Rusev doesn't like Germany - Berlin, May 2019



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    Rusev and Lana arrive in Berlin, Germany, to pull apart some fan signs, which actually makes a fan happy.
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    Am Vor 4 Monate


    1. Phenomenal Cheema

      But Germany🇩🇪 love Lana 😍

    2. Football/Soccer Fan

      WWE in Moscow?

    3. ЗаБаВеН СмЯх


    4. ЗаБаВеН СмЯх

      Bulgaria is the oldest country in the Europe! We are 1/3 Slavs, 1/3 Ancient Bulgars and 1/3 Ancient Thracians! The Thracians is the first culture in Europe!

      1. ЗаБаВеН СмЯх

        @1h8u2be ?

      2. 1h8u2be

        pls stop

    5. Revertme


      1. ЗаБаВеН СмЯх


    6. indiana hoosier

      Has Lana & Rusev been released from WWE, I haven't seen them on tv in weeks.

    7. Taufik Rahman

      Lol. 😂😂😂

    8. Joseph Marton

      no one likes muslim-black germany !

    9. DragonNomak

      oh so he's heel again ok i mean he doesn't have alot of matches so i don't know he was Face end of 2018 and yea i don't know.........

    10. Michael Mers

      I still celebrate Rusev Day!

    11. JoshDoNotNut l

      Cold war

    12. XXX

      I like Lana old role she had more attention back than but she is really pretty.

    13. 0401412740

      Rusev is talented wrestler wwe needs to put him in more meaningful feuds

    14. Blox Gamer

      Iranev doesn't like America

    15. Kabacu4i

      Подкачалась хуйня жырная)

    16. Zaul Phoenix

      jesus christ its not 1945 what is this russia vs germany stuff

    17. VENOMPOOL Xmen

      Who wants Shinsuke Rusev go seprate ways

    18. Adalia Francisco

      I like LANA en RUSEV🇺🇸📍

      1. ЗаБаВеН СмЯх


    19. Vaughn Baskin

      Brock Lesnar vs. Alexander Rusev!

    20. Masha Asenova23


    21. Keyon Gaming

      Don't like them either

    22. Elias Adriano Scholz

      Berlin mag rusev nicht so rum ist das

    23. William Phelps

      Poor Rusev

    24. clara pearl

      Lana socks

    25. Jun Han Tham

      Operation Babarossa, 1941 (Colorized)

    26. Soumya sahu Dancaholic

      People want to chants rusev day but Vince don't want.. Why Vince why?

    27. Maruko san

      Where’s Shinsuke?

    28. Alonso Lupercio

      Ruse Day is no more :(

    29. Blazing Night Stars

      WWE is wasting Rusev and Lana talents Vince I hate u for this Bulgarian brute and Lana beautiful are dangerous fighters RIP Nakamura also what is going on with good Wrestlers y heel to so many?

    30. Unique_007

      Russians are alike Americans Vince is alike human So they both will not match Russev now many are heel accept it...

    31. phantomgod 20

      well ww2 can explain it....

    32. Sadman1279

      did you guys remember world war 2 ? Russia vs germany soo rusev doesn't like germany

      1. c C dsds

        @Y/N yes, and bulgaria was allied to axis powers

      2. Y/N

        @c C dsds but Rusev is from Bulgaria

      3. c C dsds

        Sadman1279 pretty sure rusev's country alligned with germany...

      4. Y/N

        it was more like Russia and Germany vs Poland

    33. Mike Henderson

      Grabing the Lana sign was pretty smooth and the pan back to the camera

    34. amer Leen

      ❤ Lana body,..she has a beautiful body figure...❤it..

    35. Dåŕk

      No im not

    36. rayan Rodrigues

      Rusev NXT YES OU NO??

    37. CamTheDestroyer

      What a great heel line that’s super creative, “Germany you suck”


      Roman Reigns Is Here Watch it And BELIEVE Roman Reigns Power

    39. Dontell King

      Rusev should go after the 24/7 title

    40. amin 365

      Well of course your wife is Russian

    41. Hamzah Iftikhar

      stop scripting promos

    42. Javier Plaza

      Rusev Day is DEAD right now man !

    43. Jose Chavez

      Lana your the one who really suck litterly

    44. PrimusVsUnicron

      Waiting for the Rusev in Bulgaria video

    45. Undisputed Era Rocks

      The next 24/7 champion

      1. Undisputed Era Rocks

        Maybe mr.Russian and mr.japan should have gotten more opportunities but the reason why they aren't tag team champions is because it's their own fault

      2. Promis Nwekenta

        This is insult. (I know captain obvious)

    46. Joe

      Anyone else get embarrassed during russev song

    47. Santa on Holidays

      Rusev Day likes RUSSIAAAAA :D :D :D

    48. KK Hagerty

      Oh no the Slavs are back in Berlin It didn’t go well in 1945 and probably won’t this time

      1. Kane O'Mac


    49. twiztidsteve

      you were dumb for turning him heel

    50. sergiu cug

      I dont like germany too

    51. Brock Lesnar Alpha Male

      I might have something in common with Rusev.. i also don't like Germany (even that i'm german) *yikes*

    52. Last of a Writers Creed

      rucev don't like being anything other than a jobber

    53. SoulSlayer Gamer

      I want to eat lanas butt!

    54. markhenry :D

      Ich mag ihn auch nicht aber mann kann kein land oder volk nicht mögenn Berlin lebt

      1. Nikias Johannes Thomsen

        Berlin is geil 👌 Scheiss auf Vince McCancer

    55. спарко рко

      why Vince again mess poor rusia . Rusev is bulgarian Lana ( CJ Perry ) is portuguesse/american. rusia is nowhere....

      1. John Volken

        Also, even Russian leaders say that people who speak Russian have a place in the heart of Russia. And I don't mean just political leaders but cultural, as well.

      2. John Volken

        Well, Portuguese AND Venezuelan. And of course spent years in America and is an American citizen. But she did live in the USSR in her early childhood, albeit in Latvia and not Russia itself. And lived in Latvia when it was independent, as well. Thus she can actually speak Russian. So is she actually a Russian like her gimmick? Of course not. But she at least has a background that's similar to Russia. Even though I fully realize Latvia is different from Russia, too. But there are similarities.


      Are those German people🇩🇪

      1. ЗаБаВеН СмЯх



      Rusev he is the country hater

      1. ЗаБаВеН СмЯх

        No! This is show!

    58. SHOSHO Otaku

      I have never seen these two in my life😑

    59. wake up for makeup

      Rey mysterio video

    60. Alexander Ivanov

      Russia loves you too, Rusev!

      1. bg mastera

        Rusev from plovdid

      2. bg mastera

        Rusev is from bulgaria

    61. Igor180

      They should turn Rusev face and bring back Rusev Day!!😁👌

      1. SilverAle

        they legit try to get people to stop cheering for rusev if he gets cheered he gets the mic and insults the crowd until they think hes heel before face comes in, every single SD

      2. Igor180

        @OzzyOscy ❓🤨

      3. Igor180

        @OzzyOscy 😑😑

      4. Igor180

        @OzzyOscy Dude that was last year, I don't remember everything that happened.

    62. 卐Peter Kunz卐

      And who likes Germany??? Joke no offense.

      1. 卐Peter Kunz卐

        @21Kenny Do you know what joke and no offense means ? i am not idiot, since i know what that means.

      2. phantomgod 20


      3. 21Kenny


    63. Vashish Styles

      Lana you got all...

    64. Thingy Thingy

      That fan's reaction... LOL

    65. New Man Gamming

      Rusev is stupid

    66. Joselito Carrera

      Retorns aidan inglis and rusev sucks lana


      What a arm!!???

    68. Judy Chen

      But he does like Bulgaria

      1. ЗаБаВеН СмЯх

        @bg mastera *България

      2. bg mastera

        @ЗаБаВеН СмЯх айдеее българия

      3. ЗаБаВеН СмЯх

        Bulgaria is his homeland! He is Bulgarian!

    69. Oscarus 4250

      That is a one of the thing Slavs are (usually) having in common - hating Germans This is a joke btw

      1. Oscarus 4250

        @ЗаБаВеН СмЯх I'm Polish - That should explain

      2. Oscarus 4250

        @ЗаБаВеН СмЯх At what Rusev did... I don't know why... Maybe because Germans and Slavs aren't in perfect relationship

      3. ЗаБаВеН СмЯх

        @Oscarus 4250 Who are you laughing at?

      4. ЗаБаВеН СмЯх

        @Oscarus 4250 What kind of commons do you have with Bulgarians?

      5. Oscarus 4250

        @ЗаБаВеН СмЯх I know! I was just laughing at this...

    70. Muhammad Azeem

      Deserve push rusev