Revealing the Identity of the Mysterious Obstacle in Yandere Simulator

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    Ayano/Raibaru artwork from 5:30 by LilianMuttonfudge!
    Raibaru backstory artwork by Koki-arts!
    Drake meme artwork from 10:30 by MulberryArt!
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    1. Angel of Darkness Queen

      I know how to beat osuson best friend

    2. mo mo

      Yandere dev:I want you to figure it out for yourself. Me:How about we open the debug menu?

    3. Malvika Mittal

      Did anyone realise that Raibaru is actually the crush of Budo Masuta? Yandere Dev said Budo's crush is related to Osana and that she was the former president of the martial arts club? And Raibaru is both of the things!!! OMG....!!!!

    4. Vive Les Histoires

      Okay so « Raibaru » is the Japanese pronounciation of « rival », but can anyone explain her last name to me?

    5. Spet Lee

      It would be cool to imagine if Raibaru didn't take the mature route of accepting her defeat from Budo instead she ended up fueled with anger and resentment that her true colors were shown, that her cute self is just a fake act of hers and she keeps up with it so well because she had a lot of pride since she was the strongest among everyone else & everybody looked up to her thus when she was defeated by Budo, it was her very first defeat in her whole life, her entire soul literally shattered (for someone who has been #1 their whole life suddenly fails and ends at rock bottom for the first time there is no way they can bring themselves to take the mature route considering they are also teenagers at that time) so she quit out of anger and everyone thought that Budo deserved the role as the new leader so he took it, still he had always looked up to Raibaru all his time in the club so instead of getting mad at her too or whatnot he ended up feeling bad for seeing how upset Raibaru got, all to reveal that Budo actually had a (big) crush on Raibaru even after she's not in the club. After Raibaru left and became an angry bean, she was then discovered by Osana, probably the only girl at school who isn't afraid of her even with the knowledge that Raibaru is now an angry and vengeful gorl. Because of Osana's own tsundere personality, Raibaru was surprised on how soft Osana is deep inside while she acted tough on the outside aka the opposite of Raibaru (Looks soft on the outside, but very tough on the inside) thus they developed their friendship, Osana was the only one who reached out and "helped" Raibaru in her time of despair WHICH explains why Raibaru is soo obsessed with Osana, why she always follows her and why she's so protective of her, due to how she views Osana as her "angel" or "savior" . (( It's also cute to think about on how Osana didn't want to wear a girly and childish accessory but she did anyways so she could match with Raibaru, thinking it would make Raibaru feel better which it did. )) It would also be cool to imagine the scenes between Raibaru and Budo, Budo would suddenly get kinda flustered cuz of his crush and own guilt for Raibaru, while Raibaru brings out her brash side and "snobs" Budo but immediately gets all nice and cutesy towards Osana.

    6. Natsuki

      Rival chan is getting revenge for yan chan trying to destroy her in 2 videos

    7. Shooky MMD

      well if Budo could defeat her one time , that means he can do that again, no?

    8. Diamond Tubby

      You may splash Raibaru by gasoline and then burn her 😊 Or try to kidnap Budo and then Budo kills Raibaru

    9. Lovaly Lovable

      I know! Make Osana follow you instead-

    10. Ic SkyLight

      I can't play the game cuz i don't have a pc... But i watch them on youtube... But i have an idea... Can u use a mind slave to kill Raibaru... (If possible) And to separate them... Ask Osana to follow u and welllll... U know... 😲 if Raibaru don't follow the player and Osana... Thats my opinion though... I reallllllllyyyyy want yo play Yandere Sim... I just don't have a pc! Im just i kid... Ehehe! Good day!

    11. folk gamer

      Nobody survives with a ak 47 shoots

    12. Xx_Silly285_xX

      What happened to kokona ???

    13. Imai Sayori

      If yandere chan becomes a member of the delinquents club and intimidates a student by telling them to distract Raibaru,will she get distracted or will you add that as another feature of yandere sim in the future? Or Will Raibaru get scared at yan chan when she becomes a delinquent and get the opportunity to kill the current rival since they will be separated...? Dang I have so many questions

    14. CethCes2306 GL

      Well I know who Budo's crush is 😭

    15. Jojozz Z is pronounced like an actual ZEE

      I figured it out! Use a mindslave to murder Osana,the mindslave just kills themselves

    16. blind Specter

      Are you info-clan?!?!

    17. skull YT vlog

      one thing some one beat the ribaru (sryy name bad) by using gasoline and candle boom

    18. Trishly Jenina Pascua

      Easter egg?

    19. -Elisha De Paz-

      nuuu you so evil

    20. Jinyoung Stan

      This screams ship

    21. LilithGamerFNAR

      No security guards hmmm every school has a security guard maybe you could implant a security guard that if it if there’s a murder they will show up and walk around the school it’ll make things harder because you’ll be apprehended and brought to jail if you get caught murdering somebody that means there has to be more than one security guard just an idea

    22. Alejandro buendia

      What if we drop a heavy bucket

    23. oop Kaye

      YESSS!! I love her >:))

    24. HELENA

      Wait can’t I just frame her for murder and get on with it?

    25. HELENA

      Yandere Dev: bUt i’M nOT gOiNg tO- Me: Whoa... damn aight


      Would Raibru hurt her if osona was a mind slave? 🤔🤨 Yandere dev ExPlAiN!

    27. Static rainbow

      I'm going to be depressed when the easter eggs are gone in the Official demo. It's always a lot of fun using them. Besides cheating I could care less about cheating with the easter eggs but Its fine by using them in general. When I first started playing Yandere Simulator I would always switch to Falcon mode or Cyborg mode and run in circles around the school building while dramatically humming the music to them. (lol) Its just not gonna be as fun without the Easter Eggs

    28. Vampmickey 56

      Does Raibaru even have a life? (Bruh)

    29. Luna Wolf Gaming

      July 15 is my birthday 0w0

    30. senpapi senpai

      Wait since you can turn into a deliquent now can you intimidate other people to intimidate Raibaru? Edit: i mean distract Raibaru

    31. Jazzy Sakura 301

      Hey! Why dont we send a mindslave to kill osana instead of raibaru? Its clear that raibaru is OP however, osana is incapable of self defense. Even if raibaru is closeby with osana, i think the mindslave will have just enough time to stab osana and kill her.

    32. SeaPlayz MC

      give her salty chips and make her drink a shocking water fountain

    33. Awesome Ninja

      wow years of the girl by the tree is finally reveled!

    34. Faith Sizemore

      Wasn’t there a character who had a crush on the previous Martial Arts Club president? I forgot which one, I’m thinking it’s either Budo or the Head of the Delinquents, but I’m pretty sure it’s the former. Would discovering his feelings for her, gathering information about her, then match making her with Budo be an effective method to separate her from Osana to make elimination much more direct.

    35. Alexis Heartstone

      When will yandere simulator go to apple iPads and in da apple store

    36. Starfruit Kirby

      So like you’d have to make some sort of conflict between Osana and Raiburu in order to separate them, then go from there?

    37. Rawan Harb

      light her on fire easy

    38. onekingdom1

      Someone who protects with every ounce of strength you use to kill

    39. Cözy _Pîlløw

      Damn rabiru has skills

    40. Brenda Buccat

      myth try to lower osanans reputation and get the fricking bodyguard to follow you and kidnap her then get her to kill her self in the id area or get a mindslave to kill her

    41. Zomg a Pikachu

      When yandere Dev says I’m not going to tell you... Me: *TRIGGERS* WHYYYYYYY!

    42. gacha assassine

      Cant u just look it up on google how to defeat her i mean or look it up on other stuff i mean it kinda might work ya know?????

    43. MyBreakfast MyDinnerIsShrimp

      Anyone remember "Yoink?"

    44. JordanTOASTY

      We should put raiburu at the front lines of area 51

    45. Roberta Studios


    46. Nom Nom Kitty UvU

      Make osana and raibru if you say that correctly -.- make them kiss for no reason YOU CAN MAKE FUN OF ME FOR A REASON -.-

    47. Oceax Deluxe

      those sound effects though...

    48. Hope Never dies

      That’s a little too much Too break somebody’s bones but I think I found a way to kill her I don’t have yan sim because I don’t have a desk top so this is just a guess. Maybe you can push her off a roof or kidnap her. I’ll soon get a desk top though to try it. I kinda like the new god in the game. She looks cute.~ It makes me more determined to defeat her when I play the game.

    49. Roger Campbell

      So it was Osana....

    50. Emily Johnson

      Yan chan: *cant kill Raibaru* Yan chan:*easily carries 50 kilograms*

    51. Foxy23

      I think she's a black demon or the spider thing idk.

    52. Lali Melons

      Im loving how this game is heading... Keep it up YanDev... Just be careful and take your time. :D

    53. Ethan Icoy

      What if befriend osana and make raiberu jelous and sad??

    54. Cup of tae and suga Squishy Min Yoongi


    55. Grace The WolfyLion


    56. anime trash

      Raiburu says gay rights

    57. Nub_Erik

      So she's Goku she can sense your ass she got ultra instinct hmm I know how to beat her *SNAP MODE*

    58. Lila Millen

      Defeating her HAS to have something with Budo

    59. Jaja The vampire princess and fell sans’ wife

      What if u use a mindslave to kill osana when raibaru is around

      1. K'Maya Smith

        Sadly, that won't work.... 😒😒😒😒

    60. The Speakable Cheese Shake

      Raibaru, hmmm? Well, if she isn't stronger than Sans, she should be no problem.

    61. *o *

      Is it me or Raibaru look more like a robot than a friend

    62. Jess._.Oqsis :3

      are there gonna be more updates if you beat the game ? like what happens when Ayano finally gets Senpai or if she ever even gets him? Will there be a future to their kids ? If they ever get married ? If they break up!?

    63. Minisplat

      I figured out how to defeat Raibaru in about 10 minutes.

    64. Saifullah Khan


    65. Russell Dulaney

      Then why is she not in the pepper spray group

    66. Emma Pepe

      Do you think you can eliminate Osana at home when she's alone? Or when she's sunbathing and is asleep? I'm curious...

    67. Diamond Daiyamondo

      That meme reference.

    68. Alison Trigger

      raibaru is my new favourite lesbian

    69. Kat TheHuman

      Can she be Osanas secret crush XD (idk how to spell her name)

    70. Black Spy

      >Budo beat Raiburu >Raiburu is completely unkillable >Budo can be killed if you have max strength and button mash enough PLOTHOLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE