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    He has a Bigfoot...
    Welcome to the OFFICIAL DE-news channel of James Acaster, the number one coolest channel on the net: You may recognise James from the Netflix Trilogy “Repertoire”, or his countless appearances on Mock The Week, 8 out of 10 cats and Would I Lie To You, or heard him as the genie on the award-winning podcast “Off Menu”. Here you can watch stand up clips, TV appearances and more EXCLUSIVE content.
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    1. Kayleigh Club

      That was hilarious especially the end and when Ed said 'if it's invisible how do they know it's hairy' 😂😂😂 amazing

    2. Billie Maier

      there is literally a big shoe right behind her ...

    3. Abraham Wallace

      Really freaky to imagine a body being found in a dry river bed with lungs full of water.

    4. O DD

      Big shoe sells big issue

    5. maya

      aspect ratio is killing me

    6. Weeble68

      I've seen it!! It's a magazine being sold by homeless people.

    7. SJ BC

      The other foot is small. Killed me. 😂

    8. Josh Mayfield

      What’s with the strange noise gate they have on either the laugh track or the live audience?

    9. jennifer Branch

      Sittingbourne in Kent? Lol small world

    10. marinasdead

      James and Richard create isane comedic moments together, wow love them both immensely, wish there was more content of the duo

    11. Afro Donkey

      between 2:12 - 2:25 all three pairs are sat in the same way...

    12. Keelie Kingi

      You need Ed Byrne with Ed gamble and Rhys James with Richard

    13. Pierre

      You know what they say about men with big shoes... This mythical creature looks like Nessie

    14. Tsoi Boy

      Is the Hairy Hand of Dartmoor invisible? That’s a detail I’ve never heard.

      1. Tsoi Boy

        @Melissah B No, but I haven’t seen Brazil and I’m sure it’s not invisible!

      2. Melissah B

        Have you ever seen it?

    15. Callum Gillman

      I've introduced so many friends to the genius of The Acaster I feel I should be hired as a promotions consultant;)

    16. Midnight CoffeeAddictions

      Took me two years to realize that Chloe wasn't a Matt Lucas character.

    17. Prof Kleo

      The faces 🤣🤣🤣🤦🤦 they make life bearable rn 🤣

    18. Mad Joker

      sooooooo.. Richard on Off Menu when?

    19. iCEetMarne

      I really like the dynamic between James and Richard. Its very hard to find someone whos on Richards ...vibe...shall we say. Itd be great to see these two in something together.

    20. JR M

      Matt Lucas looks good in yellow

    21. J P

      When they eventually remake the odd couple, I hear rumor even now, here are your leading men.

    22. kevin langan

      Think Richard has a touch of the shoe horn

    23. Wawasjohn

      James and Richard are awesome. They should have a show together

    24. Ryan Peter

      Does that laughing track bug anyone else?

    25. Kate Olivia

      Lockdown's got us messed up! "You need to look after yourself and practice self care" okay thanks why am I crying now?

    26. Monkey Tron

      If the hand wasn’t hairy how on Earth would anybody have seen it? Stupid question!

    27. jamie fullerton

      Big shoe is a whole lot funnier when your Scottish and seen the viral vid ...

    28. Natiform Orifice

      :30 no Josh the fact is that everyone that "believes" in made up dibble, such as "the invisible hairy hand" or a magic skyman or astrology etc IS A BRAINdead moron in urgent need of composting.

    29. A. DUBITANTE

      Who was that woman with the mystery river?

      1. A. DUBITANTE

        @Kate Olivia thanks! I'll go look for more of her, now.

      2. Kate Olivia

        That's Chloe Petts

    30. Cathy Bryant

      Ah, James and Richard are both immensely sweet boys.

    31. nick wood

      I lived in kettering from 78 to 86 . I listen ving in denver CO usa . I went to Isebrook school nr Weakstead park .

    32. GollyJunior

      I love everything about this show except the ‘CLIFF!’ moments. They’re a little bit too forced and cringeworthy. Best moments are definitely with Richard

      1. OptimusGPrime

        They're supposed to be forced. That's the whole point. It's called a running gag.

    33. tomscotland

      There’s only one big shoe.

    34. Nate B music

      What’s Honey G doing on this

    35. Beatnik

      Who is Ed Gamble's partner here, and did they know they were going to be on television?

    36. Roel Vinckens

      The chemistry and appreciation between these two calls for a new format which will have to be the no-format of their chemistry and appreciation.

    37. Olivia Arcuri

      The James Acaster x Jonathan VanNess crossover I didn't know I needed

      1. Katherine Allen

        It took me a minute to place that he was talking about Queer Eye because the advice to practice self care was ... not really reminiscent of how JVN does it. Still I loved the reference.

      2. Olivia Arcuri

        he’s truly a treasure😭❤️

      3. Beth McInally

        He made a queer eye reference and people have just let that slide? He becomes more iconic by the minute!

    38. Se777en

      James and Richard need to cohost a show together.

    39. Connor Lumsden

      Any Lovecraft fans thinking of the Ipswich monsters?

    40. Thanita P

      Sidhu Vee AND Richard Ayoade? Is there a way to watch the full episode?

    41. JustCurious

      I LOVE James and Richard ❤❤❤❤❤

    42. Joanne

      I didn't take to this show when it first came out - wow - have I got a lot of catching up to do. Brilliant.

      1. Bald Manc Twat With A Head Like A Fucking Orange

        That's because it's a bad premise for a show. But it will work and we will like it because it has the British comedians we love appearing in it, and honestly, that's all a show really needs to be good.

    43. Alisa The Mushroom

      The television in this country is so foreign and magical. I love the happy chaos

    44. nickienator

      There appears to be some kind of mythical monster in the panel on the right already.

    45. SpirusOfH

      why is this cropped like this?

    46. Matthew Stephens

      So far... 7 people don't like joy.

    47. Monica Martin

      ive never been more personally offended by someone elses haircut

    48. CrayG

      Will Josh please just keep his hands away from his face. I don't know why it bothers me so much but I can't unnotice it 🙈🤦🏼‍♂️

      1. Nemnyoom


    49. Ds2rt

      You know what they say about Bigfoot, Big Shoe.

    50. Faustini

      James and Richard can have a regular conversation and make it seem like it's related to the show~

    51. Kelvin Mulungu

      The hell is with this cropping?


      I think “Big Shoe” isn’t just a local issue....I often hear homeless people shouting this around the whole country....And they all seem to have a magazine to back up their claims....It’s just usually hidden and coded in music articles and interviews 🤔🤫🤭😏….!x=o}

      1. IAN FOREMAN

        On further evidence “Big Shoe” may not be national....These homeless people may be claiming it’s slightly smaller than big....So just a “Big-ish Shoe”....!x=o}

    53. jungefrau

      is there anything sexier than an ayoade/acaster duo? swooooon.

    54. MrCordingly

      I want Richard's shirt.

    55. Dave McKeegan

      James you are the king of awkward comedy ... Unfortunately Richard is God at it

      1. curuvari

        @Joshua Watts A restlessly working, creative mind with a hint of nervosity & you want to cheer him on for it, whereas Richard radiates an Awkward Calmness that just freaks you out (in a good way).

      2. Liam Johnstone

        I feel Richard is funnier in situations whereas James is funnier at stand up. Not that either is bad at the other.. theyre 2 of my absolute favourites.

      3. Joshua Watts

        I honestly feel like Richard is more of a pure awkward, and James is a more "awkward if awkward were awkward at being awkward and so wasn't quite purely awkward because it had a dash of something else as well but no one is quite sure what that other thing is" kind of person.

    56. Nii Amart

      This show is great.

    57. nudem_ p

      Who is the one that asked "how did they know it's hairy?" What's his name

      1. melissa jemima

        Listen to Ed & James podcast ‘off menu’

      2. Penelope W

        If you liked him, he and James have a small DE-news series they do called just puddings, where James tries fancy desserts and has to describe them in detail to Ed, who is diabetic. It’s weirdly funny.

      3. nudem_ p

        Thx guys

      4. Ethan Ansell

        Furthermore, Ed Gamble.

      5. Phillip Thomas

        Ed Gamble

    58. Brand Neutral

      I am so into Richard’s whole deal in this video- especially his spectacular outfit

    59. Stupid Sexy Croagunk

      I can't believe they got the fourteenth Doctor on the show.

      1. Steven Brownfield


      2. Lucy JdB

        @TheMultiGamer huh

      3. Steven Brownfield

        From your lips to God's ears.

      4. TheMultiGamer

        Wow, that was racist.

    60. Lukas Quiney

      “How do they know it’s hairy if it’s invisible?” Where’ve I heard that one before 😉

    61. hannxhs

      i cannot express how quickly i clicked on this once i realized it was another james x richard clip

    62. Amelia Moody

      I live on Dartmoor and have never heard of the hairy hand .... I've only heard of the Dartmoor beast :/ could be different parts of the moor tho

      1. amina

        I grew up in Plymouth and we learnt about the Hairy Hands at school

      2. Amelia Moody

        @millie whatttt thats so close and i don't even know that! I'm acc embarrassed

      3. millie

        I think the hairy hands around postbridge/two bridges

    63. norbi250


    64. Lukas Quiney

      Who else is still waiting for James Acaster’s version of the bible from Mock the Week?

      1. Helen L

        🤞 For his book deal!

      2. finn_the_pheonix888

        @m c "beware the wrath of the chocolate vicar of Dibley!" i love nish so much hahahaha

      3. m c

        Just us and Nish apparently

    65. Ellie C

      Forget about Big hat, small hat - what about Big shoe small shoe?

    66. mickey abbot

      Thanks, bye

    67. Levi McGlinchey

      Epic sock game all round

    68. Holly Ludvigsen

      The most awkward combo and I love it

    69. zoevns

      yo why we in the cinema

    70. Alec

      Why is no one taking about the big shoe literally sat behind them as they’re talking about big shoe

      1. CommissarJAG

        Nah man, that's Tall Shoe. It's different.

      2. nydirk

        @kcolloran Agreed; I was looking for a bigger shoe.

      3. Arvind Hoskote

        @kcolloran Hi there, BigFoot!!

      4. kcolloran

        Those are pretty normal size shoes, mate.

      5. Byungbin

        The 90's were a cool time full of weird and big shoes.