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Samoa Joe sounds off following WWE Money in the Bank loss: Raw, May 20, 2019



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    The Samoan Submission Machine continues to get personal as he intensifies his rivalry with Rey Mysterio.
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    1. pnbdash

      this guy is a boss

    2. cahaps

      Never liked this fat whale

    3. Vicky Rajput

      Why you guys let Joe cut a Very Intense Promo and then Bury him afterwards That just doesn't make any sense He Should've defeated Lesnar at GBOF

    4. Movies Power

      Joe Again New U.S Champion

    5. Hollywood DemonDave

      Somoa Joe Never Should Of Lost His United States Heavyweight Championship,Especially That Way..

    6. Vaughn Baskin

      Samoa Joe let it go okay?! I Mean don't you have any kids of your own that you really care about?!

    7. TexasCat 100

      I new Joe was I solider But Rey is a Vet

    8. Retro dealer 64#

      The biggest nose in WWE.

    9. A H 4712

      Samoa Joe did look pretty badass after the roll up though

    10. Canadian Giant

      Poor nose.

    11. H L

      Joe should get his rematch for us champion at super showdown

    12. Bull Doser

      Do what he say Rey, do what he say! Lol, damn joe you scary.

    13. KingCaino Plays

      Joe! Joe! Joe! Joe! Joe!

    14. Francesco Dionisi

      "Tutti hanno visto cosa è successo ieri notte, le mie spalle non erano al tappeto quando sono stato schienato, per cui non ho mai perso il mio titolo degli Stati Uniti. Eppure la mia cintura è ora alla vita di Rey Mysterio. Non sono arrabbiato perchè tutti commettono errori. Rey Mysterio, sei un uomo virtuoso e onesto, un buon padre di famiglia e, soprattutto, un uomo rispettabile dalla reputazione intoccabile. Non permetterai che gli ultimi risultati, la truffa di ieri, ossano intaccare la tua reputazione. Pur non essendo una persona compassionevole, Rey, voglio farti un regalo, concederti l'opportunità di fare la cosa giusta e ridarmi la cintura degli Stati Uniti. Ti sto concedendo l'opportunità di diventare un esempio da seguire. Cerca di fare l'uomo, lo stesso tipo di uomo che vorresti vedere in Dominick quando crescerà. Se non lo farai, immagina cosa ti farò."

    15. corey walker

      So when will you get a rematch Joe? Or will you?.

      1. H L

        Joe should get his rematch for us champion on 7th June at super showdown

    16. Monster of Darkness

      I hate to say this but Joe's left shoulder was up

    17. Qasim Chaudry

      Jeez he got some big nose

    18. Sanatov King

      Imagine Joe in hornswaggle's green costume😆😂with a🎩

    19. Kakashi Hatake

      Bruh nose on fat fat

    20. Waqas Amjad

      I think this story leading us to Rey Mysterio son is Samoa Joe...

    21. R0b10xPr0Gucc1

      This rivalry is starting to give the US championship meaning

    22. Gabriel Tenchev

      Rey Rey is legend!!!

      1. H L

        Future Hall of Famer

    23. bradley henry

      Joe should go after the mitb case

    24. bradley henry

      Mysterio will be 100% and won't give up the us title

      1. bradley henry

        @Kevsz Bona does Mysterio have a plan to retain his us title at super showdown

      2. Kevsz Bona

        bradley henry Hahaha right Joe is just a Bully Rey dont hand HIM back that title after what Joe did last days

    25. Uchiha Madara

      Somoa joe is getting fatter by the day i swear

    26. jonkbaby

      Samoa Joe is amazing

    27. Ram Kitten

      This man needs to voice an anime mega villain or something.

    28. shadow n tha night

      Joe should be in the top title picture.

    29. AEW Mark

      Just go get the 24/7 title...

    30. Lilly Jones

      He is a crybaby

    31. mike fury

      I enjoy Joe's promo's

    32. Jack and Jeff Hardy

      Joe is kinda right though but the Referee really really sucked

    33. Mas Musica Channel

      Rey is the best wrestler idc what any of yall said but he is wwe or lucha aaa

      1. Luis Garcia

        Mas Musica Channel i agree with you. Go Rey Mysterio!!!!

    34. Nasville Magar

      I feel bad for him lol😂😂

    35. Matthew Flynn

      I sure hope Joe goes to AEW so we can take him serious again... So he can go back to five star match's instead of being the bad guy who always loses...

    36. Kanefan701

      Samoa Joe is one of the many best at cutting promos and this one really was good. It made me feel what he felt after what happened at MITB and I agree with his statement that his shoulders were not down fully on the mat. I saw as did we all. Joe should get his belt back. What happened to him was wrong.

    37. Kev T

      Samoa Joe is so AEW. He'll be there soon.

      1. Somer Darnell

        Good no one likes him anyway

    38. Dark Sevens

      Plot Twist: Somoa Joe will target Rey Mysterio's son and kidnap him.

    39. Nacho jazz

      C'mon Man Samoa Joe is just pushed as this under card Bully-heel that never leads to a underwhelming predictable storyline every time that never feels like it pays off! Give this man a legit storyline and push towards the top or main event scene. He can Wrestle damn good matches

    40. There is No one, But him

      Joe is furious in ring competitor. He made US Title some value. Rey has improved a lot but he is better to be a Cruisier Weight champion than a US Champion.

      1. Luis Garcia

        There is No one, But him yeah you say that to yourself.

    41. Mr slammy

      Joe should head to njpw to become a dominant heel beast,Maybe joe as the new suzuki gun member

    42. Khesrow Bahram

      Wwe noticed this. So the made this

    43. Hamad Humaid

      What a whiny cry baby, getting personal with Rey's son

    44. Asher is FM

      Samoa Joe convincing himself he was cheated 🤦‍♂️

    45. Maurice Hayden

      If this gets too much he may go to AEW

    46. Junior Hernandez

      Joe deserves the wwe champion mans got the attitude & is great on the mic 🎤

      1. Rain Revere

        @mott orcycle Is this your first time watching him? Samoa Joe has been a face plenty of times in his career.

      2. mott orcycle

        Except he’s a heal and will never be anything but a heal , so it has to go to a face .

    47. Nugra Phe Anwar

      it's ironic but i would love to see Daniel Bryan vs Samoe Joe feud with they both as a Heel 👏

      1. MSN-04 Sazabi

        Battle of the Submission Masters

    48. cheesy cheese_60


    49. من بعيد قادم


    50. Gamer Boy

      Too fat

    51. 7AMoOoD.K AlAwaDhi

      When Joe Cuts A Promo , you Gotta be invested and listen , Man he delivers good promos all the time , Like VS AJ Styles before every time never disappoint ..

    52. PurpleMan

      Poor pork man lost

    53. Quốc Thịnh Lại

      Joe is so underrated, he should have been WWE CHAMP for a long long time since his debut

      1. H L

        Joe deserves to be a main eventer

    54. BaBy RevelatioN Bey

      *Joe* is right.... His shoulders was off the Mat 👀

      1. BaBy RevelatioN Bey

        Jorge Barrera Great call ☆☆☆☆☆

      2. BaBy RevelatioN Bey

        Rey Mysterio Good point ☆☆☆☆☆

      3. Jorge Barrera

        @Rey Mysterio it was because joe was bleeding heavy refs gotta protect the wrestlers from further harm

      4. Rey Mysterio

        the referee decision was very stupid. but hwoever Rey mysterio deserve this title and he should have won it before wrestelmania i pray for Gad to make rey mysterio stay as US champion.. he should fight joe at SSD sudi arabia. For Dominick coustdy and us title

    55. Christopher Lopez muira

      Te va partir tu madre rey misterio 🤣🤣😎😉

    56. DEV STUDIOS#

      Roman Reigns Is Here Watch it And BELIEVE Roman Reigns 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

    57. Pankaj Chauhan

      U gay

    58. KiwiBaby1988

      Dominic is already grown-up. He's 22 years old.

    59. Ewroiguqergb Wergewqrhgwe

      He talks like Wilson Fisk from Daredevil

    60. canon isensys

      better choke out dominick at some point

    61. TomForNow

      The only reason Rey Mysterio won, was because he was using Scott Steiner math and concluded that Samoa Joe only had a 33 1/3rd percent chance of winning.

    62. Coding World

      United states championship never fits around your waist!

    63. Bro Vada

      Oh come on give him a World Title or let him win against Brock and give him the Money in the Bank Contract.

    64. Nabiela Farhan

      How can this guy always lose, lose and lose but still not lost his touch or momentum?

    65. WOKEN JOE


    66. Gul Dukat

      The best of Samoa Joe is him getting ripped apart by Scott Steiner.

    67. Bl4ckMAN


    68. To Pi

      Man he’s by far the best promo talker in WWE.

      1. Gul Dukat

        Because it's all garbage today.

    69. 2Slick Jordan

      Samoa Joe looks like a killer 🤣

      1. Gul Dukat

        Like a buffet killer, yeah.

    70. Jorge Rdgz

      That’s a smart way of wwe giving him a title rematch even after Vince said there will not be anymore of those lol

    71. Roy Martin

      First, its the referee's mistake not Rey's. Second, Dom is 22, not a kid nor a teenager Maggle Cole.

      1. Roy Martin

        @Lydarius Vaughn I'd love to try n straighten out Maggle's crooked nose.

      2. Lydarius Vaughn

        Goddammit Maggle

    72. Maaz Khan

      Emily dee Lindsay Cyrus Kimberly Po lee

    73. tippytoes2345

      He always have a excuse

      1. Joe Mallard

        An excuse that he rightfully has, his shoulders were never down....

    74. Arshia Shabani

      He's just so good at doing promos

      1. H L

        Joe is brilliant on the mic

    75. Martin Makarick

      Boo hoo you gigantic baby.

    76. Míchele Cobré

      He needs to win the wwe championship

      1. Lydarius Vaughn

        The guy is very limited now compared to how he use to wrestle and that's not good for a champion.

      2. Lydarius Vaughn

        @Míchele Cobré On the one hand true but you also have to factor in the amount of injuries not just in WWE main roster, and nxt but other promotion plus his age.

      3. Míchele Cobré

        @Lydarius Vaughn i doubt that because anybody is injury prone plus he is in pro wrestling when anything can happen

      4. Lydarius Vaughn

        He won't. He's injury proned

    77. Unique_007

      Samoa u Don't be sad better u focus next. Your cut promos are good and u holded title for some moments it means Title will return to u have patience and calmness

      1. RD Vicson


    78. JRA Tu Amigo

      Rey Mysterio vs Samoa Joe at Super Show Down 2019 for the US Championship.

      1. H L

        In a 2 out of 3 falls match

    79. CosmicNebula Nirvana

      I know some will disagree with me but seeing what Joe was in TNA w/ the movesets he had & seeing him now in WWE. I can't help but feel WWE is making him look bad.

      1. CosmicNebula Nirvana

        @Lydarius Vaughn You have a link or source to this? I look at some moves done in the money in the bank match that would cause bad injuries but they still did and how many years people went up against Joe in TNA and it didn't turn out so serious that they limited him.

      2. Lydarius Vaughn

        He's limited. He's done too many injuries to do the same moves he done in TNA. They are having him be safe in ring.

    80. Dave Rivera

      First it was Wendy, now it's Dominic!! Joe's always messing with people's families!! Lol

      1. German Santos

        Heck! I use to be like when I was a teenager, messing around with people, intervene into confrontations, being a troublemaker or a bully back then, overprotecting people, but not anymore. I'm different now.

      2. German Santos

        EXACTLY! That is what Joe is doing. Messing around with people's lives and their families.

      3. El Criticizer

        You forgot about Jeff Hardy promo he did

      4. Jah Jah King

        Dave Rivera it's setup for Rey to retire and Dominic pick up the moniker

      5. Kaecilius

        Joe is daddy

    81. Rey Mysterio

      Why his massage to Rey mysterio..??? Rey mysterio will relinquish the US Title next week???

      1. Mr. A

        He gave Rey a massage?

    82. Island beast

      Samoa Joe can wrestle anywhere he wants WWE ain't the only company Go to Japan Uce

      1. Island beast

        @Lydarius Vaughn Limited move set even though he can do WAY more seen him since TNA or limited because of injuries

      2. Lydarius Vaughn

        He's limited now compared to how he used to wrestle because of injuries.

    83. Shaquille De Souza

      Man so humble with his words

    84. Syafique Sharif

      asking back for the belt that he's wrongly lose. the heel everybody.

    85. DIEGO the Master GARCIA Wrestling, end Videogames

      Give to Joe The Wwe Championship

      1. German Santos

        YES! WWE better give Samoa Joe another opportunity to compete for the Universal Championship or for the WWE Championship.

      2. H L

        Joe deserves a main event push

      3. JSH55

        Brian Muckeroy Bobby Lashley..?

      4. Brian Muckeroy

        bobby lashley need to be the wwe champion or mandy rose with her thick self need to be smackdown woman champion

      5. Xenophobic


    86. Ayan shakeel

      Give me more Samoa Joe on TV.I need more of him.This is not enough.Give me what I want

      1. German Santos

        I would like to see more of Samoa Joe myself.

    87. Shane Schoeman

      I never thought I'd see the day when a wrestler has a bigger nose than Triple H.

      1. Brando7567

        Shane Schoeman funny how he’s also doing what Triple H did to Randy Orton in 2004. Asking for the title to be handed to him.

    88. Christopher Mena

      Where did this rivalry stem from and also with his “son”?

    89. Blazing Night Stars

      Samoa Joe will not stop He will take back what he had Who agrees Samoa can be again a champ?

    90. MongolPSR

      So apparently reys sons already signed a wwe deal. So I guess this is leading to Dominique first match. Man their feeding him to the biggest shark

      1. Aaron Robles

        Either Dominic will pull off more than likely the biggest upset of the year, or he’s gonna get destroyed and beaten to a bloody pint.

    91. Igor180

      His promos are great!!😁👌

    92. Cristiano Ronaldo Cristiano Ronaldo

      Joe Deserve U. S Title And Next Week Rematch And This Time Joe Win Because He Lose Title Against Rey At Super Showdown

    93. K aweso

      Samoa Joe need to win Universal Championship

    94. Deonte Wade

      Somoa Joe should be in the title picture

    95. Wrestling Reality

      Joe please Go 😂😂

    96. Andrew Shore

      Rey mysterio deserved to win

      1. KING_Marcus God OF_KINGS

        The greatest Lucha Libre tho.

    97. Yogesh Khetani

      Samoa Joe is The Big Time Loser

    98. Father of a legend

      Just like Ronda

    99. Quinton S

      Nobody in wwe right now is better at promos than Joe

    100. Randy Orton

      Mysterio vs Joe in a rematch for the U.S Title at SuperShowdown