Sarah Schreiber puts the WWE to the test: SmackDown Exclusive, July 16, 2019



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    Two members of the WWE Universe go head-to-head in a Superstar nickname quiz.
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    1. sukruoosten

      staged !!! lol i think they WANTED to let little guy win just like ALL THE MATCHES LOL love wwe

    2. Sharon Sarvent

      She does the same people all the time

    3. Metallic Twister

      end the cringe fam

    4. Marc aracil

      These kids should be dead

    5. Ciaran Lavery

      How did he not know the architect

    6. SmithyTV

      wwe please stop doing this.. please its so cringeworthy

    7. Jane Castro

      When i heard the best in the world i thought cm punk

    8. Bryan McCarry

      The A lister Bobby Ashley Bobby Lashley: Am I a joke to you

    9. Rampage

      wow I didn't know the A lister was Bobby Ashley, is that a new WWE superstar?


      Best in the world = cm punk 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

      1. Julio Cruz


    11. Rajesh king

      Randy Orton

    12. Efrain Esko Salazar06

      Their just doing this to see if WWE wants to go through with TV14 Broadcasting....their not just doing this for no reason....

    13. Tyler Joseph Smith

      No one wants that damn program.

    14. Tyler Joseph Smith


    15. Cole Train

      Tom lol his voice cracked hahahaha

    16. Parthu Prashar

      Same questions each & every week...

    17. AaA Highlights

      Cringe level over 9000!

    18. The Burned Nugget

      If i was on there, i would rekt.

    19. BryanFTW13

      The Best In The World? CM Punk *skip*

    20. Ethan Horan

      he said bobe roade

    21. Jonathan Martinez

      He said Bobby Lashley twice

    22. Isaiah 09

      Ok I just came back to see how wwe is now after years and Shane Took cm punks best in the world?whats up with that someone explain

    23. 69Oh Yeah Yeah69

      I could get every one right

    24. corey walker

      Knowledge is indeed power. Remember that.

    25. Jake Rapp

      When she said “Best in the World” I expected Cm Punk, lol.

    26. Skye

      1:49 The kid be like. "no he doesn't have much tv time, idk him."

    27. Fred1022

      Lol im not going to lie that nick name is better suited for ricochet 😂

    28. Tinsel-Gaming HD

      Did people forget that it’s now ROBERT Roode?

    29. KR6 Productions

      New WWE signees Charlotte Frair, Bobby Ashley & Bobby Ashley

    30. EnderDragonKiller 113

      How was that fair the small kid go the easier ones and also it’s not Bobby Rose it’s Robert Roode

    31. RealSp0iz

      The boy on the right seems to be the first boy who is happy with the 2nd place, clapping for the winner AND he even said thank you for his 2nd place reward! Awsome Boy

    32. Baron Corbin

      Push Aleister Black

    33. Chosen Mii

      B O B B Y A S H L E Y

    34. Aaron Requena

      0:58 THE BEST IN THE WORLD Tom: Shane McMahon ( Crowd Boos ) Me: Cm Punk ( Crowd Cheers )

    35. Irvin Lesnar

      Dude, a shirt from the wwe shop isnt a super prize.

    36. Naveen Suraj

      Bobby roode not Robert roode

    37. Stimpy

      Robert not bobby HAHAHAHA

    38. Justin Townsend

      I would want to see Bobby Ashley vs jock lazer

    39. imran ali

      0:49 If I was your parent I would have left you there and go home

    40. Pablo Jose Soto Godoy

      El verdadero de The Best in the World es CM PUNK!!!!!!

    41. Ace The Man

      If they invite me and she says best in the world I’ll say Shane McMahon witch is not the best in the world

    42. Odysseus

      Even Bobby Ashley's fans are as confused as him😂

    43. Mistah MegaManFan

      The kid in the thumbnail looks like deer in the headlights.

    44. KritiQ

      I’m just waiting for that one day for someone to say CM Punk instead of Shane.

    45. AminePredator

      " Sarah puts WWE to the test " made me laugh

    46. Elias Ovalles

      Best in the world, I would say cm punk

    47. Kevin Caballero Mandžukić Lionel-Emerick

      Is not Bobby Roode, is Robert Roode. All so easy.

    48. Cyro Vlogs

      How don't you know the King of Strong Style? It's SHINSUKE NAKAMURA

    49. Idiot sandwich

      CM PUNK

    50. WWE E

      I love this

      1. Julio Cruz


    51. CJ POWER

      Gives a kid a large T-shirt lol

    52. Samyak Maharjan

      THe title :

    53. Arnav Gupta

      Shinsuke: Am I a joke to you?

      1. Same raisin DLC's


    54. The Legend

      bobby is the must confeusd man on earth

    55. Cress Creative

      The Glorious: bObBy RoOdE Robert Roode: Am I a joke to you?

    56. Steamy Stylish

      Shes fit who's she

    57. Seth Rollins

      Stop this...and new something added

    58. Adam Briceland

      the glamazon Beth phoenix the gold standard Shelton benjamin cerebral assassin hhh and the Moscow moller Vladimir kozlov

    59. Outlaw Knight

      he cheated the woman said bobby lashley after miz

    60. Farhan Pool

      Best in the world is CM PUNK

    61. AdamREALTALKNOW Tschetschener

      why is the crowd always so dead?

    62. zamrex

      The A lister Kid:BOBBY ASHLEY!!! The Almighty Kid:BOBBY ASHLEY!!!

    63. zamrex

      The best in the world is cm punk smh

    64. Son Goku

      they should start asking them who's the fiend

    65. Help me get 10,000 subs with no videos

      Remember when one kid mentioned cm punk

    66. Father Flash

      Nobody ever gets Nakamura

    67. EliteTV

      This dude didn’t know who the architect and king of strong style was?!?!

      1. Marcus Lipkins

        EliteTV He not no OG like that fr....he don’t know about all that...but we all know😂🤷🏾‍♂️

      2. EliteTV

        Marcus Lipkins - man said best in the world was Shane McMahon lol 😂

      3. Stimpy

        My jaw drop in shock

      4. Marcus Lipkins

        EliteTV right, but he knew who rusev was 😂

    68. Cruz

      Ok, here we See the first person gets brainwashed from vince... CM PUNK IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD!

    69. Markis Brissett

      The A Lister: Bobby Ashley The Almighty: Bobby Ashley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣

    70. Imperial Cub

      The Almighty Bobby Ashley