SCREAM AND LIE IN OUTER SPACE | Among Us pretty bad tutorial



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    1. Justin Y.

      Those Among Us 3D models are both the most blessed and cursed things to exist.

      1. Alt

        That shit ain’t blessed

      2. Admin Kolesnikoc

        Are you everywhere at once?

      3. Iliaan Plays

        Oh hey Justin,

      4. Juliette Palacio

        The most cursed screen cap in the intire video 0:44

      5. Shark creeper gaming

        Damn, Hes Using Naruto Clone Spell

    2. onewayturkey

      Blue lives matter trump 2020 tik tok is gay

    3. Tape Machines

      Thanks for using our Music!!!!

    4. juice wrld 999

      Honestly you should play a random game see if you get hacked by a name I shall not mention

    5. NerdNick

      12:00 "THEY CAUGHT U IN 4K"

    6. Mr.Beefstick

      Basket can you make a discord server

    7. MbossKdawg -Vlogs and Games

      "what did haan do?" Murder somebody "Did he vent?"

    8. black lives matter

      Can I give meh link to vid of otter I facking love you're content

    9. The Paradox Zone

      I find myself saying "Dead to gaht damn rights" alot. Thanks Badger

    10. Bears ExistMega


    11. Doppio Vinegar

      Was that a jojo reference

    12. Thijmen


    13. Koen Davis


    14. Timothy Bonds

      Heavenly : That brown muthafucka right there... Me: I feel attacked

    15. Fahrul Rozy

      can someone tell me which payday 2 music is badger use for the cam

    16. Alex Palmer

      Fantastic!! Great video

    17. Dc_astro09

      Bagger is fucken sus

    18. Kota Superhero

      badly need more among us from you guys!

    19. Denise Lopez

      The oltimit plan use shado play then win

    20. ezral hill

      bro you cant do an emergency meeting during sabotage

    21. Ravenous Killerz

      Everyone: You can’t use shadowplay Badger: Observe

    22. Ian Goff

      I can't stop watching this.

    23. Blue Zerru

      The jojos references in this video are so good

    24. The Boi

      Me, without discord: *sad no mic noises*

    25. Mackenzie Page

      I've got a buddy who, when we play Amoung Us, refuses to mute his mic, saying its stupid, even though it's the fucking RULES.

    26. Everburner

      It horrifies me the 2% possibility that Badger has watched JoJo

    27. Shelton's Kinney


    28. Marquisee Mthembuu

      "I am the god of this new world" Kira

    29. the spy from tf2

      you should play with altrive aka pikmen 4

    30. Christian Wright

      2:24 What's that scream from?

    31. J k

      I'm watching this video for the fifth time now and I'm still sure this is Badgur's best video hands down.

    32. Mr Bird

      :clear Proof: :PAYDAY2 SCREAMING:

    33. ShrumMajor114

      1:06. Killer Queen has already touched the Reactor.

    34. Nater see you later

      1:16 soabatage lol

    35. Aiden Taveras

      My favorite rounds were two imposter rounds, the first one I acted like I didn’t know much but made speculation, second one my teammate leaves the game causing me to carry the entire game, my third imposter game I got voted out instantly.

    36. DJWolfyK

      "Is Norwegian not in Sweden?" No..... Norwegian is from Norway. Which is on a separate land mass NORTH of Sweden.

    37. Mr. Breadman

      Im bouta pack a lip

    38. draven pendley


    39. Reaping archer 67

      They definately have tp play agrou

    40. Creative_ Cam

      Killer queen was already touched reactor

    41. BatKatt

      ok i know its not just me that really does not like the cursed sfm characters in these videos

    42. Katana X


    43. Starting relic21

      Equavilant of a navy seal shooting blanks at the enemy

    44. red

      badger is imposter

    45. ShogunRyuusha


    46. Timothy Wright

      "I wish my teammates would stick to a color" as his lights are constantly changing

    47. CaptainJoey63


    48. Michael anthony Perez

      Anyone know the song on 9:29

    49. MegaVibing

      of course it had to be red that was the imposter goddamit badger

    50. Lancer Strike

      I wouldn’t mind seeing some more gameplay of Among us with Badger and his friends, shit absolutely hilarious when people are screaming and lying to one another as the impostors are just sitting there laughing his ass off.

    51. Jason Caudillo

      That 4k CCTV 189801 hp playback play pissed me off but I am so impressed

    52. Mr Cheese

      Badger is sus

    53. darkblood626

      Accuse others of that which you are guilty.

    54. Michael Breckshot

      For some reason, Grouse with Dallas as a placeholder is amazing

    55. Thelegionsknight

      get the rpg

    56. My name is Cooke

      2:52 This is the thing what i say to somebody who looking what ever i do. 😂😂 I love you badger ❤️

    57. Hearts of New Jersey Iron

      Seeing an among us model and a payday 2 model fight is honestly something god never thought I would see, also, freaking hilarious xd

    58. alexious 3236

      can we get another among us video??????!!!!!!!

    59. blue thunder

      0:33 1:46

    60. Sebastien Piccinato

      When I step on a lego piece 4:27

    61. Squall Leonis

      "And one moderately redeemable black man." As soon as i heard that i was like "Here we go" and dived into the comments trynna see if i can spot the comments belonging to the people that disliked lmao

    62. GABi In Da Hood

      nobody: the blue guy: well...well....well...

    63. DJ Eragon

      When Dallas comes over not screaming for medic bag, you know shits gonna go down.

    64. II Funtime Nellie II

      Many JoJo references here. I saw Killer Queen, someone named Dio, and I think some more Edit: yea a whole lot more

    65. Petr Kusan

      white sus

    66. Gray

      What’s the sound effect at 2:37

    67. Ding Dong

      In almost every game there is a player with a BTS boy name

    68. This Guy

      Was that a motherf*cking JOJO REFERENCE

    69. Tristan Dixon

      I having so much fun watching "2 psychopaths bully 3 sociopaths in front of 4 chaotic neutral degenerates and 1 moderately redeemable black man".

    70. Pass_The_Mic

      11:48 In my opinion, the best part of the video.