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    Am Vor 29 Tage


    1. Kevin Young

      Sexy Jen hahahah

    2. Silver Penguin

      U guys were good 2015 to 2018 it’s 2019 u broke up I actually liked u guys and btw u lost a sub today.

    3. fgteev fan


    4. Gacha Gurl!

      Omg i got like so freaking scared when jen screamed and i like wore headphones on like loud volume

    5. Lau Bermillo

      i want to be big like you jen ekkkkkk

    6. trollreaper92

      make a new giant simulator video please i love this video and 14 thousnad people say the same thing

    7. Nitro

      Please play totally accurate battle simulator!

    8. PopularArtic Playz

      Omg when the first guy attacked jen I dropped my phone 😂

    9. Rhodora Obnamia

      😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡aoae nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    10. Jaanvi Sahni

      DanTDMs Channel sorry i got the link wrong!

    11. Edith Ortencio

      are people unsubscribing to popularmmos and subscribing to you, but im subscribed for both of you

    12. Carter Devore

      I love how when she was buying game passes on the game she said ‘‘ow that’s expensive’’ when she buys it she has 3 million robux

    13. Leticia Mino

      Og pp of pat and jen push this like button And make it blue 😃👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

    14. Samantha Yates

      can you friend me on roblox my name is awesomehorvat PLEASE DO IT

    15. Jemma MacKellar

      Buuuuum bummm you

    16. Ronda Lorenz

      hey Pat and Jen, please exept all our friend requests and play adopt me with me!! I'm probably your biggest fan!! My username is unspeakablegameigloo,

      1. San3

        No offense but they won't be your friends. I'm sure there are about a million kids claiming the same

    17. MePlaysAndroid Gaming

      You can sell or upgrade your armor if you didn't notice.

    18. AJ Capistrano

      She sounds like cookie swirl c

    19. AJ Capistrano


    20. Kurys King

      You get the chests when you upgrade level

    21. Jonathan raylus

      Wow I can finally tell what's the difference between the two editors Pls come back!!😢😢 Jk No but really though

    22. Jacobpowell70

      accept my friend request!!!!!

    23. alma Diaz


    24. alma Diaz

      I have subscribed to your DE-news channel and I will both of them Jen and Pat make more roblox videos

    25. alma Diaz

      I have subscribed to Jen and is the great day of my life

    26. Seven Henderson

      i dont want you to be sarcd but roblox might shut down.

    27. don't get me angry thanks


    28. Doug Hutchinson

      im about to prank my grandma

    29. Prabha Paudel

      Am lv 200🤣

    30. Luis Sanchez Robles

      Hey jen u should play bubble bum simulator

      1. PNB Caro

        she did...

    31. L

      I’m literally got a epic weapon and armor jest train train train now ur me

    32. L

      Subscribe and like and hit the bell to be like for all

    33. L

      Pat train more so u can be like me

    34. L

      Jen my lvl is 37

    35. water sheep

      More of this pleaseee

    36. Jay Sayson

      jen what is your name in roblox soo we can join and make a video because im a new lowest youtuber

    37. Katie sees this

      If you like her yo like gabbi neel

    38. Marcos Benitez

      Why are Pat and Jen splitting up

    39. noorah unicorn fart

      U mean strank stimulator

    40. Donovan Stewart

      I don't like how she copy gamingwith

    41. Roses Edwards

      WOW you got to 5m sub wow lucky you

    42. Peter Niap


    43. Iris W.

      Who Is Oscar ?? :P XD

    44. joe segaran

      Anyone else notice Jen has 3 million robux xD

    45. XUntopableluckX 1

      U can still were the armor if it's high level same with the sword

    46. Sydney Marquart

      What game is this

    47. rangga M.R


    48. rangga M.R


    49. rangga M.R


    50. Cameron Billard

      If you love pat and Jen punch the 👍🏻on this video that you watching and hit it on this coment

    51. Chillian

      Lol yall niggas divroced

    52. Mike Bryner

      You an amazing youtuber

    53. Dragons Breath

      If you continue this game your able to sell your stuff for gold

    54. Karolina Ch


    55. Rebecca Bromsgrove

      Gennnn you killed a Inosant man

    56. GGs Only Parex

      jen:Thats really expensive "its 777 robux" Also jen: I have over 3 million robux

    57. Juan Insfran

      What game is that

    58. Seven Caretto

      can you friend me I'm sevencool45 just plz if not then that's fine but still you know what just nvm tho I recommend build a boat for treshre I (I can't spell) but it's a good game if you do friend me I can help you guys grind out gold so you can make Ur own boat's any way that's it

    59. Stacey Armstrong

      U go to the gate and see the stair thing go up in the cave then you’ll be save in there

    60. Justin Bankineza

      Play more roblezx and I love youuuu

    61. Taimur Rafiq

      Who comes here just for the name and goes to play them

    62. Red Is Lovely

      I want to see more of this

    63. Damien Barriault

      Pat and Jen play banana simulator please

    64. IceCone_ Gacha

      What’s the game called?

    65. Divine Brown


    66. Tiff Lombardi

      Pat and Jen you should play The Sims 4.and make videos for the sims

      1. Tiff Lombardi


    67. Melissa breakstone

      what game is this i forgot

    68. Aaryav Raj

      I’m past lvl 54 in dis

    69. Vanessa Jones

      What game are they playing