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    hi everyone!
    i wanted to keep things fun while everyone is quarantined so I talked to my friend marshmello and we decided to teach you how to make a tasty treat while you're stuck at home. make sure you get some stuffed puffs, if you've never tried a chocolate stuffed marshmallow you're missing out. i hope you enjoy the recipe!
    stuffed puffs
    pancake mix
    powdered sugar

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    Song: Marshmello & Halsey - Be Kind

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      No one Litterly no one Marshmello eating his childs

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      Why did marshmellow melt his cousins?!!!

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      Ar tu lietuvė

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      she just gets so many subscribers even when she is not one tiktok

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      Tik tok

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      Why is no one talking about how marshmallows background is fake...

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      It’s annoying that Charli looks older than 16 but I’m 15 nearly 16 but I look like I’m 12. “It’s not fair”

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      Hello and charlie and love

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      Charli d'amelio Charli d'amelio Charli d'amelio Charli d'amelio Charli d'amelio

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      Marshmello like a Love ❤👍

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      Marshmallow is a human too and he is not a "cannibal" so sssssstop

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      I love you so much, you are the best ♥️♥️♥️💜💜💜❤️❤️❤️💖💖

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      Hi I am your fun I love your videos

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      Are you real Charlie

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      Love you Charlie

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      Marshmello actually spoke... whoa.

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      btw charli d'amelio didnt make renagade

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      That's Christopher Comstock aka marshmello

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      Charil I dm you on Instagram

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      my guy STILL wears the mask lmaoo

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      Ya charli if you get rich you should donat to fans you will be more famous and kind

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      I really hope I can be like Charli someday although I have anger issues and can beat up most of the boys in my class and I have a favourable amount of dancing skills. Love you Charli.

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      My Birthday Was Yesterday :)

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      I love you ❤️ habló español por eso no escribió bien ;v

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      Did marshmello just talk? Oh and if u already know what he sounds like.. sorry just haven’t watched marshmello stuff. Edit: he called marshmallows marshmallow stuff....

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    51. Talal Abbas

      Guys charli has a lot of haters and I don’t like that so stop as if she murdered you guys my god jeez these ppl

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      Wow cool video charli is the best 😉;)

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      Wait he can talk? Lol

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      Does charli know what he looks like that’s the thing and happy late b-day

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      Nobody: No even a single soul: Charli: should i like the melted marshmallow or nah

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    58. LittleBlackPrincess

      Marshmallow be like: cannibal, cannibal I’ll eat u up lol thought that would be funny😅 Also lysm charli!

    59. Yujie Huang

      Hello charli google says your leavening then hype house are you I would. Be really sad bc you haven’t been posting I would be very sad if you will leave

    60. Emily Tiu

      Can y’all just stop in the comments that he is a “cannibalism” because he’s a human NOT a MARSHMALLOW !

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      Love to watch some one cooking but a guy with a stupid kids hat on please grow up

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