Rings | Trailer #1 | Paramount Pictures International

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    Samara is back and looking for blood in the first trailer for Rings. Watch it. Share it. Try not to die.
    A new chapter in the beloved RING horror franchise. A young woman becomes worried about her boyfriend when he explores a dark subculture surrounding a mysterious videotape said to kill the watcher seven days after he has viewed it. She sacrifices herself to save her boyfriend and in doing so makes a horrifying discovery: there is a “movie within the movie” that no one has ever seen before…
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    Rings | Trailer #1 | Paramount Pictures International

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    1. Sangitha Stevejagdish


    2. pičibangoš

      And the boy says: Jediii grasakkk

      1. pičibangoš

        @Brawcalino hahahahah da

      2. Brawcalino

        Haha i ti balkanac

    3. alstinson

      A Ring sequel with untapped potential. I personally loved the second part, the climactic well scene was superb. I come back to this trailer wishing this follow up could have been a fresh take on the franchise. Clearly an unpassionate cash grab. :(

    4. Muhammad Shahzad

      I watched this “Ring video" 4 times in this movie,That means I have 28 days to live. Please Help me🙏😬

    5. hsn ahmed

      Stupid movie, We can categorize such movies like 15 y o movies. tasteless, no real actors, scenario is stupid.

    6. vera anggraini

      0:54 Springtrap:hello? Seven days

    7. Luke Edridge

      Will there be a 2nd one

    8. Christopher Hiestand

      Julia, don't leave me

    9. Hordas 1946

      0:52 jedi grašak

    10. Walid Ben

      Bored movie !! I lost 2 hours in my life to watched chiiit movie like this ....scary scary !!? Fuck offf

    11. Mark MM

      oh leonard

    12. DragoN

      I still don't get why they didn't call the ghostbusters...

    13. Benito Edeza

      I Don’t Want To See This Horror Movie Number 1 This Will Freak Me Out Number 2 Final This Will Be Scary

      1. DragoN

        It's actually not that scary and you basically just watched another movie. Meaning the trailer is nothing like the movie..

    14. Felicity Dracup

      1.The phone will ring and there’ll be nObOdY tHeRe! 2.The lights will flicker oN aNd OfF. 3.Next will appear THE GHOST OF THE BUS that ran him OvEr.And then.................................................................................... AnD i’M kAnYe WeSt

    15. Envinho YT

      Jedi Grasak ale ale

    16. Mohammed Shehata

      What the fuck

    17. NicoNicoNii 23

      Unknown voice: Julia. Me: Say Julia's name again. SAY HER NAME AGAIN!!

    18. Sτα҉rΤrα҉Ρ ϡ

      They like seven days croissants

    19. Dan Zloy

      No no no!!! Bad

    20. I just shid my pants

      Hit dat stanky leg 🦵🏽👋😲

    21. Gautam Kumar

      Who else finds Aidan scarier than Samara?

    22. Aleksa Jorgić

      0:53 JEDI GRAŠAK

    23. ans salah

      O my god i have seen that ghost in my dreems 3 times .at the last one i was trying to stay away .withstands but it controled my fother and my mother i had no way out exebt the bulkny .it was weatin me behinde the bus .is some one knew the exblaine for

    24. Joeta's creations

      You have seven days.........seven days......seven.days.......seven days....

    25. mknjsjsjajakJJshehsga baba

      Sikiciler burdami

    26. haider bukhari

      Aye bruh this wack

    27. サラゴサ藤田百合子

      So tv is a portal now. That's interesting. Lol.

    28. Liquidnitrogennugget

      My name is doof

    29. 4Dreamers Maks Więckowski


    30. kristjan830

      Original remake movie gave me weeks worth of nightmares, and now I think that the ring 1&2 are freaking awesome, it doesn't scare me anymore !!!

    31. Andros the warrior High Alpha

      All my years I'd never knew there was a 2 and 3 movie of the ring..

    32. ZICXimeR F

      Я тут один русскоговорящий?

    33. Bruh _

      OoOoo sPoOoKy

    34. zena

      Hello Leonard Hofstadter! 😂

    35. Caroline Campbell


    36. PlayAndroidGames

      1080p feels like 480p Me its not real

    37. lixiesaurus

      Just dont watch the tape?

    38. Shadow Taka

      I shouldn't have read the comments I lost interest

    39. cpx cpx

      Full movie link give

    40. Maya Gonzalez

      The Japanese one is better

    41. Madafaka Gurl

      i wanna see next part of rings please can someone tell me when will be next part ?

    42. Cowgirl Christian


    43. Casandra Alix

      Rings został chyba sparodiowany w strasznym filmie ale nie jestem pewna xd

    44. Bourbeern

      What?I viewed Ring 1,2 ...It no like this

    45. Gg Bel

      First time i watched this movie it was bad Second time it was good

    46. Hariom Jassu

      Hindi me link do koi

    47. The Large Weasel

      I remember watching the clip of this when i was young, and i was terrified that the monster was going to come out of the tv and eat me, so i avoided tv's in general for over a month. (A feat many cannot do.) I was a paranoid little child.

    48. Mysak Igor

      Omg this is a horror

    49. Sonu Kshetri

      My all time favorite movie Wow this movie story is mind-blowing

    50. Binh Nguyen

      Phim hay đấy.Very good Còn có tố chất kinh dị

    51. veltrex

      2:18 fack this shit

    52. Amanda Barry

      its not a boy that says seven days its a girl cos its Samara!!!! frigging idiots. still a good film tho x

    53. creepy creeper zombie super

      Hi now I am seeing ring teaser

    54. Hogwarts


    55. Just A Cunt

      My wife left me

    56. Frokie Tongue

      For me its much more scarier *7 days from now* And I will have *exams*

      1. Riana Neagoe

        1 day until monday😭😭😭

      2. Alex Tabara

        5 days left. I have one too=))

    57. apple gamer

      New song seven rings by cardi B. Coincident, i think not

      1. apple gamer

        God damn it. There on to me

      2. David Antwi

        Its ariana grande not cardi B

    58. Doruk Yılmaz

      Allah dersem kaç beğeni alir

    59. May Blossom

      yo just watch the video everyday and u r saved

    60. Golden Star

      It’s 12am and All the lights are off why fuck am I watching this alone ?! 😰

    61. Ali Reza

      You like my body gee thank just stole it

    62. Venomous Sloth

      this movie is only going to be remembered because of the do u no da whey meme

    63. ljubica zivanovic kravljanac88

      Half of this isn't in movie

    64. Reiko No mori

      Seven days seven days...that's kinda funny than creepy

    65. Megumin TheArchDemon

      Lmao i would just 1v1 her in battle and knock the shit out of her. I know Kung Fu kid.

    66. Megumin TheArchDemon

      Lmao? I dont have phone... Just PC (3×) So i just scammed her time????

    67. OXIDE.Mp3 Music

      The worst movie ever

    68. glitch and akko

      0:06 YOUR NOT REAL Ring girl: rude

    69. Raju

      Brenda!!!!! The TV is leaking......

    70. Georgia Pskot

      um, great trailer, NOT