dimartino

      I’m so so so sorry for your lost rip

    20. Sunflower squad- Grayce Playz

      Omg this must of been so hard for his family it’s hard for me even😭I’m going to cry

    21. Lavender Shell

      I don’t watch her very much but every 9nce in a while I watch her and I found this vid I’m so sorry Lauren

    22. LilyRae Evans

      Omg, I'm so sorry, hes in a better place now. we love you💔

    23. megan young

      I am so sorry.. I have felt your pain and i wouldn't want it on anyone... Sending you love, stay strong x

    24. da fuq


    25. Soggy Donut

      I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry..

    26. yes hello

      I'm so sorry..... I love you honey... ❤

    27. DirkAndLucius

      Who passed away? Btw I used to watch you all the time when I was younger and I’m very sorry for your loss. He’s in a better place now.

      1. Serena Rodger

        After death is non existence, so actually he's no where now

    28. Dog lover

      I’m starting to cry 😭😢😢😭😢

    29. Dog lover

      I hope his family and friends are ok

    30. JI Soft


    31. ᎴᏗᎥᎷᎧᏁ Ꮄ

      i fail to understand the people who have the audacity to dislike this like wtf

      1. Scyther

        Opinions mostly

    32. Cookie Playz :3


    33. butera edits

      i’m so sorry 🖤🥺 sending so much love

    34. Elden Kahler

      At first I thought it was moose but sorry for your lost get well soon feel better we all love you.

    35. Gemma James


    36. Midnight Moon

      Omg this has so many dislikes! WHY?!

      1. Scyther

        Opinions mostly. I didn’t like the video or dislike. But I have a hutch that its people with opinions

    37. Lil Jway Official


    38. Sharmica Chambers


    39. Ella XD

      Who died?

    40. Roblox_vids_x x

      I am so sorry for you it’s ok all of your subscribers have got your back nobody is going to let you down but I am sorry for your loss

    41. RosyyScarlet

      I saw this in my recommended I’m really sorry your amazing he loves you more then anything and we can respect your time, I know how you feel I experienced my first death this year and ye, your amazing

    42. Learn From Sunshine

      I'm confused who passed away

    43. Cøøkie_ Løve

      I’m so sorry but in the Thumbnail, It looked like MattPat... On the other hand, R.I.P stay strong Lauren🥺

    44. Tera Anzalone

      I'm crying rn 😭 he is in a better place now 🥺

    45. luci brady

      He's in a better place...

    46. Tanishka 903

      I really don't know why this came in my recommend iam so sorry

    47. Charlie the Cat


    48. Celly Marie

      Rest In Peace 👼🏼🤍

    49. cute leah

      But he is alive go look on his channel This was made a month ago but he posted a new video 6 days after

    50. Lil Twerk

      I’m so sorry

    51. Mabel McCloughan

      Hugs and kisses are sent to you Lauren xoxo xxxxxx ooooo -Mabel xoxo 💋

    52. Mochi’sEuophoria Lyf

      Who died here?

    53. Marbear Playz

      RIP he is in a better place now 😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔💔

    54. Sassy purple diamond

      He’s in a better place now, he’s safe. He’s looking after you. Making sure you make the right choices, we’re here for you baby ❤️❤️😔🥺

    55. Maya the Purple girl

      I can’t watch’s too sad. And I can’t stand people crying....

    56. Pp Sucker

      Oh my god im so sorry for you. 😯😦😢

      1. Pp Sucker

        He is in a sayfe and happier place with god 😟

    57. Riri

      The dislikes are when people were crying soooooo much they accidentally pressed the dislike button

    58. Harmony !

      I am so sorry for your loss

    59. Haha Token!

      Oh my god......I’m so sorry

    60. Bailey schrader

      I'm sorry 😭😢😭😢😭

    61. Lord Guacamole

      I have seizures too They suck

    62. Destiny quant

      I'm sorry for your lost 💔😥 Im new to this channel 😪💔😥

    63. Gaming WithPeople

      So sorry for your loss, rest in peace ❤️💖❤️

    64. BigBoy _Lxser


    65. RookieFlames

      Be strong lauren. Ill be always there for you

    66. Ayzah Asif

      I’m so sorry

    67. Classic Izzy

      im very sorry for your loss. we love you lauren ❤️

    68. Isabella Todoroki

      Sweetie!!!! OMG, you need a hug!!! I wish I could hug you!!

    69. Ali Alfahad

      I’m literally crying right now rip he’s in a better place now the place is heaven

    70. Unknown Baby

      Who passed? And im sry for your loss

      1. marsiiz vu

        Her bf