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    Samara is back and looking for blood in the first trailer for Rings. Watch it. Share it. Try not to die.
    A new chapter in the beloved RING horror franchise. A young woman becomes worried about her boyfriend when he explores a dark subculture surrounding a mysterious videotape said to kill the watcher seven days after he has viewed it. She sacrifices herself to save her boyfriend and in doing so makes a horrifying discovery: there is a “movie within the movie” that no one has ever seen before…
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    Rings | Trailer #1 | Paramount Pictures International

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    1. abdul rahman sekeer

      I like ghost movie😘😘

    2. Blerry Bloom Animations

      And this voice says... *do ya knaw ze way?*

    3. Vurgun1985

      "Cindy! This b***h is messing up my floor!”

    4. Aditya Harbola

      in the movie what if you watched the vedio in laptop and you dont have any phone

    5. Sardor Qurbonov


    6. supremetastic

      I watched the original it’s scary...

    7. Heru

      I like japan version

    8. someone

      *aight it's time to be honest. we were all scared of this movie at one point.*

    9. Phantomonum

      I never understood, was this movie a prequel or sequel to Ring Two?? Or did they retcon the Ring Two with this one? I mean at the end of Ring Two Rachel sealed her away in the well, so I'm guessing it's either retcon or prequel? hmm...

    10. Turab * RLC *

      OMG 😥😥😥😥😥

    11. Kukki

      Name of this movie seven days better then the rings ..🚸

    12. nyi chiteung

      It's sadako right

    13. Parrish White

      why would she watch it on purpose smfh

    14. Diego Hermosillo

      This looks epic I really hope it doesn't disapoint me

    15. Syah Ali

      Kuntilanak is that you?

    16. Sichin Ren


    17. mohammad sabih

      i'll be updating after 7 days ,plz pray for me >_

      1. Luka 2000

        Good luck

    18. Frank Chartier

      This movie was so average.

    19. yash sharma

      Now ghost are hyjacking planes ...that's just great

    20. Zona.34.62.05

      Ala bu nedi

    21. funny hayat khan

      To survive watch video in every 6 days 😀😂

    22. god is jihyo

      absolutely nobody saw this movie

    23. Lianna Misa

      I’m wearing this with earphones and all I hear is asmr “seven days” repeatedly

    24. Ankit Singh

      Watching at 1.03 am

    25. This is Willia.m

      I wish I didn’t watch this btw it =nightmares

    26. MatheoN

      de-news.net/online/video-rQkIt8nxZFk.html zapraszam do oglądania

    27. ohrid ashiku ashiku

      In seven days samara is here

    28. Sena B

      Milyonlarca kisi yillar once o kasedi filmde bir kac kez izledi ama kimse olmedi. Filmde olenlerin kasetle bi ilgisi yok o zaman

    29. guman das

      Stupid story

    30. John Wick

      Gülməli komedyaya oxuşuyur )))

    31. Remzo Suljkanovic

      sin kle hahaha.tud glavne karakterje poznam ;

    32. Payel

      Great 👍

    33. Mihaela Zekić

      So,who was Samara?Satan's child?An alien?Can someone explain?

    34. GodzillaFan 2001

      To bad this movie sucked. It treated itself as a sequel yet it was actually a reboot of some kind. Really confusing

    35. gabii veselinov

      Me: *"Just minding my own business"* *phones rings* Me: *hello?* Samara: *ur mom is gay xd* Me: .

    36. Teli Muco


    37. Anket Naman

      Who else thinks that seven day whispering over and over again is irritating

    38. Shri shri Entertainment Guru Ji

      After watching scary movie this movie become joke😋

      1. Ronin R

        Haha true especially that flip book part was epic 😂😂

    39. mia bambina

      Cindy! The TVs leaking!

    40. Alexander Dean

      Why do they always stay in the house and watch her come out of the TV screen? And if an ugly bitch like that comes out of the TV, then why don't they take any proper object and beat the shit out of her? She does nothing really, just comes out of the TV. There is no such power that could kill so many people - it is the power you give to the monster.

    41. BłáçķÑ Ŵħįtè

      the best asmr video😂

    42. Rida Maniyar

      Copying The Ring

    43. silly pal

      My childhood nightmare is back 😱😱😱

    44. Wassim Ziad

      2019\10\28 MBC2

    45. Zouzita Zouzita

      فيلم روعة رح يبثوه في ABC 2 سلمية سلمية

    46. W3ird0 Wars

      Can’t believe all of the trailers gave away the ending

    47. GODPARTICLE 07

      This movie was pure trash...

    48. yetus fetus

      The hell i went from listening to the song “ring” and rhis is what i see next?

    49. Saswat Gamer

      The movie is very different from this trailer it does not contains the 6th day

    50. Suraj Awatade

      श्याटट्टमारी येऊदे

    51. Kayleigh Smits

      Ik 12ik heb hem ale 2gezien echt cool dan kijkt ze om en dan is het tijd dat er word gebeld en ze neemt op en ze hoort seven days ......

    52. Srikanthyadav Loin sound pro

      Not bad movie

    53. Aitiana Kato

      Someone should just put the tv on a edge of a cliff and then when she crawls out she falls and dies

    54. Leon

      Who else was scrolling down the comments while watching this

    55. Mh M

      Sadako >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Samara XD

    56. Khanh Channel


    57. Zack Five

      Is the u mobile company has problem? It everyone from u mobile start line be open how u feel?

    58. dark_ angel13579

      welcome to the comment section my dudes/dudettes. We all hide down here, don't feel bad 😂

    59. Cortez Seuala

      That video was off a movie I think it was off scream yeah because the little boy watched it And the phone rang and it said 7 days

    60. Dido Ivov

      Waht The helll????

    61. Sangitha Stevejagdish


    62. pičibangoš

      And the boy says: Jediii grasakkk

      1. pičibangoš

        @Brawcalino hahahahah da

      2. Brawcalino

        Haha i ti balkanac

    63. alstinson

      A Ring sequel with untapped potential. I personally loved the second part, the climactic well scene was superb. I come back to this trailer wishing this follow up could have been a fresh take on the franchise. Clearly an unpassionate cash grab. :(

    64. Muhammad Shahzad

      I watched this “Ring video" 4 times in this movie,That means I have 28 days to live. Please Help me🙏😬

    65. hsn ahmed

      Stupid movie, We can categorize such movies like 15 y o movies. tasteless, no real actors, scenario is stupid.

    66. vera anggraini

      0:54 Springtrap:hello? Seven days

    67. Luke Edridge

      Will there be a 2nd one

    68. Christopher Hiestand

      Julia, don't leave me

    69. Hordas 1946

      0:52 jedi grašak

    70. Walid Ben

      Bored movie !! I lost 2 hours in my life to watched chiiit movie like this ....scary scary !!? Fuck offf