Samoa Joe stomps Kofi's hand between the ring steps: WWE Extreme Rules 2019 (WWE Network)



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    Samoa Joe shows no mercy by slamming Kofi Kingston's hand between the steel ring steps at WWE Extreme Rules. Courtesy of WWE Network.
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    1. βιβη Π.

      I was sure that Lesnar will cash in on Kofi

    2. bilal khan

      Roman reigns is strongest superstar of all

    3. bilal khan

      Please some one can tell me where i can get this and what shoes has Kofi Kingston worn please give me answer in three days

    4. Dr. Terminus

      Indian dudes be like rOmAn ReIgNs AnD bRaUn StRoWmAn StRoNgEsT mEn

    5. Munish Tripathi

      Why they bury jow

    6. Cletus Juice

      Samantha joe looks like a troll doll. I better watch my back now, I suppose

    7. Reshad Rahman

      What's the name of the song played in the last part???

    8. Chandan Rai

      Fake video

    9. The Texas Chainsaw

      Kofi vs reigns at summerslam

    10. Apolo Is Here

      Im so sad Samoa didnt won, Kofi is starting to get annoying

    11. audiastray

      Samoa joe stomps kofi finger, and he still lose the match...., what the ironic

    12. Kentray The Real Deal Brown

      What I don’t understand is that why is a Smackdown superstar challenging a RAW superstar for the WWE title? It makes no sense to me.

    13. Alif Najmi

      I'm glad that Brock didn't make the WWE Title hostage by cashing in that briefcase on Kofi

    14. robert waugh

      During rehearsal, Joe to kofi-" I'm gonna put ur hand between steps and u r gonna have to keep ur hand there until I stomp."

    15. Adrian Denila

      Joe has been losing alot lately,i dont know why he gets alot of title opportunities , he loses alot just like Dolpg Ziggles.

    16. Mohammed ALhassan

      Joe is not the WWE Champion what a shame

    17. RaMbO FiGhTeR

      nobody: not a soul: not anyone in the universe: not even Thanos: not even Dolph Zigler: not even Hornswoggle: Indian Boys:Like for Seth comment for Corbin!

    18. D O P E

      Can kofi's title run just end already he had his moment. joe should've won this.

    19. Чочко Бачфаров

      you came for the 0:55 part am i right? give a like if it helped

    20. Naishal Shah

      Literally not for a minute I thought that Samoa Joe was going to win 😂

    21. Satheesh

      Stomps Kofi's Mid Finger 🖕 He still shows it later 😂🔥

      1. Drippy _Sn1peS

        Satheesh for real

    22. Djarthoun Ahmed

      Poor Kofi 😭 It was hard to watch and his screams of pain......


      Glad Somoa Joe Loose always attacking from behind I'm Wondering Why

    24. Caio Costa Silva

      eu acho que o kofi Kingston tem que mudar o finalizador

    25. Chris Xd

      *I fell sorry for KOFI*

    26. AK

      At the end godddd 😂😂

    27. Shayan!

      I hope Joe wins

    28. Aaron144

      Joe being wasted again.

    29. S7S

      Kofi booooooooo 🤮

    30. The Donald Funk

      Why they always make the build up guy loose

    31. Uchiha Madara

      Somoa joe is fatter by the day

    32. K4 Josiah

      This was the probably the worst received match of the night, the crowd wasn't into it. Wayyy to much restholds.

    33. Dark Raider

      Fat joe

    34. Jalen WALKER


    35. michael murillo

      This is why noone liked this match because we all knew kofi would win. It was obvious since he first got his title shot. Joe is on raw.

    36. wild wolfs

      I love kofi

    37. wild wolfs

      I hate you joe

    38. Ali Bozkurt

      Kofi sucks

    39. King TMac

      They keep dropping the ball with Joe

    40. JoJo is not an anime

      Joe got buried

    41. 周嶝錦

      E:Congratulations on your successful defending WWE Championship!Kofi Kingston。

    42. John Wick 631

      Wwe Network

    43. John Wick 631

      A good show last night

    44. Daniel Berrios

      Kofi needs to lose already his reign is uneventful his only real opponent was Samoa Joe

    45. John Privat

      Gosh I've never seen Kofi scream like this, that must have hurt for real.

      1. James Wormsley


    46. Bamshak Fwangyil

      My God Joe is a hell of a heel

    47. Michael Innocent

      Who else saw WWE Instagram post when it said Joe was 6'2😂

    48. Reni Yuniati


    49. Yağmur Han

      Samoa Joe>>

    50. oh yeah yeah

      4.6k liker of the video

    51. Darryl Macias

      And Kofi still has the belt🤦‍♂️

    52. umar wahaj

      AEW like , WWE comment

      1. Afrykański ziomal

        Im not AEW fanboy

    53. HOT MOVIE

      WOAH 😱 AWESOME 👍

    54. Mathan Lal

      Congratulations kofi

    55. Jason Bryant

      Samoa Joe is boring.

    56. Daniel Stopps

      Who’s better at joint manipulation Pete dunne or Samoa joe

    57. Waqas Khan

      Kofi is a boring champion now romen raings become a wwe champion

    58. Luis Martinez

      Where is asuka we want asuka

    59. austin rivera mierda clickbait wyndy maraca

      Samoa is a jobber :c 5 loses.....

    60. KnackigeMelone

      Kofi is dead

    61. EZRA 13

      yep! thats Joe! 😉 (I won't fight him)!

    62. avinzz zz

      samoa joe should win this match...

    63. Md TANVIR Vai




      1. Afrykański ziomal

        And im like Brock

    65. Slothie sloth

      I hate you Joe you're a peice of garbage

    66. Azikura


    67. Antonio Avignone

      My god that's brutal samoa joe is the cruelest guy there is in the wwe but kofi Kingston can still win i don't think it i know it

    68. QA'DIR TOLD

      That's what I like

    69. Lydia Brown

      Samoa joe bad looser!! Give it up to KOFI K!! He’s the BEST CHAMPIONS EVER🙌👋👍✊

      1. Sandeep Edward Kindo

        ohh your name is mrs brown , that's the reason why you are supporting a brown coloured wrestler- kofi kingston