1. Koko Vec

    Should have been Vegas vs St Louis anyway.

  2. Regnork Gray

    Yeah screw the Sharks

  3. Jay M. R

    Let see is the blues can win a Stanley Cup been a while Boston must be so happy

  4. Thomas Hanneke

    One win away. Let’s go Blues!

  5. Sam Levy

    The refs need to check there phones! They missed a call (hand pass) the other night. Voice mails don’t mean any thing it’s the calls that we care about

  6. makeouthill

    For the sake of Ratings please don’t let Blues make the finals

  7. wingman g

    Hockey is still going,,, season waaaaay to long

  8. Real Deal

    The Bruins won’t make it so easy 😤

  9. Colonel Hentai

    Sharks losing. Man you love to see it.

  10. Liam Armstrong

    I watched this at moose winooskis XD

  11. X- Truh

    Go sharks

  12. Micah Lee

    Who do I root for? I was born in St. Louis (lived there for a year), lived in Horsham, Pennsylvania for 6 years, I now live in Santa Clara, CA just a few minutes from San Jose (I'm 21 turning 22 soon). To be honest though, I'm a diehard Philly Fan, so I root for all the Philly teams...so...GO FLYERS!!! But for now, I guess it would be cool to see my city-born place win and go to the Stanley Cup Finals! haha!

  13. scott woodard


  14. Jake

    The blues will win the cup. They are the hungriest team right now

  15. Jason X

    We need to give that post a Blues Jersey

  16. P.k. Subban

    Jaden Schwartz is the most underrated guy in this post-season

  17. Vincent F

    Sharks are gonna win the series.... It's in the bag

  18. Paul Miazga

    Empty building even before the end. Harsh fan support!

  19. MX76er

    Blues in 6!

  20. Gabriel Giron

    I prayed that they would lose and they did thank God now the warriors r next 🇺🇸

  21. robert cannon

    Hand pass you shouldn’t of won that game San Jose

  22. robert cannon

    I believe in KARMA

  23. Joseph King

    As a Leafs fan I don’t care who wins this series as long as they beat the much rested bloody Bruins in finals, if Blues manage to finish the series off at home wud b nice 2 c Ex Leafs TB & AS plus J Bowmeister (apologies 4 the spelling, keyboard warriors) & Alex P get their first cup if Sharks pull off a mini miracle and get thu, wud b nice 2 c Jumbo Joe, Burns & Vlasic get their first cup especially if they clinched in Boston! Go Teams Go! Ps like anybody cares but I picked a Jets vs Bolts SC final b4 regular season started but as soon as they shockingly crashed out I tipped the Blues vs Bruins, can’t believe tho Blues got 5 in San Jose and we’re only 1 out of 8 on the PP! If replying 2 my comment Blues / Sharks fans please reassure me that u can stop the big bad Bruins and that dirty rat from lifting the Cup this year!

  24. Eric Cartman

    #38 on trending street

  25. 1liular

    Not a Blues fan... But, I'm totally cheering for you guys to come in and take the stanley cup. Man what a comeback story... From 31st in the league to leading in the division finals!

  26. Greg Williams


  27. ElTiBo44

    Wow, Keystone Sharks!

  28. Billy Alvizo

    Don't know much bout hockey but seems like goalies out of a job lol

  29. Candianborn83

    Nice video but music is annoying AF

  30. G P

    8 powerplays and 1 penalty shot - refs evened the series. Worse than glove pass.

  31. Timothy Mclaughlin

    That's great. But I'm looking forward after one of the other team of the west get there, I'll make sure i want them to lose other teams that I'm looking forward to win the championship this year. The bruins.

  32. Greg Cushing

    Any team that gets help not once,not twice,but three times by the refs to win three playoff series doesn't deserve to advance to the finals.Hockey God's will allow the superior team prevail.Go Blues Go

  33. Coco_Puffs-ML-

    Lets go BLUES!!

  34. zachary mickesh

    Thank god I was with my lady yesterday because judging by the score that I saw and the highlights that I watched, this is just incredible. I love my team to death, but in my opinion, we are done, period. Sharks didn't even deserve to win this game, this team is pathetic right now. We were clearly outclassed, and dismantled by a better team. After this, you might as well not come back to the playoffs with this good of a team for at least another 20 years. Blues, if and/or when you win this series, I'm cheering for you to win your first cup because clearly you deserve it more than this excuse of a team. If we keep this up, we might as well come in Tuesday with bodybags from the previous game as well. Oh well, love this team til the end though. Good game Blues, you deserved this. If anything, if this team wants to prove me wrong, then go ahead and try me. Sorry, just pissed off right now!!!🤘🤘🤘

  35. Johnny James Ferreira

    Well seeing as how the Blackhawks arent in the playoffs I might as well go for the Blues. Would rather they win the cup over Boston. I hate the arrogant Bruins. hope the blues smash them.

  36. Ron Bonora

    Jones was awful in the Shark net!

  37. Trev

    Is that a stick or a cane in Thornton's hands?

  38. Lessnick de Montreal

    Whooooooo Tarasenko was just perfect on the penaltty shot

  39. Eric Cartman

    #26 on trending street

  40. Tramaine Terrance

    Hello, Humans. Lex: You want to ask an accounting question, Dad? Call me. And the next time one of your drones bothers the Kents, he'll be lucky to ride home with the spare. Lionel: Lex... well done. ~Smallville TV Show TERRANCE OUT

  41. Rommel Barrida

    Still rooting for a Game 7. Let's win this Sharks!!

  42. Dave D

    My Stars gave the Blues a much tougher series than the Sharks. Good luck Blues

  43. AJ

    Did not see this coming #gobluesgo

  44. godofwar2k6reborn

    For the love of God please don't let the thugs win.

  45. PrimeDUBz

    That’ll teach them to hand pass again................................

  46. 220221inc


  47. a S

    Did they forget to pay off the refs this game?

  48. brew skee


  49. Joe P

    Blues were down 3-2 last series and won. I wouldn't count the sharks out just yet, but they are hella beat up

  50. SkylineToTheSeaAndMe

    It may not have any bearing on the outcome of the series, but I thought at the time, that hand pass goal, might be a blessing in disguise for the blues (i.e. motivate them).

  51. Michael Reed

    DID Jones get an assist on blues 2Nd goal ?

  52. Michael Reed

    I wasn't aware that sharks lay eggs,🤔

  53. Shane Mahlin

    That's my blues!

  54. Michael Rich

    This might be the year! But, I am trying to not believe it until it actually happens...

  55. Shane Mahlin

    That's my blues!

  56. zachary malloy

    I am happy with the blues and all but I expected a little more of a pushnfrom the sharks.

  57. Brendan Chwascinski

    Does anyone realize blues play well against the good trams bruins are the blues team that they need to learn

    1. Conner Ingerson

      every team watches game footage of other team's games so I guess the Blues are already doing that but so does all the other teams.

  58. Brendan Chwascinski

    Did anyone have a dream I knew they were going to finals and it was bruins who will there ultimate challenge that's what they needed to play there best games

    1. Brendan Chwascinski

      @Conner Ingerson we are ending that

    2. Brendan Chwascinski

      @Conner Ingerson bruins won't be sweeping us it's going to 7 game's

    3. Brendan Chwascinski

      @Conner Ingerson but seriously your team is a big challenge just like the Dallas stars oh yes they are

    4. Brendan Chwascinski

      @Conner Ingerson bruins may be the better team but look at what happened to the other better teams in the playoffs we are in 3rd must be a blessing

    5. Brendan Chwascinski

      @Conner Ingersonyour bruins may have beat our goalie Jake allen so many times but have you won against our new goalie I? Was ?split n?one ?new ?who? ? actually? Won that

  59. Brendan Chwascinski

    Let's go blues😊😊

  60. DirkDiggler69

    Well deserved ONE hat for that hatty 😂

  61. Isaac Chambers

    great assist by jones on that 2nd goal

  62. Jo69 Ha69

    Lifelong Blues fan here... Not counting the Sharks out yet.. Seen it too many times where a team bounces back after a miserable performance.. A lot of comments saying the Blues have outplayed the Sharks 4 out of 5 games, but I don't see it that way.. As good as Petro can be, to me he's a HUGE liability and gives up too many pucks and scoring chances for a. " number one " defenseman.. Gotta let the games play out Blues fans... It ain't over yet.

    1. Charles Davis

      You are absolutely right. I love Petro to death but he always has been a playoff liability. Skilled as he is, he just has mental lapses that always seem to happen at the worst times. But that being said, I really don't see anything left in the Shark's tank. Those guys are old and beat up. While every team still playing has injuries at this time, SJ is a MASH unit right now. Blues need to continue exactly where they left off from faceoff game 6. Don't ease up and SJ will crumble, whoever they're able to put out there.

  63. Ty Dance

    Don’t have much to say but what a time to be a blues fan in st.louis...it’s not over but I’ll bleed blue till my last breath!!

  64. Rob Ser

    4:04 Brent burns jumps because he thinks vladi is taking a shot and ends up passing it straight to Schwartz to finish off his hatty. Somebody is rattled!!!!

  65. ken martin

    Announcer sounds salty😂

  66. OP D

    Empty seats at a conference final. Tinpot franchise.

    1. OP D

      @Joe P There were empty seats in the front row during the 1st period

    2. Joe P

      prolly cause they were getting manhandled and it was 5-0...

  67. Маша Ивакова

    Выбыл Овечкин выбыл Малкин но остался Тарасенко

  68. Tom W

    Schwartz power

  69. Alex

    Go Blues, you can do it 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  70. Юрий Журавлев

    Акулам без драмы не интересно. Думаю будет 7 матчей и закончится все в овертайме опять со скандалом😅

  71. Mag neto

    No one beats my Blues!!!

  72. Ben From SK

    Sharks got de-finned and made into overpriced crappy tasting soup.

  73. Connor Madden

    NBC commentators are so bad it’s amusing: -Mike Milbury sounded freaking depressed during this game, especially every time the Blues scored, and even said Schwartz’s second goal was fluky and that the Blues “were very fortunate” (it was a well-created scoring opportunity and nice backhand flick goal) -They said “I wonder how this game would have gone if Kane had scored instead of hitting the post” like 4-5 times during the 2nd and 3rd periods. -Near the end of the first they were talking about how good of a period Karlsson was having, despite his giveaway on the first goal and how he was clearly laboring to anyone with eyes. The lack of objective and smart analysis from these goofs is why I normally watch the SportsNet feed or mute the game.

    1. Richard East

      Definitely, they seemed to imply that if Kane would have scored, instead of ringing it of the post, the game would have been an easy win for the Sarks. Yeah and Schwartz was 'very fortunate' to have battled to get in front of the net, where does Milbury think he should have been positioned? Sometimes a team gets out played, sometimes badly out played. Maybe Milbury had a hot date waiting for him after the game that was an avid Sharks fan.

    2. Pools Spas

      NHL is getting smart now,...finally giving up on the unworthy bay area trash ,..the fish stink up the ice,..and make the league look like a joke ,...

  74. Alex Collazo

    Let’s be honest, sharks shouldn’t have gotten past the knights.

    1. Richard East

      They sure have gotten three big calls go their way, one for each series.

    2. Pools Spas

      BRAVO,...!!!! Luckily ,..sj,..Sharks are toast tues night,... They're D O N E,..

  75. Kevin Guimond

    Why is watching a hockey game recap the equivalent of a death metal song?

    1. Pools Spas

      Because Sharks suck,...and they were humiliated ,..ha

  76. IG Vlogs

    Like I said, Die hard sharks fan here I will be rooting for either my sharks our the blues in the finals both teams are long overdue . May the best team win game 6

    1. Richard East

      @Pools Spas Any fool can predict, but predicting correctly is for the smart people, want to predict which one of those two you are. I'm a Blues fan since 1967 and I just want a win, I don't care about the final score.

    2. IG Vlogs

      @Pools Spas well we will see...may the best team win

    3. Pools Spas

      Sharks will be humiliated in Stl,..tues,....7 - 2

  77. TimYoung 69

    LETS GO BLUES!!! -Penguins Fan

  78. lm4hustla

    Ne team but Bruins to win the cup

  79. Thomas Gladders

    San Jose Sardines. (sorry, had to do it:) ⭕️

  80. gavin Hilfer

    Well blues vs bruins in standley cup go boston!!!

  81. gavin Hilfer

    Im backkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!

  82. gavin Hilfer

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go sharks! Dallas stars fan

    1. Richard East

      Like in go away.

  83. healthdios

    Gloria keeps on playing in my head....

    1. Conner Ingerson

      same here bud, it's not a bad song but after a while it gets a bit bland if you know what i mean.

  84. Scott Frizzell

    Obligatory congratulations Blues on a great offensive game. Now that that's aside, can the department of player safety take action for the numerous hits to sharks players' heads? Honestly, the sharks now have something like four players out from this game alone. And this video doesn't mention any of them. Like really?

    1. Chron Howard

      I watched a sharks player smack a puck into another sharks players face yesterday lol... who ya blame that one on? 😂

    2. Pools Spas

      As soon as sharks stop diving,..cheating,..whining,..crying,..nhl,..teams might stop punishing these losers ,..

    3. Bob Bobo

      Yeah someone should really take legal action against those pucks all those dumbasses took to the face.

  85. Robert Swenson

    Way to Blues!! Do it in St. Louis!!!

    1. Akshat Bhatnagar

      Believe it or not the whole blues stadium was filled even though the game wasn’t even in stl

  86. BigORat

    The Enterprise Center will be rocking Tuesday night.

    1. Snake Eyes

      The Blues clinched their first two series at home this year. Can they do it again?

  87. Mitch lee

    Started the game quite well, 2 unlucky shots off the posts for the sharks, 5th goal was simply a demoralized goal, if they can clean up on turnovers in their defensive zone and continue to create chances even when they arent going in. Lets do what we need to do in st louis and get them back in the tank for game 7 baby!

    1. Pools Spas

      Well,..considering sharks should have already been eliminated weeks ago by vegas,..the hockey Gods now just having fun,..at this point,..lol,..

  88. Fo La

    My goodness first 3 goals by the Blues were off Terrible plays by San Jose. Whats going on with the Sharks. Are the Blues just that good?

    1. Richard East

      A little bit of both.

    2. Pools Spas

      No,...Sharks just suck ,...and they always choke in playoffs,...

  89. ashley pyatt


  90. Patriotic Warrior

    Jones is compromised, he have gambling debts or something last 3 games hes let in goals he never allowed during the reg season. watch him i know hes throwing the games and the western conference position . G E T J O N E S O U T O F T H E N E T H E ' S N O T W O R K I N G F O R T H E S J T E A M

    1. Patriotic Warrior

      @MrVerheyen lol, but did you go back and watch the reel? once you see it you can't un see it... its just so blatantly apparent he's throwing most of it away like they got his kids in a freezer or something stupid lol wouldn't be the first player to be on the dole, won't be the last

    2. MrVerheyen

      Cue the X-files music. We've found a conspiracy!

    3. Patriotic Warrior

      @Pools Spas clearly you need to watch the highlights, he barely lifts his arm makes unusually awkward lunges at pucks like he is intentionally trying to throw the game. hey i'm all in on Boston this year they are going to chew up and spit out which ever team gets through. i'm just saying in the past series's he was much better, more agile and reflexive to saves, this series since the second game. go back and look its like hes purposefully missing and or doing weird lunges that leave him completely out of the blue paint making easy scoring chances cause the blues are out of breath barely hanging on there is no way they should be ahead of the sharks from this years playing level. something is up. someone should find out where Jones is staying and ask him directly you being bought off. it does happen, look at the 2013/2014 last two championship games and tell me those were not thrown its so obvious its like they cant even try to make it more obvious their purposefully slacking off for some unknowing reason that isn't on the ice. and Jones he has that look in his eyes this series like.."please don't let them catch on to what i'm up to" go look its there it will blow your mind its hard to dismiss this.. its not just imagination its a fact backed up by replay. Just go back and watch its striking i'm sure you will see what i'm seeing even if you don't like the sharks its about the game not the team. or players you can tel;l when someone is throwing it away and for a goalie that's a bad thing for the team period.! I wish i had known i would have bet against it knowing what i seen now i'm going to bet against Jones on the margin point spread losses or goals against averages about 4-6 per game in the next game and i bet i will be right and richer for it. lol

    4. Pools Spas

      Don't blame Jones because sharks suck,...

    5. William Stewart

      Look at his numbers, Jones was the worst goalie all year during the regular season. He's not that good, never has been.

  91. Martin West

    Go blues go

  92. Colin D. Murray

    Ouch...at least the Blues are capable of giving the Bruins a helluva fight...they just might beat them. If that's the case - "GO BLUES GO!!!"

    1. Pools Spas

      Good luck,..!!!,.. Boston is good though,..

  93. Devvin Peterson

    Good job St. Louis!!!!

  94. marky 6

    4:15 ehhhh I'm out

  95. cam walker

    Aside from Tarasenko, Blues score nothing but garbage goals. It would be a shame if a boring grinding team like this wins the cup. Hopefully skill wins in the end.

    1. Richard East

      @cam walker You too.

    2. cam walker

      @Richard East -No, I had enough fun for one post. Thanks. Try to stay awake during the next game.

    3. Richard East

      @cam walkerOh wam calker, you are hilarious, keep it up.

    4. cam walker

      @MrVerheyen - Thats all that matters to win, not to watch.

    5. cam walker

      @Richard East - America's illiteracy rate ranks 135th in the world, just above Zimbabwe at 14%. So I would think St. Louis hockey is one of the only thing you idiots do understand.

  96. MrHefe

    Haha I can just imagine if the sharks still won the series. How upset Blues fans would be.

    1. Richard East

      Probably all that it is going to be, your imagination.

    2. MrHefe

      @Pools Spas where's the sportsmanship? Haha

    3. The Rag Tag Gamer

      We went from dead last to making it 1 game away from going to the cup.. I do t think upset would be right.. pissed is more like it.. but the. A gain it would have been one hell of a run.

    4. Pools Spas

      Sharks are worthless garbage ,...the hockey Gods laugh at this bay area trash,..

  97. Parata567

    Blues if you win next game, please go on to win. We can’t have Boston win another sport, let alone the Cup, again. Same for Sharks if they win two in a row.

    1. Richard East

      @Pools Spas Just like the Titanic was unsinkable. I'd give the Bruins the edge at winning the Cup, but the Blues are tenacious and the long layoff may hurt Boston.

    2. Pools Spas

      Evdryone knows Boston unstoppable ,..great to see sharks gone though ,..

  98. chetreid77


  99. IST zombart

    Completely destroyed

  100. The Upshall

    *Anxiety* : They’re going get swept *Me* : What? We have a 3-2 series lead. *Anxiety* : *They’re going get swept*

    1. Pools Spas

      Sharks. ; We suck,...watch us lose,...hold our beers,..